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Review written by: toolio (
Review posted on: 05/31/02 15:11:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 11 Tool show


Review written by: evan ( Review posted on: 05/31/02 17:58:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show


Review written by: let me hear you bounce with me ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 18:10:25 ET

This was this reviewer's 420 Tool show

no the version of pushit was only an hour long. the other hour maynard stripped to nothing and pretended to play the guitar with his penis...then they played maynards dick (a very appropriate song...the he thanked fred durst for inspiration to write the following song...which was jerk off...then they broke into hooker with a penis, and then they tooka break. during the break they played the new eminem video "without me" and the crowd laughed. after the break aenema broke out without warning...crowd loved it. during the learn to swim part maynard changed the words to learn to scream, and after the song he explained that he was in the mood of an axe murderer and wanted to pretend that he was listening to people scream. very wacked out. and then they played you lied, which maynad ascribed to his mother. then they left but came back for an encore, which was... .................flood intro (drums and cymbals) into third eye. then maynard said it was time to go home to smoke weed and trip on ketamine, and thanks to the crowd. overall great show, very unique. and no one better respond to tell me that im an asshole because all this actually happened

Review written by: RuuDD ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 18:20:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Tool was greta again... first the setlist: The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist (extended) Parabola Schism (extended) Fortysix & 2 Ticks & Leeches Triad (with Mike Bordin AND Dave Lombardo) Opiate (extended) Lateralus Maynard was all painted grey and red, his rightside grey with red points on it and his leftside red with grey points. This concert was definitely the best of the day and after Tilburg last year the best I've ever seen of them. The wheather was beautiful and they were the highlight of the day together with Within Temptation. See you next time guys! You Rock!

Review written by: marijuanaflavoredmusic ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 18:24:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 987 Tool show

no the version of pushit only lasted for one hour...then they played hooker with a penis, during which maynard stripped butt naked, and when the song was over he said "id like to dedicate this next song to the man who gave me inspiration to sing it tonight" then the played jerk off. then they went to break, duing which the new eminem video "without me" was played, and the crowd laughed. then after the break they busted into aenema, and during the "learn to swim" part he said "learn to scream". after the song ended he explained this by saying that he felt like pretending to be an axe murderer and he wanted to hear people scream. then they broke into a rendition of staind's its been a while, but all the lyrics were changed, one line stands out: "its been a while, since i heard music on the radio that didnt suck donkey balls" another good one was "its been a while, since fred durst has fucked eminems mother" it was classic. then the finale was the flood intro (before justins bass line comes) into you lied, which maynard said was about his mother. then they left, came back for a one song encore, which was a 35 minute combnation of third eye mixed with the gaping lotus experience. very weird but very cool overall great show!!! not what i was expecting but good nonetheless

Review written by: Ronny ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 18:30:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Yeah, this was my first show (missed Groningen by a split second). And it was great. Maynard was painted in orange (pretty popular color in the Netherlands) and light-brown. He was in a pretty good shape. It started with a long intro. Followed by The Grudge and Stinkfist. Can't remember the others yet, too much beer etc. But nobody will forget the extended version of Ticks And Leeches! There was also a long drum solo, three drummers were involved, it was a very long and by far the best i've ever heard. The crowd went completly nuts! Great show! HQ recordings were made by a group of people from the UK, the played some samples way back home in the train. They were (very :)) drunk.

Review written by: Ronny ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 18:31:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Yeah, this was my first show (missed Groningen by a split second). And it was great. Maynard was painted in orange (pretty popular color in the Netherlands) and light-brown. He was in a pretty good shape. It started with a long intro. Followed by The Grudge and Stinkfist. Can't remember the others yet, too much beer etc. But nobody will forget the extended version of Ticks And Leeches! There was also a long drum solo, three drummers were involved, it was a very long and by far the best i've ever heard. The crowd went completly nuts! Great show! HQ recordings were made by a group of people from the UK, the played some samples way back home in the train. They were (very :)) drunk.

Review written by: moriningstar ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 18:45:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

the setlist posted by ruud was correct as far as i can remember. It was a great show on a sunny day. probably because of the sun they couldn't project video feeds and perhaps that was why maynard was pretty active dancing and moving. dave lombardo took a bow before mjk before coming on stage for triad with mike bordin, afterwards maynard said it was "allways a pleasure never a chore" and made some joke about lombardo and bordin being called the ? twins and having an autoparts shop somewhere which was doing pretty well.. It seemed like lateralus was shortened a bit ( could be my imagination though) but it was a great show and the band were very generous to the crowd with contact and thanks,

Review written by: super_judge23 ( Review posted on: 06/01/02 19:04:49 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

This was the worst Tool show i've ever seen. The first 4 songs, the sound quality wasn't good at all, later on, it became better. They played ticks and leeches, and an old one (forgot the title), but not Sober as they did in Antwerp. Maynard was willing to speak to the adience and Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and Ozzy's drummer (ex-Faith no more) played on Triad. The rest of the setlist was o.k. Good show, too many mistakes to make it real good.

