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Review written by: Harry Manback (
Review posted on: 05/07/02 09:28:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 6 Tool show

Hi TOOLfans, too bad I'm not at this concert. I wish you all a communicative evening. Deaf and dumb and born to follow.

Review written by: Harry Manback ( Review posted on: 05/07/02 09:29:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 6 Tool show

Hi TOOLfans, too bad I'm not at this concert. I wish you all a communicative evening. Deaf and dumb and born to follow.

Review written by: Bjergen ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 12:49:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The Grudge (Maynard in boxers with body paint...standing in front of stage) Eulogy (yes youre reading it right!!) 46 & 2 Prison Sex (maynard- this song is about a one night stand) Stinkfist (extended) Schism (no Osseus L.) Sober Parabol Parabola 4 Degrees Disposition Reflection (parabola vid) Triad Crawl Away (!!!!!!!!) Opiate (think for yourself question authority) Lateralus (tells us to do somethin positive in the coming weeks) Maynard was moving like crazy, seemed to have alot of energy. Cracked a joke about Adam forgetting a testicle in Australia, so if he makes a mistake its because he is in mourning....??? best fuckin night of my life Thank you Tool.....

Review written by: Melson ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 18:13:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The setlist above is NOT correct! I just got home, and Tool did NOT play Eulogy and Maynard did NOT crack jokes (in fact, he barely said anything at all). I wish they'd played the images from the video of Aenema instead of those rather standard kinds of images. Maynard seemed to be having a weak voice this night. The band all ended in a group hug. Great show, nothing like my first show, though...

Review written by: jibbajongo ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 19:44:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

3 am Alamo Nevada. I was walking back from a botched sexual encounter last night when iheard the music. I started to wonder toards the music coming from behind the hill. As i got closer, the musci started to sound familiar. In which excited me to keep forth and continue my relentless invasion. Soon enough i came from behind a hill and BAM, there they were,,TOOL playing in the middle of the desert... WOW i was so happy.. There was only one guy in the audience and he was leaning up against an old water trough smoking a camel. I approached the stage and was in aww for one full hour while they played seemless billboard chart toppers... the set list: enimer 46 and 2 opiate reflection/dispostion triad jimmy the grudge schizm I was amazed as i asked them for autography on my anatomy, when turned down, i stood up an walked away only to be fallowed by the suspicious looking man smoking the camel..he said "hey" . I stopped and turned slowly towards him,,,,he walked up and asked if i enjoyed the show..i said "yes" and he said ok,,that will be $45... proudly i handed him som pocket lint and a condem and said thanks..before he walked away, he offered to sign my belly, since the band had refused..i told him, i would like that.....he traced around my fat gut with sharpee marker for a second or two of sexual arrousal..then he capped the marker and turned to walk away.. I looked down to my belly in attempt to read what he had my surprise it said this:

Review written by: DinaDani_NL ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 19:46:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

it was surely a great show. even for a big nerd like me >P setlist: The Grudge Ions Stinkfist (extended) 4 Degrees Parabola (no video, just surreal images) H. ) Great show. No words fit how awesome it was. ME IS NERD FU in AORS the Show lasted for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME> TOOL THANKS!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: Thijs ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 20:06:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

ok, already saw lots of fake setlists, don't no if the order is correct, but i was: Grudge Stinkfist (extended) 4 degrees parabola (without parabol) H. (!!! ) Schism Sober disposition reflection (adam repeating final riff 100 times again) parabol(a) video Triad Aenima Lateralus It was a good show, last years show in Dusseldorf was better, but that is mainly because it was crearly a show from the same tour, musically nothing was wrong with it. the final group hug was a cool moment. See them again on Ozzfest....

