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Review written by: frothboy (
Review posted on: 04/17/02 06:52:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd? Tool show

Hey , Slayer ... firstly , heaps of people have posted setlists for the Japan concerts . And secondly , if you DO start chanting Third Eye , and then Tool DON'T play it , and then you DO walk out ... I will laugh at you , you chump :) P.s ... If they don't play Third Eye , you will be the only one walking away from the best live act ever ... you fool :)

Review written by: Hadleigh Brownie ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 06:27:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Shit it was Phat: Setlist: Sumthin of undertow Stinkfist(extended) 4 Degrees Parabola Sober Schism Disposition/Reflection -------------------------- Parabola Video -------------------------- Triad The Grudge Eon Blue Apocalypse/The Patient Lateralus Amazing, better than last time!

Review written by: Cal ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 06:46:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The concert finished about 45 mins ago and my ears are ringing very loudly. First off, the Melvins were less than impressive - "patchy" might be a good word, "cacophonic" might be better. On the other hand Tool were very good. The songs they played (in the order I remember them) flood stinkfist 4 degrees (!) parabola sober disposition reflection video - parabol/parabola triad (with an interesting stage show) the grudge eon blue .. the patient lateralus That's how I remember it anyway - no doubt someone will correct it. They played slightly different versions of the older songs - especially stinkfist. Overall they seemed slightly more laid back c.f. last time they played here and I think they were the better for it.

Review written by: Frothboy ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 07:42:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

*sigh of utter content* For now and forever I want to feel this ... And words I may use betray what I feel ... not being able to express my thoughts and emotions at what I have just been a part of . A . Religious . Experience . I wish Tool was something that I could eat , and then feel it nourish my bones and mind , and cradle my awareness in its arms - keeping me warm and safe, always . Tool , for me , is the best . ever . Nothing I can say will ever express my feelings to others who have differing feelings so I am going to stop now . p.s ...

Review written by: Brett ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 08:43:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey what a wicked show...... Just got back from TOOLS hotel, where we were yarning to Danny to Adam....they were kind anough to give us autographs. First of it was farking LOUD!!!!!! Highlights were Schism and The Patient.. Theyve changed a bit since the Japan shows by the looks of things......there were naked people walking around on all fours ffor Schism, and they were hoisted up into the rafters for Triad. Band was tight as always.. ...Visuals were amazing. Crowd tonite was "Dull" nowhere near as much atmosphere as last years show....But wicked nonetheless Just listening to the recording we made now. =)

Review written by: Hayden (fgorone\) Review posted on: 04/18/02 08:58:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

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Review written by: Hayden ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 09:05:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

wow, simply wow. blew last years away and the patient and the guys from the schism video just made it all that much better. melvins took about 1/2 hour to play anything that was worth listening to but oh well i didnt go to see them. Nice to see a few changes in the setlist as posted by a few people already. crowd was good .. not as big as last years though maynard was very talkative tonite....quite a bit to say.. maybe coz we are an english speaking audience??? and the whole stage seemed a lot lighter then i remember especially the first couple of songs when maynard had that hat/wig/mask whatever he was wearing on. and nice to see adam drinking a nz beer while he was here is it me or were adam and justin having a bit of a laugh about something when the gathered round at the start of lateralus...maybe all in all simply awesome worth every penny and im sure every1 down in our little bit of the world is waiting eagerly for next time oh and btw thanks to the security guards it was nice to have some decent ones for a change :)

