Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: July 20

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/08/97 23:56:32 Tool was by far the best band at Lollapalooza at Polaris. Before the show I never really got into them but after seeing them live and realizing how much fucking talent they have, I started listening to them all the time. I'd also like to add that their lyrics and song writing ability is truly by far greater than any other bands in close history.

Review written by: mark robinson ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 00:35:11 yet another review.. the other bands: eels - well, they weren't _that_ bad but i would MUCH rather have seen tricky (i even wore my tricky shirt that day, oh well) marleys - i'm not much of a reggae fan, so they didn't really appeal to me either james - at my first lolla (washington dc) i couldn't stand them. at my second (camden nj) they were tolerable and at my third one (this one) i kinda got into em. and they went into the crowd and danced during prodigy, which was a plus korn - i like the band, but their fans are assholes. it's somewhat ironic, though, to hear 10,000 fratboy jocks screaming along to "faget" not realizing the song is about jon being called a faget as a child, not about gaybashing. oh and the sound system sucked so all you heard was the bass. snoop - bleh. actually their dj was good but having to listen to an hour of snoop singing about "biyatches" and "ho's" isnt really that fun. prodigy (who went after tool) - fucking awesome. their law was fucking rad as was poison and funky shit. i was disappointed they didn't do fuel my fire though. and, of course, tool: as tool was setting up, something interesting came over the loudspeaker. a remix of third eye. wow. it was incredible. after hearing it i stood up and applauded. then came the usual bill hicks samples, timothy leary sample and playing of download's "suni c". after that they played over the loudspeaker a swing-acoustic version of hooker with a penis, which was very amusing. can't wait till they release these (like no quarter. heh.). anyway, onto the show... well, the setlist has already been said so i wont repeat it. hooker with penis is definitely the perfect opener for this set, and it was made even cooler by the music completely stopping halfway through for maynard to sarcastically say "t-shirts, boxer shorts and nipple rings onsale at the merchandise stand now!" stinkfist was great, especially with the extended bridge. 46&2 was brilliant as usual, as maynard really got into it (as much as possible with those high-heeled platform shoes). next was swamp song, which i was excited to hear (even though i had already heard it in dc). it seems they are playing 2 undertow songs per set, as i saw prison sex and swamp song in dc, sober and prison sex in camden and swamp song and sober in columbus. i would have loved to see undertow or crawl away though. next was eulogy, which totally mesmorized the crowd. the extended drum solo ending was great. next was sober, which was un fucking believable. it was grat because during the entire song maynard was facing straight ahead, and i was front row in the exact center of the field general admission section right behind the little barrier they had up. it seemed like he was singing the song to me (yeah right), it was great. sober was extremely well recieved (seeing as it was their "big hit"). then came the perfect followup, pushit, which was almost as amazing. i swear the last 2 minutes of pushit are fucking genious. the crowd went wild over this too. next was opiate (which all the diehards cheered for once they heard the opening notes). i remember hearing the "deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow.." line and then looking up at the mosh pit and smiling. finally came aenema. before this song maynard finally said something to the crowd. it went something like "the next song is a representation of a vision our guitar player had about the end of the world he had while recieveing a high colonic." hehehe. this song was amazing as well, as was the video. of the 4 times i've seen tool, i think this is my favorite. every time i see them i enjoy it more and more. thanks.

Review written by: Gingerfish ( Review posted on: 07/28/97 00:07:55 I have to admit this was my first TOOL concert...but it was better than anyone else at lollapalooza. Maynard was wearing a bra so he had boobs and he had tights..white face and a hair extension..i can recall all the songs they played..i do recall stinkifist cause everyone started screaming...they had a cool setup behind them with a screen that showed differnet funky desgins..and then on anemia it played there new video which i thought was cool...The rest of the band was painted in all blue or a purple except for there drummer..they also had a big bong type thing that was huge i thought they were going to hit but they didnt..oh well..i am deffinitly going to another tool show in the future cause they kick ass