Review written by: Casagrande ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 20:06:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hi, I just got back from the show. If that Bjergen fellow thinks he's funny posting the wrong setlist, he's not. This was not the best Tool show I've attended. Other than the "take these feelings home and create something positive with it for the next few weeks or months"- rant, Maynard didn't speak much at all. Here is what I think the setlist was (by head): The Grudge Stinkfist 4 Degrees Parabola Schism H. Sober Disposition Reflection --Parabola video (they fucked up the sound, we could hardly hear the vocals)-- Triad Ænema Lateralus The group hug at the end of the show was new to me. My favourite soccer team here in Holland does that prior to a match, which seems to make more sense to me, but it was a nice act.

Review written by: paradox ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 20:23:53 ET

Is it that hard to get the true setlist. Come on Europe, We will kindly do the same here in the states. Even if we are not SOBER.-peace -Paradox

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 22:39:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

AAAAAH FUCK IT! JUST WROTE A 100 LINE REVIEW, BUT FORGOT TO MENTION EMAIL ADDRESS... .. HAD TO WRITE IT ALL OVER AGAIN... FUCK IT!!!1 I'm not gonna... fuck it again.. but hey, whaz with all the lamehead trying to type a FAKE review these days eh? is it just to FUCK with us? man.. this is the ONLY right setlist (as mentioned before) - The Grudge - Stinkfist - 4 Degr - Parabola - Schism - H - Sober - Disposition - Reflection - Parabol(a) video (bad audio) - Triad - Ænema - Lateralis So don't be fooled... damn, good concert again.. but, please, maynard stop saying the same goddamn thing over and over again.. yeah, yeah. we know... take this feeling home and create something positive.... heard you say that before (and before). whatever.. glad I bought tickets.. ro

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 23:04:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 14th Tool show

Hey Folks, it´s good to be able to write a review of a Tool show again less than a year after the last one i wrote (which was for the Düsseldorf show). But as it is very early in the morning now and i´m very tired from going by car for more than 3 hours, this ones going to be quiet short. What a beautiful day that was! We were six people looking for tickets finding a guy selling them to us for 38 Euro each, which is quiet ok for a sold out show, i think. De OOsterport might be the best venue, that i ever saw Tool play in, because it´s just perfect: it has seats that go upstairs and a wide floor to stay on, the architecture is even for claasical music events. My impressions of the show were quite the same that i got at last year´s european shows, but the different setlist was worth going to this show andí´m looking forward to more changings of the setlist that may come. I mean, the last time that i heard 4 Degrees or H. was in 1997. I also enjoyed the different versions of Stinfist and Schism very much. It´s definitly un unexpected thing that Tool are back in Europe again, but the reasons for that they stated in interviews make perfect sense to me. Tool really know what they want and what they are doing, You can accept it or not. Now i go to bed, but You can read me again after the Paris show. if You want to. Till then Patrick

Review written by: pissed off ex tool fan ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 05:36:50 ET

This was this reviewer's fina Tool show

Hey y'all! So i am pretty pissed off this morning. I did the tool thing. I would write a review, but lets just say i dont really wanna talk about it! The best parts was when they traded 46+2/prison sex slot in the set for four degrees, and later when they did H. before disposition>reflection. But other than that same shit different continent. I mean, i guess they don't really give a shit about their fans, it all comes down to the bottom dollar....what a shame, too! Same boring videos as last year played on the screens as they played the sad same bunch of songs i have seen every fucking time. RRRRRRRRRRR.....and then, right in the middle of the set wrapup of triad>aenima>lateralus (ooooooh, how unpredictable......NOT!) i had some big american goon yank me out, take my tape, search me, threaten me, called the tour manager so he could check out my schoeps pre and caps, then booted my ass out as maynard gave his now- super super tired "take something positive" speech which he can shove up his (most likely shaved) ass! Oh my, i have never been so pissed! So, i am not going to the paris show, might not waste my time on them anymore, although i really would like to know what the actual band feels on the subject....although i guess i already know. Yeah, poor tool, if there were tool tapes no one would buy lateralus.i mean its only sold like 2 mill.poor poor tool. I seroiusly would have still felt dissed by the bullshit repetitiveness of it all, even had they not tossed my ass out. Hope you enjoy the dat tape, assholes. Sorry, tool is ANYTHING but poor right about now. So screw them. Maybe if i wasnt so bored of them i would have liked the show. Or if they played more than 2 songs i havent seen at EVERY show i have seen..... Ok, sorry about the negativity, but tool can suck me for ganking my tape. And beware any tool tapers. They have 2 people whos only job is to bust you for taping, taking pictures, or videoing. It really makes no freakin sense. Usually with the extreme extreme check at the door they leave you alone after that....oh well. Maybe someday they will see the folly of their ways. Till then, they can go forward with one less fan. Sorry about the negativity, i am just so upset i could fucking scream! Jimbo

