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Review written by: satan (
Review posted on: 04/30/02 04:54:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 666 Tool show

setlist third eye grudge -ions stinkfist (extended) parabola no quarter (with jimmy page and robert plant) schism disposition/reflection --intermission with usual animal sacrifice--- medley (hush jerk off a part of me) baby one more time hooker lateralus maynard says same 12 words he says each show. melvins playing in australia in 2002 proves that grunge isn't dead.

Review written by: Micheil Cathcart ( Review posted on: 04/30/02 10:54:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Fuck you for lying about the setlist satan. I almost broke my computer. That is ridiculously cruel what you done. And you will probably hurt alot of people.

Review written by: Jim ( Review posted on: 04/30/02 19:39:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Maynard ( Review posted on: 04/30/02 23:16:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 512 Tool show

Tonight we r goin to play: Third eye Pushit (extended) Sweat JerkOff Flood into Opiate The Grudge Aenima Intermission Parabol Parabola Jimmy No Quarter (feat Robbie Williams) Lateralus Please come along and enjoy the show!!!

Review written by: Magnolia Fan ( Review posted on: 04/30/02 23:38:00 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Fake reviews, fake Maynard, You are the one's who are ball lickers. And just because TOOL have an interesting perspective doesn't give YOU FUCKS the right to act like absolute COCKSMOKERS. Be yourselves you unoriginal son of a bitches. It's not about the setlist, just be happy to see the band, isn't that the reason for going to the concert in the first place. FUCKING INTERNET FANS!!!!!!

Review written by: satan ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 05:37:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

i think you guys (the people who responded to my post) take yourselves i little bit to serious. i love tool i've seen them 6 times over the past 5 years. anyway,,that is point is....well...if you can't laugh and joke about yourself every now and then what the fuck is the point...oh yeah...and i'm sooo upset and crying that the person who quotes jay and silent bob strike back is making fun of me for being unoriginal.....jesus christ....fucking hypocrite....

Review written by: Angel ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 08:45:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

I agree with MAGNOLIA FAN, satan you're a fucking dickhead!!!!:) And MAGNOLIA FAN has obviously used unoriginal material in his post to further mock you, and also to concrete the fact that you are a dickhead!!!! Get a life and let the people who have been to the show post important info about it. No one cares about your attempt at humour, or ideal, or opinions. The Angel has spoken. XXX

Review written by: fucken_rocking (noname@nowhere.important) Review posted on: 05/01/02 10:34:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

fuck, fuck, fuck. the best fucken concert i've been to. To buzy taking it all in to get the setlist. Maynard wore the usual blue paint with white dots. must go find an outlet for this energy running thro me. if anyone get the concert on anything post it!

Review written by: Radek ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 11:30:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

setlist Grudge (-i)ions Stinkfist extended 46 & Two Parabola Schism Sober JIMMY Disposition Reflection -intermission- Triad with melvins drummer Aenema Laterlus well what can i say it all look very different from the mosh than from seats so im glad to get a different perspective on it Great fucken insane, Jimmy very big surprise to hear it so that was probably the highlight for me. Cant wait to see them next time they tour cheers to the band

