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Review written by: Toolhead (whatever)
Review posted on: 06/03/02 08:13:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 6th Tool show

Typical Tool show. Great, amazing, whatever everyone has always said. Setlist: Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Ticks And Leeches (with new intro) H. Triad Aenema Lateralus

Review written by: bigfan (eh) Review posted on: 06/03/02 08:20:26 ET

This was this reviewer's n/a Tool show

i still think an awesome opener would be Useful Idiot/46&2 Then Grudge and Stinkfist and whatever. and im still pissed that Tool didn't play H or Ticks and Leeches and 46 & 2 in sydney

Review written by: John Doe ( Review posted on: 06/04/02 20:06:41 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Setlist: Grudge Stinkfist (extended) Sober Parabol-a Schism Ticks & Leeches Disposition Reflection Triad AEnema Lateralus Maynard in full blue body paint with the red dots on the head, Danny blowing everyone away (hypnotized crowd through Ticks & Leeches, earned an ovation for the beginning of Reflection). There was a bit of one of the AEnima fillers (Ions or Useful Idiot) before Stinkfist. It rained through most of the show, which gave an extra boost to AEnema's lyrics. Videos only kicked in through the middle of The Grudge. Respectful crowd through most of the show, though some idiots started fighting (not moshing, but punching each others brains out) during Schism. weird people. Quotes from Maynard: "I know it's cold and wet, but it would be better for us if you took off all your clothes." "This is now our favorite place to play" (before starting Lateralus) Was part of OzzFest, but Ozzy didn't play (Jubilee, England), so it was kind of a ToolFest, really. Cheers

Review written by: guru Reviewer ( Review posted on: 06/04/02 23:50:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st Tool show

fuck you ozzys guitarist.

Review written by: filinsane ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 04:54:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

First of all a message to all Tool fans that went to the show: Grande concerto já esperava algo grandioso, mas desta maneira parecia-me impossível. Tenho pena daqueles que não puderam ir. And now back to English. The show was great the setlist is already stated above. I think it's impossible to feel the intensity of a Tool show in any other show, because these guys fu**** rule. By the way, thank you Ozzy for not coming this way we could see more Tool. Bye we'll miss until you come back.

Review written by: zoom ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 09:43:40 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Yes, fuck him.... (this goes to Ozzys guitarist), Fuck them all... (from fan that will never see now Tool in Zurich), at least not for a next 2 or more years.. Once again .. fuck them all! ... I was planning this for over a month, and now nothing...

Review written by: PooLShaRk ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 10:06:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

hi all, John already posted the setlist and said pretty much what went on in this memorable night in Restelo. hope to see Tool again in the near future. i simply loved it.

Review written by: Tiago Lourenço ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 11:08:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First of all, as a Tool fan, thank you Ozzy for not showing up. We had aenema and sober. Probably we wouldn't see one or both of these songs in a regular Ozzfest show. 2nd, I understand all of the fans who were waiting for Tool and won't see it because Ozzfest was cancelled. We were so lucky to see Tool live in Portugal for 1 1/2 hour. It was the most amazing concert of my life. The setlist was The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist (ext) Parabol Parabola Schism small intro of Merkaba Sober Ticks and Leeches (a little bit shorter) Disposition Reflection Triad (without additional drummer) Lateralus Tool reject individualism completely. They entered at the same time on stage, they hugged in the end of the concert and Maynard was in the back of the stage all the time (blue- painted body with red dots on head), in front of a video screen, producing very interesting effects with the shape of his body like a shadow in the screen. 2 more video screen projected images the whole time, images that were related to the shape and rhythm of the songs. As Justin had said before, all our senses were bombed yesterday. And the band itself... They are all amazing. Justin was really having a good time, Adam was very focused, and Danny was amazing. Danny Carey is the best drummer I have seen live. He is intense, has a wonderful coordination, and he is so quick. Always changing the rhythm, always adding lots of effects, filling up the sound... All of this is done with a fantastic precision. All of them were great, but Danny is something really incredible. However, it is great to see that, in spite of having such good executants, Tool work as a unique entity. All are playing for the song. It is really hard, with such skilled musicians, to have a band where the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Tool have accomplished that on record and did it also yesterday, live in Lisbon. Thank you.

Review written by: fruition ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 14:56:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

hi! I have to tell you how i'm grateful (with all respect) that Ozzy didn't play this evening in Lisbon, all this because it's also the first time for T00L in Portugal and thus their performance was extended to 95 minutes and all this minutes were a constant slap of my senses, a slap of masterful and genius playing. T00L are on a league of their own, currently they have no pears. I would also like to point that one of the songs that left an indelevel mark in my memory was Thicks and Leashes with Maynard singing through a police megafone into the pick- ups of his guitar which distorted his voice into a very beautiful noise. all the band seem in a very good spirit. I knew the pieces fit.