Review written by: trivirgatus ( Review posted on: 06/02/02 03:24:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 8th Tool show

maynard in grey and red bodypaint and acting like a funky monkey, for a festival it was a good show, i loved it, and so did the crazy stoned drunk and motherfucking WICKED hot crowd. grudge stinkfist (nice version) parabola (pain is an illusion, yeah rite, get a fucking life) schism 46&2 ticks and leeches (maynard with an effect machnine) triad opiate lateralus i have pictures hahaha SEE YOU SOON

Review written by: Thijs ( Review posted on: 06/02/02 04:55:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Just be be sure here is the setlist once again, the true one as posted here before. The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist (extended) Parabola Schism Fortysix & 2 Ticks & Leeches Triad (with Mike Bordin AND Dave Lombardo) Opiate) Lateralus Well this was the 4th time in one year for me te see Tool, but the first time by daylight, which made it a new experience for me still. I was a very good show once again. Maynard in grey/orange painting looked COOL! Must say the setlist suited me just right. In the last 3 shows i still hadn't heart "46& 2" and "ticks & Leeches" and Tool gave me exactly that. Ok, and now we wait for a new album or/and tour to come!!

Review written by: erik ( Review posted on: 06/02/02 05:27:04 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

this show was soo great, especially Maynard was absolutely great moving around very much, in Groningen he was alot more boring. the sound was ok and so was the setlist, but I couldn't really care what they played, because the concert was fucking great anyhow. First I was very much up front and I couldn't see danny at all and maynard not all the time because of the high stage and the amplifiers. So then I moved back a little and I had a very great view, also at Ticks & Leeches were I could see Maynard very well, and he was singing through some sort of device and then through his headless bass guitar. Danny was also great of course especially during Forty Six & 2 with a very great drum solo. And then came Mike Bordin on stage to play Triad of course and then a little later Dave Lombardo ALSO came on stage and it seemed that they were also having a great time. In the middle of the song they changed drumsets which was very funny, even Maynard had a smile on his face. And another highlight was maynard's singing during the Grudge, because he was singing while he was moving very much and then came his great perfect long scream which was really really long. It was just a perfect show even the best I have seen ever (well I haven't seen a lot of shows in my quite short life but I can tell you that this topped the Groningen show, it was only to bad that they didn't have play as long as then and that they didn't have the big screen in the back (but they did show the images on the festival monitor)). thank you tool for a great show and thank you ozzy for a very great day!!!

Review written by: ro ( Review posted on: 06/02/02 08:15:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Ozzfest was okay, not so many cool bands, but one.. and we all know which one. now don't we! Damn, I was waiting for TOOL the whole day, especially while the most bands sucked real time. I even couldn't get my hands together for Slayer, which everyone seem to like these days... fuck it.. it't TOOLTIME! (hey tim!) Tanx to the sun (!), no video display but the ones on the TV screens near the stage. But then again, to much sun to watch tv... so better watch TOOL ... Or should I say watch that freakin' Maynard. Yes, this time he finally came up with a desent act. All dressed up in Orange & Grey he moved like he was possesed by Ozzy himself. It was cool to finally see him having pleasure again during their performance. The groningen gig (a month ago) was too much of a routine job.. so it seemed. The setlist posted before is correct, so no time wasted on typing it again (but I do remember the whole list.. ) I was VERY pleasured hearing Ticks 'n leeches!!! I had read some reviews from their previous shows, saying this song was done live so I was not really surprised they did it on ozzfest! but man!! Maynard strutting his stuff through a little toy, screaming it live into the pick-ups of his guitar... very cool (sounded very distorted and gated... and freaky!) Some assholes in the crowd where throwing beer the whole show, and when we finally said something of it we got in a fight. . . but ofcourse I was standing in a REAL tool-fan crowd, so the incedent was smothered by other fans who helped us out. thanx friends, and fuck you assholes! Oh, the triad thing with mike and dave whas nice, too bad their rotos (toms that can but tuned by rotating them) where not amplified enough... :( Nuff said, tool rocked, I had a good time, and so did others. ro. (ps. is it me, or did ozlzy suck big time?!)

