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Review written by: Master Reviewer (
Review posted on: 05/19/02 23:40:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 14th Tool show

as a 34 yr old tool fan i like to see young girls have sex in the pit. moshing should be mandatory at Tool shows. osseus labyrint should fuck on their little ropes. and maynad should sing ticks and leeches properly. setlist useless idiot/46 & 2 (a nice intro) grudge stinkfist prison sex h intolerance aenema opiate lateralus

Review written by: Dominick ( Review posted on: 05/21/02 01:51:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

A friend turned me on to Tool early this year. Sitting in San Diego I no longer had the patience to wait to see them in the U.S., so this was my first show. Since it was a festival the set was a little shorter than the headline shows. Also it seemed like the VW Halle had a tight curfew that was going to be enforced! In any case the set was identical to Rock am Ring, here it goes: The Grudge Parabola Schism Stinkfist (extended) Ticks & Leeches Disposition Reflection> Triad Lateralus The performance was beyond my wildest dreams. The music and the lyrics have fit well with my own emotions as of late, but the visuals in the concert added a whole other dimension to the experience. Stinkfist, Ticks & Leeches & Triad were particularly memorable. As they reached the end of Reflection they brought on someone from the old band Styx to add another set of drums/percussion during Triad. What a mind-boogling performance!! Maynard seemed to have a few minor technical problems, but nothing major. After Tool left the stage I couldn't see myself watching Ozzy, it seemed like the night could not get any better. Can hardly wait to see Tool back on the west coast - this was definitely not my last show.

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 05/22/02 16:29:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 19th Tool show

Hi, first i should say that this german Ozzfest was nothing compared to what the americans know as Ozzfest. Tool and Ozzy as co headliners is ok, but there should be at least one or two other top acts on the bill. Bad Religion tried hard, but without Mr. Brett there´s no use. A Band like Such A Surge doesn´t fit into the Ozzfest contxt in Germany, because Ozzy fans can not get into a band like this at all. I think they were just there because the promoter wanted to have any other band on the bill. The price of 50 Euro was way to high, considering the line up, which natrually reflected on the turnout, as the venue was only 1/3 full. This left everyone with plenty of room to move around this huge ice hockey arena. I wouldn´t have gotten to this show, but it was great to see Tool on my birthday and i could be with a friend, a guy from Australia and another from New Zealand who were not (yet) judged by a certain narrow minded, subjective American on this occasion who doesn´t even really know them. A few of the Ozzy fans were misbehaving a bit when Tool played, but it wasn´t too bad all in all. Most of them accepted Tool, as they did their thing. To me it seemed they were playing more for themselves communicating with each other and not so much for the audience this evening (Justin showing his back most of the time), which was fantastic anyway. Hopefully doing the Ozzfests will turn out for Tool, and some of the 70´s and 80´s metal and hard rock fans will buy Tool records now, but i have my doubts about that. Maybe they are just not open minded enough to ever get into Tool, Though they should be. CU Patrick