Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: July 18

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/07/97 01:33:22 Tool, one of the most talented bands out there, had a great performance at Blossum. Unfortunately, whoever had the job of setting up the sound system really fucked up. The first time I saw Tool was at the Agora and the sound was UNREAL. I was very disapointed in the fact that I could barely make out a lot of Maynard's vocals this time. On the other hand, he is such a strong singer and performer that it didn't really matter. All in all it was a great show. Its also great to see complete versions of their videos without MTV editting out anything they see unfit for television. I wish Tool would put out a video with the complete videos from their shows. I had a hard time deciding if I should watch Maynard or the video screen because both were amazing. -=--=-==- Mike Lee "Go Miami Reds"

Review written by: JOHN D. REILLY ( Review posted on: 08/02/97 02:18:24 I was so excited ,I was about to see TOOL for my first time! After an amazing performance by KORN,and a lousy waste of time by "poop" doggy dog,it was time! At first, a periodic spray of mist would appear,then the "smoke box" appearedon the screens.Maynard J. Keenan came out wearing little shorts,white face paint,black bra and a fake ponytail.immediatly,everyone leaped past security to get closer, i was first row!Al of the songs(stinkfist,eulogy,h.with a penis,pushit,aenima,third-eye,opiate,sober,prison sex and some more ) sounded perfect. on a scale of 1-10,i give TOOL 1000000000000!! See them if you didn't!pay any price! It will be worth it!!!!

Review written by: christina dolenec ( Review posted on: 07/24/97 04:33:35 hey everyone! i saw tool at lolla in cleveland last friday and they were so bad ass. maynard came out with this bikini like outfit on and a long ass hair extension. they played for about an hour or so but it was so rad. maynard said he was born in cleveland and i thought that was pretty cool. well for all of you who havent seen it shame on you!! get your butts out there and get you some tickets!!!peace love and all that good stuff****

Review written by: Zadkiel ( Review posted on: 07/20/97 23:49:39 Well all I got to say is that it was awesome. I got to say hi to Maynard and I was in the front row. I talked to a guy with a backstage pass before the show. He ended up being the photographer for Tool or something like that. I loved Maynard's outfit with the bra and the hair. Maynard after the song Hooker with a Penis he shout "Hey everybody I'm from Akron" and the place went nuts. Maynard also told a story about Aenima. To sum it all He said a boy got sick went to the doc, got an enima, soul lifted from his body, went to Egypt, went through the spinx's ass, throught the great pyramid, and then realized he had a hose up his ass, then went back the way he came to his body. It was really funny. Would have a setlist but I was to caught up in Tool to even think about memorizing. I also read the Lollapalooza books and it named TDN as being the official website of Tool and said it was the best out there. Zadkiel sorry Kabir for my screw up on the other one. Please forgive me

Review written by: DarksitH ( Review posted on: 07/20/97 18:08:45 First off, I would like to say TOOL is my favorite band, and everytime I see them I am blown away by their music. Maynard walked out onto stage and right in the middle of a song he declares that "this was born in Akron, OH", then finished playing through the rest of the song. Meanwhile Maynard was dressed in a ponytail, tight ass shorts, a bra w/ fake boobs, and his face painted white. He also asked later on during the concert, "anyone out there going bald", "I bet I can go bald faster then anyone out there", he then proceeded to take off his ponytail! The only song they did not play that I wanted to hear was Third Eye, I have seen TOOL twice and they have yet to play that song, my only complain of the show was that and that they did not play longer, oh well. TOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOLTOOL

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/20/97 15:34:56 TOOL FUCKIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first time I have ever saw tool in concert and it was fuckin great! I was just like holy shit this guy is this good for real too. I mean some bands can record good shit but once they get on stage or in real life they sound like Bush(shit). Maynard looks great with big tits and long hair also heheheh.