Review written by: JungleCat ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 11:46:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Setlist: Intro The Grudge (-)ons Stinkfist (Extended) 46&2 Maynard quote: Good evening. For those of you who have over-indulged, in THOSE religions, we find it necessary to remind you that you're at a Tool show. Just in case you forgot. Everything's gonna be just fine. Parabola Schism (Extended, with O.L) Sober jimmy Disposition Reflection Parabola Video Triad (with Dale from the Melvins and O.L) Aenima Maynard's speech about positive moments... Lateralus Got to the venue at about 8.15pm, missing the DJ. Melvins came on and were energetic but not really to my tastes...they were a bit mediore when grunge was at it's peak, and they still are, in my opinion. Dale proved himself to be a good drummer though, both during the Melvin's gig and with Tool during Triad. Maynard poked his head around the corner a few times throughout the Melvin's set. After some German language soundbites mixed with tunes, the intro-music from last tour came on at about 9.05pm. Tool took to the stage from the left, and started their set. Maynard was painted in blue with orange dots, Danny in a singlet, Adam in a long-sleeved white top and Justin in a black long shirt. They were set out as usual, with Maynard in the rear on his little platform. The first few songs seemed to be lacking in energy a little, although Maynard went full length on the Grudge 'scream'. After 46&2 the pace picked up a lot. Maynard's vocals unfortuantely sounded slightly muddied like he was suffering from the flu, although this was not apparent later on during songs or when he addressed the crowd. During the last minute of Schism, Maynard was gesturing to the sound people, although whether whatever issue he was having was ever resolved I couldn't make out. Justin also seemed to spend a fair bit of time kneeling and fiddling with his guitar, and I suspect he broke a string, fixed it badly, and it broke again. He was repairing it for almost the whole time during Adam's guitar- part at the end of Reflection. There was a bit more 'technical help' in the music production than when I saw them in Melbourne last year. Some notes seemed to double-up or echo, and this applied to Maynard's voice also. I dunno if this was on purpose or accidental...I just noticed it because last time they were very natural in their sound and this time it seemed a bit more manipulated. The setlist seemed to be the standard one for cities which hadn't been treated to Tool in recent times. I would have liked to hear more off Undertow or ANYTHING off Opiate, but I guess that fans which follow the Toolshed reviews and the discussions on AMT would have been happy to trade those songs for what was a great rendition of 'jimmy'. Still, I was dying for '4 degrees' and 'h'! Many of the 'routines' of the other shows were performed tonight - acrobatics, nudity, drumskin frisbeeing, group hugs, Maynard playing his 'instrument', whatever it is, waterbottle-hurling there is not much point in elaborating on them. A few songs seemed to have a few extra riffs or drumbeats thrown in; where it happened it was a nice touch which worked well. Needless to say, the concert was a great show - visually much better than last tour's Melbourne gig, which is all I can compare it too - but let down in the sound department. However, this was not the fault of the band, who played perfectly, and therefore shouldn't be attributed to them. Really, really great stuff, and I recommend seeing them if you get the chance. I want to live in Perth right about now. A recording of this gig exists, although it finishes at 'Disposition'

Review written by: fofanator ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 12:12:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

