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Review posted on: 04/24/02 05:45:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Tool blow

Review written by: someone ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 07:33:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

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Review written by: James Jackson Ver2.0 ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 09:03:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 6.66 Tool show

Wanted to clear it up for everyone in the future that the instrument Maynard plays is called a Steinberger. It is a company run by Gibson. It is a guitar that has no headstock on it. They also make bases. The one Maynard uses is a Guitar though live. As far as one guy was saying it was a synthesizer its not. He just has it hooked up to an effects proccesor. The actual instument is a guitar. Just thought I would clear that up for everyone. Remember: Steinberger. for more go to :

Review written by: Synth Pimpin ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 09:20:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

OK, about the synth thing. Maynard is playing a Steinberger, you're right about that and that and that only. It is, however, a synth. It is hooked up to the Roland keyboard which is usually on Adam Jones' right. Listen to Schism, Disposition, and Reflection on Lateralus. There are synthesized noises on those songs, and when Tool performs those songs live, Maynard plays the synth parts on a Steinberger through a Roland synth. During the preseminal tour and some European dates last year, Adam Jones was playing the synth parts with his feet on some crazy pedal board contraption. Pretty talented mufucka. When you see Tool live next, and Maynard is playing "the guitar", listen to how many different notes he plays, not many, just synthesized noises over and over.

Review written by: Adan ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 10:15:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Setlist: Flood The Grudge (-)ons Stinkfist [Anal cavity is 4 degrees warmer than the Vagina] 4 Degrees Parabola [i would like to dedicate this song to a friend of ours who is in a compound...with yasser arafat he is with greenpeace and they snuck in there.. he's Australian.... So i'd like to dedicate this song to Mr.Cheese] Schism Disposition Reflection [Parabola video] Triad [with osseus labrynt swinging from roof with Dale melvin on drums] Opiate [positve feeling speech] Lateralus Awesome set not to much i can say about it.. was very impressed with osseus labarnynt as with last night a little disapointed no Eulogy or Aenima but Triad and opiate blew me away. The Opening D.J was a waste of time and the Melvins where OK. Excelent Bootleg made. Onward to wollongong and canberra!

Review written by: Tim B ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 10:18:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First off, the setlist was 1. Flood 2. The Grudge 3. Stinkfist 4. 4 Degrees 5. Parabola 6. Schism 7. Disposition 8. Reflection --Intermission: Parabola Video-- 9. Triad (with Dale Crover) 10. Opiate 11. Lateralis The show was a lot of fun, and the Tool Boys performed well. To attend any Tool show is a positive experience for most people, and some shows are better than others. Tonight, Maynard was sounding very very good. His voice was perfect. Danny played well but the sound balance was un even and there was a little bit of over-powering by Adam and Danny. Justin was excepetional!!!! Great bass player. And I should note, to all you Sydney drummers who are kicking themselves because they missed the Danny Carey signing at Billy Hydes Drum-Craft, How the fuck were we supposed to know? :( Congrats To Tool!!!!

Review written by: maynard (...) Review posted on: 04/24/02 10:40:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Great performance. Despite previous performances having a better setlist (IMO), the quality of this was A++. Maynard, Adam, Danny, and Justin were great as usual. Melvins were OK, and the DJ sucked ass, but I guess anythings better than the shit that we had to put up with at last years Sydney concert. Disappointed with the setlist, as only one Aenima song was played (Stinkfist), but it was great to hear Triad as well as something from Undertow other than Sober and Prison Sex (4 Degrees and Flood), and only 3 songs were performed after the break. Highlights of the night would be Opiate, The Grudge, Parabola, 4 Degrees, and Schism.

Review written by: Lachlan ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 10:54:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

This is the best tool show out of the three I have seen. I just felt that the band was really focussed and seemed to enjoy the show a lot more than the last two I saw. Adam was moving around a bit and they were all looking at each other as the played, they really got into it. Maynard was outstanding as usual. Flood was the highlight for me that fuckin rocked. Also I thought they played schism and opiate very well too. At the end of the show the 4 guys had a bit of a group hug and waved us all good bye at everyone all of them smiling, it was a special moment. I was very happy with the set list and the quality of the show, it was 10 out of 10.

Review written by: Glen (bgbdfhbgd) Review posted on: 04/24/02 11:18:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great show, a little shorter than i was hoping. I'm not sure about the order but the setlist included: Flood The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (extended) 4 Degrees Parabola (no Parabol) Schism Eon Blue Apocolypse The Patient Disposition Reflection Parabol/a video Triad Opiate Lateralus I'm probably forgetting something. I thought the videos and lighting were amazing at times. Maynard talked about a bunch of crap as usual. I would have liked to have seen a few of the classics like Aenima and 46 & 2 but I saw them last time at least. It was good to hear a few different songs this time anyway. Flood was a great opener, I didn't think it would be that great live but it ruled.

Review written by: Swan E. Man ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 11:41:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great show but not as good as the July 25th show last year. Bit of a disapointment not hearing Ænema, Prison Sex, Sober, Pushit, 46&2 and the lack of parabol before parabola but it was good to hear some of the old ones. The highlight was definately wathcing Danny Carey kick some ass on the drums.

Review written by: Chris Skelton ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 11:44:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

the best tool show ive ever seen. killed last nite! awesome experience. although the setlist from sydney's frist nite last year will never be beaten with tracks like pushit and eulogy, it rocked anyways. I was treated with HEAR COMES THE WATER!!!!!! then the grudge. awesome. The patient blew me away quite literally from the barrier which i was lucky enough to be holding onto, 3 metres from Adam. TOOL, keep playing for another decade PLEASE!, and hopefully u will play down under again, i will most appreciate. the 21 hour sleep out for tickets was well worth it and i will do it again anyday for you guys. Thankyou, and goodnite.