Review written by: YELNOD ( Review posted on: 07/23/97 18:26:33 This was my first time seeing Tool in concert, and my first time at Lollapalooza. I have wanted to see Tool since Undertow was released, but everytime, one thing had led to another and i missed them. This time, i vowed, nothing would stop me. We got to the Polaris at around 2:00 or so and watched the first couple of bands. The Marley's were o.k. for the first ten minutes, but then they got real annoying. James put on a cool show, but i don't dig his music. Then Korn came on. God!!!!! I had tickets in the sixth row, dead center. I was feeling pretty good at the fact that i would be able to see a good show without any distractions. I was wrong. As soon as James was finished, there was a massive stampede for the stage. Hundreds of people forced their way up, blocking my view. Most of these assholes didn't even have seat tickets. Korn came out on these cool ass bikes and played a decent set. They are way better in smaller places. But, i tell you what, their fans are assholes. I consider myself a Korn fan, but i'm not a prick about it. There were dipshits diving off of seats and this one guy and his girlfriend pushed their way between me and another guy and started slopping around like they were in a mosh pit. Those same fucks tried to start a fight with a girl in front of me while Tool was playing. What assholes. Well, this brings me to why i am writing this review. If you have decided to read this long ass thing, sorry about that, then you should prepare yourself for the meat and potatos of it. TOOL!!!!! Oh my god. I was prepared for the stage show, their paint and the Maynard dressed in drag, but i was no where close to being prepared for the music. I have read some other people's reviews and they have talked about how Tool puts them in a calm and reflective mood, it does me too. But the show and actually seeing them live, amplified the ambience. I was overwhelmed. Maynard's voice is beautiful. I can hardly describe how i was feeling. It was the best concert feeling that i have ever recieved. I need to see them again. They played a good set. I was sort of disappointed that they didn't play Prison Sex, or H., but overall i am not complaing. I need to see them again and that is all there is to it. Thanks for reading if you stuck it out, and if you didn't, then learn to swim.

Review written by: Scott B. ( Review posted on: 07/22/97 16:35:26 All I can say is WOW! I have had to miss Tool shows before, but I never will again. I have to say they are the best live band I have ever seen. The music was just like you were listening to the album. Danny Carey is amazing on the drums. MJK gets into the music so much, it pulls you in too. To me, his voice in enchanting. It just forces you to get into the songs. The new video is cool. Other reviews have said this but I will, too. Most of the crowd seemed to be there for KoRn and didn't seem to really be into Tool. Once they started playing though, everybody listened and loved it. I am not putting a setlist because other reviews have it. The only song they didn't play that I wanted to hear was Prison Sex. But in every other aspect, they were perfect. Do not miss them. Also, in defense of KoRn, they are much better in smaller venues. They were still good, though.

Review written by: Joseph Copley ( Review posted on: 07/22/97 15:00:04 Well , let me start by saying ... WOW !!! I decided at 10:00 a.m. ,Sunday, that I was going by myself . I had to drive 180 miles, so my day was very interesting. After some messing around, I arrived at Polaris at around 4:00 p.m. I do not recall who was playing at the time ... it did not matter, my only reason for being there was to see TOOL !!!!!!!! I eventually found my brother and some other people that I knew ..... surprising . Anyway , as Snoop's shit was getting deposited off of the stage and Tool's set was being prepared ... I started to feel an enormous adrenalin rush. As the sun was setting ..... TOOL came out ... as described by everyone else . It was unreal !!!!! I was mesmerized by how awesome they sounded, considering I was in the lawn. As all of these dumb-founded dipshits behind me were trying to mosh, I focused on the band and onsumed every minute !!!!! ( Don't get me wrong, I like to get rough and shit, BUT not that day, not while TOOL were playing, I h ave too much respect for them and their music ... I just wanted to enjoy the show .) Every aspect of their show was everything I expected ... just TOOL in full anger . Even during a mini Danny and Adam solo combination ... Maynard sat down on the stage in front of the drumset ... and just stared at someone ... or something ... or maybe even nothing .I loved how he had the same expression the whole time, even with the make-up . Danny was awesome ... Adam and Justin were superb. It was the best show ever. I just can't wait to see them again ... and again ... It was definitely worth the drive ... I think I am going to drive to Cincinatti tonight !!!!!!

Review written by: e ( Review posted on: 07/22/97 01:16:45 i was so excited to see tool play when we arrived to our seats.....little did i know that the preppy jock shitheads from my school would be sitting in front of me......when the show began, i almost wet myself.....maynard had quite realistic breasts....... the set began with my favorite tool song, hooker with a penis, and i fell through the seat that i was standing on because i was so excited...... as the show progressed, i think during sober, i noticed that the guys were looking a nice metalic blue from the sweat, and maynard's face was the time opiate came around, the people in fromt of me had left and i had a clear view of the stage....and i was in heaven........mjk has the single most wonderful voice i have ever heard and watching him bear his soul to all of those obnoxious fuckers in the audience gave me a wonderful and horrible feling all at the same some of t hose people didn't deserve it.....i emensily enjoyed the show and i have to say that KORN ATE SHIT