OH MY FUCKING GOD I GOT A SETLIST! :D:D:D:D anyway.... this was the absolute fucking best show I have ever been to and it will DEFINATELY be 1st of a long line of Tool shows for me. I cannot believe how good it was. First here's the setlist. The Grudge (-) Ions (short) Stinkfist (extended) Forty-Six and Two Parabola (short) Schism (extended w/ Osseus Labrynt) Sober Jimmy -jam- Disposition Reflection (Long) -Parabol[a] Video- Triad (w/Dale from Melvins and Osseus Labrynt) Ænema Lateralus I must say this was my absolute dream setlist from what they have played on the tour so far. I knew I wasn't gunna get Pushit, so I wasn't dissappointed. However, the inclusion of Jimmy I think was a way of Tool apologising to Adelaide for missing us on last year's tour. (You are forgiven!!!!) Here's the song-by-song review. Firstly, I thought The Melvins ROCKED, Buzz is one great guitarist, and grunge AIN'T dead!!!! Shortly after Dale's drumkit was removed from stage, the curtain on Danny's kit was removed and a cheer erupted from the lively crowd (for Adelaide, anyway!!!) Sooner than expected, the intro music began as the projection screens (two as a backdrop and one behind Maynard) were unveiled. This went on for a few minutes until they all came out basically simultaneously and you knew that it was gunna be The Grudge (which I was hoping for, as I have dreamt of that moment countless times!! :)). Anyway, The Grudge was faultless, and immediately lead into a brief (-) Ions, complete with projections of flowing electric currents, until Stinkfist began. This is a definate to get the crowd moving, I must say. Stinkfist was amazing, and the projections and lights completed the perfection. 46 & 2 came almost straight away, which was a song I was DYING to hear, as not able to go to last year's interstate shows, and that it hasn't been played much this tour. It too was almost perfect, Danny's drum solo as spotless as ever. After this they took a break for a few minutes while Adam and Justin armed themselves with the tuned down guitars, and you knew it was gunna be Parabola. Maynard said: "Good evening. For those of you who have overindulged on hallucinagens (great word use mate!!!), we feel obliged to inform you that you are at a Tool show. Adam played an intro similar to the strumming of Eon Blue or the start of the salival Pushit, then they all launched into Parabola. I was stoked as I managed to get right on the barrier not far into it, and enjoy the rest of the show from there!!! Schism was next, which for me was a highlight, especially extended with the amazing Mark and Hanna doin their freaky naked contortionist shit out the front!!! Seriously, these guys are incredible, I've gotta hand it to em. I must say that up to now the soundboarding seemed a bit weird, with odd frequencies popping up that made it sound like Adam was playing in a different key to what Maynard was singing.... or maybe it was just my fucked up each... But fortunately with Sober all this changed, and the sound was perfect. Sober was another highlight, this song ROCKS live, even if you don't really like it on the record, it kicks live. I was expected either 4 degrees or H. next but to my surprise (and delight) we got Jimmy!!! Sucked in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle etc etc.... :P Jimmy too was flawless, especially Maynard's vocals. It beautifully flowed into Danny's pre-Disposition drum solo (like he even needs to show off outside the songs....) which was followed by (surprise surprise) Disposition!! This is another song which, on record, is not that appealing unless you're in a REALLY mellow mood, but the way they played it was just a miracle to watch. Jeez I'm certainly putting them on a podium, ay... oh well they deserve it... Getting back to it.... you know the rest, Reflection (amazing except the weird frequencies came back at some stage), Parabola clip (incredible on the big screen. People cheered when the fat dudes spewed the black shit LOL), Triad with Dale and Osseus Labrynt hanging from the ceiling. It was like 7 members in Tool, it was wicked!! Triad was fucken incredible. The only problem was you didn't know who to watch!!!! :) This was the part of the show I had been looking forward to. Was it gunna be Ænema or Opiate? My prayers were answered, good ol' festering neon distraction... :) This was BY FAR the best song of the show. When the double bass drums kicked in at the end it seriously felt like we were all about to be sucked into a void. And to tell you the truth I wouldn't have minded after what I'd witnessed already that night! Well, it was almost complete. Maynard did his beautiful speech which I thought the crowd responded to well, by clapping loudly and just basically saying "you got it, God". Lateralus began. No words can describe this song live. So I'll leave it at that. :) A religious experience if ever I had one. Thank you Adam. Thank you Justin. Thank you Danny. Thank you Maynard. Come back soon.

Review written by: Sean ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 20:00:24 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, no use posting a setlist as everyone has! I came into this concert having seen Tool in Melbourne last year, and was pretty happy to be seeing them twice in one year. As a whole, the show/performance itself wa sbetter than Melbourne but the setlist wasn't. Having heard from a friend who went and saw them in Melbourne the other night, I was looking forward to hearing some 'Flood' or '4 Degrees'...especially '4 Degrees', as it is my favourite Tool song! I guess the fact that they missed Adelaide last year meant they had to play a more new-material set to us, to make up for it. But the biggest disappointment was that we lost 3 songs (Pushit, Opiate, Prison Sex) and got only 2 in return (Triad, Jimmy)....a bit of a rip-off. There seemed to be a LONG delay between Sober and Disposition....there was pitch-shifting droning, but Adam was very busy on his effects board the whole time, suggesting technical problems. And Justin was messing round with his bass a lot when he wasn't playing. Maynard didn't do the conformity speech, which was interesting. Anyway, despite the slightly disappointing setlist (for me), still a GREAT show (apart from a few asshole moshers who were either using it as an excuse to be violent or invading people's space where no one was moshing). The contortionists were pretty amazing and kind of disturbing. Reflection was a highlight, once again. Worth the money, the new show is pretty amazing. ****** If anyone has a recording of this show, I'd love to get my hands on a copy. I'd be up for a trade with last year's show in Melbourne, which I own. ******

