add a tab people, tell me what to play

It's one thing to get lyrics from the band, but until they start writing up tabs, deciphering the remaining 3/4 of Tool's music is up to you. If you can do better than those who have already tried, give it a shot.

Tabs involving images (some keyboard and drum tabs) should be sent in to; all others should get posted from right here.

Once you submit the following information, your tab should show up immediately, linked from the appropriate song, and ready to be voted on.

Currently, only tabs from "Lateralus" can be posted. This will change once the influx slows down.

- Finally, you can preview your tab before you finally submit it. No more wonky-looking line breaks!

6 easy steps twelve is just so tedious

1. Your name:
2. Your email:
3. What song is this?
4. What kind of tab is this? GUITAR || BASS || DRUM
5. Comments you want to appear at the top of your tab (notes, key, etc), if any:
6. The tab itself:
(Note: text will wrap; HTML markup won't work. Anything between <>'s will not appear.)

This form will not be happy if you use any <'s in your tab. So don't.

You will get a chance to proofread your tab once you hit the button below.

t.d.n reserves the right to remove any post without notice.

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