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Review written by: Conor (
Review posted on: 04/27/02 09:30:32 ET

This was this reviewer's ??? Tool show

I have questoion marks next to the amount of shows seen for one reason. I was there and I wasn't. This is how. I called one of my friends in Melbourne this morning from Ireland and found that he scored tickets to the Melbourne show. I arranged to call him 3 hours later. Which is about 9:30 Melbourne time. So I call him and he answers and Schism is playing. Even over a Mobile phone in Australia to a Mobile in Ireland it sounded so unbelievably good. I cant wait til I actually see them again in Ireland. I apologise that I have no details of the setlist except for Schism Extended. For all of you that went no doubt it was Awesone and I hope you all enjoyed. Peace, Conor

Review written by: Tim Marsh ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 10:26:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

[I f#cked up my bootleg, it was my first effort, so if ANYONE HAS A COPY EMAIL ME and we'll work something out. Ta] Just to clear it up once and for all, MJK does not play a guitar or Steinberger, he was playing his cock, it was large. Sound came from it. Got it, punk? Holy schnykies! Hucking Fell! Sit back for a minute. Can you image someone reaching into you, and grabbing hold of your soul and subconcious simultaneously,and switching between a gentle caress and scream provoking vice like grip for nigh on 2 hours, whilst also furnishing your mind with the most incredible set of visual and audio provocations to aid your salvation known to mankind? Can you then imagine that person kicking you in the guts until you are doubled up in pain and pleasure? You plead for them to stop, yet beg for more. All this occurs simultaneously for 2 hours, your adrenal glands become shrivelled ghosts of their former selves. ...."what is the prognosis doctor?"..."Well this person has seen Tool, I don't hold much hope for their bodily health. We can rejoice in the fact that he has gone to a better place." The human body was not made to withstand such and aural and visual stimulation of the magnitude that this band can produce. Bombastic. Holding your head in your hands, trying to hold your mind in one does not work. Better just let go, let go, let gooooooo. Ignore looks from other people around. Salvation of the soul does not require a rubber stamp from another. Each will be saved when ready. I had a friend once he took some acid, now he thinks he's a's ok, until he pisses on your lighter..... Welcome to the world of dark imagery, where Gigeresque images rule supreme, yet where the music bears light to save your soul (from a world saturated with sugarine pop princesses, clean cut boy bands and so called self professed hardcore rock groups). Welcome to the world of Tool. Manna for the soul. A beautiful endless requiem in the endless sea of madness that is human behaviour. To read the full review, go here: (Will be up Monday Australian time) If you think this is self indulgent twaddle, please skip. Sometimes "Tool f#cken rocked" gets a little tiresome. Here is the setlist, I include it for completeness. Tonight was my 2nd show. (There seems to be a proliferation of people on their second shows - where have you been Tool?). I am not sure about the argument about the same set list for every show on a tour being relatively the same...on one hand everyone hears the same, thus you don't go "F#ck I wish I had've gone to Sydney instead of Newcastle" or whatever...on the other hand if you were naughty and opened your present before Christmas present before Christmas Day, you're not surprised. //Setlist (as close as I can remember it - didn't take paper/pen in like last time) Flood [only song I needed to hear] flowed into [I cried] Grudge (-)ve ions Stinkfist extended 4 degrees Parabola Eon Blue Apocolypse The Patient Schism Disposition Reflection Parabol/a Video Triad w/ Dale on drums and Ossius Labrynth Aenima Lateralus //End Setlist Correct me if I am wrong. Couple of improvs, which were cool. Maynard did not say much which was good. Their music says all I need to hear. I also think a repetition of the same speech at each show depersonalises the experience. So yeah. Melbourne wasn't high on acid, so we didn't forget who Tool were. Of course, one can never be fully satisfied from a Tool show. There will always be songs they didn't play but shouldn't have. This is a supercilious argument. You are there for Tool. They are not there for you. "I am not, a fucking. Jukebox." Amen. I think you only have to watch them to realise they are creating a vehicle...step aboard if you want. All my feelings - euphoria, anger, release, bewilderment, euphoria - from my first concert have been duplicated here. Again I lost myself in the moment. It was hard to force myself back to "reality." A dreadful reality where the mundane rules supreme, where who you are is governed by what you own - materialism is a plague that I abhorr the thought of, yet enjoy the feel of. We all have our ideal setlist, this will not suit everyone. Everyone must walk away closely holding a little moment where they were at one with themselves. At the last show in Melbourne, this occured for me during a couple of songs, but manifested itself with the most intensity during Lateralus. Someone, please, pass a tissue. It is easy to say "what a pussy." Come onnnnnn, don't tell me you didn't choke a bit at some point. Liar. Personally, after enlightenment from Adam F, and after some serious questioning, I realise that too much focus is on TOOL, the band, not Tool the music. All you know about me is what I sold you, dumb fuck. Think about that one....are Tool really all that dark....or is it just clever marketing...we only see what we are allowed to see, for that reason I take anything they say, especially what MJK says, with a grain of salt. Everyone thinks Maynard is a God. He is just one man who can sing about some ideas....The actual music does more for me. I think it is quite good that the band members are minimalised with regards to what we can see...I find it much more cathartic to watch the incredible visuals and let the music wash over me. Not there to see Maynard, there for music. Enough of this, the concert: //review //melvins The Melvins were fucking sick. We got there late so I only heard some, I definitely heard a song or two from Stoner Witch...They were WOW. //tool First up. The sound was not as good as last time. I felt the bass was too overpowering, especially of Adam... It was excellent to see Justin so much more extroverted. His bass playing was mind numbing. Danny. Don't need words. You all know. Adam. Refer Danny. Maynard. Voice was much more passionate it seemed to me, much more intimate and personal. He had some clothes on. Some of the videos were a bit different from last time, I think Parabola, Stinkfist and Aenima were??? The Flood vid was wicked. Someone please do a description for the songs. I was trying to hold myself together most of the time. So I forget. Flood: magic. All I wanted was that song. Opening, and I held my breath it would continue. The Grudge. Good. Stinkfist: Good 4 degrees: Badass. Fucking badass. This was the next song I wanted to hear, along with Flood and Triad probably the highlight of the night. A lot of people were happy to hear this. Parabola: sound shocking, song good. Weird without Parabol. Good change up. Schism: Nice, Maynard sung a different harmony. And he played his cock, not a synth guitar. Eon/Patient: Brilliant, very cathartic. Epic. Disposition: Good breather Reflection: Wicked, but sound was shyte. Triad: w/Dale on Drums. And Osseus Labrynth or however you spell it. I think this sums it up best. I saw a lot of people just staring with mouths wide open in disbelief. Fucking mindfuck. Respect for this song. Hey hey hey hey Aenima: keng wecked as always. Choice eh bro. Lateralus: Epic, cathartic, brilliant. Thankyou. I will tell you what - Ossues are fricking bendy. Wow. The crowd was fantastic. Most people were content to sit back and rock out. At times, hands reached out to the band. At times, it seemed Maynard screamed our pain and frustration for us. Grudge scream good example So, Danny played some Drums. Justin played some 4 string gee-tar. Adam played some 6 string guitar. Maynard did some vocals. Tool gave us some music. They held me down and mindfucked me. We all lapped it up. People went home happy. I am sure I will want to add more to this but it is straight from the heart and only 1 hour since the concert ended. Tired. Need brain rest. Out Tim PS: ANYONE WHO HAS AUDIO OF THIS EMAIL ME!!!

Review written by: Steve Le Busque ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 10:27:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Blame the effects of marijuana on my memory if this setlist is slightly incomplete / out of order: Flood The Grudge (-) Ions Stinkfist (extended version) 4 Degrees Parabola Schism The Patient Dispostion Reflection Intermission: Parabola vid Triad (with Dale from melvins on drums) Aenema Lateralus Great experience, Aenema was definately a highlight...

Review written by: Minus ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 10:35:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Flood The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist extended 4 degrees Parabola Eon Blue Apocolypse The Patient Schism Disposition Reflection Parabol/a Video Triad w/ Dale on drums and Ossius Labrynth Aenima Lateralus all i can say is fucking unreal. 4 degrees was the highlight for me and when they finished with lateralus it gave this sense of completeness. nothing more was neeeded. a perfect show.