Review written by: icedleeches ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 21:50:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Although i can't really add that much to what everone else has said, i just have express my wonderment, that a band can play such complex material, so perfectly, there were so few errors. Having seen Metallica, Slayer, Faithless, The Dandy Warhols etc, all of whom were excellent live nothing could compare with that. The positive energy that flowed was simply amazing. On Adam, and Justin playing with their equipment, from where i was sitting, it looked as thought they were playing with the sounds coming out of them, not trying to fix them. the wird noises were supposed to be occuring and they seemed to be playing with them And finally if anyone has good audi/visual from the gig, please send me an e-mail thanks

Review written by: Arcadia ( Review posted on: 05/01/02 23:20:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Very Interesting, I saw them last year at Rod Laver, after hanging out to see them since i saw them in 97 in Adelaide. For all of you who saw TOOL forthe first time last night, you have just experienced the best live act in the world. One thing I can't understand, why get pissed off and boo and hish at the band because you want to see more, after they have been on stage for two and a half hours? If any of you dissapointed people read this, think about how good the rest of the concert was, and you just might forget that they didn't do an encore.

Review written by: Tim ( Review posted on: 05/02/02 00:33:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

We arrived at the venue around 11:45am, with doors due to open at 7:30pm. Much time was passed by making use of the 'dial-a-beer' facilities that a couple of the other people in the line had organized. The doors opened around about 7pm or so, and after a quick pat down, most of us in the first few positions in the line bolted along the corridors to the general admission doors, down stairs and then sprinted across the floor. One security guard said to me, "Slow down, the stage isn't going anyway". so I replied "Yeah, but the front row is!". But, nevertheless my friend and myself both got against the barrier, which we were absolutely stoked with. After about 1/2 an hour, who we believe was Angela Maison started her set, but I do feel sorry for her, in the fact that I don't actually think that anyone knew who she was. But after about 1/2 an hour or so The Melvins came out, while she was still playing her set, and Dale started just drumming over the top of her, so I guessed that was the end of her set. For what it was worth The Melvins sounded good, and I'm guessing they would have been at the top of their game tonight because they played pretty tight, but not really being a fan of them, I can't really comment, and I'm not prepared to bag them like every other narrow minded fuck-wit that has posted reviews. All I can say is that Tool absolutely blew my mind. This is the second time I've seen them in support of Lateralus, the first being at the Sydney Entertainment Centre 24th July 2001. But I had front row for this one which made even more incredible. The band started in very much the same fashion, but which two rear screens, instead of one, much like the Aenima tour, but also with Maynard's mini screen. The same intro came on with the droning atmospherics and digeridoo then the rings of eyes on the screens. Then the band came out led by Justin and Danny, followed by Adam a few seconds later and then Maynard. I expected to see Maynard in the black leather get up, or the black swimming trunks with the Oakley Medusa head dress he has been wearing on the past few shows, but he wasn't! He came out in a pair of black underpants and was painted blue head to toe! Just like the Aenima tour! We couldn't believe it. We spent the entire show right in front of Adam in perfect view of Maynard, Adam and Justin aswell. Now for the setlist! The Grudge electrical sound effects Stinkfist 46 & 2 Parabola Schism* Sober Jimmy!! Disposition Reflection Parabol/a film clip Triad with Dale from Melvins* Aenema Lateralus *Osseus Labyrint make an appearance. In Schism, the were prowling around the stage on all fours, with their back's arched upwards into the air and their heads bobbing back and forth between their arms and legs. In Triad they we attached by their feet to cables in front of the screens, hanging by their feet and gyrating in almost spasm-like motions to the music of Triad. All in all, I think the setlist speaks for itself. I was also very happy for the fact that at most of the Australian shows the band haven't been palying tracks such as 46 & 2 or even Aenema, let alone Jimmy! And we got all three! On every track the band were exceptional and Maynard's scream in The Grudge was of an incredible standard once again. As far a talking went, it was kept to a minimum as usual but before Schism Maynard said "Good evening. For all of you that are on some kind hallucogens tonight, just keep in mind that you are at a Tool show... ...everything is going to be fine." Also before Lateralus, Maynard gave some very inspiring words, "Thankyou for coming tonight, hopefully you have been inspired in some way. What we want you to do is take the feeling you are feeling now, whether it be good, bad or somewhere in between and in the next week, month or year remember this feeling whenever you feel or endure hardships and use it to pull you through." Some very inspiring words, indeed. This show was simply incredible. There isn't any other way to describe it. Any Tool show is not just a concert... it is an experience. The only disappointment with the show was the fact that it wasn't sold out. All I can say is to the people that weren't there, you missed one incredible experience that you may never witness again; you should be ashamed of yourselves. To the band though, thankyou for such an incredible experience. I am just simply mezmerized by the sheer quality and calibre of how good the show was! My friend said to me after the show, "That was mind- blowing!" and I replied to him, "No, it was mind-opening!". If anyone took any photos or possibly recorded the show can you please email me at Thankyou. Tim.