Review written by: Daniel van Os ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 06:20:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

Yesterday I saw Tool play in Groningen, The Netherlands. It was the first show of the European Tour which will also includes a number of Ozzfest shows. Last year, the first European show was also in the Netherlands and just like last year it was on Ascension Day, a public holiday. Because of the beautiful weather we jumped in our car at noon and drove from Almelo to Groningen where we parked our car and then had a few drinks. It was quite hard to find a place to sit because Groningen was flooded with people. Partly because someone thought it would be nice to let the Giro d’Italia start there and there were Italian camera crews all over the place. We went to a restaurant and then headed for the Oosterpoort. I had been there once before, as a roadie with another band but I didn’t recognize the place, or at least the front of it. Inside the hall I got excited, this place was much smaller than I remembered. In the back there were some seats and we decided to sit down while waiting for the show to begin. There was a supporting act after all: Pablo, probably from Scotland. They played songs that sounded like they didn’t want to be played at all and the band made no attempt to show they wanted to play the songs. A few seconds they reminded me a little of Alice in Chains. Since the view from the seats was really great we decided to stay there. I was sitting one row behind the PA/Video/Light panels, actually right behind Camella, if I’m right. While the stage was being rebuild at about 21:00 there was some quite music which got louder and more intense as we got closer to 21:30 when the lights went out and Tool came on stage. They played a set similar to what they have been playing the last few times I saw them, with H., 4 degrees and Triad being the exceptions. Near the end of Stinkfist Maynard sang some variations and there was an intermezzo before the ‘I’ll keep digging’ part, during which Danny was really punishing the Hihat. Finally, after 8 shows, I noticed something go wrong during a Tool show. The intermezzo started normally with the Parabol video, but when it continued as Parabola suddenly the vocals were gone. There was no real panic, but they tried some buttons and cables but it didn’t help. You could hear Maynard singing very faint but during the parts were he didn’t sing the guitar would kick in very loud. Before Lateralus all members gathered around the drumkit and then they started the final song of the evening. Apart from Maynard playing guitar, Adam was playing keyboards on one occasion tonight. Maybe next time Justin will play saxophone and Danny digeridoo. There is something else I must mention though. Apart from the performance on stage I witnessed another great show: The mixing of the videos. I had always thought that the video had been pretty much prepared and all it took was pressing a button to go to the next section or next song. But she was doing much more: what you see on the screen sometimes is actually a combination of several feeds. The flaming eye and the circle for instance are two different movies. Also, every time you see a video restart or loop back, it’s through human intervention. Wow! Apparently Beavis and Butt-head were in front of me. While the girl was working with the videos there was another girl sitting behind her. The during Sober, when there are two frightened, naked women on the screen Beavis thought: two girls on the screen, two girls in front of me, one of them doing the video stuff…. So he asked the girl: Is that the two of you? Doh!!!

Review written by: jumbo ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 07:28:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 7 th Tool show