Review written by: Shadow ( Review posted on: 06/02/02 10:44:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

The first couple of songs were exactly the same as in Groningen so i was getting scared they'd play nothing new, thank someone they didn't. I was really glad to see 46&2 one of my favorites and it was awesome ! Ticks and Leeches was (of course also good, very weird voice distortion but nice, something different. Then Opiate, totaly unexpected, not that it was done bad, but it's just not my song. Great drumming, but Triad was better in Groningen. And I think i would have liked it better without the sunlight, there were no lighteffects at all, and you couldn't get a good look at the tv screen, but even if you were able to see it, it was too far away from the band, so you'd have to choose. Anyway it was a good overall show (especially for a festival) but i thought Groningen was a lot better. They were definetly teh best band, but i enjoyed watching Ozzy as well and Within Temptation as well. I was curious to see Slayer and they're not as bad as i thought, but where did the evolution of their fans stop?

Review written by: yeah it rocked ( Review posted on: 06/02/02 15:40:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

"Good Evening, we're tool", maynard said after the grudge. This was the first time i saw TOOL playing live. When there weren't any screens on stage i started to worry a bit, that they wouldn't use screens or something, but then when adam jones came up with his sunglasses and maynard in orange and grey the worry was all over, i saw that they didn't use ONE light, they left all the lights off they just used the sun :-) there was a screen next to the stage on the left side but the sun was shining on that and you couldn't see much of it so i just watched maynard do his dance on his little stage. ;-) THe sound was REALLY good, i could hear everything, and i think maynard was really in to it cause he moved alot and he "danced" alot, i was standing really good, not so far away and right in the center. i expected the first few songs, (the grudge,schism,parabola,stinkfist) but then...... i heard the drums and it was like the best thing i've ever heard, TICKS & LEECHES. it was really great, and also 46&2,opiate, wich i didn't expect too. and triad with ozzy's drummer and slayer's drummer sounded really cool.Maynard introduced them with a joke i can't remember what he said exactly. and then lateralus, it was so good to hear it but so bad to know that this was the last song. after the song, he thanked the crowd and they had a group hug, maynard went off his little stage and threw bottles of water into the crowd, and Danny Carrey threw his drumsticks into the crowd(MAn i wish i catched them) was over, i almost had to cry but it was also one of the best feelings i ever had, tool they rocked bigtime, it was one of the greatest things i have ever seen in my life!

Review written by: Daniel van Os ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 03:11:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 9th Tool show

A lot of firsts for my ninth Tool show! And this was very welcome after the Groningen gig. It was the first time I saw Tool in the open air, it was the first time I saw them play Ticks and Leaches, it was the first I didn't see them play Sober (as a matter of fact, not a single song from Undertow), it was the first time I saw more than 5 people on stage (the previous record was 5 at Lowlands 1993 when Zack from Rage joined them). And the first time I saw Maynard in the gray/orange paintjob :) Danny Carey, Dave Lombardo and Mike Bordin playing together, wow! I only watched Slayer for a while to see Dave, had I known Dave would join Tool, I could have saved the trouble :) Maynard said something like: "These were Dave and Mike, formerly from the Thompson twins." He said something more but I couldn't figure it out. (Currently they are looking for a chance to play as an opening act for the Chino and the Deftones? mwah, probably not even close) This was about everything Maynard had to say, apart from "Good evening, this is Tool" Great I think and very Maynard, "This is Tool", not "We are Tool." All day long the focus of the sound seemed to be on the vocals and this was not different for Tool. I've been at a few shows where Adam's guitar nearly drowned the vocals, but this time Maynard was on top. As for the visuals, I found it great that the video screen was not on stage. In Groningen I was distracted by it too much. The setting sun made Maynard's colors come out very well. Next time, it will be my 10th Tool show, I'll try to bring "vlaai" for the people who know me :)

Review written by: Triangles ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 04:16:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 4th Tool show

Hope I can clear up some confusion. Maynard indeed said that Mike and Dave were formerly of some twin duo, but had now opened up an autoshop (audioshop?) in Encino, which was working out very well for them. Encino is 20 minutes of strip mall hell somewhere between Los Angeles and Ventura. Drive through Encino and you will be surrounded with endless rows of cars patiently awaiting their future masters at crammed car lots. It's creepy, but then again, what about LA is not creepy? Tool certainly is. The show was impressive. Although I thought Adam was not really into it, there was a buzz in the air that made it all worthwhile. It wasn't as picture perfect, just-like-the-album- or-else as I have seen them do before, and that made it all the more enjoyable for me. What I'll tell my grandchildren: Opiate, the 'Triad of percussion' (yes, those drums should have been amplified better), drum sequence in 46&2, no Undertow or Reflection. A silent consensus between everybody there confirmed what many knew before that every other band at the festival paled in comparison to Tool.