Review written by: Kiljaeden ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 18:50:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Setlist on paper : Flood Grudge Stinkfist (Extended) 4 Degrees Parabola (Short - No Parabol) Schism Patient Disposition Reflection (Long) ---Video--- Triad Opiate Lateralus Maynard spoke a bit more than the last show that I went to and it was surprising to see them have the little group hug right at the end. Great to see some tracks from Undertow and a track off Opiate. Definately the highlight was Triad for me. Decided to stand back after the crush during the first half and take in the atmosphere from the middle and it was definately something that you will never forget. Having Osseus Labyrint up on the ropes swinging around, Dale from the Melvins playing and Adam on keyboards. Totally amazing song. And to follow it up with Opiate and Lateralus. Killer ending. It was totally amazing how long Maynard held the notes through parts of this show. Overall it was awesome. Nice to hear some old stuff, mixed with the new. An awesome evening. One that I shall never forget. As for the Danny Carey signing earlier in the day. Very awesome. About 50 people there, he came in, signed and talked to people for about 50 minutes and left. Great bloke!

Review written by: Psyart Deopsy ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 19:51:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Whilst the setlist was disappointing compared to the last Sydney concert, it had a few exquisite surprises that made the evening heaven. Flood, 4 Degrees, The Patient and Triad were phenomenal. They seemed to have the most astounding intensity, and were for me the highlight of the night. Triad was especially stunning with Melvin drummer, and Osseus Labyrint adding to a ferocious yet beautiful atmosphere. The feeling coming from Tool was more positive and enthusiastic. Last Sydney show only Danny seemed to have enjoyed himself. Last night however, they all walked off with the biggest, happiest grins you could have imagined. Ah the joy.

Review written by: davo ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 19:55:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

exceptional, even by tools own standards. tonights show was something else and i think the boys knew it cos there was such a positive vibe amongst the band. at the end of the show they did a big group hug and all that walking around waving stuff which was a nice touch... i just reckon the guys knew they nailed it. songs like 4 degrees and triad went crazy. dont let anyone complain bout not enuff aenima either. instead of worrying bout what you didnt see, be happy for what you did. that was a bullshit concert. floods is fucked up live, real heavy and flowing. it was nice the way they kicked straight into the grudge without a stop straight after flood. good good stuff. come back soon lads.

Review written by: dan hollins ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 20:34:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

what a fucken brilliant show i reckon it was better than last years first show excellent setlist was blown away by 4 degrees and flood the patient and triad were also fucken mad and i had floor this time which made it even better crowd seemed to be pretty well behaved osseus labyrint were awesome that shit during triad was insane tool seem to be able to get the crowd into the music more than any other band thankyou tool

Review written by: Daniel A ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 20:53:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

why has everybody forgotten eo blue and the patient? they were right before disposition! he made us do the "yes" thing. but pretty much everything else has been said. i know i wont forget them....i twisted my knee during patient, and had to go out during disposition to have it strapped up, and then right back in for reflection...still...after that i countnt mosh to lat. or opiate like i would have wanted to...and it canes like nothing this monring! argh! but unreal show. like evryone siad, sober, 46+2, aenima and such would have been mad.....heres hoping i cant make the trek down to wollongong!

Review written by: Mitch ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 21:31:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Flood The Grudge (-)ons Stinkfist 4 Degrees Parabola Schism Disposition Reflection [Parabola video] Triad Opiate Lateralus Absolutely brilliant, the setlist was a nice change and the visuals on the screens were once again astonishing. Well done tool, and thankyou for the best night of my life.

Review written by: Tokes ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 21:45:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Another fantastic fucking performance by the greatest band in the world. I was slightly disappointed in the length of the set (they could have played more a couple more songs after the intermission), but at least they played some stuff that I did not get to see at last year's show, namely Flood, 4 Degrees, The Patient!, Triad and Opiate. Triad was my definite highlight for the night, followed closely by The Grudge (how they went smack right into it after Flood was awesome). I was fortunately right up the barrier just to the right of Justin so I had a clear view of everyone on stage, but I was right infront of those large speaker mummas that sent my body flying everytime Danny kicked the bass drum. The force was so great that I actually had trouble breathing at the start of the show because it had a weird effect on my windpipe. Also because of it I didn't get to hear Justin all too well but I still hear him when it counted. And besides, Danny Carey is just so god-like that it didn't matter anyway. It was good to see Maynard in a more talkative mood this time also, it made me feel a lot closer to him than last concert. And of course... Adam just plain rocked... he is one of the finest artists I have had the pleasure of listening to. If anyone knows any names of the songs the Melvins played could you please send them to me? I would like to hear some of their stuff recorded because their bass sound was very muddled, but some of their music sounded very sweet... I could definitely hear where Tool got some of their early ideas from. And also, if anyone has any materials recorded from the concert (photos or bootleg music) could I PLEASE PLEASE have it?? It would make me the happiest man in the world... because I would really like to hear Stinkfist extended again (Danny went off in that extra part!), so yeah, please email me! THANKS SO MUCH TOOL!!! SEE YOU NEXT TIME! (ps email address is above)