Review written by: IVAL ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 17:27:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

After barely making it through an onslaught of nu-metal all evening long, Tool was nothing short of breathtaking. Although Slayer were, as per usual, convincing, they were preceeded by some of the shittiest bands on earth playing the same 3 chords repeatedly and with vocal ranges comparable to apes...with brooms shoved up their rectums... Thus the euphoric welcome Tool received as they slowly came onstage and kicked straight into The Grudge. I seem to have permanently lost my voice as a result of screaming my head off... and failing miserably. How Maynard does it only God knows. By the time they finished playing The Grudge, Maynard was God. Stinkfist was, as excepted, one of the most popular songs of the night, with the brutal chorus ressonating in anthemic proportions throughout the crowds. The fact many people ignored the existence of the extended live version of the track provided some comedy, as many sung "i'llkeep digging" whilst the band happily played on, but in a completely different direction. Some amounts of confusion ensued with others wondering wether they had drunk too much. Then Maynard got right back into it, and so did everyone else. Priceless. A logical end to a brilliant beginning, Parabol provided a small but necessary rest...and then Parabola set the pace again in an awesome fashion. The absence of large-scale moshing was suprising, but i expect most korn kids who had attended (no doubt anticipating the absolute bollocks that are drowning pool or the hispanic circus trampolin act that are ill nino) were probably either in bed or in the hospital with severe brain damage. Almost like an omen, the end of Parabola (right after Maynard's last lines) it started to rain, which certainly cooled down the enormous amounts of heat generated amongst the crowd. Schism calmed down the public who pretty much just sang along. Needless to say, the accompanying visual effects were tantilizing. I particularly remember being stunned at the end of Schism, were the band seemed to be engulfed in flames. Next up was Sober. Great rendition of a classic track, i think many of the present didn't fully appreciate the tracks worth. Far beyond Aenima's acclaim or Lateralus' popularity, most of the older tracks remain relatively unknown amongst portuguese fans. Not that it spoiled the song in anyway, but i did feel the Sober had more potential. This however is opinion, and the fact i got clobbered in the head by an ugly metalhead with severe hygiene problems during parabola means i'm blatantly biased. Ticks and Leeches was... nice. I'd never heard it live before, and thought they it was the only song on Lateralus they didn't play. General amusement and confusion around Maynard's instrument. I had never heard of it before. Then came the Lateralus trio: Disposition, Reflection and Triad. Very nice. Very pyschadelic. Triad in particular was truly transcedant. Again, the huge synergy between the band and the audience was apparent as people emulated Carrey's amazing tribal beats by clapping perfectly in tune. Think 70's classic prog rock. Think Floyd. Think Zeppelin. Visually stimualting and musically inspiring, this was Tool pushing us to another dimension. Everyone was completely immersed. I truly believe that with such uniquely talented artists and awe- inspiring visuals, the only way my perception could truly absorb all that was going on was to perceive it all as a whole, as one. And this was becoming one fuck of a show. With the rain setting in once more, Tool played Aenema. While swimming wasn't exactly necessary, im sure everyone felt pretty blessed when their prayers for rain where answered. Another highlight of the evening was Maynard stating that Lisbon was now there favorite place to play. Maybe he did exaggerate, but that is still no understatement. A worthy reward to a very involved crowd. Lateralus ensued, as did the chants and the occasional jumping and headbanging. Maybe Tool's greatest merit was bringing together completely different people. Drowning Pool and Slayer fans. WOW. Maybe its being uniquely original creative and effective. Probably its giving "thanks from everyone in the ozzfest (for coming) - Tool and Slayer" blatantly ignoring all the other bands. I was dissapointed the concert was so short, but i got my tickets worth. I expected a few more songs from aenima. They didn't play prison sex or opiate. However, i would be an extremely arrogant short- sighted selfish git if i were to complain. Tool worked on some many levels. In so many ways. Through so many mediums. Effortlessly. Convincingly. Perfectly.

Review written by: EnTwInEd ( Review posted on: 06/07/02 16:22:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