Review written by: Jenni Stiger ( Review posted on: 07/19/97 16:21:59 I have to be real honest here: for most of Lollapalooza I was bored. I was not impressed by the Marleys. James was ok (they did Laid), and it was kewl that the lead singer came out for a stroll through the audience. I was in the 4th row, center section (with another reviewer-Charlie), and woke up for the first time during the concert when a pack of frenzied fans came bearing down on us for the Korn set. I did not particularly care for the band-their music all sounded too similar to me. I was looking forward to seeing Snoop; not because of his music, but because he's well known for his...activities. We left halfway through because someone spilled his drink on himself. =) The Eels were supposed to be up next, but because certain groups had been running behind, they skipped right to Tool. I did not mind at all! We waited quite a bit, tho' for them to actually come onstage. When they did, I was glad to have been warned ahead of time by what Maynard was wearing. He made for quite an at tractive female, but I was amused by his later comment of being able to change his sex faster than anyone there and quickly removing the ponytail. Loved the shorts tho'! I was not disappointed by my first Tool concert. I wanted it a little bit louder, but maybe that was just where we sitting. I had to stand on my seat to be able to see over everyone, but I think that inhanced my viewing in general. They did some of my favorite songs, so that was kewl too. Maynard's staring into the crowd was almost hypnotizing. I couldn't help staring at him as he stared at us. And his pelvic gyrations.... I can't wait until Tool graces Cleveland with it's presence again. You can be sure I will be there to scream my head off once again to....maybe a longer set???

Review written by: amanda k. ( Review posted on: 07/19/97 15:38:41 well, i was at lalapalooza for korn, then i left, and then i went back, got a free ticket in and watched Tool. people were standing in front of me at the fence, just looking around, completely disinterested in the music. i wanted to push them out of the way. i couldnt understand what maynard was saying. i couldnt see the video real well. my boyfriend, who was in the pavillion, later filled me in. it was good though. and they played eulogy, which is my favorite. when they started to play third eye, tool fans thought the show was over, but they pulled it in to opiate.

Review written by: Jason Kikel ( Review posted on: 07/19/97 13:52:00 Well I'm back from lalla '97 and for the first time, a bit dissappointed. Blossom Music Center has one of those pavillion/lawn arrangements. Everyone I asked who was in the lawn said the sound was great. From under the pavillion, however, the mixing guys didn't have a clue. Tool is my absolute favorite band and I could follow the music by watching Danny, but not many others could tell what was going on because of the sound quality or lack thereof. Most of them just stood there looking confused. If I would have been able to hear, I probably would have loved the show. During hooker Maynard said something about being from Akron, I couldn't make it out; as usual they had the extra bridge in stinkfist; there was a different drum solo for for ty-six and 2 that which I liked a lot because of the double bass; they must have carried out the end of eulogy for at least an extra eight bars, a welcome addition; They played some electronic thingy that sounded like negative ions but I'm not sure; Mayna rd told of Danny's apocalyptic dream during an ass cleaning in France; and they played the Aenema video on the big screen. Tool is a great band and I look forward to seeing and maybe hearing them again.

Review written by: Charlie Sedlak ( Review posted on: 07/18/97 23:47:31 Set List: Hooker with a Penis Stinkfist Forty Six and Two Prison Sex jimmy Eulogy Sober Pushit Opiate (probably - read the review you'll see) Aenma As to why it's probably Opiate - I haven't had a job for a while a can't afford the Opiate CD (I know it's only $12 bucks but hey, I'm cheap) Anyway - Lollapalooza in and of itself was fairly cool. We had 4th row center seats in the pavillon so we got a good view. I'm not particularly a fan of the Marley's or James but they did a nice job. Korn comes out midway through the first song I look behind me to see about 800 people pouring down the seats and end up on the floor. But then I got my seat back and we could see Mr. Korn or whatever his name is jumping up down spewing incoherent babble. I must say though he can certainly get a crowd going. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I could understand him or if any of the songs sounded different. Anyway then came The Snoop. Being in Cleveland he was of course decked out in his Indians gear. Well I was having a grand old time yelling Beeeatch with everyone else, and holding up my "2's for Tupac" until I somehow spilled my fruit drink all over myself. So we left, I got cleaned up, and we came back to our seats. We sat there about half an hour listening to Tool's pre-show sounds over the system. Then Tool comes out. Again everyone moves up to the front of the pavillon and we're all standing on our seats. Maynard's wearing a see-through bra with fake tits. and short, short pants. He's got a fake ponytail down to his ass, and his face is painted like a white mask. They performed great. At one point, I think during Forty Six and Two Maynard was signalling to some guy in the audience to get the laser pointer off of him. Which the guy did and moved it to the big screen instead. Why are people such assholes...but I digress. Tool kicked ass. The stuff going on the screen was great...pure genius. The elephants and camels doing the nasty was fascinating. Suffice it to say I no longer have a voice. Then Maynard told a "somewhat true" story about being in the south of France, all eating bad food and getting enemas. Anyway one apocolyptic dream sequence later we get the video for Aenema....pure brillance, Tool videos have yet to disappoint. After Tool, Devo just seemed useless. I mean I like Whip-It and all...but Tool had already made my day. So home we go, and here i am...anyone else there? e-mail me.