Review written by: The Donk ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 22:14:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Amazing show, went to last sydney concert which definately had a better setlist, four songs different thing time round, but was amazing to be so close... A few important things i noticed 1 - Adam hardly looked up he only looked up when he didn't play anything in schism and during disposition/reflection. 2 - Adam was a bit pissed off about his sound all night... Complaining to his roadie a lot during disposition/reflection. 3 - Maynard didn't do his stabbing dance during opiate but he did get into it alot 4 - Maynard was very chatty all night (and you people who decide to scream out "46 & 2" while Maynard is talking... you guys are dicks... Maynard doesn't speak that often these days... so you should listen... The man deserves some respect... BTW - you have no chance of hearing 46 & 2 that late in a set anyway... you people are idiots. 5 - Danny was having a laugh during the intro to lateralus... don't know what it was about though 6 - a different intro to lateralus... there was a really wierd noise played... and i didn't want to scream out "oh my god, it's third eye" cause, obviously... it wasn't 7 - Danny (i think) grabbed Justin's ass during the group hug after the show

Review written by: Toolhead McFan ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 22:45:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

awesome show. everything went off. sore throat and sore neck this morning but a very satisfied smile on my face. i was hoping to hear H. and more of Aenima and the setlist seemed shorter than July last year. Flood/Grudge was an awesome opener absolutely perfect. then straight into Stinkfist. before the show i was extremely excited and i think i went for it too hard in those first three songs and i was spraying sweat over everyone around me and after Stinkfist i was fucked so i held back a bit for the next song. Opiate was awesome you could hear the whole crowd singing and Lateralus is the best finsher ever. at the end they had a nice group hug and i was too far away to see their faces clearly but im sure they were as happy with their performance as everyone in the crowd was. they waved and clapped the audience and received a standing ovation. overall it was better than last year. there was no Sober or 46 & 2 or Aenema and I missed Pushit but since they played it all last year i cant complain. well done to the lads.

Review written by: BBQ chook ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 23:06:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Was it just me or did the first part of triad when they were starting sound like 3rd eye? I had my fingers crossed that they would play it but it then mutated into Triad. Regardless, mindblowing show, set list at last years Sydney shows was slightly better but this show had a different feel to it. They seemed to play tighter tongiht too. PS: IF ANYONE HAS THIS SHOW RECORDED OR LAST YEARS OR ANY OTHERS I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Email above. :D Thanks.

Review written by: Steven ( Review posted on: 04/24/02 23:21:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Excellent show; certainly one which I won't forget. We arrived at the Entertainment centre just before 2pm, where there were already a group of earlybirds hoping for a good spot from which to see the band. We'd heard that Danny Carey was doing a signing in a drum shop, and after running like crazed children to the other side of the city, we managed to arrive at the little drum store in Surry Hills around 5 minutes before he was due to leave, where he kindly signed my drumskin. He was a very stand-up guy, and very friendly. It was a shame that his appearance was so under-publicised, as there were many who unfortunately had only heard about it after it'd happened and missed out. The crowd began to build slightly after 4:30pm. From outside the doors where we were waiting, the soundcheck could be heard as the band ran through Stinkfist, the Grudge, and others which were too muffled to hear from where we were. Maynard's voice could be heard, although Justin's rumbling bass was predominant. The outer doors were opened at 6:05pm, where our tickets were collected and wristbands given, and where we were searched by security. At 6:45pm, the standing ticket doors were opened, and after the DJ's short opening set, the main support slot was filled by one of the most important bands of the past two decades, the legendary Melvins. They played an intense and memorable set for an audience which is traditionally a hard one to win over (of course, that's to be expected with the majority being there exclusively to see a band such as Tool). Buzz Osbourne was the star of their show as far as I was concerned, although Kevin and Dale also did a great job. The only problem I experienced during the Melvins' set was not the fault of the band itself, but a certain crowd member who continually punched me in the back of the head, etc. and then abused the rest of the crowd for 'not showing any respect'; but i'm not here to put out my dirty laundry for everybody to see. The Melvins were brilliant; one of the most under-rated bands ever. A few minutes after the Melvins had walked from the stage, Danny's drum kit was unveiled to an applause from the crowd. After Tool's equipment was set up, the lights dimmed and the screens were switched on, where the circle of eyes appeared and pulsated slightly. Justin appeared onstage first, followed by Danny and Adam, and eventually Maynard. The band opened with 'Flood', which then seemed to flow seamlessly into 'The Grudge' (where Maynard's enormous scream matched that on the album). An extended version of 'Stinkfist' was then played, with an additional instrumental section before 'I'll keep digging..'. The visuals shown throughout the set served to compliment the music, being very disturbing and trippy at times. Maynard, positioned in front of the smaller screen to the left of the stage, was very talkative throughout the set, pointing out that "the rectal cavity is 4° warmer than the vagina", decidating a song to 'Mr Cheese', among other chats with the crowd. Danny's drumming was sensational, and I don't think that Adam or Justin had made one noticeable mistake all night. The otherwise wonderful atmosphere was interrupted at times by the inevitable appearance of a comparably small number of meatheads, who shoved and 'moshed' their way to the front row, shouted names of songs at the band, and chanted "More beer" over and over during 'Schism'; the kind of fucking idiots who'd most certainly be certainly welcome at a Limp Bizkit concert (no offence intended to any fans of that particular band who're actually civil). Particularly in the songs before the intermission, I was feeling very sick and was losing consciousness, and I was helped out of the crowd during the beginning of the Parabol/Parabola filmclip. The St John's ambulance staff were very helpful, and although I'd missed 'Triad', I was able to watch and hear the end of 'Opiate' and 'Lateralus' in its entirely from afar. The band finished with a group hug, and threw sealed bottles of water and Danny's drumsticks into the crowd. This was my first Tool show (I was unable to attend last year's Sydney shows), and I was blown away. To see the Melvins alone for $79 would have been worth the money for me, but seeing both within the 4 hour duration of the concert was enough to leave me a complete person if somebody were to kill me directly afterwards. The crowd were generally very respectful and friendly (particularly those whom we waited with in the queue); although as usual, there were a handful of bad eggs who managed to make the experience a whole lot less positive for many people. Can't wait until Tool comes through Sydney again.

