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Review written by: anto (
Review posted on: 05/08/02 08:30:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

hi, i can't wait, just want to tell thanks to all friends who are coming in paris for this event say hi to Sela from L.A i hope give you the setlist on friday...

Review written by: Shawn ( Review posted on: 05/08/02 17:46:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 05/09/02 23:04:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Upon arriving at the venue i realised I hate French people. Im an American and im following Tool for the next 5 shows in Europe and I saw them at every Australia show and the last show in Japan and i must say Australians are much more laid back and relaxed thatn fucking the fucking French. I had 3 beers with some Aussies before the sydney show. and they paid for them! But here i had people bumping into me and generally being rude fuckers and not even apologizing when they do it. anyway the setlist was... Grudge Stinkfist 4 Degrees H Parabola Eulogy Disposition Reflection --intermission-- triad sober aenema lateralus

Review written by: aeon blue ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 06:22:39 ET

sorry, this isnt a review. i am seeing Tool in London on the 12th, i just wondered- do Tool have a support band for this European leg of the tour or not? Thankyou, Enjoy the concerts...

Review written by: Stuffy PL ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 07:07:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Master Reviewer is either: a time traveller, being able to post a setlist for a show that will take place this evening (about 9 hours from now...) OR a psychic, being able to tell whta the setlist will be OR sniffin' glue, which activity fucked up his brain so bad he doesn't know what the hell he's on about. Or none of the above, in which case this person was in Groningen (9th May) and he thought he was in France. Which is 4 hours by car from Groningen...... No Master of Geography either.

Review written by: paradox ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 08:55:21 ET

Well you know that he is not a psychic, or a time traveler. He is just a nut case. You know he is lying when it says it is his third TOOL show, yet he say all of the Australia shows, and the last Japan show. Learn to swim!

Review written by: James Petit ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 16:13:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I Can't speak english very well, but i remember the concert was great here is the setlist: (-) ions disgustipated mantra - feat. maynard's mom the gaping lotus experience - no voice only the keyboards flood intro useful idiot (the best song) disposition - no voice, feat. les claypool eon blue apocalypse - no guitar parabol - no drums porno-video, maynard is fucking adam third eye featuring fred durst intermission message to harry manback I message to harry manback II an excelent concert

Review written by: password hell ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 16:42:21 ET

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. Anybody have the presale password(s) for the show at the forum in Los Angeles? Havent received the official one from and time is running out. help!

Review written by: Matthieu and Tom ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 17:32:43 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

It is 11:33pm, and it was an amazing show as usual (we saw Tool on June 26th 2001 at Zenith) ... Setlist (True one) for The Olympia Hall : : Flood The Grudge Stinkfist (extended) Parabola 4 Degrees Schism Sober Disposition Reflection ----- Parabol(a) vid. Triad (with Pablo drummer) Opiate (Justin started Opiate, but Maynard continued with an "Happy birthday to Dan..." ;-) ) Lateralus Superbe concert. From France, Paris, Matt and Tom.

Review written by: Faaip De Oiad ( Review posted on: 05/10/02 18:16:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

hi everyone... 1rst, the real setlist is the one posted by matthieu and tom... every other ones are fake ones. Actually I didn't expect to hear the songs a heard... Flood seems not to be a song they often play, this was my firts surprise. This song simply rocks.... Flood was perfectly linked with The Grudge... Second surprise. perfectly played of course... as usual... The extended version of stinkfist sounds really good, i don't really know what else to say.:o) Then was parabola, whithout parabol. great idea since parabol / parabola came later. then 4°, schism, sober, disposition,reflection,triad... all perfect... nothing else to say ... Parabol / parabola video is wonderful ... Triad is perfect although i'm not sure it vas pablo's drummer... but why not... Triad changed a little from the album version and sounds perfect to me. ( like everything of course...) HAPPY BIRTH DAY DANNY ! and thanks for everything.... He is now 27.( maynard make a kind of a joke on danny's shoes (??!)) lateralus is one of my favorite songs and is still perfect superbe concert as it has been said before, but is was just a bit too loud. anyway i'll still be mindblowed for a long time ... until they come back, for me to be mindblowed again. best show ever. Thanks to every one, Maynard Danny Adam and Justin, but also the technicians and everyone i forget... Thanks to TOOL for everything I learnd from you, for everything u gave me. C ya next time Faaip De Oiad

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 00:48:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 15th Tool show

Good morning, i am so tired because i just got back from my trip to Paris and then to Düsseldorf again within 19 hours. After last year´s show at the Zenith i was thinking about if i would ever go all the way (500km) again to see Tool in Paris. Now i did that again and it was all worth it, because it was way better this time. The Olympia is such a great venue, very small (2200), with a very personal, even intimate atmosphere. Everyone there has the feeling to be very close to the band. I had a seated place on the balkony with a great view on the stage. What the show was like? It was just... unbelieveable... touching... powerful... mindblowing... incredible... I think i never heard "Flood" at one of their shows before. The way it just got straight into "The Grudge" without a break, i could hardly believe that. "Reflection" was shorter this time, without Adam´s endless riffing at the end of it. During "Triad" Maynard stood behind the small screen playing guitar. There can´t be more harmony between the different members of a band like they are showing onstage, i think. These four guys are fitting together perfectly, and if You have a look at them playing together You can see that they are in what they do so much. Espacially Danny seemed to be totally happy (i´m not sur if it really was his birthday or if it was just some kind of "joke" from Maynard). Tool seem to have picked special venues for their headlining shows of this year´s european tour, those shows have something of an exclusiveness, but anyone who has the chance to, should see at least one of them, even if he or she saw Tool last year. See You in Ettelbruck, if You go there. Till then Patrick