Review written by: Nucleos ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 06:23:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Fuckin' great.. again.. Liked the bodypaint, it was orange and grey (some of the people who posted their shit above seem to be coulorblind or something) It was much less quiet in the crowd then in groningen, probably some slayer fans jumping and crowdsurfing around (some fuckers even started to fuck around during the middle piece of schism), but anyway it was great. Highlights were ticks and leeches (with the middle part shortened), triad with lombardo an bodin (who switched drumkits (well, drumkits) some 3 minutes into the song, and lateralus, witch is my favourite song (if i have to pick one) looking forward to the next time, whenever, wherever that may be (holy fuck, I sound like shakara or whatever she's called, .... puke) seeyah

Review written by: Shadow ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 08:42:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Btw, was i just dreaming or did Maynard actually say: "See you again soon"

Review written by: Eric Sanders ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 10:03:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Of course Tool is the best band at the moment and still, I seem not to be able to enjoy their live performances. Maybe it is because I don't like Lateralus as much as earlier work and the concerts are biased to their latest work. Maybe it is because they don't add anything relevant to their concerts. Maynard was funny for 10 seconds and Stinkfist was played in a very nice version, but otherwise they just play their records. Which is undoubtly very clever, but also boring. Sorry to say, but Slayer outperformed Tool big time (imo).

Review written by: Mark olie ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 10:37:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Wow, this was an awsome show, I thought Groningen was a great show.. but then I saw this show and I must say i'm stunned by this performance!! When Slayer stopped, I got myself a beer, and try to move forward in the big crowd, when I found the perfect spot in the middle, I was glad, and thought let the show begin! When the music started, everbody still had to wait another 10 minutes before the bandmembers came on.. First Danny and last Maynard, and then I saw it, maynard looked very happy, and he thought lets give this crowd one hell of a show! Starting of with the grudge, and then played some other songs they play like always.. But wait... WAIT...??? This is the drums of Tick's and leeches!! Yes it was indeed, Tick's and leeches, one of the songs I was dying for to see it in a live-performance.. After tick's there where more suprises for me.. suprises like Mike Bordin, with triad, and 46&2 wich is one of my favorite songs! Conclusion this show was a great show, better than I dare to hope!!! See you soon Tool, next time play third eye!!

Review written by: joost ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 13:39:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Ozzfest in Nymegen was pretty oke. The weather was perfect, the beer also and TOOL was playing great. MJK was painted in red en grey, so different from the blue skin. I was able to take about 40 photo's. For the first time I heard TOOl play Ticks and leeches. MJK said he would never do that song because of the extreme screaming, but he did oke with the help of an special microphone. I got the feeling that TOOl did not fit for OZZFEST. All the other bands are so extreme en blunt and TOOL is playing subtile. I think OZZY is not that relevant. Anyway, I'm lucky that I got the chance to see TOOL 3 times in one year in the Netherlands (Tilburg, Groningen and Nymegen). Hope they continue this worldtour once again (probably not). Happen to see PARABOLA??? see the BOX: clipcode 885. Cheers!

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 06/03/02 16:31:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 22nd Tool show

i´m a bit late this time, but maybe i still can add something to the many reviews already posted. For the whole show, Tool had to face the slowly setting sun directly. Danny and Adam preferred to wear sunglasses, Maynard had his eyes closed, at least he had while he was singing. Maybe the reason for that was the strong sunligt, but maybe it just is his usual way of focusing on the music. Like a blind man is seeing by listening. There is a song by Deep Purple called "When A Blind Man Cries". Maynard made me think of this song somehow, as almost every single moving muscle in his face could be seen. Being able to watch this and his very special, artful (in german i would say "ästhetisch", but i don´t have the english word for that in mind right at the moment) mixture of "surfin" and "table dancin" was absolutely impressive again. For Ticks... he had his six-string hung around his neck while doing his dance and singing through his megaphone (without speaker). The exception was Triad, this song let everybody see a happy Maynard. The six who were onstage for this song were laughing a lot, having fun playing together, Tool absolutely enjoyed having a look at what the two guests did. The song had a length of ca. nine minutes this evening, and Maynard did his introduction: "Mike and Dave, formerly known as the Thompson Twins, currently waiting on their call for the Prince reunion. Meanwhile they have opened up an Auto Supply Store in Encino (?), called Pep Boys. And they are doin´well there." To me this was what made this show special, and i´m already ooking forward to the Zürich show. cu Patrick

Review written by: Dennis van Elswijk ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 13:52:03 ET

This was this reviewer's 5ft Tool show

Ozzfest in Holland. Saw a lot of bands saturday but Tool was really the best !!! Great show. Maynard was paited red/grey and was moving a lot on stage. Triad with Dave Lombardo and Mike Bordin was really a rush !!! And they played Ticks and Leeches which I never saw live before. The best part of teh show for me was Lateralus !! With a wicked Danny on drums. Brilliant !!! What a band !! Hoping to see them soon again in Holland. Groningen was not so good but this one was one of the best shows I have seen of them !!!!