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Review written by: toke-inator (if you dont smoke weed you
Review posted on: 06/03/02 19:15:15 ET

This was this reviewer's tool Tool show

setlist: 1. useful idiot 2. 46&2 3. grudge 4. you lied. 5. h. 6. bottom 7. ticks and leeches 8. disposition 9. reflection break 10. flood 11. triad 12. aenema 13. undertow 14. lateralus what a show best setlist ive ever seen at a tool show. only thing missing was third eye but you cant have everything i guess. maynard commented on how this crowd was a lot less stupid then most that hes had becuase they seemed to absorb the music instead of moshing to it. he was wearing boxers and his face was painted red. but im still mystified at how good of a setlist we got. i dont think it can ever be matched.

Review written by: m.e (oh my god) Review posted on: 06/05/02 02:46:21 ET

This was this reviewer's n/a Tool show

is that setlist for real? THATS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review written by: scott ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 18:41:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

of course it's not real u retard...look at the date it was posted...2 days before the show actually took place...fuck i hate these losers with their fake setlists...

Review written by: el tercer ojo de iván ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 21:11:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

anyway, the real setlist: the grudge stinkfist useful idiot/46 & 2 parabola schism h. sober disposition/reflection --- parabol/parabola video --- triad opiate lateralus the venue sounded like shit.. most people were heckler morons.. i missed some songs.. but the band was great..

Review written by: No room ( Review posted on: 06/05/02 23:27:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Amazing. Perfect combination of audio and video. Almost perfect setlist (i missed Pushit and Third Eye). Each one of the guys had it's own space and all of them were astounding! Now i know Carey is some kind of outer dimension creature. He could have played alone and it would still have been an unforgettable experience. Maynard is another weird-as-hell character up there in front of the screen. Is that voice real? Justin really surprised me, as i didn't appreciate his work as it deserves on the album. Most of the "soundscapes" were his!!! Really a must see. And mr Jones doesn't need to use demonic scales or any flashy lick... With a couple of $%&ing notes he rips you apart. I will always remember his two(?) minutes long "solo" section. He kept the thrill alive all the way. Then the "parabola" video... It made the audience really nervous.... One of the greatest shows i've ever seen. An awesome experience. After the encores, the full band thanked the audience and made a football-like hug. In the middle of that i swear i saw Maynard throwing his hand towards Justin's balls as a funny (no pun) fellowship signal. Unforgettable.

Review written by: NYOTO ( Review posted on: 06/06/02 06:48:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I think it was a great experience for all the spanish fans that had been waiting for so long for Tool to play in our country. In my opinion, the audience were really excited most of the time, singing and moving, except when they took a break and repeated the Parabola song with the Parabol introduction, but this time the version from the CD and with the video on the screen. I believe that it would be better if they played another song with another video instead of repeating Parabola. Maynard was almost naked, painted on blue or grey with some dots on his head. His voice was superb, maybe with some addded effects sometimes. He was standing on the back of the stage, making some curious effects with his strange shadow movements on the screen. However, i would have prefered that he moved to the front of the stage to feel the crowd and (re?)discover communicacion with the spanish fans. He just said a few words during the show... Adam was very skillful all the time, on the left part, and Justin was really fast with the bass. Danny is definitely one of the best drummers in the world and he had the help of another percusionist for the song Triad. Anyway, the music was superb all the time. My favorite songs yesterday were H, Lateralis and 46&2. I only really missed Pushit, Aenema, Eulogy, Third Eye or Prision Sex, but the performance lasted about two hours and we can not ask for much more. At the end of, they threw some things to the people and they greeted us while we applauded and thanked them. On short, they were very proffesional, as all they do, and we just can wait for the next time they feel like or decide to come to Spain. As they probably could see yesterday (the place was full of people and the tickets were sold out almost two months before the show), they have an important group of fans also in Spain and i hope they will come soon again. Thanks Tool!

Review written by: CuNNiLiNGuS ( Review posted on: 06/06/02 15:58:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Simplesmente genial.... Thank you Tool, for the experience...

Review written by: Insomnio ( Review posted on: 06/06/02 19:38:57 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I'm not going to post the setlist, somebody already did that. But I have to say I disagree with all the people who've posted their reviews. Tool is one of my favorite bands ever, and there's nothing I wanted more, had waited for so long, than seeing Tool live. But the show wasn't at all that great show people say. First, what's that talk about perfect combination of video and music? It was all video!!! Adam and Justin didn't move from their places, and Maynard disappointed me. My idea is a rock concert is the occasion when the band and his audience confront, enjoy each other. The artist goes and brings something new, something unique. Every concert should be new, and not the exact reproduction of what is in the record, as Tool did in Madrid. You could close your eyes and imagine you were in your room, playing their records fucking loud. Only in Triad they improvised a bit. I must admit, though, that Sober was amazing, that was what I expected from them. But let's go to the point. Why the fuck did Maynard stay in front of the fucking screen?? We couldn't see him until the end of the show. The only thing you could see of him was the fucking shadow. I felt the same as if he had played with his back turned on the audience. The sound of the venue, as someone said before me, was awful. Don't believe I didn't enjoy the show. I did, but not as much as I expected from Tool. Maynard behaved like a diva, and that's what he's becoming. I understand him being hostile to the press, but why to his audience? If he doesn't want an audience, I recommend him to go, and sing in the shower. The best member was Danny, amazing drumming. Of course, all of them played great, and Maynard's voice was in full shape. But playing live is doing more than reproducing the songs you've already heard in the record. Of course, the songs are just great, and that's the main reason why I still enjoyed the show. Maynard, take the fucking paint off of your face and face the fact that you shouldn't become a diva. Face your audience and stop playing those videos. The videos are a fine piece of art, but I didn't pay to watch videos!!!!!!! I played to see you, and not a bunch of statues that treated us like we are disposable morons.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 06/07/02 15:22:21 ET