...Again like last year, tool opened with grudge followd by stinkfist (this time extended) after that. i just wanted to shoot myself from happyness cuz they played 4 DEGREES. and later on also H. just before the show started, people were giving tickets for FREE. whatever happened to SELLINGOUT. the setlist. GRUDGE STINKFIST 4 DEGREES PARABOLA H SCHISM SOBER DISP/REFLECTION parabola video. TRIAD AENIMA LATERALUS IT WAS OK. for me it was the worst toolshow. it was SOOO loud, YOU COULD NOT HEAR IT. there was something wrong with the sound. and there were no light effects on the bandmembers. pitty pitty. I WISH TOOL WOULD PLAY SOME ACOUSTIC OR A-CAPELLA SONGS. and i wish maynard, danny and justin would MOVE a little. looks like a 3 man zombie-show. last year i saw tool 6 times. best shows were mondey 11 june LONDON. and the dusseldorf show. ps: to the girl in pink and red hair with her friend from italy. INO and LITHIA. i lost you after the show. send me an e mail. you crazy girls. and to the girl from poland who had no ticket and didnt see the show, i gave you a free ticket AFTER the show, sorry dear. but that was fucking FUNNY. stay in touch.

Review written by: Dennis van Elswijk ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 07:46:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Went to the concert last night. I was very excited to go there. It was my 4th tool concert. They never let me down.... untill last night. The show begun with The Grudge. Great song and a great scream from Maynard. i think it was about 20 seconds long. But I guess that was the last great thing I saw that night from Maynard. He seemed to be really NOT having a great time on stage. All the time he just stood still and said almost nothing. Just the normal thing you have to say at a concert like good evening and the positive feeling speech, which I think he was saying towards the drum kit, not to the audience. Also Justin and Adam were like statues. The light show was not adding anything. I guess the only one really working that evening was Danny !! Always great to see him play. Too bad the Magic was not on stage so the show did nothing for me. I also wanted to see Third Eye but I guess they don't play that anymore. I am gonna see them again at Ozzfest 1st of June. I really hope it is gonna be better then this one.

Review written by: Bas ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 09:50:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 nd Tool show

My 2nd Tool show. After a drive of 2 hours from The Hague we arrived in Groningen, ready to see the guys at work. The show started with a video-projection of a circle of Flaming Eyes with repeatedly went slightly out of focus accompanied by some music that grew louder every second. And then Tool hit the stage and started the set with The Grudge which blew me away. After that they played an extended version of Stinkfist which I liked very much. To bad the vids weren’t that new, but then again, they’re still a feast for the eye. My compliments for the video-mixing. And production off course. 4 degrees kicked in with surprise and after that Parabola. Still nothing was said though and it seemed the guys weren’t all that active. Danny excluded off course, with his intensive, much appreciated drumming. Nice to see some of my thoughts about how he would play a song were right. Brings me a step closer to his skills. (a little step) Schism. Well, what’s there to say. It just rocked. After that the guys played Sober, and it put a big f%*kin’ smile on my face that only grew larger when I found out H followed. Still no words or major activity from the stage between songs. After H some jamming that can also be heard on Salival, forgot the name of the song in which it is. Around that time it was time for me to lay back in my balcony chair and just listen to the sounds of Disposition and Reflection. Reflection was a real treat. It just is a song like no other and really gives you a certain feeling. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but you’ll understand I hope. Next the Parabol/Parabola video. Very nice. Too bad the people at the sound board really did a poor job with the sound. Or it was out of their hands due to a technical error? I don’t know. But the vocals couldn’t be heard and when they tried to do something about it, it only got worse. Too bad. During the show the vocals sometimes would also be lost in the ocean of music. The band came back and closed the set with Triad, Aenima, Lateralus. Not surprising, but they really rocked. Apart from the regular speeches Maynard said in earlier shows there was silence. Too bad. Although the “…we hope we and our music inspired……..positiveness, constructiveness…” right before Lateralus is a statement which I like very much. And just to let you know guys: It does for me! During Lateralus something else caught my eye. During the show I noticed this already but during Lateralus it was very clear to see Danny’s fluid movement after he hits his snare. In a Lateralus passage (in the end) every time Danny hits his snare, his hand goes up over his head to his back a then hits the snare again. I wonder if it has something geometric, mathematic sense? Anyway, Danny ruled as usual. It was a Tool show with some flaws, but still awesome.

