Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: July 05

Review written by: Saint (saint600) Review posted on: 08/13/97 01:49:00 let me put it this way: no band on earth could compare to TOOL. the way maynard moved with the music... the colors, the woman's clothing... it was great. everyone was entranced. when he explained the definition of eclectic, i laughed my ass off. moron s. when other performers were on, everyone was kinda just there. when TOOL came on, everyone stood up, and the place erupted. it was by far the greatest concert experience of my life. -theSAINT

Review written by: Matt Pascale ( Review posted on: 07/31/97 00:43:07 I walked into the ampitheatre with very high expectations and while I was on my way in the security guard almost didn't let me in because of my chain wallet. Finally the idiots let me in with the wallet because they were selling them inside. Lets go through the list of bands Marley Bros.=funky but not the type of music I like. James=sucked shit KoRn=they rocked the house, they were really cool. I got beat down in the mosh pit. Tricky=I was recovering from KoRn when he was on. Sounded OK though. I was getting some of the most expensive chineese food ever during this set. Hey wait a minute the Prison Sex video is on MTV OK its over I wonder why they didn't censor the sodomy part of course it could be inside of me. Snoop=better than I expected but moshing to rap come on Ok its Tool time=kicked all ass. Maynard was amazing, Adam has to be one of the best guitarists ever. Justin looked nice in orange. Even though he was the only one dressed normal Danny was the oddball. I want to see them again so bad, a Tool concert is as addictive as any drug. One thing I noticed was all the Tool fans and a question came to my mind where were you assholes when Undertow first came out. Tool all of a sudden is like mainstream, well those "fans" will be gone when the next big thing comes along, join the band wagon dipshits. I admit Im not OGT from 92 but at least I was a fan in 93 and not 96. Tool will always kick ass.

Review written by: Atherweed ( Review posted on: 07/28/97 14:50:15 I had to work, so I missed it.

Review written by: Vin-Dogg ( Review posted on: 07/28/97 14:46:53 TOOL KICKED ASS

Review written by: Baal ( Review posted on: 07/18/97 11:23:59 Hey- I know its a little late for this review, but ive been away from the puter for a while. Real life? My second tool show, quite enjoyable. Maynard has a nice habit of staring at people. I sang sober with him staring at me the whole time. (ok- he sang it, i sang along). I saw them in poughkeepsie,ny on march 1st of this year, and they didnt play hooker with a penis, so imagine my delight as not only did they play it, but they had a lounge version in the intro music. I thought they sounded great technically (of course), but the march 1st show was in a little gym-type place and the sound was REALLY good. But the lolla vibe was cool. No Aenima video here- wind was to blame. Love, Baal

Review written by: Doug Stewart ( Review posted on: 07/11/97 15:08:53 I refuse to write about all of the insignificant acts that performed before Tool. July 5th was my second Tool experience, and I must say I was not disappointed. The set list went as follows: 1. Hooker With A Penis 2. Stinkfist 3. 46 & 2 4. Prison Sex 5. Eulogy 6. Sober 7. H. 8. Opiate 9. Aenema ( I'm too lazy to type in the funny A&E crap) Maynard made a few remarks to the crowd. His usual blurb about H., plus he taunted the crowd because it was too windy to watch their new video. During Sober Maynard made subtle joke as he proceeded to drink a beer during the song. Get it: Sober + Beer? Although this was a great performance I think the March 1st show in Poughkeepsie was better. It was, of course, a Tool concert and not a Lollapalooza set. Special Note: Before Tool came on the speakers at Lollapalooza began playing techno dance re-mix versions of Tool songs and a lounge version of Hooker With A Penis.

Review written by: Nikki ( Review posted on: 07/10/97 19:28:35 I already wrote like a 100 line Lolla summary, lost it. So this one will be short, and not as good. It was full of idiots. Dumb-founded dip-shits.... I was disappointed in the crowd as well as the majority of the music. From worst to best: [Note from Kabir -- no offense, but it does say to keep this short, so a bunch of paragraphs are gone missing.] Tool: Maynard in a nude, opaque, spaghetti strap, crest like tank, revealing the faux tits holding it up...white daisy dukes, white knee socks, platform shoes, face painted white, droopy lips, and a long ponytial resembling Maddonna's once..a while ago. The outfit was definately Tori's. Adam painted blue, Justin red, Danny as usual. They were perfect. By far the best. I was witness to a mass exodus of Snoop fans out of the pit, but the unfortunate incoming of retards that runined the pit. I got my face slammed into the wall of which I was clinging to during the entire show. Blood, sweat, and tears running down my face as maynard looked down at us all i the front row and opened his eyes wide. I then jumped inside his brain; I saw the stupidity ......the annoyance ......the lack of intellect ......the missing integrity...... But when I stood there, I felt nothing but the music. I blocked out the dumb asses behind me, and focused in on what was truly important, what meant more to me than being there, or any of the pain in my head. I watched them play the best hour I have ever been present to see. No words to descibe the look on Maynard's face as the infinte idiots behind us scampered like rats in a cage. They knew the words to point exactly. Leaving there was awkward. I saw them walk off stage, throw water bottle, and laugh deeply inside at the morons who went to dive for the sake of their lives for an unused water bottle. How pitiful. A water bottle. I believe I left there with something much better. Something a lot more important. Something that left a greater impact. If I were fucking crowd surfing, beating up 14 year old girls, shooting bras up on stage, and diving for useless water bottles, I think I'd be a part of them. The lack of appreciation for the band there was sad. This isn't James, or Snoop. It's Tool. Water bottle or not, the human mind captures everything thrown to it.....

