Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: July 16

Review written by: Terry Alan Martin ( Review posted on: 07/19/97 06:25:04 Detroit. Lolla day 2. Is the bustier and mime makeup a standard for this tour, or just this city? Maynard tells the "little boys taking off their shirts" that they can stop "beating each other up in my name". They do not oblige. Monster renditions of Aenema, Hooker, Eulogy. The effects package used by Maynard would be a nice thing to see listed here somewhere. He has a fantastic command over his voice but his effects are like whoa dude. First I've seen Chancellor. He was good but too much pick. That's what God gave you fingers for. Devo was interesting as well. Latex, TAM

Review written by: James Wilson ( Review posted on: 07/17/97 16:11:53 It was a hot, sunny day at Lallapalooza (the 2nd date), bands on the 2nd stage were really good (Eels, Artificial Joy Club, Summer Camp, etc.)Korn was pretty good. Then around 8:00 Snoop Doggy dogg was wrapping in up. At around 8:15 they started the Aenima graphics with smoke blowing on the stage. I'm a serious Tool fan, for me this was like heaven! Then the band got on stage. Danny was wearing like kaki shorts, with no shirt, Justin was wearing brown pants and the rest of him painted blue, Adam (my man!) was wearing black pants with a white, short sleeve dress shirt. And then there is Maynard, he was wearing spandex pants, platform shoes, an orange corset bra, and his face was painted like the drama mask thing, the top of his head was blue and he had like a fake pony tail in the back. They played an awsome show, they are even better live! They have that extra adreniline rush. They played: Third Eye, Stinkfist (*chicken weasel), Swamp Song, 46&2, Eulogy, Pushit (I didn't really expect them to play that one), Sober, Opiate-the song, and ended with Aenima-the song (with cool animation in the background)Maynard is a pretty good dancer, he said some cool stuff like "Who thinks I'm from Michigan?", and a lot of people were moshing, and Maynard doesn't like it when the crowd moshes, so he said "Um, let's let the music speak for itself, it's not about killing each other!", I thought that was pretty cool. And before they played Opiate, Maynard said "This one's for the ladies!" ha ha. They were a great band to see live. It was a feeling I didn't want to end! They rocked! James Wilson

Review written by: MiZ ( Review posted on: 07/17/97 09:35:21 Tool's show was great.Before Tool went on stage Danny and Justin did a radio interview with a local radio station 101.1 WRIF and they discussed lolla and how it's going and how their record is doing.then a half an hour later the show started. I think the set list went third eye,stinkfist,forty six & two,swamp song,eulogy ,sober,pushit,opiate, and ╩nema.Maynard was dressed In a red bra and black pants his face was white and he had a ponytail on too. Justin was painted Silver I think but you couldn't really tell because of the lights. They sounded great.Maynard made a couple of comments during the show. When he introduced swamp song he said this song is about fighting for a parking space.Then later in their preformance Adam asked how many people thought May nard was from Michigan. Then said, well he's not, he's from Ohio. Just after they played eulogy Maynard said, As much as I do like to see sweaty guys rubbing up against each other, we aren't about hate and violence, maybe anger, but you guys can stop beat ing the crap out of each other.If any of you little boys want to stay around after the show I'll show you a different kind of violence. After they played 2 more songs Maynard said, You have to excuse my emotinal outburst earlier, it's because of the estro gen levels, as you all know I am a recovering hermaphrodite. Maynard's voice sounded great and I thought Adam played great as did Justin and Danny.When they played ╩nema they also played the video. Which was really cool, Maynard said the video was based on Danny's Apocolypic dream. I liked the screen they had in the background but their was some pretty graphic pictures. If you went you know what I mean. But Tool was great and I cant wait to see them again.

Review written by: John ( Review posted on: 07/17/97 01:16:16 "How many of you think Maynard is from Michigan? Well hes from Ohio." The words of Adam ring loud as Maynard dances around the stage. Beautiful show, less crowed. Maynard made the same comment about the "sweaty boys moshing" (which was good because I couldn't see with all the dust around). I tapped the whole show on a mini tape recorder. If anyone wants copys of the live songs, or of Maynard's speech to the crowd, email me at All in all a great show. Too bad Devo played instead of Orbital...

Review written by: ▀oze ( Review posted on: 07/17/97 00:03:43 lollapalooza: less crowded the second night tool: perfection is perfected third eye stinkfist forty six & two swamp song eulogy sober pushit opiate ╩nema maynard: "as much as i like seeing shirtless, sweaty boys rubbing up against one another, we are not about violence... but if you shirtless ones want to come backstage later i can show you a different kind of violence."