Review written by: Sita ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 03:47:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Did they just forget that Aenima existed? Rather disappointing compared to last July but was still great!

Review written by: Toolhead McFan ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 05:23:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

after Triad Maynard said "Ozzy Osbourne on'll burn in hell for mocking Ozzy" just thought i say that cuz it made me laugh

Review written by: Grant ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 05:36:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I know, I know, most of the stuff here has been mentioned in previous reviews, but screw it, this was my first Tool show and I'm itching to post. Heard about the show the day after tickets went on sale, so I immediately picked some up. Unfortunately, GA had sold out by then and our seats were in row "U". Tool would be but tiny specks. Bummer. Also, mere hours after my tickets were purchased, the Wollongong show was announced. I live in Wollongong, and being a poor uni student I couldn't spend $160 for two Tool tickets, although after last night I've got some severe withdrawal. I may find myself at the Entertainment Centre tomorrow without tickets just to hear the muffled magic from outside. Arriving at the Sydney Ent. Centre, the security guys were pretty cool. Made me cloak my PDA (which couldn't have recorded more than a minute of tinny noise), but they were much cooler than most security folk I've dealt with. On that note, if anyone would be willing to 2:1 the show to me or knows where I might obtain it, an email would be appreciated. Got a sinking feeling in my stomach as I walked up to my seat, seeing the stage get smaller and smaller, but I had a pretty decent view, and most of the guys (bar Danny) aren't significant to look at compared with the music they make. As the DJ did their thing (the music was pretty decent, IMO, contrary to what's been posted) the place filled to about half capacity, and the atmosphere grew to that weird pre-show relaxed excitement. The people sitting next to me turned out to be pretty cool. One freaked me out in a nice way by instantly picking out the fact that I was a fellow guitarist, and her friend turned out to have a morbid fear of insects. But I digress. I hadn't heard much of the Melvins before, but from the feedback that cut through the DJ's twiddlings onwards I knew I'd found yet another band that rocks. Couldn't pick out many of the lyrics, but that didn't deter from my enjoyment, apart from the fact that my envy for those with floor tickets tripled. For Tool, however, I think I was better off in a seat. My ass was kicked so many times that I would have fallen over. Opening with Flood was perfect, I think. The projections were amazingly well rendered, and let me sink into the show as a show, rather than a bunch of guys playing with their things. The Grudge raised my floor-envy, but I'd hate to have the show ruined by the bad eggs that always appear in mosh pits. Of course, there were bad eggs in seats, but they were far enough from me not to count. At about halfway into The Grudge, though, I realised that I hadn't gone to the toilet for quite a while, and that my bladder was patiently tearing itself to shreds. But I was, as Maynard pointed out, at a Tool show, so I just grit my teeth and convinced myself that "all this pain is an illusion," and managed to be patient until the end of The Patient. Disposition/Reflection/Triad was the song I was hoping to hear, particularly the latter two parts so I finally gave in and bolted to what looked like a reasonable place to urinate (I couldn't tell you whether it was the Men's or the Ladies'), making it back just in time to hear one of my favourite Tool moments, the transition from Disposition to Reflection. Finally relaxed, I was treated to an amazing version of Reflection, but almost cried when the Parabol(a) video intermission came on instead of Triad. I should have had more faith. Danny and Dale's drumming duel metamorphosing into Triad, combined with the amazing Osseus Labyrint, was definitely the highlight of the show. At that point only, of course. I must point out the fact that there was, in actual fact, dozens of moments that were easily the best moment of the show. It just got better and better, and by Lateralus at the close of the show I was kept alive only by the fact that my head was wanting to implode and, simutaneously, explode with equal force. Surprisingly, the lights coming back on at the end didn't annoy me, the show was that good. The after-show music featured a Steven Hawking-esque computerised voice casually requesting that we "Get lost, fuck off", which I thought was nice. I was happy to comply with it...

Review written by: Graeme Shelvey ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 08:23:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

