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Review written by: Jamie (
Review posted on: 05/29/02 16:03:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 27.5 Tool show

hay all Intro Grudge Parobla Schism [long] Stinkfist [extended, stiks] Ticks and Leeches Disposition Reflection Triad [with dave lambardo from slayer] Laterlaluas wow, I must have been yourning for this after missing Ireland. What a show, the crowd went absolutly nuts throught the whole show, it was amazing to see. The city was kool 2. Tonight maynard moved around more than ever, rewally feeding off the crowd, thrusting himself to the music., a lot more than prevous shows. He sang ticks and leaches out on his patform and it seems he is signing through a guiter, well his headless guitar !! Every other time they have played it he has done it neeling down but tonight he stood up, WOW Ok, ill let the locals fill u in on the details as my 15 mins is running out and i want to see the end of Ozzy c u in Prauge Jamie

Review written by: DKdent ( Review posted on: 05/29/02 18:43:22 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Nice to see them again in Poland. Setlist is above so... Just say my own eyes experiance. For a first time Tool in Poland at so big place as "Spodek" is.. but I expected someting more... better sound I think and.. longer show.. Reading past reviews it seems that Tool playd shorter than there... anyway.. It was great!... Two big sreens above scene... and )standard) one behind Maynard. There was no break for Parabola video... but Triad..... wordless... beautiful is not enought... OK.. I going sleep now... PS. Here would be link for some pictures but I forgot batteries for my camera.. grrr... :( Bye DKdent

Review written by: Stink ( Review posted on: 05/30/02 08:11:55 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

The show was shorter than last two shows in Poland, but we know why (ozzy! ozzy ! ;) It was shorter, but tighter and very powerful, the songs were almost leading one into another (what in fact happened in Disposition/Reflection/Triad)... Maynard was feeling good he spoke a lot as for him ;) The set was good, i won't give complaints like some bastards who were screaming sober befeore lateralus (stupid morons go play sober on your cd), the definitely highlights were Ticks & Leeches as I didn't hear it before, Extended Schism and Stinkfist, and last but not least TRIAD - triad was amazing, with slayer drummer coming along it was the most powerful song in this set ... it was hard to play anything after the disp/refl/triad suite what could satysfy (maybe sober would satisfy some of them ;>), but ending lateralus was as always a great song to hear... i hope that it would stay a concert classic for the next tours. Thank you again tool and see you next time :)

Review written by: DipBrat ( Review posted on: 05/31/02 04:21:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Great show by Tool at the Spodek. I was really surprised by the addition of Ticks and Leeches to their setlist because I heard they don't play that one often (becuase the screaming hurts Maynard's voice). I was disappointed by the length of their setlist... I would have rather cut off the two opening bands (I didn't arrive in time to hear Anti-Product, but Decapitated was just plain shit) so that Tool could have played more. I suppose it just seemed short because Tool's music took me on such a ride (the crowd took me on quite a ride, too... although the guards were real dicks when it came to crowdsurfing... I got pulled out and slammed into the floor by them a few times :) The stage effects were much better than the June 2001 show in Warsaw; very trippy. The Spodek was a great place for Tool to play in because it's built like a flying saucer so it kind of complements the extra-terrestrial/UFO/occult theme that surrounds the band. Cheers Tool for a great show!

Review written by: PALUCH ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 10:43:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

This was my first Tool show and for shure it wasn't the last one. It was really amazing experience! Have you got photos or mpeg files from this concert? If yes-please mail me.

Review written by: ghetto blaster master ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 14:34:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

A mnie w tym roku kurwa nie bylo na ozzfescie huj wam wszystkim w dupe!

Review written by: stren ( Review posted on: 06/06/02 08:18:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 2 Tool show

Tool rules.I wish they played longer like in Warsaw last year. The set list was ok but I would prefer more Aenema songs. I was exatic to hear Ticks&Leeches at last.I was there with my best pal(it was his first Tool concert) and we made a promise to see Tool as many times as we could.