Review written by: Yahya Mathkor ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 09:52:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

So as it already states this was my 1st show and it was everything i could dream of and more. So i just can't believe some of th enegative things in the other reviews. They were awesome and it seemed to me they blew everyone away. Here's the (true) setlist (not really in order btw) Grudge (i admit the sound on this one was disapointing) Ions (short, blended into stinkfist) Stinkfist Parabola 4 degrees (amazing !) H. (really glad they played this one, again incredible) Schism (much better than i remembered it) Disposition/reflection (no words to explain best ever live song) Sober Parabole video (yeah i think something did go wrong with the sounds but not through the entire thing, adam (well i think it was adam the went off the stage) was playing along with the guitars (amazing)) Aenema Lateralus (great) Triad (some of the best drumming i've ever seen) Maynard said goodnight someweher after the 5th song or so, and then he thanked us for coming out there and for the support. And before Lateralus he had the speech about sharing the moment and doing something positive with positive, i think he also said something about inspiration, but i forgot what it was. I really liked teh video animations they played (do they always do that?) it was a very nice surpise. Very special. One of the downsides though is that they don't sound THAT good on cd anymore...ah well... PS Does anyone know what kind of instrument maynard was playing? PS2 please let me know if you've taped the show, i am very interested...

Review written by: Barry ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 10:46:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 0983 Tool show

Hi, this is the first Tool show I've been to, this year. Tool always feels different live, people change. Don't look backwards. Live the moment. I so did... It was a good day. PS--I'm willing to trade something VERY special against the recording of this performance: 4 songs recorded excellently live in a studio in the Netherlands, back in '94. By none other than Tool themselves... Hey, hence the capitals!

Review written by: grgrnrh (ssssss) Review posted on: 05/10/02 13:08:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

wow.. was this show that bad? ive never read so many bad reviews of tool....fuck, do you fuck, fuckmeotherfucker shit?

Review written by: thijs ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 13:30:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

i know it's not a chatbox in here, but i still feel i have to respond. NO, it was not a bad show, far from that, musically it was very good like always. People who saw tool for the first time probably are overwhelmed by it like all of us at the first tool- concert. there a a few negative reviews cause it wasn't the best tool- show for the diehards, cause they know TOOL can do better. Besides that most reviewers already saw a show this tour so they didn't get to many "new" songs. Makes sense to me, cause some somgs they just CAN'T leave out and they can't play 4 hours. About it being to loud: i stood above the seats and over there the sound (and view) was perfect. Anyway: i had a great evening.

Review written by: Robbert ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 14:31:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This was my 2nd Tool show so for. Ive seen them on Pinkpop last year. AND GODDAMN. THIS ROCKED. Whatever people on this site may tell you. Is was so damn cool. Ow wait, first the setlist: 1, The Grudge (with some sound issues at the beginning but that was fixed quite fast) 2, Ions (sweet en short, blended into:) 3, Stinkfist (the extended version which fuckin roxors) 4, 4 Degrees (really happy they played this one!) 5, H. (after jimmy in the previous tour, it was now H. My prediction is that 46&2 will be played in the USA). 6, Parabola w/out video 7, Schism (sounded great) 8, Sober 9, Disposition (extended intro and together with Reflection best live song ever"!!) 10, Reflection (with Adam playing an outro riff for several minutes with enhanced the ambience greatly!!) 11, Parabola video (which I already checked out but the awesome guitar solo from Adam made me love it, a bit of a bad sound quality here. Whatever, the band wasnt there!) 12, Triad (Danny Roxors. played hardcore) 13, Aenima!! 14, Lateralus (with Justin stealing the show!) This is a true setlist. Whatever some dumbfucks may tell you. About the ambience: it was great and relaxed. Only one idiotec fool moshing around all the time, even on the intro of Disposition! I just cant tell how great it was. The sound was very good despite they tell you! I stood very close to the stage and it was very clear and loud! (especially Adams guitars were so damn clear. Just fuckin perfect) Maynard seemed to have some high tone issues in the beginning but that disappeared completely very soon. Yeah, and what about Justin and Danny. They are just great. Especially Danny is a god. (he was laughing while building breaks on Triad!!!!). IT WAS JUST AMAZING. And Ive seen em on Pinkpop. This was so much better. And in the end the group hug to finish it all! GREAT SHOW! Also supportact Pablo was cool (and pretty stoned too ;)). Maybe a bit to much bass but whatsoever. They will breakthrough soon. Mark my words.... So thats all. I am still freaked out about the show. ps. if someone has made a recording. please contact me. I have some bootlegs here (imported from the UK)...