Review written by: Cam ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 10:40:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Well, for the first time i'm about to write a real review for a show, not just a few observations (which always get me in trouble) I'd already seen Tool in Newcastle earlier in the week. At that show I was virtually the first person in the venue, so had a perfect position right on the front barrier, just on Adam's side of the centre of the stage. Tonight, seating beckoned for the first time in my 4 Toolish experiences, and I couldn't have been more unexcited about the show if I'd tried. Then came something that I've only ever dreamed of .... Flood. I'd never been convinced it would work as an opener, but as each band member joined the stage in around 1 minute intervals, it all fitted together. Maynard appeared last, simply as a sillhouette which lasted for almost the whole show, dressed in his famous short shorts. Flood ended and went straight into The Grudge, which I think works much better as a non-opener. Yet another amazing version of Stinkfist followed, with a fantastic extra verse that confused the hell out of the GA section below. It's the little things like these that show that Tool is never satisfied, and that a Tool song is never finished. Likewise, I noticed a slight lyrical change in 4 degrees, which followed. The simple words 'life's too short to fuck it up' at the end of the first verse somehow brought a chill to my spine and a tear to my eye. After having gone through some fairly rough stages of life lately, the words filled me with some strangely comforting, yet scared emotion. Parabola followed, with a short intro that had me anticipating The Patient, but it wasn't to be. Next came Schism, which i think I could listen to non-stop for days (and I probably have), before I finally got what I'd been wishing for since last July ... the haunting Eon Blue Apocolypse, followed by The Patient. This song, especially live, just highlights Maynard's voice, and epitomises the band's ability to go from slow to fast, heavy to soft, without breaking a sweat - It was worth the ticket price and the cost of going to Newcastle alone. An amazing Danny Carey special drum solo followed, which was always going to lead into Disposition. The whole Disposition/Reflection thing was my favorite part of Lateralus since my first listen, and my favorite piece of Tool for almost as long, and ended with a much shorter than usual Outro from Adam on guitar ... I can only hope he wasn't offended by the heckling from the Newcastle crowd on Tuesday! The Parabola video saw the venue almost empty, but things got moving again when Dale from the Melvins again joined Tool and Osseus Labbyrint during Triad. This song's amazing live, although it's always been something I'd skipped over on CD. With time for only two more songs, one of which would be the usual Lateralus, Maynard said the magic words 'Aye, aye, aye' and the band launched into the always energetic Aenema. Now, I've been working on an alternative chorus to this guys, tell me what you think: "I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit three-ringed circus sideshow of freaks here in this hopeless fucking hole we call MELBOURNE. The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time, any fucking day. Learn to swim, i'll see you down in New South Wales Bay." ... if only Jeff was still in charge, it might happen! Thanks guys for another amazing experience. Even from so far back (well, it was only row 6) you continue to blow my mind. Come back soon.

Review written by: James Carman ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 11:06:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Unbelievable show. The contortionists were amazing. The Melvins pretty much sucked, except for the drummer. We got a slightly different setlist from the other gigs. We didn't get Opiate, but we got The Patient and Aenema instead... fair trade if you ask me. Highlights - Aenima, 4 degrees, Lateralus. Funniest moment - In the melvins set, the drummer fucked up and one of his sticks flew about 5 metres into the air and almost hit a security guy.

Review written by: MART ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 11:10:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. LOUD is a good word for this concert, but at least you come away with something, fantastic visuals alot better than last year And maynard didnt say anything about the four degree theory, but he did say something like...we,d like to thank you for being here and sharing this moment with us,..and in the coming weeks & months years take this feeling & do somethig positive with it. Group hug at the end, and they all had a turn at throwing something into the croud What is it about the feeling you get at a tool concert, overwhelming Being a bass player myself, i have to say justin is incredable Overall, just dont miss it please come back soon TOOL

Review written by: FergZ ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 11:11:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

what can i say?? holy shit that was one breathtaking experience!! the setlist has already been posted so i won't be an annoying fuck and write it again.. --Osseus Labirynth-- Freaky shit, those 2 are amazing... very cool! -- to all you sydney siders out there-- suck my balls, we got to hear the patient and aenima in exchange for opiate!! and yes, they went off!! all i can say is, there is no way i could be dissapointed by Tool, and when and if they come back, i will pay litteraly anything to see them! Thank you guys... Keep making them, and I'll keep buying them FergZ P.S - if anyone has live audio, that is of a decent quality, can you let me know. thanks

Review written by: Tool Fan From Oz ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 11:12:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What else can I say but, Awesome once again. loved the contortionists. wish Maynard would come out so we can actually see him....

Review written by: Molestick ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 11:21:18 ET

my ears is still ringing from great sound of TOOL it was the best sound i've ever heard in my whole life. what can i freakin speechless!!! i cannot discribe it! ahh u gota b there to feel vibes

Review written by: luke ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 11:56:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

its 1:50am and all i can say is FUCKING AWSOME. those osseus labrinth people were pretty fucked up but it was all good it was the loudest thing i have ever heard and...AENIMA WAS FUCKING SICK!!!!! if anyones got the audio email me

Review written by: Luke ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 14:22:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

What an incredible show. The haunting music they played over the PA just before TooL came onstage was the BEST build up before the lights came down (before the sounds that accompanies the flaming eye). Flood was just nasty...totally amazing way to start a set. 4 degrees/Patient/Ænema were highlights for me personally. My friend got a good quality video recording and my other friend got a good quality audio recording...have to get them online in the coming week once they're ripped.

Review written by: Kirka (tool) Review posted on: 04/27/02 19:35:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist.

Review written by: Kirk ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 20:04:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, what can i say other than fucking mindblowing experience once again. Where to start......first off, well i was apart of the Mosh for the most part, and upon arriving at about 4:30 to Rod Laver Arena when the doors were to open we were basically first in line which gave us good positioning up the front of the barriers... The most annoying part before the Melvins came out was that fucking Dj....she just went on and on and on, and most of the fellow tool fans around me were anxious to throw whatever they could find at her....but then, right at that moment, the Melvins came out on stage, and i could see for the most part that most of the people around me were curious as to what they sounded me, the music itself wasn't that had kind of a silverchair/Metallica feel to it. But damn, their Bass player was stoned out his brains, looked like a pedofile and the fact that he was making rude gestures to those of us in front of him didn't really help his image.Yeah, and like someone had previously said, when Dale lost a Drum Stick mid song that went flying through the kit...he recovered extremely well. I can see why he joined in with TooL on Triad. Danny's drum kit, as per usual, got a much larger cheer than the warm up act, significant to the fact that it's one huge mother of a setup!!~!!....than, out of no- where....Justin came out on stage and led into Flood...along with Adam and Danny who joined the stage similtanously...Maynard, like always, last to appear. Fuck, Flood is one track, along with patient, that i've always wanted to see live, and the fact that they played it, let alone opened with it made this night even more special. Skipping through the i'm sure you've all read enougth about the other tracks played....the true highlight for me was the performance of Triad...Danny Carey is a fucking machine...or a god....i'd say the latter. Overall, an awsome, mindblowing show...the visuals were great as usaul (4 degrees in particular), the sound was awsome as usual.....and Maynard voice...well, i think faultless is the word. His little motivational speech he has before Lateralis was longer than usaul....can't remember what was said word for word. The thanks that the band gave the crowd, clapping every inch of rod laver was one which went on behond 5 minutes...Justin in particular. the group hug between bands members was an emotional thing to watch...a picture that will stick in my mind for a longgg time! Ah but wait, there's more....unlike the most of you, who left basically straight after the and my friend stayed behind a met a couple of fellow fans (Matt and Brandon??), and after getting the camera back which we had to hand in, we sat around the entry point from which the band enters and leaves with about 25 other fans. we waited for like an hour....a bit more mabye, but, than, maynard appeared at the entry door (white shirt, beeny, sunnys), but quickely went back inside....then he came out, we took a couple of quick snaps before security begn yelling at my firend Rach to get back.....but she took some photo's none the less....than Danny soon appeared to more cheers from us....and gave us all a wave, from which more photo's were taken.....though, we didn't see Adam or Justin, i thought getting snaps of danny and Maynard was pretty damn good in itself. My seggesstion to those who went with camara's, like so many did, is to, rather than have them taken off you, hand them in....and stay behind after the show were your only but garrenteed some pics.

