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Review written by: toke-inator (a groan of tedium escapes me)
Review posted on: 06/08/02 00:06:09 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

setlist 1. ions 2. flood 3. grudge 4. prison sex 5. 46&2 6. 4 degrees 7. jimmy 8. disposition 9. reflection break 10. pushit 11. triad 12. aenema 13. lateralus what a show...certainly didnt expect it but it was appreciated there was some sweet gravity.....and a lot of leeches

Review written by: Jamie ( Review posted on: 06/08/02 06:05:06 ET

This was this reviewer's 33rd Tool show

Helooo Well, what a way to end to tour hay, I mean we had looked forward to calling it a day after Oslo but shit happenes I spose Grudge Stinkfist 4° Parobola Schism H. Sober Disposition Reflection ----Video------ Triad [with John from Pablo and Martin, an old mate of Justins] Aenema Lateralus So A nice show, the crowd wasnt as crazy as the night before but never the less a great show. So now Im sick as a dog and dont have the stamina to artisically recreate the mood, so I apoligise to all the avid tdn readers and hope the setlist is enough. If any one in the US is going to follow Tool around, please email me as if I get crazy enough I will c u all in the states. Rember, work off the asumption that you only live once! Peace to all Jamie p.s does 33 on the 6th-6th mean anything ?

Review written by: Lynchman ( Review posted on: 06/09/02 07:58:23 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Not gonna say anything about the setlist as it is posted already. I saw Tool a couple of weeks before in Dublin. Comparing both concerts, Dublin was greater. On the other way, in Barcelona I had to chance to hear live the minute 5:30 to 6:00 from Aenema what is enough. Not gonna say anything about good things that are already said. Bad things: - Videoclip from Parabola. Men I want to see Tool not a fucking clip. - Jamming. I know you are so arty and so interesting but that's kinda boring. - Setlist: Lateralus not bad, but 'd like to listen more Aenima songs. Push it!!!!!!!!!! - Sound: could have been way better. In Dublin sounded better. - When the concert was over, the fighting between a Tool securtity man and the guy who was selling t-shirts outside. What a bastards!!! both! My puntuation: Dublin: 8/10 Barcelona: 7/10

Review written by: Clay ( Review posted on: 06/09/02 08:18:05 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

First of all, the second set list is correct, the first person was obviously not there. i saw Tool headline in Paris last year at le zenith, I think that was a better show, but you couldnt beat how small an intiment the razzamatazz was. I t was really cool to see them in that kind of small club enviroment. The set list was kind of a wierd mix I dont think it flowed very well but who am I to disagree with thier selections. Even though there were negative points it was still a fucking awesome concert and as always a mind expanding experience. I did enjoy that the spanish crowd didnt mosh and really make idiots of themselves they just enjoyed the music, because after all that what its all about.

Review written by: Randolph Carter ( Review posted on: 06/10/02 09:28:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

This show was quite an anniversary for me. I saw tool for the first time 364 days before, in Paris (France). At that time, Tool was touring with Papa Roach! Useless to tell how much this was horrible, PR was awfull, the club too big for that kind of show and was filled with young-pointy-haired-kids who were trying to jump around during Tool. That was awfull! But this time, this was perfect! The club was perfect, the public was perfect... I had I really great time. Everybody was there to watch and listen to TOOL! - They began the show with The Grudge. All the crowd was singing along. - Then they played the extended version of Stinkfist which was not a totally restructuration of the song like Salival's Pushit. They played a long and noisy bridge in the middle of the song that sounded really cool. - I did not expect 4° which made me trip really high! - Parobola made me dance like a 80's virgin. Great! - I didn't like Schism. I didn't like how they played the verses. It is certainly because of the sound that was really bad on certain moments. - H. is H. Beautifull! - A little drum intro for Sober like Salival's Merkaba. It was not bad nor good. Then Justin began Sober. I don't really know why Sober is one of my favourite. Is this because it is really good or is it because it is the first Tool song I ever hear/see? Does the song describe TOOL the best? It doesn't matter after all. I love it. I had it! - And now Disposition and Reflection. I had a strange feeling of calm, and in the same time, my testosterone's rate grew up significally, which gave me an amazing need of sex. Being in the middle of so many beatifull spanish girl made me mad... - The Parabol-Parabola Video is divided in 2 parts. the fist one (Parabol) presents about 6 guys with strange faces. It reminds me the fat guy in aenema video. I loved this part! The second one present Tricky and a little animated character. Like the album , the theme of this video is Separation. The vision of the little character sliced in two is really intense. The video finish on an animation based on the artwork of Lateralus, psychedelic and beautifull. - I didn't know what to except of Triad played live. Great tribal song that reminded me Neurosis' last tour (1999)! - They closed the show with Aenema and Lateralus, which I think are the best live songs of TOOL. Maynard was over- boosted so as the crowd. The visuals during Lateralus were very psychedelic that fit very well with the ambience of the song and closed the show perfectly. I went back home (France) with a large smile on my face. This night was beautifull! PS: Excuse me for my poor english and my neologisms!

Review written by: Malevolent Dictator ( Review posted on: 06/10/02 16:33:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Barcelona 6/6/02 Setlist: The Grudge Stinkfist 4 Degrees Parabola Schism H Sober Disposition/Reflection [Parabol/Parabola playback video] Triad Aenema Lateralus Amazing gig. They showed to the BCN crowd (full venue) how a professional band should do things (perhaps in a too professional way, even sounding like the original CD sometimes :|). I became gratefully surprised by the excellent technique showed by both Justin and Adam , and by the powerful Danny's drumming. Maynard was just there... distant and untouchable, envolving the full place with his wonderful murmurs/scarying groans. He almost didn't speak to the audience. About the set... I was pleased. I enjoyed very much my long time favourite 4Degrees, and missed 46&2... a fair exchange? I leave it to your criteria. ATPC!

Review written by: Martin ( Review posted on: 06/13/02 07:11:11 ET

This was this reviewer's 5 Tool show

I have no idea on how to start this review. There are not words in the Engish language, or any other that could explain how I am feeling right now. My friend and I are travelling Europe, and decided to come to Barcelona at the lat minute. I heard rumors about the show going down, yet it never really hit me. We took the subway to Razmataz to see what was going on, and sure enough TOOL was playing. Bought some tickets for twenty bucks and walked in. This place is small, it was unreal. I have seen TOOL five times, and I am very accustomed to being in a Stadium with twenty thousand drunk rednecks that are there to "Fuck Shit up!" Everyone there was super cool, just wanting to have fun. I tried to write the setlist down on my arm, but by the end of the night it was gone. From recollection: Grudge (-) ions stinkfist (extended-Danny Groovin) 4 degrees Parabola H (Amazing) Sober Disposition Reflection (Adam chord solo) ------Intermission: Parobol/Parabola vid---------- Percussion session into Triad Aenema (Keyboard canīt bust the dypthongy) Lateralus ( I apologize if itīs a little off, But I think thatīs it) In summary, this was the greatest show I have ever seen in my life. The venue was incredible, the setlist was perfect, a great balance, perfect mood and lineup. Lastly, I would like to thank the band for giving us all a chance to experience true artistic genius. Thanks to Kabir as well for having an awesome site. -martin.