To start off with I'll point out a few things that haven't been reported on. Maynard said "It's impressive to see how many fans in the front row know the names of our songs. The bad news is that no-one will be getting a prize at the end of the show if they can name all of them," an nice put down. He also asked for a moments silence to reflect on the tragic death of (pornstar) Linda Lovelace. Schism was heavily extended in the middle. Triad was also heavily extended running at about 10 minutes. All songs seemed to be extended/altered in parts except for Parabola. The show didn't sell-out like last years first Sydney show did. The lines "flashing white lights" were added to Stinkfist. 2 large screens were used this year instead of 1 last time around. I believe Maynard played during Triad, behind the screen. There was a silhouette of a guy playing a guitar shown on the screen that the Melvin's guy was playing in front of. Really surprised no-one has mentioned this. The crowd at this show seemed more diverse in age, gender and culture type (eg less metalheads, goths) then last year. Not sure why. Now to my thoughts: Having not checked the set-lists this time around I had no idea Flood would be performed. It was an amazing opener. I'm not a big fan of the track on CD, and often skip the opening 4 minutes of the track but live it was incredible. It was strange when Maynard appeared on stage, I suddenly had flashbascks to the previous Sydney show, remembering emotions that I hadn't felt since leaving the entertainment centre last July. Even 24 hours on I've only vague recollections of last night and only a ticket stub, a t-shirt, and a ringing in both ears give my enough evidence not to believe last night was a dream. The sound was much better then last year, Maynard's vocal was at the right level and Adam's guitar sounded a lot crisper then it did during the opening few tracks of last year. Maynard seemed too have tons of energy last night, making him a very charismatic shadow. He seemed like a cross between an old man in strong winds and animated character from a Chuck Jones cartoon. Danny appeared to be less well lit this time around, I wasn't as drawn to watching him as last year. Its possible that this was just a perception because I was seated differently. The Grudge was just spectacular, and has evolved in some areas. I couldn't believe Maynard held onto the big scream like he did. I wasn't that excited to hear the start of Stinkfist, having seen it last year and it no being my favourite track, however it was great, just loved the extended section. These guys have really been working hard to give unique live experiences. Thrilled to hear 4 degrees, as its my favourite album cut from undertow, and wasn't expecting it. They used a lot of the imagery that was shown during 46+2 last year. Danny was real impressive on Reflection, I'm amazed at how much detail he can bring to a song. Justin's bass during this song had my nose quivering. I knew Triad was going to be played as The Melvin's guy was on Triple J yesterday, and said he gets to play with them on a song. Wasn't hanging out for it, but after a few minutes, my interest in the track grew and was right into it. The Melvin's guy was really good. I wasn't as impressed with Osseus L as otehrs were, but that might be because I was watching from too far away to get a good view of them. Opiate was another track that I wasn't bothered about hearing but comes off superb live. I was surprised about how familiar the crowd was with this track, given its 10 years old. Lateralus is a fantastic closer, though its always a disappointment when a show as great as this has to end. The embrace at the end was quite moving. Overall, it may have been the most brilliant experience I've ever had. If Tool is coming to your town and there are still tickets available you are not going to regret seeing them. Definitely hanging onto there next tour. Hope it isn't 5 years time.

Review written by: fulmination ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 09:28:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

was great! the sound was heaps better than last year's show. and the setlist was different... they played most stuff off Lateralus and only 1 song off Aenima, 1 off Opiate and 2 off Undertow. Was great to hear "4 degrees" and "Opiate"... Didn't think they were going to start with "Flood". They did this big group hug thing at the end of the show as well - if one can at least try to read into it - i think it means they're pretty happy with the music they're making at the moment - so hopefully we'll see another realease soon... Thanks to everyone that was there - was great to share the experience with other TOOLheads in Sydney once again.

Review written by: fl00d (me) Review posted on: 04/25/02 10:00:26 ET

what did mjk say after the grudge? (maybe flood) about acid in the fridge?

Review written by: Master Bater ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 10:43:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 0th Tool show

I went to the Newcastle show, and before 4 Degrees, Maynard said "This song is not about anal sex" which he has said at a couple of other shows recently as well. So why did he say that the rectal cavity is 4 degrees warmer than the vagina?!?? He's trying to end a rumour and continue it at the same time. I guess he is fucking with us...and I'd say it can't really be about anal sex because he wouldn't lie to us when he said it isn't...would he? At Newcastle, we didn't get The Patient, but we got 46&2 and Sober. Going to Wollongong tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Perpetual Poo Machine ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 13:13:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rdI Tool show

Tool chose to remind those on the acid stash from the fridge that they were at a Tool show... tOol chose to remind us that three screens are better than two toOl chose to remind us of the collective power of a large number of people projecting on the same frequency tooL rose to remind us that we should remember the moment, and use the energy to create something positive... and that the worse-case future may be avoided... thanks, pie...

Review written by: Big Complainer ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 14:48:30 ET

Hey. Lets all argue about what Maynard uses when he plays!!!! That sounds like more fun than anything else we could do here!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonads and Strife. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!+

Review written by: Dodes ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 18:47:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Not much I need to say that already hasn't been said. I went to the Brisbane show as well as this one. If you want to compare, * I thought the sound at Sydney was alot better and clearer... * I probably enjoyed Brisbane a little more... i mean come on, it's the 2nd show I've seen in 3 days and the first one had more suprises.... don't get me wrong, the Sydney show was absolutely sensational, but the suprise of the flood/grudge combo, osseus lab etc weren't there in the 2nd show. * 4 Degrees was a very nice change... it was H in Brisbane... * I will die an unhappy person if I die in the next 5 years... Danny Carey has been my idle behind the drums for the last 5 years and to find out AFTER the day that he's been signing somewhere??!?!? To avoid further pain of possible future tours by ANY decent drummers, could someone please alert me as to where to look or who to contact for such information? I would have done anything to be there on the day...

Review written by: Adam D Mills ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 20:21:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

