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Review written by: Jiveturkey (
Review posted on: 04/15/02 09:13:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. I teach in South Korea so I had to fly to Nagoya for the show. I spent half a month's salary to see my first Tool show and it was worth every penny. Setlist: The Grudge Intolerance Stinkfist Prison Sex H. Disposition Reflection Parabola Video Schism Sober Aenima Lateralus I couldn't believe how small the venue was. There couldn't have been more than 1500 people there. It was so small that you could hear everything people yelled out to the band. This was annoying during the parts of the show where there were lulls in the music. The band was trying to create an atmosphere but people kept yelling. Maynard shushed the crowd several times saying "Shhhh...for fuck's sake. Shhhh". Not in an angry tone. You could tell he understood everyone's excitement. One guy had the nerve to shout "Play something harder". Maynard responded with a quick "listen softer". At the end of Reflection, the band left the stage one by one and ever so slowly. I didn't even notice that Justin had left until I saw Maynard leave. Atom played the final rif over and over until it was just him left. Then they played the new video and came back for the other songs. Maynard said to take the feelings we were having and to do something positive in the coming weeks. These guys are artists in the purest sense. They are so professional and they take their music very seriously. I was really caught up in the visuals on the screens. It must've taken a tremendous amount of work to coordinate everythings so perfectly. If you've never seen the band live, go. This is not a normal rock show. It was an incredible experience.

Review written by: Yaz ( Review posted on: 04/15/02 11:38:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

4/14 SETLIST as follows: The Grudge (-)Ions Stinkfist (extended) Intorelance Prison Sex (OTRM) Schism H. Disposition Reflection (Parabol/Parabola video) Merkaba Sober Ænema Lateralus This was the last TOOL show in Japan for this spring tour. MJK sang Elvis's "Suspicious Minds" instead of "Chupa minga pica pichu" during "Stinkfist". "Stinkfist" and "Prison Sex" were extended versions. I have a bootlegged version of it, and have always wanted to hear "Prison Sex (Over The Rainbow Mix???)" live. "Show me something, show me something, show me something, show me something. I thought I could make it end. I thought I could wash the stains away. I thought I could break the circle if I slipped right in your skin. So sweet was your surrender. We have become one. I have become my terror. And you my precious lamb and martyr" ...Beautiful. Explains the whole song. After their set, they were all smiles and thanked the audience. I was lucky enough to get Danny's drumstick. I went back and thanked Camilla who operated the visuals and wished her a good tour. And I'm sure she/the band will have one.

Review written by: Cyou ( Review posted on: 04/15/02 12:26:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was unbelievable!! I don't expect to see tool in a smaller venue as long as I live.....I can only assume that the other 800 or so people gathered at diamond hall felt as blessed to be there as I was. The band played their hearts out on their own terms and on their own time (set ran for the best part of 2 hours) - this is what stuck with me the most. This is not to say there weren't distractions (the constant song requests between songs, the drunken female english teachers yelling out to Maynard to 'show us some skin' etc), however their collective focus on the music and the music only soon silenced the obnoxious and naively misled. Maynard's few words to the largely Japanese audience were delivered in a respectful manner with an obvious desire to reach out to them. Its funny how sincerity in its simplicity overcomes language barriers. Its also funny how scarce real sincerity is becoming... One thing is for sure - whether it is 800 people or 80,000 at a concert, tool will never compromise who they are as artists. They proved this tonight. Whilst many a band has shown promise in the past, only to eventually fall by the wayside of the corporate vacuum, four men still remain standing with their musical integrity intact.

Review written by: Steve ( Review posted on: 04/15/02 21:49:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Jiveturkey, were you even at the show? Your setlist is not even close to the actual one. Yaz has it virtually right. I just wanted to say that this was the best show i have ever seen in my entire life, and i have seen some good bands in my time. I thought they would play mostly Lateralus stuff but they played some undertow stuff which was cool, although i would have loved flood. Just seeing the parabol/parabola video made my day. Adam did an excellent job. I think it is even better than Sober. Overall best show, thanks TOOL!!!

Review written by: Q ( Review posted on: 04/19/02 02:13:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

This show was one of the better ones I`ve been to. As you can see by the other reviews, the venue was incredibly small. It was really easy to get up front. I was about 4ft away from Justin for the whole show and could see everything because the stage was so low and also because Japanese people are generally pretty small. I won`t post the setlist because other people already have. The video is excellent; typical of Adam`s past creative work. I swear it was Tricky in the video, with thingys hanging from his eyes, defying gravity. But the absolute best part came afterwards. Adam came out with his wife and other entourage to greet a few Japanese fans. He signed autographs and I had the personal honour to shake his hand and tell him how utterly blown away I was. I flew all the way from Canada for this shit! But it doesn`t end. 2 hours after the show ended, another hardcore Tool fan from Australia and myself were the only ones lingering about for a glimpse of the rest of the band. Maynard stepped out and went into his taxi. Any Tool fan knows how Maynard avoids the masses of people before and after a show. Thus, a nod of acknowledgement to us as the cab drove off was more than sufficient to appease our wishes. Next, Justin, Danny and their crew came out of the elevator. We had the pleasure to talk with them and shake their hands as well. Danny autographed my ticket and they went off into their cabs. They waved to us as they drove off. So, what makes them one of the greatest bands today is not only their artistic capabilities both in visuals and music, but also their humble nature and ability to "chat" with their fans. In short, they are not the Rock star types who shit on their fans. Ego has no place in Tool. It is only about their art and modesty is an understatement. Long live Tool, for they rock the fucking shit!!!