Review written by: Simon Fazio ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 20:07:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Tool : From the Nosebleeds - by Simon Fazio Hey, well, last night me, and two of my close friends had the honor of seeing Tool for the second time in a year. Indeed, I was luckier with the ticketing last time, managing only nosebleed seats, almost on the most acute angle you could buy, as opposed to having general admission last time. It was a different perspective none the less, however, we'll get to that later. The day that tickets went on sale was a hectic one, with Clarky (one of my two companions last night) coming over for a full phone and internet assault. Unfortunatly, camping out seemed like a better idea, as it took us an hour and a half to get through, and by that time, we were rushing to school in the car, late for our Year 12 English SAC. However, we got there okay, if not a little buzzed about scoring tickets. At the venue however, I was appaled to see plenty of empty seating both above and below the place where we were. However, we got over it. After a day of waiting around, Clarky and I borded the 6:01 train to the city, ready for a night of Tool. I was a little hungry, as all I had had to eat for the past day or so were a couple of saladas and some hommus, so i reluctantly purchased a McChicken burger at an outragious price when we got into the city. After a brief walk (against Clarky's desire to take a tram to the venue), we arrived at Rod Laver Arena shortly before 7:00. We got the regular pat down and went into the venue. After buying some merchandise (2 t- shirts, one for me, and one for my little brother at home crying because he was too young to see Tool), Clarky bumped into some friends of his, and started chatting. I decided to scope out our seating. When I finally finished my Everest-like-assent to our seating, i was a little relieved to see that we had a clear view of the stage, as I thought we previously might not have. It was also intresting to note that we could see the entire setup of the stage area, and were probably the first to see anyones entry and exit onto the stage. Anyway, I was delighted to see that DJ Angela Someoneorother had commenced her set, and that we wouldnt have long to wait before the proper show got underway. I met my second companion, Ben, about ten mintues later, which was good, because I previously thought he was going to miss out on part of the show, due to a late basketball match. Anyway, we were all seated shortly before 7:30, and were ready for a big night of Tool. The usual discussion of all things tool (in particular the new Live EP Gammon), trying to pass the time before we got to see the greatest band on earth (excuse the cliche). The problem was, the DJ wouldnt stop. We were a little harsh in our comments to her, seeing as a DJ would obviously not appeal to a vast majority of Tool fans, openminded or otheriwise. Anyway, we saw what Ben thought to be a "soundcheck girl" appear on stage, but what I correctly guessed was Dale from the Melvins appear on stage. Anyway, he sat at his kit, whilst the DJ continued her set. Suddenly, to my surprise, Dale commenced a thunderous drum beat, which nearly gave me a coronary. Anyway, after the initial shock, followed by the joy of seeing Angela walk off stage, Buzz and Kevin walked on stage, plugged in, tuned their instruments and commenced playing. It was nothing special. Yeah, the Melvins have been around for a while, and while their set was energetic, I couldnt really get into it, despite the fact that I had tried to weeks before. The only song I recognised was Brain Center at Whipples off their latest release Hostile Ambient Takeover, althought a few songs sounded familar. Dont ask me the setlist. Anyway, there were only lyrics for one or two of the songs, and perhaps only one or two breaks, and songs ran into each other for the whole set. Perhaps this was an attempt to give the crowd no chance to not clap for this band? I know its always a hard task for a band to support though, so i'll stop attacking. The Melvins stopped quite abruptly, and left the stage as they entered it, without saying a word. We waited a little longer, and the regular occurances of a Tool show commenced : the unbeiling of Danny's giant drum kit, the tuning of the bass and guitar, the weird music playing over the PA, preceeded by the german monologue (mention something about cadavers) I was familiar with from July show. Then, all hell broke loose. The giant eye-circle appeared on the screens, now two screens with one mirroring the other. It was a very nice addition from last time, with the visuals more stunning than before. Anyway, a short time later, after a few minutes of ambience, Justin made his way to the stage and commenced the first song of the night, Flood. Shortly after, Danny came on stage, followed by Adam. The belted out the start of flood for a few minutes, before we saw Maynard come from behind the stage, stand at the back of his little screen (which we couldnt see), and then make his way onto his little platform. It was great. I was happy. I wanted to stay there forever. However, the show progressed, Maynard commenced singing ('Here comes the water'), and then Flood got going. The song continued almost to the end when suddenly the burst into The Grudge, a move I was not expecting. Even though we were so high up, we were still a very active bunch, singing, and playing air guitar/bass/drums through the song, unlike everybody else in the area. The 'defining, controlling' part of the song kicked in, and the general admission area had its first chance to mosh. The bodys turned into a raging sea of most, a sight pretty unknown to me, as i'm usually in the mosh, rather than looking down apon it. The Grudde was good, as like last time, although I had the lyrics down pat now. Maynard scream was as impressive as ever, lasting a good 20 seconds or so. And then, it was over. "Good Evening" Those few words got the crowd going like no-ones business, the first of many lines, such as asking the crowd in these hard times, we have to all do our little part in like, so on the count of three, i want everyone to say Yes! 1, 2, 3.... I didnt say anything. But anyway, I forget where his little lines of onstage talk slot in, so I wont put them anywhere. Anyway, the opening feedback to Stinkfist started, my 2nd favorite song of the night. I got right into it, and it was cool to see the extended version played, with the album intro played before the 'I Keep Digging' line, a move which left me breathless. Anyway, after that 4 Degrees kicked in. I didnt know all the words (shame on me!), however, I sang what I could, but I was sitting back on my seat at that time, setting the tone for the rest of the show, bar the last song. Anyway, after that, I beleve that Parabola, Schism (accompanied by the stunning Osseus Labyrint, doing their walk from the video, heads going back and forth), Eon Blue, The Patient (one of my favorites for the night, and one I was really hanging out for last time round), Disposition and Reflection. There was a very cool Noise Jam in there, with Adam on his Virus Indigo. For all the musicians out there, I think that Adam actually has two synths on stage, or at least another controller on stage, as he was on his knees twisting knobs at the the end of the last song, Lateralus. Anyway, Danny was going mental in Reflection, much to the delight of Ben, a drummer himself. I found myself watching the band much more this time, partially due to the fact I'm a short ass and couldnt see shit last time. The Parabola video started, and we left for a breath for fresh air, and to see if i could find a Bratwurst, or anything to eat for the that matter. I went back outside with my friends, Bratwurst-less, but none the less pumped for the big finale. We discussed the dissapointment of h. not being played (our big wish for the night), among other things, and as the Parabola video wound up, we made our was back to our seats for the last three songs. We say down just Tricky was holding up the leaf on the video, and noticed parts of Dale's kit in on Maynard's little platform. We knew then that Triad would be next. Tool, sans- Maynard but with Dale Crover came back on stage to thunderous applause. Danny kicked off proceedings, with Dale bashing along too, and shortly after Justin started the bassline. Maynard was behind the screen, playing guitar, and Osseus Labyrint had climed up infront of the screen (with the male of the group giving up quite and eyefull). Triad was personally the highlight of the night for me, being on of my neglected tracks of the album up until early this year. The song was a visual feast, and persoanlly, I couldnt decide what to look at, the screen, the two drummers, Maynard, Osseus Labyrint or Adam or Justin. It was sensory overload in the truest form of the word. Anyway, Triad ran its course, Danny shook hands with Dale, Dale left, shook hands with MJK, and the drum kit was take from the stage. Maynard came out and vocally thanked Osseus Labyrint and Dale, and then atoped his platform for the last time of the night. "hey..hey..hey..hey..hey..hey..hey..hey.." The crowd went nuts as Aenema kicked in, only the 2nd song from the album of the night. It was good, I think better than the last performance, with the highlight being Maynard's vocals, which, for the first time of the night appeared truly stunning to me. I think after the song I had a new appreciation for him, if thats even possible, as I think he's the greatest singer in any group at the moment. The band was going off at the, end, I belive with Justin having one foot on the drum riser at the conclusion. Anyway, they all came together at the end of the song, around Danny's drums, and started the last song of the night, Lateralus. It was mind-blowing. I had mixed feelings all through the song, as I knew it would be the last of the night unfortunatly, and nearing the conclusion, the band kicked into overdrive, then kicked up and notch, and then another with Adam taking on his synth yet again in a hail of static and whirring-synth. It ended with the final open D chord, the band went to the front of the stage, threw items out. (including a drum skin, caught by some lucky bastard), embraced, and then waved goodbye. And then it was over. And then we went home.

Review written by: Tim White ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 20:24:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey......................HOLY SHIT. Even better than last time! From the melbourne show last time, Tool played Flood, 4 Degrees, Eon BLue Apocolypse, The Patient, Triad, instead of Pushit (DOH!!!!!!), Prison Sex, Sober, 46 & 2! A very decent trade considering im a bit sick of hearing those tracks from undertow, as well as 46 & 2. Osseus Labrynt (and their names are hanna and mark) were insane. How they do that weird shit with the arms and shoulders hanging upside down is unbelievable. Triad was fucking heavy shit, but Danny, u r a cocktease. After playing a couple of the drum rolls from the start of third eye, i got all excited, but hey, no conmplaints. Flood, 4 degrees, The Patient and the ever exciting Aenima were brilliant. Tool are without a doubt the best live band I have ever seen (and I've seen Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura etc.). Never have I smiled so much for so long, and never will i smile for so long again (apart from when I listen to the recording i made, like right now - hence my grin from ear to ear). To Kerrie and Luke, I cant think of two better people to share such an awesome experience with. Luke, we were on the floor, I opened my eye and there we were...........we will not give up our search for TOOL untill we hear third eye live!!!!!!!! RESPECT.