Review written by: Pog ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 16:24:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

How disappointing - a bunch of ingrate Groningen Tool "fans". Why do you feel the need to climb your self- righteous pulpit to piss and moan about a show which you're damn lucky to have had the opportunity to be at in the first place? Do you think you're owed something? You think your piffling chump-change entitles you to your own personal Tool-shangri-la? You have a real fucking nerve. PS: To "pissed off ex tool fan". With fans like you, who needs detractors? Tool should only be so lucky that a greedy little swine like you WOULD leave them be, and quit ripping off their material for your own aggrandisement. Fuck you, and fuck your failed 'theft'.

Review written by: Casagrande ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 18:02:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hey you! Robbert "Know-All" Janssen! You're pretty confident about your "true" setlist right? Well think again. You got the place of H. wrong! I will repeat the setlist here (the only possible error MIGHT be H. and Sober the other way around): The Grudge Stinkfist ((-)Ions intro) 4 Degrees Parabola Schism H. Sober (20-second Merkaba intro) Disposition Reflection --Parabola video-- Triad Ænema Lateralus My apologies to a few others who are upset about the "negative" reviews. This was a great show, but to me the previous shows just felt even better. And that "pissed off ex tool fan"-fool is just frustrated because they took his tape and he was tossed out. Don't pick on him ;)

Review written by: Know it all ;) ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 05:19:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Yeah Casagrande ur right. However, im not the fool that brings pen and paper in to exactly analyse the show. I just enjoyed the show. Thats all. but thanks.... SO FUCK U ALL DISAPPOINTED TOOL "FANS"

Review written by: Dennis van Elswijk ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 08:35:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hello everybody. I have written my review above here. I know I was not so much impressed as most of you. I just saw other shows of Tool which I thought had much more power and magic on stage then this one. I am going to the Ozzfest festival to see them again and I am sure that's gonna be great again !!! They're still the best band in the world !!! I just have another thing for the Dutch Tool Fans !!! On Dutch Radio KinkFM they're gonna broadcast the 2 meter session Tool played in 1994 in Holland !!! 4 Songs, including : Sober, Intolerence, Prison Sex and 4 Degrees !!! Really special !! Listen 12th May 12.00 hrs till 15.00 hrs. (My band (sounds nothing like Tool) is playing in the last hour on the show, maybe you like it ??, It's called Frezno Falls)

Review written by: Michiel ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 08:47:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

************DISAPPOINTING*************** .......but no more bad words. We all know they can do better, dusseldorf rocked i know. Still happy I saw the show. TOOL THANX see you next time.

Review written by: 4° ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 09:58:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well it was my first tool show and I thought it was sooo great!! the setlist was very good though I wished for Pushit to be played, well, maybe they'll play it at Ozzfest... I thought Maynard was a bit dissapointing, I thought he would move around a little more, he looked like he wasn't really interested in playing this show at some times, but then he also had some great times like on H. and Ænema. And Reflection also made an awesome impression on me. And Danny was soo great, he was drumming soo intense during Lateralus, you should've seen the look on his face then, very impressive. I thought that the setlist wasn't posted in the right order yet, because I believe H. came after Sober: the Grudge some (-) Ions Stinkfist (only extended in the middle, not at the end) 4° (!!!) Parabola Schism Sober H. (!!!) little jam Disposition Reflection --parabola video-- Triad Ænema (!!!) Lateralus Also they had an support-act, Pablo, who were cool but not really great and I don't think lots of people knew them. I thought that their guitarplayer/singer was cool, giving a nice performance. I also liked their roadie a lot because it was very cool to see him tune the guitars, well because he looked like he was really clumsy. well I can't wait to go to ozzfest!!!