TOOL + MELVINS 24.04.02 Sydney Entertainment Centre --- After the embarrassing display of yobbo-ness that the Cosmic Psychos subjected us to last time Tool toured, it was a relief to see Melvins score the support slot. Surely one of the most creative bands ever on the face of the planet (and partially responsible for inspiring a lad by the name of Kurt Cobain to form a band called Nirvana and... well, you know the rest). Tonight Melvins were in full metal swing, all blazing Sabbath- esque riffs and solos (both of the drum and guitar varieties). Buzz Osbourne could be playing to an arena full of Tool fans or a pub full of devoted sludge-junkies, it wouldn't mater: he'd still play that guitar like it's the only thing he knows how to do. And that hair: it's cliched and perhaps a little corny to mention it, but that 'fro is the single most fascinating phenomena in modern music. Wayne Static eat your heart out. From a distance, Tool can seem enigmatic, almost godlike in their stage prescence, projections screens diverting attention from individual band members and creating a much larger atmosphere than your average rock show. But to see the show from up close, you get much more of the sense of four individuals coming together, focussed on their own instruments but melding together to create a synergy nobody in the Entertainment Centre tonight could quite explain. To see Tool live is an almost religious experience. There is so much going on, so much sound and vision and emotion that it ties one's head in knots trying to absorb it all. But to try is to expand your consciousness, to raise yourself above the mire of 'alternative rock' or whatever and realise there is more. So much more. Tool rewarded us all tonight by pulling out some gems from the past, some real treats for the faithful. Opening with 'Flood' (Undertow's grim highlight), they proceeded to run through a set that ignored much of their more 'popular' tracks (no 'Sober', no 'Prison Sex', no 'Ænema') but did include 'Eon Blue Apocalypse' and 'The Patient' from Lateralus (a mesmerising track on disc, utterly mindblowing on stage), and the still brilliant 'Opiate', a surprise to say the least. It was during 'Schism' that the nude performance art of Osseus Labyrint first appeared. As the band dropped into ambient noise halfway through the song, these shaved, pale, sinewy bodies walked out on stage in the manner they do in the 'Schism' video: on their fingertips and toes, heads wildly swinging back and forth as if they aren't attached properly. At times it was hard to believe they were real, actual human beings, such was the otherworldliness of their performance. Osseus Labyrint returned after the mid-set break (during which we were shown the new, somewhat disturbing clip for 'Parabol'/'Parabola'), to suspend themselves by their feet at the back of the stage, swinging, twisting and contorting as Tool performed a huge version of 'Triad' (aided by Dale Crover of Melvins on drums, adding to the tribal feel of the song). The positive vibe of the whole night was summed up in Maynard's final speech to the crowd, urging us to remember this moment and look back on positively, before the entire band crowded around Danny's kit to begin 'Lateralus,. an absolutely blistering end to a spectacular concert. Seemingly reluctant to leave the stage, the band stayed to hug, wave, and throw drumsticks and waterbottles into the crowd. Such a positive feeling, from a band so often accused of being dour and serious. If I had to compare this show to last year's, I would have to say that it wasn't quite as good: that may have had something to do with the fact that they did not play 'Pushit' or 'Eulogy' tonight, and that if I closed my eyes last year I could drift away with them, whereas to close my eyes tonight was a hazard to my health (ah, the price we pay for prime position at the front of the stage). Still, Tool (and the Melvins) blew my mind, proving their position as one of, if not the best live bands in the world.

Review written by: 2L (--) Review posted on: 04/25/02 23:14:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Setlists been done....peoples reviews have been I won't waste all your time. It was bootlegged. Samples @ Unmastered as yet, I'll finish it when I get back from Gong/Melb/Canberra. 2 down, 3 to go.

Review written by: Phoebe ( Review posted on: 04/25/02 23:24:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I've always wondered what it is Tool does to me. After listening to an album, I feel older, fulfilled, and at peace. Then seeing them live first time last year kicked me well in the guts, and made life a whole lot more interesting. Walking around Sydney makes it obvious how mutilated people can become, goingt hrough their paces, atending their numbing jobs, walking on and off trains like robots, they've even somehow managed to make the entire human race their enemies, preferring to shove someone aside rather than smile or even make eye contact. It was an adventure in Sydney, one of my highlights finally making eye contact with a Sydneyite working in Seven Eleven, giving him a big smile, and getting one in return. So it's true, that our lives have been robbed by our everyday worries, and somewhere we've lost contact with that thing that may be the soul, that part of us that lives off people, nature, and music. And I often find myself wondering what the hell we're really doing here. And this is why many people need religion. So that they know there's something there that makes life worth living, a purpose. Maybe you can call Tool a religion, but it's so damn corny and dramatic. Rather, for me, they show me my soul, a place that's deeper than everyday life, perhaps even life itself. A band isn't a reason for living, but music definitely is :). Tool make something bigger than themselves, Music that is emotional, meaningful, and intelligent, and it reminds you of that powerful place. And that place is a Tool show. I went in to this concert drained, and sick. I've been recovering from colds, and I've been down for a while. There's so much bullshit around, and it drags at your soul. I think mine was almost dead. And I came out full. Of course, Tool isn't the answer for everyone, certainly some people live ignoring that part of themselves, and if by now you think I'm a pathetic hippy, don't go to a Tool concert again. They did it last year, and again I'm fulfilled. The train riding robots, work, dickheads at Tool concerts, they don't mattter. (Although the latter can limit the Tool experience.) The night, from the build up of excitement, and the kick off with Flood, was a ride. And guys, it doesn't matter what they play. You've paid to let these guys entertain you, and they have a reason for not playing songs. Sit back, get on their wavelength, and see what they have to say, with the setlist, with song extensions, with whatever Maynard's going on about. Just ride it, see where it goes, and have the respect to trust them at a concert. This show went deeper than the 26th last year. They focused on Lateralus and built the mood on that album, it was less aggressive or disturbing, seemed like an exploration. Flood was powerful, pulled me in straight away. The break into the Grudge was a rush, and by 4 Degrees I was blown away by what i was being privelidged enough to see. Schism ment a lot as I've been disturbed by the lack of communication and humanity around me lately, and with the presence of Osseus and Labrynth took the concert up another notch. The concert centred around Disposition, Reflection and Triad, the guys' performance astounding, and the intensity mind blowing. The second half rode off the energy of the song trio, and Lateralus was an unbelievable finish, and the crowd recognised it. i didn;t know how anything could be more powerful than Sydney last year, but they've done it again, and in such a different way uit's like seeing them for the first time again. The bands' hug and joy was understandable, and the standing ovation fantastic. I couldn;t sleep that night, and only now, Friday, am I feeling normal again. What can I say but thankyou, best decision of my life to go to Sydney, and I'm just holding out for Canberra. Thanks to all those that understand for sharing it with me, the bad eggs didn't even get to me thanks to the positivity. The only bad thing about Tool is the space in between concerts. How do we survive it?? Just come back, guys, your live shows are something priceless and inforgettable. Thankyou.