Review written by: Eddie Munsta ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 09:32:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well the previous set-lists were pretty good, but not 100% accurate - after consulting a few of my friends we have come up with the following setlist. Flood Stinkfist 4 degrees Parabola Sober Disposition Reflection -- Parabola Vid -- Triad The Grudge Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Lateralus Well i was stoked when they began with flood, one of my favourites for years. Stinkfist was kind of extended - about 20 sconds worth, so nothing to rave about. 4 degrees..... well, well..... half way through this song I could have fallen down dead and my life would have been fulfilled. If I could name one song that I wanted Tool to play this would be it. So cheers for that lads. My second choice would have been Flood - so u can see it was a good night for me! A parabol-less parabola followed 4 degrees and then they cranked into schism - i think a bit of dier von satan crept in around here, but im not sure. Sober was well recieved by the largely well behaved crowd. Im not sure what the previous reviewer was on about when he said the crowd was "dull"... they seemed to be crankin! I spent the 2nd half of the show up in the seated area witha great view of the V shaped mosh-pit below. It looked like everyone was just getting in to it in their own way - no pushing or shoving. Disposition and Reflection came just at the right time, with Maynards voice throbbing thru my body... "its calling me". Beautiful and moving. I was to the extreme left of the stage for Triad and The Grudge - almost behind Maynard - which enabled me to see him playing guitar behind his personal screen. It was a good view - but the sound was not so shithot. The exhibition above the band during Triad was great - I wont say anymore - but if you were thinking about going to a concert in your town - definately go - its spectacular. For the last two songs I had moved around to directly in front of the stage - still up stairs. The view was amazing and the sound was the best I had heard all night. I could see Adam and Justin's faces very clearly and could keep an eye on Danny hammering out his magic spell. The Patient was a song I had been looking forward to & hoping they would play. They did - and they did it spectacularly. This is when being right in front of the stage to hear the vocals really paid off. I was expecting Aenima before Lateralus but it wasn't to be. Although the crowd would have been bouncin! Guess I cant complain, after all they did play Flood and 4 degrees. All in all a great show. Definately the best Tool concert ive been to. No wive just got to take this feeling i have right now and do something positive with it...... hmmmm????

Review written by: Slayer ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 18:06:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3Eye Tool show

Frothboy Frothboy Frothboy or should I say Boy. If ya didnt notice u were listening to Third Eye all fuckn night. Understand yet??? No i didnt think so!!! Giv it a couply years and u will come to the realisation that u we're the fool on that night. For your sake I hope u find your Third Eye by the next time they cum round!!! Til then ill find u at the Bottom.

Review written by: Nathan Hessell ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 18:32:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

TooL 2002 April 18th Christchurch, New Zealand It was the difference between breathing and dying.

Review written by: Hypno Sparidium ( Review posted on: 04/18/02 23:39:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Usually, the Westpac Trust Centre is like a WonderBra. Looks impressive on the outside, but inside, there's fuck all worth seeing. This was not the case last night. My golden ticket had been burning a hole on my shelf for almost a month, and I never thought in my wildest imaginations it would open up such a wonderful box of toys. I've been a TOOL fan ever since I picked up a copy of "Ænima" to see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, I was hooked from that day forward. Due to bad timing and low funds, last night was my first live TOOL experience, and even though they omitted a few of my favourite songs, I was nowhere near disappointed and was thoroughly entertained the entire evening. Two hours of waiting in line outside flew by. It was amazing to be able to just talk to a nearby stranger about anything TOOL-related; there was a mass unity. After a while, we started to get a bit restless, but it was like extended foreplay. After that wait, getting inside was like the best orgasm ever. Once we got inside and found our seats (right up to the barrier, great view of the entire stage and floor, not to mention the lighters flicking in the pit and the hempy smoke in the air), we had a half an hour wait before The Melvins came out. Honestly, what was with that shitty music coming over the PA before the show started? It was some of the worst shit I've ever heard, and I've heard Slipknot. The Melvins tore the roof off the motherfucker, largely I felt because of their excellent drummer. I haven't heard much of The Melvins stuff, so I couldn't into them very much, but they were pretty damn good, so I'm definately gunna check out some of their shit next chance I get. And Buzz has the best hair in rock, no question. After The Melvins' short but aggressive set, there was a brief pause while the stage was set up for the band that everyone had come to see. The crowd went bug-fuck crazy when the band members walked onstage, one by one. By the time Maynard came up, you could see the excitement in the air. The visuals were mind-blowing. As a technical wanker, I was salivating over the fucken HUGE speaker set-up, and the gigantic screens; two big square ones, each showing a mirror image of the other, and a smaller one on Maynard. Once the circle of eyes from "Lateralus" came on the screens, it was like finding God and reaching Nirvana. Then it got even better. I felt it was a bit of a slow start, but after the intro to "Stinkfist" started up, the moshpit became one mass entity and every throat in the place shouted allegiance to these metal wizards. Sadly, I could only see Maynard's shadow, but I still could make out the dreadlocked wig he wore for most of the first half. I'm not entirely sure what he was going for here, but I guessed he was taking a stab at the lead signer from Slipknot; the dreads on his mask are almost identical. My memory is shit, so I won't put the setlist here; I'm sure someone else has anyway. Highlights for me were "Stinkfist", the "Parabol/Parabola" video during the half- time interval, having the dancers from the "Schism" video walking around onstage during...err..."Schism", and the afore-mentioned dancers hanging from the ceiling and thrashing about while the band belted out "Triad". That was my personal favourite moment; the visual amazement of these two people just swinging like trapeze artists with their arses on fire combined with the pounding beats, not to mention that wicked guy who did extra percussion, as well as seeing the silohuette on Maynard playing guitar behind the mini-screen. And, of course, 'Lateralus", my current favourite song, right at the end. I really was riding the spiral to the end. Maynard wasn't very talkative; just the occassional "Thank you" and "Good evening" between songs, and his "Take this emotion and make something positive" speech. It's a good little monologue, but he said the same thing last year... One thing I found suprising was the fact that they played mostly material from 'Lateralus"; every song except for "Faaip de Oiad" and, of course, "Ticks and Leeches", but hardly any of their older material; "Stinkfist" was the only "Ænima" song (although they played the intro to "Die Eire Von Satan", if that counts). I had been hoping for "Ænema" and "Pushit", but my mind was still thoroughly blown. It's the next day, my ears are still ringing, my hands are still shaking, and I'm still picking up the pieces of my mind. Maynard said "We're almost positively coming back soon". Fingers crossed.