Review written by: Fryhtanic ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 20:29:47 ET

Tool were flawless. Fucking mind blowing. Loud, energy charged creating an extremely emotional experience. All round roaring all night. We the crowd roared as the intruments were tuned, when Dannys drumset was revealed and shortly after when the darkness set in. At this point almost everyone was roaring. Then, as we first glimsed the members walk across the stage to get their instruments fucking oath, they roared even more. They roared as we saw a glimpse of Justin walking across the stage to grab his bass guitar, followed by Danny sitting down into his drumset and then Adam grabed his guitar. They unleased Flood, everyone was making noise. Enter Maynard's siloquette, extremely loud roar. Maynard started moving around, the crowd did also. What followed nearly made Rod Laver Area go out of Earths hold. Epic setlist, I nor the crowd couldn't stop moving from the start of Flood to the end of Lateralus. I had tears in my eyes during 4 degrees. They riped out my soul and replaced it with a happier one. Flawless as I said above, Justin and Adam stold pretty much all night, banging their heads a few times yet still creating highly emotional music. Danny was a like a mechanical octopus, possibly the worlds best drummer. Maynard, reached out to the crowd in his trademark mode. The above setlists and quotes are pretty much correct. I will create something positive from this experience.

Review written by: Tim White ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 20:32:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

P.S - Forgot to say, I have recordings that i made of this years gig, which is awesome, and last year's too which rules. So if anyone is interested in trading, let me know. TOOL was fucked up and i luved it!

Review written by: Reviewer (r) Review posted on: 04/27/02 22:56:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 6 Tool show

merkaba. awesome.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 23:17:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

PHWOAR!.. this was a messiah of a show. huge.. sure, the melvins were pretty sucky.. but thats now why we were there right? 4 degrees. where the fuck did that come from!? triad. where the fuck did THAT come from!? oh my fucken god...i couldnt believe they played it. definate highlight of the night. ossieus labyrint really added that extra touch.. amazing. The double screen mirrored had a wicked effect on the atmosphere, much better than the single of last year, and the new material that was on there was very well done. good work adam. the downer of the night was lateralus, as soon as i heard that opening note, my heart sank. it was almost over. i didnt want it to end. having such a time, i didnt want to leave. oh well. hopefully my pictures work out.. im hoping (to the guy that came down the front row and gave me spare change to use my phone: you cheeky bastard. sneakin into the place.. heh. ah well.)

Review written by: kris ( Review posted on: 04/27/02 23:42:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Tool played fucking awesome show for us down here in melbounre last night. There effects were spectacular and it showed everyone once again how magnificent tool are, although there were a few things that didnt make it totally breathtaking. Firstly i dont have the setlist, sorry, but Tool played many new songs and i would have liked some more stuff from Opiate (they didnt play anything from it), so more from Undertow and Aenima, but i guess they're promoting Laterals so that might be why they decdided to play more from that album. Personally, i reckon Opiate and Undertow are better than the later two albums, so it would have been nice to see some more songs from them. Anyway, enough of the shit, it was a fucking awesome show, people came from all over the state, the security was minimal (good) and GA wasnt full which shitted me coz they wouldnt sell anymore and the pit was maybe 3/4 full. Apart from that it was a fantastic show by the boys, well done and if anyone else from melbourne feels like posting something to contradict me, feel free to do so.... catchya..... kris

Review written by: Jackie Ng ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 00:13:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Ahhh, the memories of my first Tool show in Melbourne last year have been re-ignited. This show was better than last time round, due to a more diverse setlist and NO COSMIC PHUKING PSYCHOS! I wanted to hear Flood, 4 Degrees and H, and I got 2 out of 3. Not bad! Quote of the night: We still want Maynard's Dick! (by someone in the crowd)

Review written by: Steph ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 00:59:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

contrary to what other reviews of this show stated, tool were not perfect, and i think that made it so much better. last year's shows, and from what i can remember of '97 were note-perfect from the album. but last night there were slipups, improvisation and embellishments that i made it unreal. it was finally a real live experience - performance as it should be with the musicians really feeling and being part of what they were doing. which i think made it a much more powerful experience. another improvement - the involved light show - i didn't even realise there was a screen behind the screens until they lit the whole thing up in an etherial green which created the most amazing effects... as did having OL performing what could be described as a live interpretation of a tool video - an extension of the music. tool have the hugest sound live. it fills you up and takes you to another place. surely a lot is in the music itself, but i am always amazed at the way it comes across - they really pull it together and make it something else, creating an energy as they did last night. that energy is what sets them apart from all other live music i've ever seen. my only criticism - couldn't maynard come up with something new to say? he barely said anything, and the few words he did were directly scripted as per last year's show. they were able to change so many other things - the extensions of songs were awesome, the lights, the images on the screens... is it so hard to ad lib? has a man of such musical talent really got such little to say? does he care? as you can see this has left me disolusioned.... so i will leave you with the following. tool, last night, as on their other shows that i have seen, revived my faith in a live music experience - as a whole, with lights and energy and brilliant musicianship - it really takes you to another level of consciousness. -steph

Review written by: Ben Foster ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 01:15:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow. What amazing spectacle. Setlist been posted, I had vowed not to look at one before the gig..shame on me. But I was surprised infinitely when as Flood was drawing to a close and I was gearing up for Stinkfist, out came The Grudge, and I was in heaven. Speaking of which, I nearly was there considering the seats I had. Ticket attendants were replaced by Sherpas as I got about halfway...Tool is brilliant from anywhere, these seats didn't detract from the experience one little bit. Triad with Dale from the Melvins was awesome, as were Osseus Labryint, but can someone please by them codpieces for Christmas? Dangling from the roof is one thing, dangling from the loins is completely another. As with last year, I found myself completely taken over by the music in some parts, most of all during Parabola. What a song. 4 degrees was unbelievably good, I was so pumped for that. Would have liked h., but what are you going to do? Melvins = Cool. Dj Angela Mason was some gothic DJ who played for far too long, my friend mentioned in the car home he thought she was a 'Make-A-Wish' Kid..someone who had their dying wish come true..poor taste, but very funny. Props to the Melvins who got the DJ off stage when Dale just got up and smashed his kit a little.. I thought that although it was a little shorter, this show far outstripped last year's offering. I think I appreciated the whole experience a little more this time. Bring on next time!

Review written by: giann ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 01:18:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well after a poor nights sleep, im ready for my review... the set was awesome. i'll dispense with posting a setlist as plenty of people have posted it already. the energy of the show is truly indescribable - my friend next to me was virtually took him an icy cold heiniken from blue train to get him back to normal, ;) i think the highlight of the night was definatly triad....danny carey is an absolute god on the drums, and the guy from the melvins added an extra dimesnion to the song...oessus labrynt (or however you spell it) were absolutely awesome, and the projections on the 3 screens were insane during triad...definatly a great song live other highlight was when adam jones did that improv with the synth....we could feel the low frequency in the stands, and it just sounded awesome.... the only thing that could possibly top this concert is another tool concert - im just glad i was there to witness possibly the most important tour in tools career, and i think the thousands of people there share my view.

Review written by: The White Glove ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 02:28:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd? Tool show

O.K..what to say that hasn't already been said..and then again..what to say that would make any sense or even come close to describing something that cant be described..that in itself already doesnt make sense..i just felt overwhelmed..i had tears in my eyes during the patient and there were several occasions where my head was just completely numb and i thought i was going to pass out..quite and amazing thing for a band to make you feel this way..but that is when you get to thinking..the difference is, TOOL go beyond being a band..they arent a band consisting of four people..the four people don't matter, what matters it the magic that occurs when those four people come together..the emotions that are given..from anger and fear to pure vulnerability..and then afterwards the spaced out feeling of nothingness that you get at the end..the thought that you can reach out beyond your own intellectual understandings to some place even if it is only for a short time..and to think things deeper than your own understandng..things of which make no sense..does this mean they will in the future?? to feel nothing negative..a sense of not even being in your own body..our mind was captured and it went along in the screen of tripped out images showing in fact that of your own pain.. well as much as i would like to continute must end and get some sleep..anyone that thinks "pfft to TOOL" please go and check it out before you say anything..but then again you already have negativity in your mind so I guess it is probably pointless and that of in fact your own loss "keep your eye on the ball and remember what is most important in life"

Review written by: Giosue ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 02:42:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