Review written by: roh ( Review posted on: 04/26/02 00:58:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. magnificant display of skill, open mindedness and serenity. tool really do make you feel, as you enter the "church", somewhat lighter than usual. marvolous performace once again, too many poeple being dissapointed with the set list, the setlist was fucken great. soo glad to hear some stuff off undertow, flood - 4 degrees. i consider ourselves lucky to have witnessed these been played live infront of us. a rare setlist. *traid* this track has a mind of its own, when ur standing 15 feet from the artists (tool) this blows you away, so much emotion and intesinity. i loved it. there was one dillema floating about the audience however, or a few actually. all those dickheads who were trying to make a friggin BULLPITT, yes a BULLPITT, in the center of the floor, what the hel are you thinking, these guys were trying helplessly to maintain a bullpitt during reflection for fucken sake. wake up , its a tool show. as i had a bit of a problem being near this dillema, i moved infront of it hopeing to leave all the drunken idiots behind (no offence to anyone who was drunk, just the ones who were orgainising this bullpitt), but no, one of the dickheads had to move up the front towards the end of the show, and as maynard was talking, i was trying to listen antenivly cause he rarely speaks to us, this dickhead started to yell "forty six and two, we want forty six and two." didnt stop chanting it , as for this i didnt hear a word maynard said. if these guys want to get pissed and fucken smash each other in a circle, go to a fucken pantera concert or sumthing. these guys totally missed the whole point of a tool concert. sorry to point out this shitty happening but i need to get it off my chest to all the tool heads out there aswell. other than that i had a fucken mad time, just as good as last show, last year. thank you tool , thankyou. hope to see you all there next time. !!!!!

Review written by: skinnerbox13 ( Review posted on: 04/26/02 05:23:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

The show in Sydney was awesome. The last time I saw these guys was about a year ago when they did a short tour of Australia. In my review of that show I complained that the band seemed to be low on energy but this time around you could feel that both the band and the crowd were really uplifted and having a good time. Justin was outstanding in his performance giving 110%. It was great to see the dance artists as well doing the head bobbing and hanging upside down above the stage. My only complaint this time around is a shorter setlist (they only played one song from Aenima, Stinkfist) The band was in top form and the animations were great. One thing that I would like to mention as well is the positive attitude Maynard projected to the crowed. He said that he wanted us to take what ever feeling we had at the moment, if it be anger, boredom, or happiness and to remember it, and to harness it into some creative form later. I guarentee I will because Tool continues to inspire me as an artist.

Review written by: skeepshin ( Review posted on: 04/26/02 08:30:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i will try not to re-hash previous reviews, but bear with me. i want someone to hear my voice. one thing i did notice, which i dont think anyone has mentioned... but i hope someone else has noticed... during stinkfist: maynard's subtle little rendition of the grand master flash classic "white lines" (i think its a tune from the eighties.) "white lines, running through my mind... high rise, blow away"... my brother and i both realised this at the time, and i had to laugh. its really quite an amusing thing; mjk wailing eighties rap lyrics whilst convulsing in the shadows. but "shouts out" to him, he has taken this great classic to dizzy new heights. now, to the droning emotional response. this being my second tool show, i can probably say that artistically and emotionally i get the most out of hearing lateralus played live. i love hearing the grudge and pushit... last night's lack of the latter leaving a slightly bitter taste in my mouth... but lateralus offers me something different to these. the visuals i just find really intoxicating. and the scary thing is, i was remembering them for months after the first time i saw them. that lady that looks like björk, swimming on her back... and the mirror image of the other lady swimming on her back when mjk sings "to, fathom the power to, witness the beauty to, bathe in the fountain to..." they are the two which stuck in my mind from last year. this year i shall add more to the archives, like the endless spine, and the wireframe projections of the female body... the way these guys see human anatomy and parallel it with mechanics, only to visually represent their music... i am so amazed by their stuff. this song is such a great one to close with, nothing could possibly be better. there is such a feeling of resolution about it. not quite a sum-up, but almost an acceptance of every issue that has been kinda touched on throughout the night. i have had lateralus stuck in my head for two full days now, and this happened to me last year aswell. so i suppose thats what they wanted. my brother reckons that adam dropped his pick, he cant remember when though. he did tell me at the time. closing your eyes during a tool show makes your skin prickle, its like the music is washing around your skin, it tickles your neck and ears. its so much more of a sensual experience, you can feel which direction the sound was rebounding from. i thought the mirror image screen was nice (i was a little worried when i saw that the curtain was bunched in the middle. i thought that maybe they had stuffed it.) i found myself watching the one on the left... did anyone else do that too? i think thats because that was the non-reversed image, remembering from last year. leaving a tool show is one of the most grounding experiences i have ever had. in fact, the most. as a nameless comrade would put it, i am still "coming down after tool"... because EVERYTHING after the soaring emotional highs and lows just seems like total and utter shallow, misguided shit. you just want to run up to people and scream "what the fuck are you doing? you are not even alive!!!!"... but thats probably me being annoyed because of the fear that i may never really live in this fashion again. so to save a poor girl's life, please come back and share a couple of wee hours with us sydney folk again. i feel honoured to have been in the same room as such genius... and by the by, my friends... if you were sitting behind a girl wearing a sheepskin jacket (which wasnt mine) and shouting out "SLAYER, SLAYER, SLAYER... why dont you play some REAL music?!"... you were lucky to have a glimpse into this chasm they call "intelligence". obviously you were just having trouble concentrating. next time, take your slayer-loving friends and go stab yourselves in your throats with a pencil. yes, the same pencil must be used for all of you. thankyou for reading this far. skeepshin.