Review written by: Flooded ( Review posted on: 04/19/02 00:11:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th? Tool show

For fucks sake they opened with FLOOD. For fucks sake it was the longest extended version. For fucks sake it was so intense. For fucks sake they proceeded with 4DEGREES For fucks sake they did end up playin the GRUDGE The boys went hard all night. Thank You.

Review written by: Slayer ( Review posted on: 04/19/02 00:14:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 0? Tool show

Everybody go read frothboys review!!! What a absolute fuckup!!!!

Review written by: Izy ( Review posted on: 04/19/02 00:17:10 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

It all begain one cold lonley nite when i was at home, i called the radio station, in hope on winning a prize, i was rewarded with Tool tickets. I only knew one tool song and didn't really know what to expect. The nite neared as my friend and I left for Tool, just the thought of Tool made me excited. When we arrived, there weren't many people there but the crowd soon grew, The Melvins were up first, there music vibrated through the floor into my body, that was when i relised what i was in for. Tool was up next, i joined in the charnt for Tool as ppl screamed Tool Tool Tool i began to not only hear but feel the music, the music was in controll of my body, i was helpless. Tool were amazing every song was better then the last and you never knew what to expect. Their videos each original, wonderful, interesting, they portrayed the world in a way i have never understood. The atmosphere was worth going for in it's self, so many people joining together in the love for such wonderful music. If there is a concert near you happening soon, go to it, tool have become my favourite band by far and touched me in a way i couldn't describe, their love and energy in the music was over welming and more importanly, they were nice guys. the last thing they said was "remember the feeling you have now, Cherish it and turn it into possitive energy to achive possitive things" (not word by word, but that pretty much what they said) i think that was a wonderfiul thing to say and i will act apon it. Thank you tool for an amazing experience, i wont forget, and thats how it ended, a cold winters nite, far from lonley, alive, i knew from this moment, that i was alive. Luv Izy

Review written by: bath0ry ( Review posted on: 04/19/02 01:24:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

that fucken owned. they sound even better live (if its possible) and i cant belive how calm adam was for the amount of noise he was making ! it was an un-explainable experience "for one sweet moment I am whole", is about as close as i can get.

Review written by: Robyn ( Review posted on: 04/19/02 03:13:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

IT WAS SOOOOOOOO AWESOME! Nothing will ever ever beat that concert.... The Melvins were ok, nice metal band. But TOOL are sooooo cool & I was right up at the front, not centre, but right side of stage. Adam was blocking my view of Maynard, who was on opposite side from me & @ back, but I could see Justin & Danny ok. Adam had his back to me also for a lot. Lowlights were not enough songs from Ænima being played... Only Stinkfist. My faves are all on Ænima unfortunately for me. Lateralus songs were really great. Crowd went wild in Lateralis. Ummmm... Maynard was wearing wig & gas mask kinda thing @ start but he took it off eventually & had half of face painted black. Took off shirt, but not pants like last year. He also said he'd be back.. yay! The screens were incredible & special displays/guests in Schism & Triad were unique. Can't wait til they come back, they are an awesome band & un-beatable performers.

