how the tab section was back in the day

In fall 1996, tabs were checked in by slater (dork@sover.net) and Derek Sweet (subchaos@home.com) , who did quite a job considering how infrequently this section was actually updated.

On January 16, 1997, one day after Adam Jones' birthday, the newly designed tab section opened. On June 2, while remaining the same on the outside, the inner workings of this section changed completely from JavaScript to CGI. This made it possible for most browsers to use this section at last, and for tab-posting to be automated. An six-month backlog of over 70 tabs was posted soon afterwards, thanks muchly to Greg (gregw@toolshed.down.net) .

A couple of times in 1998 - 2000, the tab section would just stop working, usually because we would move to a new machine. There was usually no notice when this would happen, so there would be no time to check that things were working on the new machine. Usually, by the time it got fixed, the site would relocate again. Finally, in July 2001, after the site went down for two weeks while a new server was found, the tab section re-opened with a new by-album layout. Hopefully this one will work for a while...