Anyone with a bootleg copy of this show e-mail equipment did not work right......peace

Review written by: hernimus ( Review posted on: 06/07/02 17:02:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

When it started the first grudge riffs you knew that was gonna be something different. the crowd was completly emotive, and seeing Maynard making karate-dance or whatever it was ,made everybody feel adrenalynic. The show was almost perfect. Maynard sang as well as he knows,and i bet he shouted as loud as he can do. But what surprised me was Danny.i knew he was a great drummer, but seeing him in concert is something i canīt describe.heīs wild, i think no one can play as hard as he does.Itīs incredible he didnīt need to move not a simple milimmeter to play as he did.The best of the show. Bassist and guitar were incredible too(sorry but i was shocked by danny at drums, so i canīt go further than that). And now im gonna explain why i say almost perfect. The idea of Maynard looking like a shadow inside the pictures was great, but i think that everybody would have thanked an inesperated jump out of the screen, in the 4th or 5th song. He was too distant to the audience. The sound was no incredibly good, but i think that in Madrid itīs too difficult to get better results in that point. And now the thing y liked less: the parabol-a video. in my opinion it would have kept better the rage and empathy a standard break.i prefer to wait ten minutes with the noise the crowd generated than a video. Fortunately, i entered easily in the concert again with triad(great!), but some of my friends were really fucked with that stop. And another bad thing: no petitions. Iīm seeing that i find more negative points than positive, but i donīt mind, it was an incredible concert, and if i could i would go a hundred times again

Review written by: eulogy46and2 ( Review posted on: 06/10/02 17:46:03 ET

This was this reviewer's ---- Tool show

This is not an official review, but just a sum of grievances. All you dickass bastards out there writing bullshit reviews, grow a social life and move the fuck on with yourselves. You are unappreciated, lowly, filthy mockeries of tool fans. the dregs of an on-line community attempting to communicate a common bond. Apparently you've not internalized the messages of Tool's Lateralus album, which are heavily based on the importance of open communication. Hence you have no business clogging up valuable expression space with your empty bullshit. Then theres you Other FUCKERS who berate the type of show that Tool puts on. Saying how you thought certain elements of the show were unnecessary. Like the amount of riffs at the end of a song being too long, or the group hug. Apparently you dogshit assholes didn't connect to the band and the energy that they put out the night you saw them. If you dumbfucks can't open your mind to the state of concsiousness that Tool puts you in, then you probably just listen to Tool because they play hard and heavy and you have no idea what they are talking about. Get Over that shit, if all you're going for is 'cuz you want to head bang or something, go to a stupid fucking KORN concert and don't take up the seats that can be better used by people who connect to the band. Lastly, don't talk shit about Maynard wanting you to do something positive in the coming weeks with the energy you've experienced at their show. If you think it's a stupid comment to make at the end of every show, then you really are one of those meatheads who listens to Tool because you think their sound is hardcore and destructive. Hardcore...fuck yeah. but...Productive dumbfucks. QUIT YOUR SHIT!!!!!!!! -Eulogy46and2

Review written by: TOVAR (FJGTOVAR@HOTMAIL.COM) Review posted on: 06/12/02 15:57:26 ET

This was this reviewer's 2ND Tool show

iTīS BEEN ALREADY A WEEK since I saw Tool in Madrid, and the day before I had gone to Lisbon to see them too, so I saw them twice in two days!!! So, letīsee: and refering to previous reviews: they didnīt move much, ok, videos all along the show, and why not?!! playing as they do in their records...of course!!!they must be proud of their songs, and they are not jazz players who improvise all the time. I have to say that the setlists in Lisbon and Madrid were different and perfectly designed, so they donīt "do always the same show"... in a few words: "TOOL ARE UNIQUE, DIFFERENT AND FANTASTIC!!!! AND IF YOU LOVE THEIR ALBUMS YOU MUST HAVE LOVED THIER SHOWS IN LISBON AND MADRID; IF YOU DIDNīT THEREīS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU, NOT WITH TOOL" Viva Tool por muchos aņos!!!!!! Volved pronto!!!

Review written by: don65 ( Review posted on: 06/12/02 17:48:31 ET

This was this reviewer's 6st? Tool show

TRICKEY fucking sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!