Review written by: Oliver Patton ( Review posted on: 04/19/02 18:14:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Yea! Tool absolutely went off, better than last time too! The stage show this time was enhanced with live stage performances by the 2 alien/animal type creatures from the Schism video. Setlist has already been posted but I can say that it was perfect , when they started with Flood I nearly shit my pants :) Hmmm. Hey Slayer, I went and read Frothboys review and to me to it seems that he is not the one who is the fuck up. To me it seems that he has a lot more to say than you have said, and you are just making yourself look like an ignorant idiot with your replies. How much of Tool's music do you actually listen to and how many of their messages do you associate with your own life? It seems to me like YOU are the one who should listen a bit harder. over & out

Review written by: duckstab ( Review posted on: 04/19/02 19:47:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

When i first heard about this Tool tour, I knew what i'd be in for, but to find out that The Melvins and Osseus Labyrint were coming too was just the icing on the cake. I was disappointed, but not supprised that the majority of the crowd had no clue who the Melvins were, so they recieved a somewhat luke-warm responce at the start, but towards the end of the set the front rows and most people were getting into it. Excellent set from the Melvins, dale was insane as ever on the drums, Kevin was a machine on the bass and Buzz was - as always - in excellent form. I was expecting to hear The Grudge first off by Tool, but to be greated with Flood was totally unexpected, and probably one of the best parts of their performance. Stinkfist sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy, as was expected. The rest of the set went on like clockwork, the addition of a second large screen enhancing the visual presentation, along with the new material being displayed. I think the highlights for me would have to be: - the Parabola video - Dale from Melvins drumming during Triad. - Osseus Labyrint on stage during Triad and the Grudge - The Patient All in all, it was a magnificent show, i only wish the Melvins could've played for longer, and i caught the drumskin dale threw into the crowd.

Review written by: Slayer ( Review posted on: 04/20/02 01:51:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey Slayer, I went and read Frothboys review and to me to it seems that he is not the one who is the fuck up. To me it seems that he has a lot more to say than you have said, and you are just making yourself look like an ignorant idiot with your replies. How much of Tool's music do you actually listen to and how many of their messages do you associate with your own life? It seems to me like YOU are the one who should listen a bit harder. over & out This is necessary This necessary Ignorance feeds on life feeds on U feeds on suckers feeds on hey why the fuck are you even reading my review in the first place??

Review written by: KryNx ( Review posted on: 04/20/02 05:58:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well this was my first tool concert and i didnt really kno what to expect but when i got in there the melvins were ending their set and after what seemed like hours tool came on and started playing It was fucking WICKED unfortunately by about a song or two after maynard had take his mask off i was feeling seriously the worse from too much weed and i had to go off the floor but i went up to the seating area and found the view to be just as good the visuals on those mirrored screens were amazing and the band were far better than i could ever have imagined if they ever come back IM GOING thats all there is to it but i really think that if there is a next time they should record it and u shood be able to buy cd's and videos a day or two after to recreate that amazing experience

Review written by: Elsha ( Review posted on: 04/21/02 00:01:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Whoa! That was amazing! More energy than last year, and everything was bigger, better, stronger. Te setlist was great, although i did miss eulogy and Ænima, but hey, can't complain, they played stinkfist and it was awesome. The build-up of tension was amazing, it felt like you could touch it and it would break, and then they started to play. As those first notes belted out the crowd moved closer and everyone's expressions became glazed and eyes enlarged, it was the most amazing experience of my life. its now 3 days later and i'm still shaking when i think of it. i only decided to go on the morning of the concert (due to severe lack of funds) but even though i am now in debt, i don't regret it at all, if you have a chance, go, whatever you have to do, its worth every cent

Review written by: SheepBoy ( Review posted on: 04/21/02 21:17:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Well what can I say. The band was as good as it has ever been, the set list was not what eveyone was wanting , including me but it didnt stop me being blown away by the intensity of the show. My highlight of the show was the 2 naked beings dangling from the roof, they twisted and contorted to the song in such a way that it brought the song into a new dimesion, I would like to thank them for the amasing display of acrobatics. To maynard and the band , Christchurch thanks you from the bottom of our third eyes.

Review written by: someone ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 07:38:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

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