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Review written by: envenom (
Review posted on: 05/16/02 22:01:38 ET

This was this reviewer's - Tool show

Am I the only one who is tired of having to read lyrics from Tool songs in every second review? Somne of you take them too literally...

Review written by: Siberian ( Review posted on: 05/18/02 06:25:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hi, Here is the setlist (as far as i remember it): 1. Triad 2. (-) Ions 3. Stinkfist 4. The Grudge 5. Forty Six & 2 6. Parabola 7. Schism 8. Eon Blue Apocalypse 9. The Patient 10. Sober 11. Opiate 12. Aenema 13. Lateralus Maybe i missed the order, but i'm sure about the content. Impressions to follow...

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 05/18/02 07:31:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 17th Tool show

Hi You people who read all the reviews, i´m sitting here in an overheated tent together with Daiana, who is also totally crazy for Tool, on the 2nd day of the festival, sweating heavily. Yesterday´s Tool - show was unbelieveable. I had not imagined such a long setlist at a festival show, and whats most important, i had not expected The Patient! Oh my god i can hardly believe they played it! What a wonderful experience that was. I will never forget this moment when Adam played the first chords of Eon ... . Like last year, Tool´s festival shows seem to be different to their club shows, but not less touching at all. Tool really rocked the Park! For the first time since the 1997 Aenima tour i saw Maynard in body paint, he was blue from top to bottom, except for his black shorts, which were the only clothing he was wearing. And it´s also five years ago that i saw him that active, like he was yesterday, in his reptile like way of moving his body. Grandmaster Flash was in Stinkfist again. In the Soccer arena in which the mainstage is placed all hell broke loose during the show, i think there were a fiew bloody noses. The medical center and the security had a hard job to do, because of a bunch of idiots who are only at a show to push other people, and not because of the music. But that´s what happens at such big festivals, and RAR is going to be even bigger on sunday, i hope i can make it there. I just have to... there´s no other way... than to see Tool again as soon as possible. CU Patrick

Review written by: Kris ( Review posted on: 05/18/02 17:57:30 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Here is the correct setlist for the show. Content was correct, heres the correct order. Triad (-) ions Stinkfist (extended) The Grudge 46 + 2 Schism (extended) Parabola Sober Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient Opiate Aenima Lateralus Sound wasn't as good as most concerts, but then again it was in a stadium.

Review written by: Siberian ( Review posted on: 05/21/02 08:23:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Kris thanks for correction. Back to impressions… Having seen Tool two times last year and having read tons of reviews from other shows I started getting kind of annoyed with HOW they do it live: cd-like & ‘almost no improvisation’ performance, the same setlist / visuals / ‘positive feeling’ speech, etc. already more than for one year. I thought to myself that being brilliant musicians the guys are just too serious about what they’re doing. It’s understandable that having created a masterpiece it’s pretty difficult to fluctuate from it, but I also think that it’s great experience to hear your favorite band live playing something that you can’t listen on cd and just to get surprised by something. So, that is what I thought I would write here. However the guys totally spoiled my preparations. There was no ‘positive feeling’ speech before Lateralus. :) Seriously speaking, the show was just absolutely amazingly brilliant. Being cheesy, I have to say ‘that it was definitely the best show of my life’. Danny was in top form. He played lots of interesting fills, put triplets and made pauses in new places. I read in his interview that he hates when his music is perceived more technically than emotionally, but still along with emotions I can’t help counting his polyrhythm on Lateralus. Thanks for inspiration. You are great player. Keep on going this way! Maynard was blue, with pink REFLECTING spots. It looked really great in violet/orange gamma of the stage. The show went really as smooth as it was one single song, though The Patient strafed a little from the emotion I was getting, which is strange, because this is on of my favorite tracks on Lateralus. It was pity that they showed visuals, not the guys playing on the huge screens installed at the main stage. I would love to see some close-ups on Danny's play. Anyway, impeccable performance, lots of emotions, great show. Thanks for surprising me.

Review written by: Siberian ( Review posted on: 05/23/02 09:39:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Here you can find a couple of pictures from the concert: ex.html