Review written by: tape worm ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 13:16:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, basically everything is already said about the Groningen show. I can say Dennis van Elswijk's review speaks for me. I just have to correct ONE small issue. Indeed, like Erik said above, Sober was played before H. His setlist is the ONLY 100% correct one. And I can tell, because I have a recording. It's completely shit though, noisy and definitely not worth listening to nor trading. I just wanted to let you know the right order.

Review written by: tape worm ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 13:18:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Well, basically everything is already said about the Groningen show. I can say Dennis van Elswijk's review speaks for me. I just have to correct ONE small issue. Indeed, like Erik said above, Sober was played before H. His setlist is the ONLY 100% correct one. And I can tell, because I have a recording. It's completely shit though, noisy and definitely not worth listening to nor trading. I just wanted to let you know the right order.

Review written by: Tom ( Review posted on: 05/12/02 05:34:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

it was indeed a great show. but few people made it to the afterparty, i was hiding in the toilet and came out when all doors were closed. there were a few fans, mostly girls. at around 2 am , thats about 2.5 hourse after the show. everybody went from the mainhall to the concerthall. and some show started on the screen with some very disturbing sounds and voices. that took about 10 minutes. after that the stage became green and danny started a really cool drumming session, never heard it before. solo. after about 7 min or so the other members came on stage, and they started playing. i just couldnt believe all this. i was stunned. there were about 300 people in the audeance. tool played: the patient prison sex jimmy maynard talking about world religion. eulogy flood ticks and leeches

Review written by: Raphael ( Review posted on: 05/12/02 06:13:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

HELLO ALL. i am happy and glad and thankfull to all this. that i can share my experience with all of you. i just want to say that TOOL is and allways has been the best ever live event ever. as you can read in the reviews here, PEOPLE ARENT SATISFIED WITH WHAT THEY HAVE AND GET. WE HAVE BECOME TOO CYNICAL TOO CRITICAL. THERE IS ALLWAYS JUDGEMENT ON EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. WE JUST ARENT CAPABLE ANYMORE OF ENJOYING OURSELFS WITHOUT THINKING: OF THE LIGHTS. OH THE SOUND IS TOO LOUD, THE SINGER ISNT SAYING MUCH. i say. every show is different. i ve seen tool 7 times. as headline and festival. and everytime i have this musical multiple orgasm. just 20 min before the show i shook dannys hand in the mainhall. that was really special. thank you danny. thank you TOOL. CEEP IT GOING SO!! and be back soon in HOLLAND. we love you. ps: I AM WILLING TO PAY OR TRADE COOL SPECIAL TOOL STUFF FOR THE RECORDING OF THE GRONINGEN SHOW. i have paradiso 97, 013 tilburg, california and some other stuff. please please e mail me. IT REALLY MEANS A LOT TO ME TO HAVE A RECORDING OF THE SHOW. thank you all for reading this. see you at OZZFEST. i will be wearing an orange tool t shirt.

Review written by: Nucleos ( Review posted on: 05/13/02 03:38:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first tool show, and it was fuckin' amazin' !! I'm not gonna post a setlist again, but what I wanna say about it: I think everyone in the crowd had a black out during the amazing performance of H, no one know where it was in the setlist. (apparantly just before disposition/reflection according to the bloke who recorded the whole shit). The stage line-up was very unusual (to me), but it just seemed right with danny and maynard in the back and adam and justing in the front. It's all about the music, not about the ego (reflection?), maynard's voice was just another instrument (and he played it fuckin' well, the 25 second scream in the grudge was impressing). I was standing just in front of adam (front row) so I could see how he played some stuff of whitch I wasn't sure how it had to be played. The whole thing was just right, the sound (xept the sound during the parabol(a) video, the lights, the images on the big screen (and mirror images on the little screen behind maynard, the setlist (off course no encore's needed) all just so fucking right, I don't get the fuckin' negative reviews above. But I'll see them again at Ozzfest, looking forward to it!!!