There is an anti-climax today, which if dwelled upon can leave me feeling a bit empty. Why? The emotions that are sucked from you at a Tool show are like peaking on MDMA. In Melbourne Tool has a hell of a lot more listeners. At moments trough out the concert, as I looked at the sea of fans around me, I was awestruck at all the eyes and mouths wide open, in a trance-like state at one with each other and the music. The explosive Flood was an excellent opener to the set and dealt a brutal and climatic build-up. Maynard's howling in the Grudge was phenomenal. The sound at Rod Laver was very good for the most part. Only during Reflection and Parabola was the sound slightly distorted and fuzzy. The omission of Parabol prior to Parabola caused that track to lose the intensity of the climax where the two tracks meet. Always appreciated, Stinkfist sounded clear and got the crowd moving, however Maynard did make a slight lyrical mistake, which the rest of the band were quick to hide. The Patient was a pleasing surprise, as was 4 degrees. The unnatural drumming of Danny was at it's best throughout the whole show. Justin graced his side of the stage with strong and flawless bass playing. Adam's guitar formed the basis of crowd’s groove, though he was really only concentrating on playing for the most part. In a talkative mood, Maynard was not. The few words he did say were meticulously slotted between tracks. I felt that the "positive speech" (with all it's beauty) should not have been repeated from the 2001 Melbourne show, slightly taking away from its message. Osseus Labrynt were, what I can only describe as, the most beautiful non-human humans I have seen. The withering and bizarre movements, somehow fitting perfectly with Tool's musical assault. Not forgetting Maynard's signature little shorts and head-to-toe body paint. (Bright blue, just like Melbourne's weather! Not.) After the Parabol/a video intermission, The Melvins' drummer Dale joined the band with his tabla-like setup taking shape on Maynard's backlit platform. The double drummed version of Triad engulfed the stadium with its tribal beats and Maynard's silhouette could be seen playing the synth/guitar behind Dale. Aenema followed to the crowd's ecstasy, the mosh-pit an undulating wave of bodies. But the real magic was felt during the closing Lateralus. The spiral imagery on the screen had the crowd hypnotized, as did Maynard's singing, which was at that point his finest of the night. I think a wave of goose bumps was felt throughout the stadium as Maynard, trans-mutated by the music swirled and pulsated almost out of control. This was the one moment were he "let go" and so did the audience. It's moments like those that remain with you forever. The concert experience was an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows. An emotion is probably the best way to describe it. It is difficult not to feel very slightly disappointed though. Tool for me signify much more than just a band. Maynard is not God. He is a person who performs music as a living. However, he is a poet, a singer, a musician, a passionate individual and a human. All these elements form the person that none of us really know. But that's ok. We get his quarter of Tool through the lyrics and vocals. He is only one quarter, as he himself has repeatedly stated. However, he is also a performer. Most of the show, Maynard's figure could only be barely made out. He will always be the 'front-man', no matter how much he chooses to hide in the shadows. Being the often-faceless singer of Tool to the media is a good thing. Being a faceless singer to fans who wait years on end to see Tool live is not. It was only really during the concluding Lateralus that I felt lost in the music. This was because there was more lighting on Maynard and I could actually see him losing himself in the music. I can understand Maynard wanting not be the 'superstar' lead singer. But Tool will always be a hard rocking outfit and for him to be hidden from the crowd will leave many fans disappointed. But in the end I respect what Tool are. Tool is a unique entity in music. Dwelling on one negative point of the whole Lateralus tour would not be just. After seeing Tool live twice within a year, (and having there CD's playing infinitely throughout my everyday life) I have come to realize that the message that Tool is sending is so accurate. We are all individuals. We all have emotions. We all have a mind. We all deserve respect. Tool is just that. A tool to use on ourselves. Tool will always have my respect. They have influenced my life with their art. As the years go by, they will be eternally implanted in my mind for making me realize that in the end the only thing we have are emotions. Sometimes fragile, sometimes angry, sometimes ecstatic. They are what make us human. "To swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human." Thank you for helping me find myself.

Review written by: Jason Sankovic (blacksleeve) Review posted on: 04/28/02 03:08:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I'll make it short and sweet. A bit like the concert. (HA HA) It went way too quick!! Different setlist but still enjoyable. We were able to change seats into a cool spot. Those dudes who did all that wierd shit up on the cables were really cool. Melvins were short but cool. I only recognised one song from them but they played well. Adam moved a bit more especially when he frisbied the skins. GO DORGANS!!!!!!!

Review written by: Kon (aka neversleepz) ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 03:19:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

My mind is numb, but it's still thinking. This review will sound a little disjointed but I'm still in awe. I couldn't take my eyes off the stage. Last night redefined fun. My friend, who had not heard Tool since Ænima days was also mesmerised - 'the lights were burning my retina's' - the visuals were extroardinary. The screens appeared to have more clarity than last year. And that's aside to ossues labyrint - while walking around the band members during Schism, they added another dimension, made the gig appear like a pop-up book, rather than 4 people playing their music in set positions on the stage. I couldn't understand why the GA crowd was so subdued - not much moshing, but then again with the sensory overload going on all around us, I don't blame them. Highlights were Flood, 4 degrees and Triad, the setlist couldn't have been better. Tool played for about an hour and 20 mins before intermission - I haven't heard of any rock act do that - many would have their whole show (inc break) in that space of time, yet Tool just continued to awe us all by coming back with the multi-dimensional energy packed Triad. Quite easily the best night I have ever had and will not ever forget. The standing ovation Tool received from everyone at the end - the mutual understanding and respect between the band and the audience - summed up the the greatness of this band and this truly unforgetable night. PS Hello to all the amt'ers I met yesterday. Hope you guys got a good nights sleep ;-) Thanks for the great night!

Review written by: Robert Hecimovic ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 04:12:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Just a brilliant show, was it just me or did everyone fell the music inside their body? I felt the bass mainly in my chest and at one stage my nostrils were spasming. Just relates back to the feeling. The Melvins set was good but I only recognised the second song off Stag, they have so much shit out. And then there was TOOL, the set list obviously posted before was mainly stuff off Lateralus and Undertow with Ænima and Stinkfist creeping in their somewhere. But the guys were there usual brilliant self never failing to impress, Maynard didn’t talk much but I guess he wasn’t there to do that. But all in all I couldn’t have asked for a better artistic show. The visuals were Amazing, Osseus Labyrinth were really, really good as well adding to the atmosphere and making the night a night to truly recollect later on. Thanks for a brilliant show and we look forward to next time in GA.

Review written by: Rahni Schmidt ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 07:43:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

For the second time in my life, i felt truely enlightened, and special. Chosen. Chosen to share that precious, mind twisting holy moment with Tool. Chosen to be here in this holy reality, this holy experience. For the second time in my life my mind and my soul completley lost contact with my body, my jaw slackened, and I lost all physical awareness as the melodic masterpeice that is Tool collected my soul on its wings and carried me to a higher place. After a much better opening with the Melvins (opposed to last year with a band that no one really liked much), the air grew thick with anticipation and my mind was filled with only one word- Tool. I really don't know what to say- I am still at loss for words. For the second time im my life i had an out of body experience , only induced by one drug- Tool. Osseus Labyrint would have to be the strangest, most fascinating thing i have ever seen. It was difficult to believe that they were even human, but then in a way they felt to me more human then the rest of us. The flood was a very powerful opening, and i soon became choked with all the emotions that i felt when they started last year. 4 degrees was a true highlight, it was wonderful to hear them perform it live as it has always been a favourite of mine. I was a bit dissapointed with the audience- I think there was a larger percentage of drunken yobbos then last year, and less appreciative thoughtful tool fans- until i read the reviews so far and i am glad to see that there are people who truely appreciated last nights holy experience. I was also a bit dissapointed about the time people took to arrive in the venue- at quarter past eight the venue was less then half full. I think the staging was a lot better this year, there was more effort put into the actual appearance factor. Osseus labyrint alongside adams sometimes disturbing but always amazing videos made for some very interesting visual material. I particularly enjoyed Tool's rare and unexpected audience interaction, with the waterbottles etc and the waving to fans. i dont see the point of ranting on endlessly since i am at loss for words- I know you all know how I feel. Feel free to email me with any feedback, comments, or just to share your toolian experience, whatever ***** With my feet upon the ground i move myself between the sounds and open wide to suck it in, i feel it move across my skin i'm reaching up and reaching out, im reaching for the random or whatever will bewidler me whatever will bewidler me and following our will and wind we may jsut go where noones been we'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no ones been. spiral out. keep going. spiral out. keep going. spiral out. keep going. spiral out. keep going. *****

Review written by: Martyn McDonnell ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 08:30:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

After being rather blown away in July last year, I'd be in withdrawal for far too long. This time around, I was closer to the stage, yet around on the flanks, so I've a stiff neck from looking to the left for ~4 hours. The Melvins ------------- Gave me (as well as most people) a heart attack when Dale started playing. Played a good set, one song after another. I hadn't heard much of their stuff so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Revolve (that being one of two mp3s of their songs I'd acquired Friday night). That main act I've forgotten the name of ---------------------------------------------- From reading previous reviews, I had an inkling as to what the setlist was going to be, that didn't prepare me though for the beginning of things. Flood was excellent as a show starter. I also thoroughly enjoyed 4degrees (one of my favourites from Undertow). Osseus Labyrint were jus' freaky during Schism, and Triad. Highlights ----------- 4 degrees and Reflection, two brilliant songs performed spectacularly. Triad rates a mention as well. The guy hassling everyone at Richmond station that bought those crappy fake t-shirts. And those two kids that ripped off that huge "Tool in concert" poster, ah I would've loved to have had that hanging on one of my walls. Lucky bastards =). Downers --------- Only one downer, the amount of people complaining about not hearing Sober. Sure I would've loved it if they'd have played it, but they didn't. So what? Conclusion ------------ It wasn't as magical-mystical as the last show, but then, the first show'll always be the most special. A totally mind numbing experience never-the-less, and I feel priviledged for being able to share that moment. Cheers, leroy.