Review written by: deftone (from the spawn board) ( Review posted on: 04/26/02 10:40:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Wow. My first TOOL show, and what an experience. I was lucky enough to get to the signing earlier in the day as well. Great guy. I'd like to send props out to those that had Danny's page in the salival booklet signed with silver pen, that looked amazing. Also, if anybody from the line is reading (I'm talking to you first three, you know who you are, and in particular, the big guy with the manson shirt) get in touch!!! Highlights of the night were seeing the entire crowd swell and break during stinkfist, maynard's movement during the patient, and most importantly, flood live. Amazing song. Maynard hit every note, and Danny every beat. Great show, but I do wish Adam would show his face a bit more. PS- I am disappointed we didn't get Maynard in his undies ;)

Review written by: *Satan* ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 07:54:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

man, that was one sick concert, but I still dont belive they didnt play Pushit!!! thats my favorite song man!! oh well, maybe next time

Review written by: Someone ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 23:37:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st Tool show

What a show, what a performance. Its the best concert i have been to by far. From the start i was loving it. When i heard the melvins were touring with Tool i was very excited. The Melvins were well recieved by a few ppl but in general ppl did'nt seem to have an interest in them. Personally i loved them, espcially when they played Revolve. It was a very kewl song played live with alot of energy coming from the band. They left to an applause, some thankful for playing some thankful for leaving. I was prob in the middle of that. Then it started. The familiar circle of eyes came up upon the screens and the strange moaning/whale noise came on. The crowd went nuts! Slowly they died down and Justin came on (crowd going nuts again), followed by Danny (nutty crowd again), then Adam to screams and finally Maynard to even more screams. They started off with a song called Flood which i have'nt heard before. Then went into The Grudge. The mosh/crush was tiring but fun. Ppl were nearing falling on the ground only to be saved by the mass of ppl pushing them the other way. This was followed by ions then stinkfist and more tiring moshing. Stinkfist was very good live and the crowd really got into it. After Stinkfist the mosh seemed to run out of steam but it was slowed down a bit with 4 Degrees which was very very kewl also. Then Parabola missing its emotion build-up parabol, but it was still awesome. I'm pretty sure The Patient was in here somewhere before Parabol or after i think. I'm not entirely sure. Then there was the artistic masterpiece: Schism. It was dedicated to Dr Cheese would is part of a internation group who entered Yassar Arafat's compound observing in the absence of the U.N. Schism is powerful on cd but even more so live. When Osseus Labyrint came on i went nuts! I thought they were fantastic, really quite amazing and beautiful at the same time. I also have more respect for Tool for actually bringing them along on the tour, it was a great move by them and well worth it. Well Osseus Labyrint performed like they did on the schism film clip for about 3-5 mins in the middle of the song. Osseus Labyrint went off and Tool went into the ending of the song. They then went into Disposition followed by Reflection. These were both amazing and the crowd was really in tune with the feel of the songs. Some were dancing emotionally to the song while some seemed to be hypnotized by it or meditating or something. In a few parts i closed my eyes and just drifted away with the song opening them to realise i was still surrounded by ppl. Truly wonderful. It was break time and one we all really needed., the break included the parabol/la vid so i went off to get a drink and refresh myself. When i came back i saw Osseus Labyrint climbing up to the top of the roof on some rope. The lady seemed to be having probs securing herself but finally got it. Then they went into Triad. For me this was probably the highlight of the show. I was spectaular. The speakers were turned up so you could feel the music vibrate though you while you close your eyes and go along with it. Osseus Labyrint were again amazing performing all sorts of movements above Tool. I really loved the part when they embraced and then pushed themselves off each other. They then went into Opiate which was just as awesome as Triad. The crowd absolutely loved hearing this and Tool performed it fantastically. The power behind Maynards words is amazing. Maynard then gave his speech. One particular part i loved was when he said "it does'nt matter if its a negative feeling or positive feeling just as long as there IS some feeling there" Then they went into the very powerful Lateralus, while the 3 of them were around Danny and his kit. It had a different intro on the drums as well. The mosh finished just as it started, the crowd really got into this and the band was really feeling it as well. It is a very powerful and appropriate song to finish on. They finished it too an absoultely amazing cheer. I was very surprised about how big it was. Maynard thanked us somewhere in the set, i tried screaming out thankyou back. They then got into a huddle and threw out water bottles, sticks, bass drum thingy. Not sure that is the right order though. Well overall that was another amazing Tool performance. Next time they come out i plan not to be sick and plan to go to more than one concert. I was kicking myself that i did'nt go to the wollongong one cause i was kinda sick. Well next time. I really cant wait till they come out again. It is really much to long between their visits. Oh i also managed to sneak in a camera. I'm not sure how the pics turned out, will get them developed soon. If anyone wants them i sure i can find somewhere to post them.