Review written by: nikro ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 09:01:59 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

setlist: Flood The grudge stinkfist parabola 4° Schism disposition reflection ------video clip(parabol/parabola)------ triad sober opiate(happy birthday danny...) lateralus voila,tres bon concert,magnifique... (dommage de ne pas faire +de titres de aenima comme eulogy, third eye,h;ect..) mon meilleur concert,en attendant de revoir tool d ici 2 ou 3ans(!!!)j atends le nouveau APC qui j espere sortira comme prevue cette annee,avek un concert en france .

Review written by: me ( Review posted on: 05/11/02 14:06:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

for the guy above danny is not 27 he is 41

Review written by: Red_Fish ( Review posted on: 05/12/02 05:29:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

My 1st Tool gig ... really great. Amazing sound, fantastic performance (except the lack of communication with the audience) ... A little gift for you here:

Review written by: Faaip De Oiad ( Review posted on: 05/12/02 07:06:41 ET

arf i knew it was a joke ... so he's 41 huh? ... i knew something was wrong...:o) was it his birthday though ? sorry about that.

Review written by: Olivier ( Review posted on: 05/12/02 15:47:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I just wanna thank the band and all of the tool community for existing. The Paris show was as great as the past one in june 2001. The Olympia Theater gave to the show a wonderfull and spiritual atmosphere. Happy Birthday Danny , you knock your drum like a 27 years old guy !!!! ah ah !!! Moreover , i wanna thank the band for giving us answers and leading us to the land of beauty . Olivier

Review written by: Flaoua ( Review posted on: 05/13/02 11:07:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hi all, I would just like to add a few comments to what's already been said. It was my 4th TooL show and honestly the best one I have seen. TooL created a really magical athmosphere by mixing their wonderful music, Maynard's amazing voice and the beautiful clips in the background. However, there are 2 things that disturbed me a bit. The first one was Maynard attitude. Okay, it's usual, he is not a lot of a talker. But the way he sings, showing only his back to the public is a bit disdainfull imho. That's not really important, I know. The second thing is the f***ing French audience. I am French myself and I know we have a bad reputation all over the world (for our general behavior during shows). There is a reason for that, I saw it in Friday. It's the first time I see so many assholes at a TooL concert. People being rude, exceedingly violent (while TooL music is not exactly the kind where all you do is headbanging and slamming like an idiot). I was really pissed off when, during Mantra, while all the audience was captived and the time seemed suspended, an asshole screamed "MAYNARD NAKED !!!" and some kind of the same bullshits. Just my two cents.

Review written by: O. LIVE & Christel ( Review posted on: 05/14/02 09:42:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

YEAH !!! THE GREATEST BAND FOR THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE GREATEST HALL OF PARIS !!! What a pleasure to see Tool for the second time, furthermore in a small and intimate hall like Olympia. We saw them in Zenith last year and were very pleased to see and hear a different and very original setlist (Flood, 4°... and especially the 2 extended versions of Stinkfist and Schism !!!!!). We also appreciate Maynard talking a little bit more to the audience, and being here for Danny's Birthday :) .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY... YOU'RE THE BEST !!!!! We just regret French audience !!!! We are French, and are very disappointed by some reactions : First, some people have whistled during Parabol/Parabola video !!!!! We don't know if they're really fans or if they know Tool, but seeing a Tool video is a great pleasure and is really rare for the *real fans* !!! We found it shameful and had a special thought for Adam's fantastic work !!! Secondly, Adam did not play his long riff at the end of Disposition/Reflection (I loved it last time... seeing him alone on stage with one single lignt upon him...) ... maybe he remembered the shameful people that whistled him in Zenith last year !!!! WHAT A PITY !!!! But we don't mind, we love Tool and found that show better than everything !!! Thanx Guys for your work !!!!! And see ya next time ! O.LIVE & Christel

Review written by: joost ( Review posted on: 05/18/02 12:42:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The Groningen show was my second TOOL concert. Weeks before the show I had a pretty hard time, because I could not get tickets. Ticketservice sold out in a few minuts. Later I found tickets on Ebay: EUR 120,00 for two! In front of the Oosterpoort guys were selling tickets. I cannot believe how they got so much tickets. Later that week the same people were selling Roger Waters tickets. It stinks that the real fans dont get a fair chance to have tickets first. Anyway, TOOL was great. The sound was pretty alright, and the setlist was a surprise: so different from Tilburg 013! I'm looking foreward to the OZZFEST-show. Just like in Tilburg I was amazed by the crowd: TOOL rocks so hard and the crowd is so relaxed. Everybody seems to listen and watch the show without any pogo or stuff like that. You never see that these days anymore. Tip: from today on you can chose Parabol(a) on the box. Clipcode is 885. Cheers!