Review written by: david mensforth ( Review posted on: 05/02/02 01:06:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

this was my first ever consert and probably my only one since everything will suck compared to this. saying it was fucking awsome is an insulting understatement to the band, it was so much more than that. literally words cannot describe.

Review written by: SPIRAL OUT! KEEP GOING... ( Review posted on: 05/02/02 01:17:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I am not writing here to tell bag the stupid bastards who lie out of their ass in these reviews but more just give thanks to the band! It was one of the most inspirational experiences I have ever felt. The amount of power that the band can get out is quite amazing. I must say that some of the pictures on the screen were quite disturbing, but fucking nuts in its own way! Just want to say a fuckin HUGE thanx to the band! It was nuts! Thanks for the inspirational experience...! By the way, if anyone was able to sneak a camera in to the show, could you PLEASE email me! I want to be able to not just rely on pure imagination to remember this… Thanx again to TOOL!

Review written by: joe ( Review posted on: 05/02/02 01:37:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

the sound was blistering, the sights were stunning and overall show was awesome. melvin's skinsman made an appearing, jamming with the guys during Triad. songs in no particular order: the grudge stinkfist forty six & 2 schism parobola sober disposition reflection triad jimmy aenema lateralis a show that will stick in the minds of all who attended.

Review written by: grant ( Review posted on: 05/02/02 01:54:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

awsome tool show last night. i managed to get right up the front, centre. quite happy. i will ramble of songs in hopes that each one will jolt my memory. grudge (-) ions stinkfist jimmy 46 & 2 aenema schism parabola parabol/parabola filmclip lateralis triad(melvins drummer on percussion) reflection sober. i think that was it but by no means in order feel free to correct me anybody, the acid kind of got to me afta a while and it kinda felt like one long song. the screens were wikid (3 in all) and osseus labyrith were not a band, more a stage act that looked like anything out of one of tools filmclips. oh and the melvins were shit. havent seen such a lack of talent in good while! peace out

Review written by: bart ( Review posted on: 05/02/02 22:13:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

There is not a lot I can say that either has not been said or can possibly be said at all! The human race has not yet created the words to describe a tool show. My brother said it best, when the house lights came on after the show he said "I feel like I have just woken up from a dream". There is not another band out there that can even try to come close to doing a show like that, im not even sure how tool can improve on where they are now. If anyone has an photos, recordings, visual, sketches, bottled air, ANYTHING from the show PLEASE email me - im sure we can work something out!

