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Review written by: Conor (
Review posted on: 05/26/02 19:50:43 ET

This was Ozzfest at around 11am But suddenly turned into FEST as Ozzy Pulled out. "He was sick." Pussy. This is the same Ozzy Osbourne who mutilated his whole system with over indulgence in every type of drug known. Pussy.Rock n' Roll my Bollox. Anyways. That left TOOL to run the show. And what a disappointment that was for me. As if. I was wrapped. The setlist is Somehting like this. Flood. The Grudge. Stinkfist. (Extended) Parabola. Schism. (Extended???) Ticks & Leeches. Disposition. Reflection. Traid. (With John from System Of a Down) Opiate. Lateralus. I think i'm missing stuff but I'm sure that will be rectified by other reviewers. The concert was watched by Dave Botrill in the mixing desk. I'm nearly 100% sure it was him. He taped it with a Sony Handycam. What i'd do for a copy. Maynard seemed to be in high spirits. He joked about us being so cold and that he felt sorry for us so he decided to play in his underwear. He said that I have a heater but its the thought that counts. He also said later into the set that Tool and all the other bands really appreciate us staying around and it reminds them of why they do this. It was an excellent night. The atmosphere was cool and matched by a really good sound. Hopefully we will Tool "again soon" on these sleepy shores. They are always welcome as they have given me two extremely memorable nights. For all of you folks that are goibg to see TOOL soon. I envy you but you all deserve it.

Review written by: James G ( Review posted on: 05/27/02 04:29:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

O no ozzy has to cancel? And tool are playing an extended set? I'll takt the full refund now! It was an amazing show from a blue maynard and co, with the setlist above being pretty complete, except there was a little bit of ions in there definitely. The only down point was that i had to leave half way thru 'triad' due to the cock ups with my bus home, so i left to get my last lift home only for it to sit at the raccourse for another half an hour while tool finished their set . A couple of members of the party stayed on and got to here it all which was the ultimate insult. Still i got to see if ozzy had of been playing... The crowd was really great and I was able to stand and listen and appreciate the show. Particular highlights were definitely Ticks & Leeches and Reflection, which was very beautiful. Although i left during triad, i could still here it a bit when i got out to the car park and i thought i heard the strains of Prison Sex coming through. ALSO i'm told that tool were giving out minidiscs of new music at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!?? Can anyone verify this? Another amazing show anyway and well worth some of the other crap at ozzfest.

Review written by: Donnchadh Mac Aogain ( Review posted on: 05/27/02 09:04:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Incredible!Ozzy pulled out,but TOOL more than filled the holes.Only Sinkfist from Anema,finished with Opiate(blast from the past!)Stunning visuals,played most of Lateralus.Had some help on Triad from SOAD's percussionist,which made it sound even more powerful.Seemed to me to be a set directed and appreciated by the hardcore fans.Many tired legs after a long day.But I could have stood there all night,the experience was spiritual.Maynard sang beautifully,and the band were so note perfect all night that it was almost scary!My only fear is that Ireland will never be blessed with their presence.Thankfully last night I was,and I'll never forget it.

Review written by: Martis Panteris ( Review posted on: 05/27/02 20:45:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

TOOL was on full form, a total mind-fuck to keep it simple! Possibly one of the best performance's I've ever seen! The other been the first time I seen them in Dublin. Opening with Flood was on another level. And Opiate - 'Jesus Christ why don't you come save my life' and Triad with Jon from System Of A Down - (Word's can't describe it) Danny Carey is clearly one of the best drummer's in alternative music! TOOL was about the music and not how the band rocked out on stage, as ever some folk couldn't dig that! The music once again speaks for it's self 10/10 The setlist is something like this: Flood. The Grudge. Stinkfist. (Extended) Parabola. Schism. (Extended???) Ticks & Leeches. Disposition. Reflection. Traid. (With John from System Of a Down) Opiate. Lateralus. I want to thank Adam, Maynard, Danny, & Justin for putting on a great show and I'll hopefully check you guys out in the US during the summer.

Review written by: ntto ( Review posted on: 05/28/02 04:29:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Awesome. Not to go over ground already posted - but what capped it all off for me was the night closing in when Tool played. When they came on stage (as well as being Blue, Maynard had dots on his bald head) it was daylight, and by the time they played Lat at the end, it was in complete darkness, clear sky complete with stars and full moon. Awesome.

Review written by: gary ( Review posted on: 05/28/02 08:45:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

amazing new visuals, airtight set. almost every song has evolved in some way. can they be getting better? for some pix go to (if anyone has recorded this gig, for gods sake tell me!!!) thank you tool

Review written by: snowlover ( Review posted on: 05/30/02 15:07:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

It never really registered what a special show I was in for (when I heard there was no Ozzy) until half way through the show. After rocking for 45 minutes, they slowed it down and some people who didn't know the music started to leave. Those who stayed and didn't know Tool became mesmerized. As the sky darkened, the video and music both came even more to life. When each song ended, you could hear the genuine appreciation in the applause. New Tool fans. When Maynard mentioned how everyone staying (without Ozzy) reminded them of why they play - it was recognition of the mood in which they played. Their artistic talent went beyond what I had ever seen before in a way I can only hope I can re-experience somewhere else. I left with such a positive feeling in a wave of people leaving all smiling, all overcome by the experience. Unbelievable. Glad Ozzy is back on his feet, but for those who were lucky enough to be in Dublin without Ozzy, it was a blessing in disguise.

Review written by: Jim O'Rourke ( Review posted on: 06/02/02 12:43:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

What can I say? Absolutely unbelievable! I waited for so long for this concert, and the almighty Tool didn't disappoint once. They were perfect. Perfect performance, perfect visuals, perfect atmosphere. Highlights: Grudge, Ticks + Leeches, Stinkfist, Lateralus. Even he low hum at the start was great, when the mind- blowing projections started. For the whole concert, I was caught up completely in the music. Sang my lungs out, especially during Ticks and Lateralus. It was so fucking good, I could have cried. The only downside was that they didn't play for longer. I mean, Ozzy cancelled! So that should have given Tool 2 more hours to play around with! There's always room for Aenima, Prison Sex, 46+2 etc. But that's not really much of complaint, is it?! As someone else posted, you haven't lived until you've seen Tool live. I've now decided to go to the States for the upcoming tour. Expensive, but SO worth it. Thank you so much, Maynard, Justin, Adam and Danny. Jim

Review written by: François ( Review posted on: 06/02/02 16:40:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I've known Tool for quite a short time, since i can't stop listenning to their songs. i looked forward to hear what it was like live... That's what made me come back from France to bump into my friends in ireland and i really don't regret this trip. this concert was a real discovery of a unique universe created by these four guys. I had never lived such an experience made of music and was really unexpected and awesome! Reflection with john from system of a down sound mad, most of the songs of lateralus were played... they should have play a few more songs from aenema Not long enough to my mind... i look forward to see them again!

Review written by: Tom L. ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 17:13:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Amazing Show - Excellent Vibe from the band and the crowd. They fed off of each other perfectly. I was actually surprised to hear them perform Opiate towards the end. It was great that they threw in a few older songs which coincided with songs from Lateralus. You were able to compare and see just how much they evolved. Seeing them perform the song Lateralus live blew me away. Carry kept the beat with excellent precision. I'll never forgot though when they played Stinkfist, halfway through the song they threw in a few measures from H. for a split second. It mixed perfectly. It was a great Ozzfest (Ozzless) even without Ozzy himself and Tool made the whole thing worth it.