Review written by: Jarrod ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 09:00:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

well what can i say about that show... once again i have been blown away by one of the best bands of all time. after already knowing the set list from reading reviews from the other shows i went there knowing what to expect, this is something i won't be doing next time. Flood was a total hit on the floor people were just going nuts one of the top moments from the show. the best pard of the night for me would have to be Triad. Ossius Labrynth just totally blew me away i like everyone else around me were just awstruck. I thought that this years show was more than a concert. using video and lighting they really tryed to convey themes into the songs they were playing. It was great they they also mixed thing up a bit by not playing every thing exactly the same as it is on the albums. The music this time round just enveloped your whole body. you could feel the music drawing into your body it was just totally fucking mad crazy stuff... i'm still buzzing almost 24 hours later and i don't think this buzz is going to end any time soon. Tool i thank you for the once again life changing show and the next time you play Melbourne i will soo be there again.

Review written by: wysht ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 10:25:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

anyone else having withdrawls? i wont go into details as everyone else has already mentioned just about everything. to sum up, if you weren't there, you'll never know what you missed, and if you were, you don't need me to tell you how good it was. two things i HAD to mentin though: Triad. how unbelievable was that. they way they built it up with osseus labyrint coming out on the ropes to the synth noises, followed by danny's drum solo. only to be joined by dale. having read setlists, i knew what the song was gonna be. but it was so far removed fromthe way it started on the album that i could not figure out how they were going to shift into it. enter justin and the base riff. things starting to sound familiar but couldn't envision the final change yet. it was left up to those brilliant solos from adam and maynard (on both voice and guitar). if there's one image i would use to sum up this show, it would be a huge orange-lit curtain behind two people dangling upside down from the ceiling, surrounded by swirling colours and paterns, and below them five extremly talanted musicians playing the most intricate and powerful of songs. impossible to give an impression of this by describing it peice-by-peice as you really must get the whole lot at once as one perception. but again, if you were there, you know, if you weren't, yu never will. and finally, Lateralus. one of my absolute favourites on the album, this song brought everything together for me. the moment maynard spoke the words "thank you for sharing this moment with us", my heart dropped. i knew this was the last song, and i desperaely didn't want it to end. but this feeling could never last once those opening notes rang out. absolutely the highlight of the night as it brouht everything together and i became lost in the music and the visuals. i have a feeling the band let go of themselves for this one too, as did everyone who knew why they were there. the one part of this song that cannot got without mention happened right towards the end, during the final vocal section ("with my feet upon the ground..."). as a guitarist, i was watching adam to see that he played his part in the same manner i did. i was eagerly anticipating his change into the part where maynard sings "following the will and whim it may just go where no-ones been", and as it came a huge, deafening roar exploded through the speakers, drowning out everything else. at first i thought adam had kicked in some extreme distortion for some odd reason, but then i looked across to notice the hgogn behind danny physically shaking. he must have smacked the crap out of that thing. obiously he hadn't played it during the show till that point, or he'd only played it softly, becuuase the sound guy had the mike n it turned up FAR too loud and i would be surprised if that noise didn't break something. still it fit in perfectly with the song and made it so much more complete. 25 hours later and my ears are still ringing. i'm actually begining to worry that maybe i've done some serious, permanent damage to them.

Review written by: Letitia ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 11:12:01 ET

I have to say after this being my first time seated for Tool, it left me somewhat empty, I really don't get the full impact of the show unless I am in GA... though i really hate to say that, but to me that is how i feel. although it was comforting to be seated 6th row front on (and probably the best seating) and just sit and soak in the the aurual and visual spectaculars. I saw Tool in Newcastle this past Tuesady and was lucky to be right in front of Adam on the barrier. . also i'm just not into the visuals anymore maybe seeing them repeatibly bored me or they may not of touched me as i hoped, i truely admire where Tool are coming from and i think in theory they work well, but to my own perfectionist - artistic mind they don't work for me.. but that is only me as how you feel the music and try to filter it to a visual sense varies .. but over all i found the visuals pleasing maybe just not with the music. But don't mistake me i found the show otherwise brilliant. seeing just the silhouette of maynard quite captivating (in other times i was able to see him some what clearly.) They played beautifully, and again the "Stinkfist" extended and 4 degrees to my delight. I was so pleased that after two previos shows 'The Patient' was finally played where i was as i have hoped for it since my last trek in Melbourne last year. I would have to say that no matter how i felt when i left the arena, no other band performance can match. and to date hasn't, and i have seen so many varied bands. The melvins once again played a great set and i will be seeing them again tonight by themselves. I know you all had a great time however you came out feeling, and to experiece a band that has brought so much to each of us in their own little way, how their music touches us even in the rare The music is one of our influences as music is a higher form of communication. for those two hours the outside was oblivious to us and we all shared a moment. until next time ;) On a light note: Adam in plaid pants and no sparkle thread :( Maynard in tan (?) jocks that one is up to you to you to decide.... and is that sponge bob? Mr Ripper one day down ? to go... ok that is not meant to read "deep"so just read it out aloud in a dorky bubbley voice......... now doesn't it seem light hearted? So much fun so little time to remember

Review written by: Stu ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 11:35:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show(masterpiece) was the perfect complement to what was my most anticipated moment (my first tool experience at last year's performance). I cried when they started with the Grudge last year, because I knew that the following eight minutes would tear me apart, but yet put me at ease. However I smiled when Adam sustained those first notes of flood, followed by the mind numbing bass of Justin (sooo loud and overpowering). Just seeing the silhouette of Maynard gave me piece of mind. What words can you use to provide an accurate account of such a heavenly experience? All I can say is that ingesting the visuals of tool whilst reveling in the sound is like a deep sleep. All you have to do is let go and take off with your imagination. Highlights: * Sharing the night with so many others that obviously feel the same way. * Seeing the feelings of people around me when Maynard expresses ("this ground is not the rock I thought it to be") in flood. * The Patient (enough said) * The theatrics of the performers from the schism video. * Triad * The group hug. Just proof that relationships are the key to success. Lowlights: * So fucking loud. The bass and drums overpowered the vocals of Maynard & Adam, which to me drained the voice of the band. Although I still found beauty in the (minimal) dissonance. Thankyou Tool.

Review written by: James ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 13:13:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

FLOOD OPENED!!!!! thats all i have to say

Review written by: Huge Fan ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 13:15:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Triad is unbelievable live...the best song by far...THANKS TOOL!!!

Review written by: That Guy ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 16:14:38 ET

This was this reviewer's neat Tool show

First off....the set list. No one seems to ever post this so I will be that guy and do it: Couple songs here Couple songs there That one song Coffee break That new one with that video That one really long song The one about that guy who did that thing The one about Kurt Cobain I think thats it, but I'm not sure about the order. Hope that helps. The guys were in matching vertical stripe type sequence (bravo to their stylist) and Mr. Motormouth Keenan never seemed to stop talking. That guy's a riot. At one point in the show, Maynard pulled a little girl up on stage (someones daughter I assume) and began to sing to her bent down on one knee. It was sweet. Adam was doing those jump splits thoughout the show and urged the crowd to clap in time with that one song. My personal highlight was when Danny put the sticks down and did his solo during that one song with a microphone and his mouth. Kind of a human beat box type thing. He easily could have been mistaken for Slick Rick or one of the Fat Boys. Cheers to Tool. Great Show. P.S. I didn't go to that show. I totally made all of this up. HAHA. In the wisdom laced words of David St. Hubbins, "I believe virtually everything I read." Something to think about.

Review written by: Pissed Off ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 19:48:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Sorry everybody to post this but Kabir can you delete shit by dickheads like the fellow above.

Review written by: Aaron Van Berkel - Scarlette Rose ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 19:53:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Alot of review eh, congratulations on making it this far. It's Monday morning and my whole body still arches from Saturday night. Just about everything that could be said already has been, so I wont repeat it all again. It was really beyond description - HAD to be there! I found the mosh to be alot less friendly than last year! I was at the front almost the whole concert, nearly passed out until i went over the barrier and got 4lt's of free water from the St Johns guys (BTW thanx for the water! - saved my life) Went back into the mosh and got right to the front and stayed there til the end -----------------------------READ THIS---------------------------- When the band was throwing out water bottles, drum stix and skin and etc you way have noticed Justin screw up his setlist and throw it into the may have also have seen my hand fly high above the rest and pluck it from the air. YES, I HAVE JUSTINS SETLIST. Cant believe it myself! I'll post a scan of it at if anyone is interested in seeing it. (It is case sensitive) Thanx to all who made this experience possible, thanx to Tool and every one who went.