Review written by: RogDog ( Review posted on: 05/03/02 00:57:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

:) I went into the crowd just as Melvins started playing, i centred myself directly in the middle of the crowd, dead centre, about 3/4 of the way back between the stage and the sound/projector area. The Melvins music got my body movin' it was great dark and funky. The crowd reacted apprieciatively and yeah it wa an appropiate opening for the event about to take place. Lights dimmed, tibetan chant sounds come on, Alex Greys Primordial Awareness Sawblade symbol appears to a great cheer from the audience, tool is here. Chants sounds cease... BLAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!! Lights go on and 'the grudge' kicks in, serge of energy rushing through everyone im sure, cold shiver and enegry rushes up my body, solid thumps in chest from the huge sound is astonishing. The amazing projector animations blew my mind, incredible sacred geometry wireframe animations mixed with excellent lighting effects, astonishing visuals. Major Energy Rushes came during TRIAD and AEnima, crowd loved it when maynard, who was totally blue with glowing orange spots on key chakra points, i think, started his AIEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAIE AAAAAAIE during the show he said, Goodevening...... 'for those of you who ...over indulged in hallucinogens....i just want to remind you..your at a tool concert.....and everything is going to be OK. Odyssius Labrynth were COOL! totally naked and nicely lit up, and very freakishly fun!, their floor performace was hard to see from my view, they did the 'schism dance' funny head boppin' Thier suspended performance was very cool indeed. later Maynard thanked Odyssius Labrynth (sp) and Dale from the Melvins, who played in Triad, maynard was at this stage behind his projector podium, making a large sillouette of himself, as he played his guitar synth. On the three screens, the two major ones mirror images of eachother. Later maynard said, before they played Lateralus, was something like....." remember the feeling your experiencing now, and it doesnt matter if it was a good ,bad or indifferent one, as long as it was an experience, take this moment, and in the following days weeks, months or years.and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE." People cheered, which was nice.. he said then "there seems to be less creative people these days" Lateralus was nice and special, they all were around the drumkit playing at the beginning, then went back to their places and at the end they embraced and everyone was happy : D I was so fortunate to get a tool aftershow pass, off of Chemgrrl, who acquired three aftershow passes off of Danny after the melvins gig in Melbourne. 15 of us fans waited in a changeroom, for about 10 minutes, there was an intercom on the wall that was connected to all the other dressing rooms. I had heard, Dale (i think) from the Melvins requesting that Tool join them in their room. After a few minutes i had enough courage to press the intercom button and say 'Goodevening' and later, "BOO!" Justin and Dale talked bakc for a bit, JUSTIN WAS DRUNK!! heheh damn it was funny, he said 'im so drunk!" he also said that alcohol plus me equals an asshole", to which i fake cried too. He said my mother doesn't fuck for nickels, to which i said, "yours doesnt fuck for pennies" Dale sang a song, which was funny, and he pretended he was the person at mcdonalds who takes orders, i joked with him, saying i didnt have a car, as he tol dme to 'drive through please' he said it was against insurance policy to serve predestrians, i told him i was on my skateboard... a few minutes later, after a few more funny comments, Justin walked out and past the small group of fans, i didnt see him. Adam walked past, i waved to him, then followed him a bit, wanting to give him my 18 minute documentary i made at university on my artwork and technoshamanism. he was too far away, but waved again, a few minutes later, Danny comes to us smiling and greeting us, i say hello danny, and walk up and shake his and, i must of looked quite funny to him, i was in my flower of life shirt i made, and had blackfacepaint on, a line running doiwn the centre of my face, with my thirdeye blacked in, and the cardinal cross coming off of it. After danny signed and chatted a bit to the other fans, i said to him, "This is Tools' Inspiration bouncing back at you, its a documentary I made, two versions, one PAL and one NTSC format." he took them and looked briefly at the artwork on the video covers. They stayed at the Sharoden (sp) hotel and my friend from university went there and found Adam and Justin playing on a piano for a few hours, trying to order seafood, which they didnt have... DAMN FUCKING AWESOME NIGHT!! amazing synchronicity... it was meant to happen. -Roger Anthony Essig 'Glimpse of Eternity'