Review written by: Matthew T (@ Review posted on: 07/08/97 15:16:50 As the parking lot of Darien Center, NY's Darien Lake Theme Park filled with giddy 15 year olds, the atmosphere was not like a normal tool show. however, after tossing my foil into the outside garbage can, I got ready for what was sure to be an interesting day. Making my way in, I checked out the shirts. Didn't like them, didn't buy one. Going into the Pavilion I felt as if I was entering a high school pep rally, replete with large groups of 14 year old girls trying to hold the wall. For the sake of timeliness, here's my opinion on each band's performance..... Julian & Damian Marley and the Uprising Band - Mellow, talented, pretty cool James - The 15 year olds started to clear out after they went off Korn - either you like them or you don't. I like them and I thought they put on a good show, Jonathan did his bagpipe thing and Head got dragged offstage for smoking. Very annoying, frat boy filled pit, they (the spectators)would have been murdered at Sabbath Tricky - More mellowness, he's out there, gained my respect Snoop - the 15 year olds came back and brought the rednecks with them. some fuck asked me if I would give up my center spot on the wall for his fat bitch. I told him to fuck off. He started to say something, so I flashed my dilated pupils and he silenced (say biotch!!!). I'm glad I don't have an uncle to feed off of me like that. We miss you 2-Pac :) ...then the wait began. Being the second time I've seen them I had an idea of what to expect , they didn't fuck with us as much this time (I was kind of hoping they would, considering the environment). The gong was put up, and the screen riser, but the screen was not on when they came out. Here's what they wore.... Maynard - Nude colored boustier body-suit top with large breasts, white hot pants, platform shoes. His face was painted white and he had a head covering with the long dark pony tail. Pretty cool... Adam - Painted blue with red down his face, making him look as if he was bleeding from the lip... Justin - Painted red, no hair at all, not even the little circular design that he had during eMpTV's first Lollapalooza report Danny - just Danny and his big cymbal laden drum kit......... they all walked out as usual and went into Hooker, the set list was as follows........ Hooker Stinkfist 46 & 2 Prison Sex (w/ ext. lyrics) Eulogy Sober (Maynard held up a beer and drank it, rather amusing considering how sad his face was painted) w/ ext. lyrics H. Opiate Aenima ...during the set Maynard said little except that he thought that the festival was a good definition of alternative and that we should take advantage of that, keep and open mind and stick around for Orbital ....also, we didn't get to see the Aenima video, due to the fact that it was too windy for the screen to be put up (I nearly cried as I was experiencing w\quite a rollercoaster of light and bliss and rapture). Maynard asked us to call MTV and tell them we want to see the new Tool video..... just a note that the pit was one of the most, inconsiderate, untalented, festering swine-filled shitholes I have ever experienced. I don't blame TOOL, I blame the event (that's the last Lollapalooza I'll be going to, unless they manage to score a Sepultura reunion or Pink Floyd) and perhaps fitting, as a fat slob behind me gave our faithful companion he finger, Maynard went down and shoved the microphone into his crotch, letting the entire world know what he thought of them. Maybe that's why his biggest smile came when some morons fought over his water bottle. Thank you, Maynard, Adam, Danny and Justin. You made the day yours When surrounded by an absolute lack of integrity, it's worth more than life itself to lose yourself in something so pure and whole...

Review written by: keith gregory ( Review posted on: 07/07/97 17:43:51 my review, take two...... this was my first chance to finally see Tool, and they did not disappoint. It was worth waiting through mostly shitty bands to experience them. They were tight and loud, played most of their best songs. Definitely was one of the most intense live shows I've ever seen. On a side note, it was rather funny watching the stereotypical alternakids singing along with (a killer version of) "Hooker with a Penis", given the fact that many of them seemed like exactly the sort the song is directed at. Oh, and the fights between fans and security right behind my seat were a cool sideshow. All in all an experience that was definitely worth the long drive. I can't wait until I can see them play again when they aren't given a limited amount of time.

Review written by: Chuck Whitmore ( Review posted on: 07/07/97 17:31:42 'Palooza rocked especially hard this summer...Korn got everyone going....Tricky chilled the crowd out...then Snoop was in the hiz house (or whatever he says) Snoop tried to get the crowd into his "music" but no one was biting (thank god)....finally Tool c ame on and the place exploded...It was the same song list as the other shows so I won't go into detail. The only problem was that Maynard really didn't add is usual "Maynardisms" too this show (did he at others)? Othere than that the show totally kick ed was by far the most powerful Tool show that I ever saw...if you get a chance you can't miss it.

Review written by: R.G. ( Review posted on: 07/07/97 13:56:50 Lollapalooza was a hell of a lot of fun. Korn was good but Tool kicked ass. Korn had everybody moshing. For Tool they were all in a trance. This is the set list as good as I can remember it: 1.Hooker w/ a Penis 2.Stinkfist w/ Extra Bridge 3.46&2 4.Prison Sex w/ Extra Verse 5.Eulogy 6.Sober 7.H 8.Opiate 9.AEnema As in the other concerts Maynard was dressed in a bra and really short tight short. Adam was painted blue. Justin was painted Orange. Danny was dressed normally. There was no video screen because of the wind so I didn't see the new AEnima video although he did say something about it not being played on Music Television (ha-ha.) He didn't say much else except about how H was like the Warner brothers cortoon with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. All I have to say is that Tool is mezmerizing (butchered the word I know) live and everybody in America should go see them. I also have pictures of this concert that I would be glad to sell for a nominal fee if you E-Mail me!!!

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