Review written by: Manny Galouzis ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 20:17:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey guys... this is my first show and i fucking loved it. Got there at 7pm..met up with some friends and everything was going well. Melvins started with an awesome drum solo at the start from Dale which got the ball rolling for what would be a great nite. Melvins played for about half an hour and they were pretty decent. There was about a 20 min wait between The Melvins and Tool. Everybody was getting really impatient but as soon as Tool came on a big crush towards the front started... not good for yours truly as im only 5'10 but i lived :D We start off with Flood, which is a little different from most shows normally starting with The Grudge.. but this didnt matter as they played it next which was one of my favourite songs for the night. (-) Ions next... nobody really noticed We then moved into Stinkfist, one of my personal favourites which rocked! It was an extended version where he sings some other shit instead of whispering some Portugese. The next song was 4 Degrees... a song i hadnt heard that much but was good all the same. Then finally.. my favourite Tool song.. Parabola! but no Parabol... which is what has been happening all this tour. This song was a great one to sing along and mosh to.. great time for all. Eon Blue Apocolypse followed this and then The Patient much to the delight of the more hardcore Tool fans. Then we were all treated to a very weird and sometimes disturbing experience of a naked guy and woman (Osseus Labryinth) walking around the stage on their hands during Schism... a crowd favourite. Here started Disposition/Reflection.. i wasnt feeling to well right when this started so i missed about 10 mins of it when i went to get some water.... sorry, nothing really to tell here. The band went off stage for about 15 mins and on came the Parabol/Parabola video... for fans interested in this clip and its interpretations.. join the newsgroup for interpretations and other songs synced with the video which is guaranteed to interest all. Then came the most mind boggling 'moment' of the night. Triad started with Dale from the Melvins playing a drum contraption of some sort while the rest of the band played Triad. While this was happening, Mark and Hanna from Osseus Labryinth climbed up above the screens on ropes and starting swinging around doing all this flexible shit. It just added to the 'moment' that Maynard kept talking about... believe me, I would hold this moment forever... not for the naked guys on the ropes... but from the great times had at this fucking masterpiece of a concert. Maynard thanked Dale, Mark and Hanna for the contribution to the night and then it started... "hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey" possibly the crowd fav. for the night, every one went apeshit when Ænima started... including me! The chorus of that was the highlight of the night for me.. screaming out how much of a fucking hell hole LA is and how we have to flush it all away... And finally (unfortunately :( ) came the guitar intro to Lateralus... seeing everyone sing along to this song was truly a great experience.. as was the night overall... being there with friends, witnessing one of the greatest bands live.. its now 2 days later, my hearing is still not 100% and my throat is still pretty rooted :P I'd like to thank my mom, my dad, satan :D, nah seriously, big thanks to T.D.N for putting up that ticket round up feature on the sight, because without it, i would not be able to go see them and i would have spent my saturday night doing things of much less importance and fun. OVERALL: A FUCKING good show for all, well worth the $80... thank you and good night. Manny Galouzis

Review written by: MiKe ( Review posted on: 04/28/02 20:40:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I went to Saturday's show with high expectations, and what a surprise..... I was not disappointed. I had somewhat lost my faith over the last few months, but as soon as Justin Chancellor walked onto the stage, I saw the light. At this moment I realised I was soon to be in viewing distance of all 4 band members. This thought alone made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Then Danny Carey appeared...... my little brother (who is 13 and at his first show) starts smacking me on the shoulder to let me know that Carey was there... I turned to him with a look of "as if I didn't see him" on my face. Then Flood started, it was LOUD. I could feel Danny's kick drum in my eyeball's, it was the best, the best ever. This feeling continued throughout the entire show along with the many, many others that you can expect from seeing one of the greatest bands to ever walk this great earth of ours. I must admit the setlist was very interesting. But to all those people whinging and bitching cause they wanted to hear this and that (I know I have done my fair share after the first show), who really cares? You saw TOOL in the flesh, its not like they have any bad songs. Be happy with what you got cause all the whinging in the world is not going to change it. The highlight for me was most definitely the song Lateralus. The groove and vibe that it gave was completely overwhelming for me. It's not that I love the song any more than the rest, it was just seeing Danny play it and enjoy playing it so god damn much. I must admit I am a bit of a biased reviewer as my eye's were focused on the drum side of the stage for most of the night. Overall, I can safely say that this show shares the number one spot on my "greatest concerts" list, along side last years "teaser" show. It is however disappointing when you come to the realisation that TOOL will not be back for a long, long time. So the best advice I can give any one that will be seeing TOOL over the coming shows is savour it, enjoy every single millisecond, don't get too wasted cause you'll never forgive yourself, and if all this seems a bit too much effort...... BOOTLEG IT!!!!

Review written by: michael ( Review posted on: 04/29/02 03:22:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

A few highlights possibly not already mentioned: - I thought Disposition was brilliant, with the aqua lights washing over the crowd. - it was also great that they didnt overuse some of the spectacular lighting, saving it for those climatic moments (eg. whole back curtains lighting up orange). - only problem with lighting was those green lights on the floor near the band members - they were so bright for people in the stands we couldnt see anything. - Having seen the second show in sydney last year, i thought this was a more polished performance, not necessarily mistakes-wise, but the structure of the show and the fact that the band (esp. Maynard and Justin) were much more animated and into the music. - To those people who say Maynard should be more visible, i would say that once you get further than 20m away, you cant distinguish much even with lights. so the fact that he is a sillouette makes it even better for the majority of the crowd who can clearly see his body movements (which were amazing at this show). - Seeing Justin several times during the show turn around to face Danny, leaning back while playing, almost physically drawing on the power of Dannys work. - Melvins were great.

Review written by: Lisa (Fletch) ( Review posted on: 04/29/02 06:07:16 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I couldnt have dreampt a more perfect evening... I live in Adelaide and i had a mini holiday to melbourne booked with my best friend. When tool announced their tour dates I WENT CRAZY cos i realised i would get to see them twice, here in adelaide and in melbourne! Only downfall was the provisions for interstate ticket booking, which left me with seated tix... but i got over it, i mean, i was gonna see my fave band in the world, i just focused on that fact. So i rock up to Rod Laver saturday arvo with my friend and i meet up with another friend from adelaide. After an unsuccessful attempt at the ticketing place to swap our seats for GA, my friends went inside and spoke to the arm band guys, who sent them to the box office. After telling them about the fucked up online booking (GA couldnt be booked over the net) and how we were from interstate, the box office allowed my other friend to get an armband. However my best friend and i had booked over the phone, but the arm band guys didnt know that, so she gets and arm band and runs outside to get me. Next thing i know i'm sitting by the door with a red armband and absolutely glowing with anticipation!!!! I really like the melvins, i know people go there focused on the fact that they're seeing tool and they dont give a shit about the support act. But i maintain an open mind, and i thought they were great. Tool, quite obviously, blew me away. I spent the first 2 songs marvelling at the fact that i was in GA and not sitting on my ass in a stand. Just like last year, they created this energy and this atmosphere that words cant do justice to. The crowd was much more violent than last time, so we moved back so we could enjoy it alot more. Its more than a gig, its a full show, an true experience unmatched. The songs i enjoyed most were the ones i wasnt expecting - 4 degrees, stinkfist, aenima. I came out emotionally exhausted, my friend didnt understand why. Sure she enjoyed it, but she didnt FEEL it. I cant wait till wednesday to feel it again. After the gig we went to the cherry club to try and talk our way in, we didnt know it was sold out. Even though we eventually convinced the guard on the door to let us in, I couldnt afford it. But the trip was worth it, as we saw Adam Jones. I said hello and shook his hand in appreciation for the emotions he gave me. He was happy to talk, happy to see people from interstate came down to see the show, nice guy... amazing musician. In conclusion, money cant buy the feeling i had saturday night.

Review written by: Shannon ( Review posted on: 04/30/02 20:29:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Mindblowingly amazing. If last years show got 10/10 (which it did as far as I'm concerned) then this one gets 15. It was so organic and chaotic in such a beautiful way. I got there in the afternoon, in time to hear the sound-check from outside the venue, which was pretty cool. We heard them mix around The Grudge and Flood, so I was looking forward to see what they did there. Then we saw them leave the building afterwards. We couldn't get near them, but we got waves from Danny and Adam, and a bit of a grease-off from Justin when he popped out for a smoke a little earlier. But the show itself was what I was there for, and it didn't disappoint. The only problem is not knowing where to look. My eyes were divided between watching Danny (that man must be a mutant) and the incredible imagery on the screens, as well as the odd glance at the other members. Opening with Flood was amazing. Being my favourite song on Undertow, I wasn't really expecting to hear it, but I was happy. I was really hoping to also here Third Eye, but I guess I'll just have to deal with the fact that I could have seen them in '97 and I didn't. Oh well. The sound quality, as has already been said, wasn't as good as last year, but nevertheless it was satisfactory. Well, I could post a setlist and go on, but that's already been done here, so I won't. I guess the only way I'll ever see a better live show is if I ever see Tool again.