rainy day...kittie..drowning pool..slayer..well..they could name the festival "the bands that i don't like fest" ..well..the day sucked as was raining pretty heavily when i left home and when i got the stadium it was even worse,either way i knew that tool will not play until 22 o'clock so i decided 2 get high..and drink ..altough i would have 2 say that 7 hours with heavy rain getting' all over you is really really really shitty and i didnt have the chance 2 enjoy my "high" state of mind ..i guess ir's impossible 2 get high when there's more water on your body than on your beer can..well..i spent the day with friends that i didn't see 4 a long time ...they where really cool 2 me ..cause they knew how much that gig was important 2 me. well now right 2 the was 21:45 when they entered the stage with an amazing sound that i've heard before in some bootleg ..and by that time i realized that all the hours where worth spent . The grudge - man..that was just wonderful..when maynard sang 4 the 1st time it hit me like nothin' had hit me be4..the show had begun Stinkfist-this is probably one of my fav's from they add and odd "thing" be4 the "i'll keep diggin' (..)" part and that was REALLY cool Sober-a classic tool song ..altough i have 2 tell the doesn't hit me that much...personally i would change it 2 pushit ..but.. Parabola-it was just SO great...when that main riff was played my heart started bumpin' really hard..i looked at my friends..they looked at was just S P E C I A L.. Schism-during all the song i was just lookin' at the giant screens on the stage..i was static..i couldn't even make a sound..pure magic..sad part is that on the last bit of the song ppl starting moshin' pretty heavily ..that pissed me off badly..those sick slayer fans deserve a nice cool kick in the head ..but i'm not about 2 wast my time Ticks - a suprise 4 me..i heard that maynard didn't play it live very often cause everytime he does he get's is voice all sour and murky ..and i didn't want that 2 happen ..but then i notice that he had some strange device that gave is voice a really cool was perfect..and he didn't damaged his voice..:o) Disposition-when they played it i was not really lookin' at the stage ..cause i was helping a friend of mine making a joint..altough i looked at the stage at some point..and i saw the rain..the stage...maynard "dancing"...just beautiful Reflection-this was probably the most beautiful moment of the show 4 the part when maynard sings "(..) we are all one mind (..)" i swear i saw maynard lifting is hand at the same time as me i crazy or what? i don't think so cause a friend of mine watched the whole thing and smiled at the most wicked smiles i ever saw Triad-i was totally absorberd by the excellency of the band when they played "triad" i looked at the whole crowd and they were static just lookin' at the stage..the SAME crowd that was moshing 2 schism..the SAME crowd that enjoyed kittie (lol) and slayer (LOL) were now totally in2 triad..... Aenema-A giant masterpice..when maynard sang "i'm prayn' 4 rain" i was hoping he sang somethin' diferent since it was raining since 3:00 pm..either was just awesome Lateralis-Probably my fav tool song..when i eard the 1st chords i was like "oh's the end..but it's my fav tool song" kind of like..mixed was weird..there's somethin' really special in this song that particular moment when maynard sings "following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been" i was sure that me and almost everybody was it a tear in the eye..just so intense...that i can't describe ps-i'm not used 2 type such long "messages" in english pardon me

Review written by: Diogo ( Review posted on: 06/08/02 18:57:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Just wanted to say you played one of the biggest "things" i ever saw in my life,cause i can't call that a concert,what you guys do is from a whole different world and it's amazing...the level you're in leaves no room for comparsions and makes us all feel blessed we're here to see it.I trully loved it.I'm still a bit numb so probably won't make much sense,but here goes:you guys thanked the audience by saying this was your favourite place to play,and i guess you were being sincere,but still i can't help it..i feel sad.The crowd was really down,maybe exausthed by the whole Ozzfest thing and didn't really,in my opinion responded to you guys..not in the way you deserved at least! I clapped as hard as i could but it was roughly enough:( So,on behalf of Portugal i apologize and sincerely wish you come back,many times..Oh!and Maynard..forget Ozzy!!!!I came to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope you guys get a chance (i know it's one in a million but..) to read this cause it would mean a lot for many people who were there last night and didn't feel like you were being apreciated!!!So sorry......thank you very much..thanks for Tool,THANKS FOR EXISTING!!! I prayed for rain..and you came:)

Review written by: Rui ( Review posted on: 06/09/02 09:20:34 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Great!!! Just great!!! Just like everyone wished for!! Tool played a flawless set, mostly drawn from "Lateralus", winning over most of the 10,000 fans present, even though it rained cats and dogs throughout most of the day! Opening with the monstruous "The Grudge", Tool rapidly received the "Best Band of the Day" accolade, without breaking much of a sweat. It even enticed some idiots who went there for Ill Nino or Drowning Pool to do some major crowd surfing. Next up, (-) Ions (about half-a-minute of it) gave way to a tremendous rendition of "Stinkfist" (with extended bit in the middle). Things down in the front were getting pretty rough, due to crushing. Thank God for the drizzle that kept pouring down, otherwie things would have gotten a whole lot hotter... After Stinkfist, came my favourite song(s) of the day, "Parabol/Parabola". Just beautiful. Perfect! Then came the only song of the night pre-1996, "Sober". I was kind of raring to hear some more from "Undertow" and "Aenima", since Tool had never played before in Portugal, but... "Sober" more than made me happy!! Then came a thunderous "Ticks and Leeches" (complete with police megaphone and vocal chord-wrenching growling), followed by the most calm bit of the evening: "Disposition", "Reflection" and "Triad". I must say, these were the most poorly received songs of the set, due to the fact that they're almost instrumental and not that well- known to the majority of the audience. Having said that, they were still great!! Of course, after this triumvirate, "Aenema" was received rapturously!!! Amazing!!! The whole crowd singing as one. Maynard ended the song saying "this is now officially our favourite place to play" to massive roars from the audience. After an exhausting set filled with rain, stage front crushing and crowd surfers landing on my head, Tool sent everybody home happy with a great run through "Lateralus", ensuring that the merchandise stalls would do well in the end of the evening. The show was awesome, easily the best I've seen. Maynard's stage presence, the amazing performance of the band, the video projections... I just hope they don't take long to get back to their favourite place to play!!!

Review written by: don65 ( Review posted on: 06/12/02 17:49:35 ET

This was this reviewer's 6st? Tool show

TRICKEY fucking sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!