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Review written by: ajen birmingham (
Review posted on: 04/14/02 22:33:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

i just woke up from the tool concert from last night...what can i say about the tool concert...well to start the highlights were opiate, intolerance, and triad. this japanese lady came on stage with danny and started playing drums with him on this bongo like drums. low points...half way through the concert the band stoped everything and handed the microphone to a translator and the translator said; and i quote, "Tool would like to apologize for some of the forginers who cant follow the rules." Now you can imagine the reponse that was recived by the japanese audience. There were about 12 forginers including me in the audience so when he said that he was talking about about a dozen fogingers were rude! TOOL totaly turned the whole crowed on about 12 people; it was fucked up. I would yell out tool and such and all the japanese would yell at me to shut up...then they would start to yell shit in broken english...on the way out all the japanese people were staring! at the forginers, making it well known that you were not wanted there. it sucks that tool said that. i came all the way across the ocean to see them and they have the gumption to say that...there are better ways to gain a forgin audience then to turn the crowed on the people who busted there ass to see was a very dificault situatuation to be in. I hope it is better in NZ. Please post this...i want people to know about what hapened.

Review written by: Yaz ( Review posted on: 04/15/02 11:02:11 ET

I wasn't at this show, sorry Kabir, and sorry everybody, I know I'm not supposed to but I have to respond to the guy above in public. I feel sorry for all the "foreigners" or "westerners" including "ajen birmingham" above who felt the discomfort at this show, and would like to apologize for those wrongly accused. But I want everybody to know that it wasn't just this show... There were problems at the two Tokyo shows. I guess that at their third show they finally felt they had to make a statement. At the 4/11 second Tokyo show, I was right in front of Justin. During "The Grudge", 4`6 apes well disguised as Americans muscled their way to the fence, ripping people off the fence (including some girls) I can't forget the look on a girl's face as she was flung way back. She was looking down not even looking at the stage for a few minutes. I'm sure MJK saw this. I'm positive that Justin saw it. He looked disgusted. I was disgustipated. The apes continued to muscle people around so they can stand in comfort. It was quite surreal to see these apes chanting out "rediscover communication". I strongly doubt their ability to communicate. Again, all apologies and my sympathy to those wrongly accused, but I just wanted people to know that the band wasn't just "Selling Out" to a foreign audience. I understand stuff like this happens at any show. I mean, the band officialy states that they are against moshing. Think about it. Well anyways,I wasn't there but for the sake of it. The setlist below is reliable... 4/12 SETLIST as follows: The Grudge (-)Ions Stinkfist Parabol Parabola Intolerance Schism Sober Disposition Refrection (Parabol/Parabola video) Triad (w/Atsuko of "Shonen Knife" on percussion) Opiate Lateralus

Review written by: trippin ( Review posted on: 04/16/02 04:38:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I agree about the guys who looked/sounded a lot like americans carrying on like dicks. In the show in Tokyo, they were calling shit out the whole time and pissing the band and most of the audience right off. My favorite call of the night went along the lines of "white power". Freaking morons.

Review written by: Ryugakusei ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 03:01:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was my first Tool show- I missed the one in Hawaii, and I was so happy to hear that Tool was going to be playing in Osaka, which really close to where I live. As expected, the band was incredible, the background was inspired and everyone seemed to be having a really good time. Everytime I think about the concert, hearing the music that I love being played live, I have to smile!!

Review written by: Rama ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 03:25:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

This was a fantastic concert. I never imagined the venue would be as small as it was. It was nice and cozy with the band, something I enjoyed very much. I have to say overall it was fantastic, although I did wish they'd performed some of my favorites like Prison Sex, 46 and 2, and Third Eye. After reading through the other reviews and seeing how the other Japan concerts went, I can understand a few things better. For instance, in comparison to some of the others (Especially the last Japan concert) Maynard was more or less silent. Things were shouted regularly from the audience and the only one replied to was someone saying they'd come from California to see the show. To this he replied "You've got a long way to go home". I have to admit I was one of the people in the pit shouting things. I understand now the problem, but let me put it from the viewpoint of myeslf, and probably a few other people too. We came to have fun. We were really amped. Some of us came from all the way across the globe JUST for this concert. Again, we came to have fun, and we came a far way. I know for myself that seeing the venue be that small was a huge surprise. It's the dream of so many Tool fans to meet Maynard, and getting a response from him during a concert is just as good as far as most would be concerned. There were a few people not making what one might call "respectful" comments (One dumbass shouted 'SATAN'), but overall they were not rude or obnoxious in any way other than their mere presence. This said, understand why myself and I'm sure a lot of other foreigners in the audience were pretty let down by Maynard's comment. I couldn't hear it when Masa started talking into the mic, but I noticed a big change in the way the Japanese people were treating gaijin, and I was wondering what the hell was going on. Now that I know what was going on during some of the other shows, his reaction is a lot more understandable, but for people at the Osaka show, I don t think it was warranted. First off, because Maynard (I'm guessing) was pretty pissed off he never responded to any of the shouts other than the one at the beginning. If he'd bothered saying something like "shut the hell up" I'm pretty sure we all would have shut the hell up. That little anouncement of his caught us all off guard. I dont think he meant to, but by having that messege spoken only in Japanese, I think he left a lot of the foreigners feeling cheated. It's hard to contain as much excitement as most of us have at seeing our favorite band if we dont have a little bit of a clue first. And by the way, for the guy who shouted that Maynard was from Ohio, he's also spent a lot of time in Michigan at kendall art college. I'm pretty sure that was what the other guy was referring to when he shouted 'Hey Maynard! I'm from shitty Michigan too!" Glad to have cleared it up.