Review written by: no_longer_a_tool_virgin ( Review posted on: 05/03/02 02:47:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

wow. my first experience with tool was somewhat different to what I expected. "The Grudge" kicked to a start so suddenly; almost as suddenly as the melvins drummer (though everyone was expecting tool- the melvins drummer scared the shit outta me for a sec). Highlight for me had to have been sober, which was strange, because it's definitely not my favourite song, (if only they played pushit. oh well, next time.) I was sitting on the left side, which i thought would inhibit our view of maynard, but it ended up fine, and we got a good view of adams playing. i was kinda disappointed i wasn't in the mosh pit because i could just feel the energy flowing from there ( or was that just the wafts of smoke from people smoking weed?). Disposition went down well, especially with the stoners as everyone felt it was a grand opportunity to light up. An awesome way to rip the tool virginity away from me, the night was a blast. thanks tool, for the first best night of my life. see you in another 5 years.

Review written by: no_longer_a_tool_virgin ( Review posted on: 05/03/02 02:48:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

wow. my first experience with tool was somewhat different to what I expected. "The Grudge" kicked to a start so suddenly; almost as suddenly as the melvins drummer (though everyone was expecting tool- the melvins drummer scared the shit outta me for a sec). Highlight for me had to have been sober, which was strange, because it's definitely not my favourite song, (if only they played pushit. oh well, next time.) I was sitting on the left side, which i thought would inhibit our view of maynard, but it ended up fine, and we got a good view of adams playing. i was kinda disappointed i wasn't in the mosh pit because i could just feel the energy flowing from there ( or was that just the wafts of smoke from people smoking weed?). Disposition went down well, especially with the stoners as everyone felt it was a grand opportunity to light up. An awesome way to rip the tool virginity away from me, the night was a blast. thanks tool, for the first best night of my life. see you in another 5 years. I would also like to thank mercedes for sharing the experience; jimmy blasted her away.

Review written by: john neeson ( Review posted on: 05/03/02 09:42:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Most of the other people who wrote reviews have put up the setlist and maynards quotes so i won't repeat them,but the last quote maynard said about using this positive experiance in comming weeks,months and years to get yourself through hardships would have to be one of the most intelligent and inspirational things i have ever heard. I arrived at the show just before tool started because of circumstances out of my controll i would have liked to get there earlier but I was so glad I did'nt miss a moment of tool. I was totally happy with the settlist as they played all of my favorite songs even though all of there songs are great, all of the visuals on the screens were amazing as well as the way tool played with no noticable errors. This show went far beyond my expectations of what I thought experiancing tool live would be like and some of the highlights of the show for me were those two contortionists during schism and triad and the drummer from the melvins during triad as well. If any one has audio or video rocorded the show could you please email me, I also got my camera inside and took many photos and thay will be developed by monday so if you would like to see them email me after monday and i will email them to you as soon as I can.

Review written by: Lisa ( Review posted on: 05/05/02 07:07:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Wow what a night. Got to the venue at 3.30 with a case of beer for me and my mates who had been there since 9am. While i still maintain that tool is the greatest show i am ever likely to see, i did enjoy melbounre alot more. I think knowing the setlist before the gig started kinda put a dampner on things. Plus, being on the rail isn't that great. For me, i love to stand back and watch the screens and let it all soak in. On the rail your too worried about crowd surfers taking your head off and the 5 different elbows poking into your back. But on the other hand it was pretty cool being able to see the band in full. During the parabola video i got dragged out from the front, it became too much. But i'm definitely not putting tool down, they were awesome. when i saw the setlist before the gig my jaw dropped when i saw jimmy, and it sounded fantastic! Was happy to get 46&2 and sober cos we didnt get them in melbourne. I realised with my friend that between my 3 shows i've heard almost everything i'm bound to hear from tool, quite happy with that! Anyway, adelaide was great, met adam jones (again!) the night before and got my salival signed, had a great after party, and the best live show on the planet!