Review written by: sjt ( Review posted on: 04/30/02 23:47:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I don't think I could say anything more than what's already been said already so here's some notes from my night with Tool. When we got to the arena my friend Wal was disappointed to find that he was the only man in a dress. Lol. Funnily enough I overheard someone say that he was Maynard. Lol. When we got into the arena my friends all went up the front while I hung out up the back so I could get the same view of the stage I did last time & partake in a little Maynard spotting. While the Melvins were playing a man in a ponytail & a big moustache came & stood a couple of meters away fro me & when the Melvins finished I cracked up laughing because someone in the crowd shouted out Melvins rule! & it was just so random I couldn't help but laugh & the guy swung around & looked at me like I just shot someone then made his way slowly through the crowd. Hmmmmm...... I liked the Melvins. Man, could they play. I kind of got the feeling that they were rushing through thier set a bit but it didn't take anything away from thier preformance. I was hoping they'd come back on later & play Divorced with Tool but they didn't. Damn, I love that song. Tool were amazing from the word go. I could have left after Flood & still felt like I'd got my money's worth. The drums & bass were so powerful it literally took my breath away at times. The music. The vocals. The visuals. A religious experience as always. Thanks guys. Was Maynrad taking the piss when he asked us all to say yes? The only gripe I have is with Rod Laver Area. I was boiling by the time the intermission come around. My mouth was dry & I felt faint & I went into the foyer to find all the consession stands were closed. I was told by staff I could get a drink in the toilets. I went back into the Area for Triad but had to leave again because I couldn't handle it. I wasn't on drugs, I'm just not well so it was hard for me & when I came back out I found there were first aid people around as well as fans all over the place who looked worn out. The staff finally opened a sand briefly but after paying 15 dollars for a hamburger I was out so I collected my bags, vented my frustrations on one of the staff & walked out making sure to tear my armband off in a exaggertaed fashion so they would know I was pissed. Even still, it was an unforgottable night & as long as they don't play Rod Laver again I'll be going again next time. Thanks again guys.

Review written by: Ryan (AKA Fungus Mungus) ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 03:46:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

holy shit people... that was one FUCKING good show i would pay anything to see anything similar to that again the songs were un-fucking-believeable hilites were flood schism triad and lateralus... and of course when the drummer from the melvins lost one of his sticks and it went flying across the stage... the melvins sucked arse and i was glad when they finished... but i must say i liked the drum intro... tool, however.... words cant describe how amazing it was to have been there and see them play - especially the way they play songs differently... i cant remember which one it was but they added an extra verse to one of them and it sounded like the solo from ticks and leeches with different timing.... anyway it has been 4 days now and my ears have only just stopped ringing yesterday... and still every time i hear a tool song on the radio or on my cd player i fall into a kind of trance remembering what i experienced so recently... this is definitely going to stay in my mind for a long time and i would recommend anyone who likes music to go to the next show they do... anyway anyone who has any audio or video from the melbourne show PLEASE email me it was too good a show to see only once ~ryan

Review written by: Ashley Brown ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 07:21:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I dunno, I'm doing this for a bit of fun really, just in case 'ol Toolie boys are reading this (any one will do). Shithot concert as usual, but I'm a tad bias I guess. But I must say that I got the impression from, I believe, Toolshed somewhere that Ticks & Leeches was now part of your set list, yet you seem to have played it nowhere in Aust. I was way hanging for it and it didn't come. As much as you and your material has progressed since the naked aggression of Aenima (definitely for the better), some people still want to hear it live. (I'd do a lot to hear, well, the obvious one, Hooker)... That's it really. Also, gotta say The Patient sounded great live and Aenima was particularly powerful that night. Also, all those cockheads putting up fake set lists...for fuck's sake, get a life.

Review written by: Blackmajic ( Review posted on: 05/02/02 11:05:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Not only my 1st Tool show, but my first concert. and WOW, what a night! To be honest, I didn't really realise it till i left the concert, and not only that, i wasn't even all that excited leading up to the concert. I guess, that's partly because after 1.5 hours on the phone, I still had such shitty seats! Upper level, need i say more? It just killed to see empty seats further down, but hey, what can you do? Anyway, first up, as has been said many times, were the Melvins. Okay, truly, I was there for Tool and Tool alone, and all i can say about the Melvins is that the drummer could drum. Tool.... well, from the minute they came on, my heart starting beating faster, and EVERYTHING just moved incredibly fast, it was an incredibly short two hours. . There was the "problem" of what to do- look at Maynard flowing/contorting/whatever to the music, at the lights everywhere, at Adam, at Justin, at the videos OR to just close my eyes and listen to the power of Tool (but then miss everything!!!)! (no Danny there because I couldn't really see him behind the drum kit) Maynard's voice live is so much richer, sweeter and stronger than anything on the band's CD's, combined with the instruments, for me, the sound was perfect. ESPECIALLY after listening to the NOISE that is the Melvins- at one point, i was itching for earplugs! ;) In fact, the concert (after Tool came on, of course) was pretty much perfect. I was really disappointed about missing them last year, and sad as it is, i have literally DREAMED about this concert about three or four times... the real thing pretty much matched up to my dreams (minus the bit where i actually got to meet them and talk to them about their music... but hey, dreams are, afterall, dreams). I guess the other thing is that i always imagined that Maynard would talk alot. Having heard them crap on and on in the interview on toolband a while ago, it just seemed natural, although i knew they'd only ever be fucking with our minds. So it was interesting to see that Maynard only talked 3 times? or was it two? and to see how many people responded to Maynard's creativity speech, because as i've discovered, they've repeated that speech at previous concerts- it really had no meaning. The other thing I learnt is that Tool have a lot of water, eyes and human body/naked people (as i heard one girl saying on her mobile phone "We saw naked people!") imagery in their video clips, and it's new incentive to actually WORK OUT what they mean! The clips themselves were fascinating, and they fit the music perfectly. Osseus Labyrint... again, a testament to the whole body thing, and well, i'm not gonna say anymore, because others have said what i was thinking. Umm.... in conclusion, if you love Tool, you HAVE HAVE HAVE to see them live. Even if you're like me, and only discover just HOW fucking excellent they are live when you listen to their CD's the next day and notice the difference, it isn't a concert you'll EVER regret going to. It's memorable, and I'm sure i'm not going to forget it for a looonnngggg time (it's a week(ish) now, and i'm still thinking about it ALOT). Albeit i've stopped reading the reviews coz i keep getting jealous!! (people who talked to them, got into the mosh pit, etc etc etc) That's about it, i guess, TOOL are excellent, I guess the only change I'd like to see is more experimentation with their music. I know they actually did a fair bit in there, but I just get the feeling that if they wanted to, they could take a song and change it COMPETELY, not just add another verse, lengthen a note or add in a few more guitars, and I would LOVE to hear that! As has been said before by others, if anyone has any photos, videoclips, bootlegs, etc, from the melb. show, please email me! Also, if anyone knows where i can get a tool poster- of the artwork, not really the band- please email me about that too. Now I can go to sleep without thinking about the concert TOO much. Till the next tool concert...

Review written by: Jenny ( Review posted on: 05/03/02 10:31:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey, I know there's like a million review already up but I wanna say a couple of things anyway. The show in Melb was my second for this tour as I saw them in Sydney on Wed and was of course BLOWN AWAY yet again. So i pretty much knew what songs to expect in Melb, and they played all the same except for Aenema instead of Opiate. And it absolutely went off!! I was really hoping they'd play Eulogy as it's my fave song and they didn't play it in Melb last year, but Aenema was just amazing. Overall I think the set for last year was better, but their playing was absolutely faultless this time around. I was really glad that the songs they chose to play off Undertow were the non - single ones, songs I thought I'd never get to hear them play live! I couldn't believe my ears when they opened with flood and it was awesome! I was also really impressed by the Melvins who I knew very little about, and I will definetely be chasing up some of their stuff now. I was pretty pissed that they played Parabola without Parabol before it - I think the song lost a lot because of that. I dunno what the hell MJK was doing with that whole "yes" thing but I felt like it was some sorta mindfuck. I also think it's a shame they played 'the patient' instead of something like 'ticks and leeches' though I'm just grateful they played at all! I'm surprised not many people have mentioned that this tour the shows are definatly more trippy and hypnotic than heavy. Which I'm not saying is a bad thing, but it was definatly noticable. I walked away from the Sydney show feeling very unfulfilled so I'm very glad I got to see em in Melb because I can't get enough of them! I wish I could have seen all their shows, but I will never forget the ones I saw. It was just such a positive, beautiful experience, and I thought it was really nice how they all hugged at the end. They are one of the few bands whose members are truly artists, and they certainly challenge people to open their minds. BTW the people sitting around me didn't seem to be getting into it at all - I was going spastic in my chair while some of the idiots around me were writing text messages. No respect! Anyway, I guess now we have to sit and wait until the next time the best band in the world grace our shores again......