Review written by: Josh ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 22:56:53 Columbus was a great show. It was better for me though because of a ticket for front row center. The show was tight and on the money. Maynard continued his role as the greatest vocalist in music today. The setlist as follows: Hooker Stinkfist 46&2 Swamp Song Eulogy Sober Pushit Opiate Aenima That's it verbatim because I was fortunate enough to get the setlist that Maynard used. Make sure to use the word PLEASE when asking for a setlist after the show. That's what did it for me. Maynard said very litttle, and honestly, besides Maynard, the rest of the band seemed a little tired or bored or maybe both. Don't get me wrong, the show was EXCELLENT, it's just that Lollapalooza isn't the right place to see Tool. I agree with the many people that have posted here that Tool should have toured by t hemselves this summer. People don't appreciate the talent they have enough. Korn got alot more response from the crowd and they were terrible. Columbus has too many meathead frat boys who are unable to take any sort of message from the music. What am I supposed to think about a crowd that went nuts over a band who uses a bottle of malt liquor as one of it's symbols? Summary: Tool = perfection Columbus frat meatheads and Lollapalooza = bad

Review written by: Mel Unn ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 21:07:38 ok, quick synopsis of everybody else... marleys--i got there an hour late and still got tired of em james--does anybody there remember when tim went out in the crowd and started shaking hands and the one guy threw a piece of paper or something at him? IT WASNT ME...but i sat right behind him...and if you couldve seen tims face when he came over and sang to that guy-- awesome korn--due to the GREAT(hmmph) acoustics at polaris, all that could be heard was bass and distortion...i couldnt even hear HIV's vocals....i know...grumble,grumble tricky--did not play...lets hope he went to the dentist snoop doggy dogg--i skipped after hearing beeotch for the hundredth was midway through the first "song" prodigy--was very energetic but, much like their album, they could only hold my attention for the first 2 minutes of each cut...after that even their movements seemed as if they were on a continuous loop. ... AND,(of course) TOOL.....seeing as i paid no attention to the warning on this site, i went and read reviews anyways.. i knew what songs were to play, i knew what maynard would be wearing i knew what color everyone would be painted... and i STILL was so overly enthralled by the show that i lost all control of my bodily functions. .. everyone was transfixed to the stage....moshers stopped moshing.... teenieboppers stopped bopping....breathtaking...and MJK never ceases to amaze me with his vox....even with the polaris surroundings,

Review written by: Urban Donkey ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 20:40:11 The show was great. It was my first Tool show, actually my first concert all together. I really didn't get into any of the other groups except for Prodigy and a little bit of the Eels. When Tool came on, I about crapped my pants. I had been looking forward to this day since last winter when I first heard that Tool was headling (rumors at that time). It was awesome the way that Maynard, Adam, and Justin were painted, and regardless of how much I love MJK, I was totally in awe at Danny and his kick ass drum-kit. Being a drummer myself, he is definitely my biggest role model. Anyways, the show was upbeat and kept me singing and dancing, but I was somewhat dissapointed. The crowd acted as if they were wore out from the big koRn show (personally I thought they sucked- except the bassist, he was cool). I was relieved however to look up at the lawn to see a very large mosh pit with 10-15 people crowd surfing. Though it wasn't obvious at first, the crowd was honestly into TOOL. I was also a bit dissappointed that Maynard didn't interact with the crowd more, but I won't complain. I know this was and will reign in my life as the greatest experience (at least music-wise) and I know that I will never forget looking up at the t.v. screen during Eulogy when Maynard was doing the "voice instrument" thing to see his face (and his sweaty tits ;) ) if you'd like to share comments, e-mail me, or look for me on the Tool e-mail list. U.D.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 18:39:57 I have never been so enthralled and utterly at peace at a concert until I saw tool in concert. He was absolutley amazing. He had his face painted in a white mask was wearing a bra. It made me love him all the more. They showed a video while playing Aenemia about one of the band members views on the destruction of the world. It was riveting! I am addicted to their music and this concert just put it all in perspective! It was one of the best shows that I have ever seen! IF they are coming near you go and see them! [Note from Kabir: Yo, guys, Tool is NOT a 'he', it's a 'them.']

Review written by: Eric Vessels ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 16:31:25 A quick overview of the non-tool activities: Marley's - Me, nice memories of that sweet reggae sound Crowd, too much testosterone and pwt James - Me, appreciated it for what it was; good performance. Crowd, too much testosterone Snoop - Me, never want to hear the word "bee-otch" again Crowd, too little original thought Korn - Me, I could see through Crowd, too few brain cells (Hello, people, you're yelling "I'm a faggot"!! I doubt they were that tolerant) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ About 8:45pm, just as the sun is hitting the stage, we are greeted by the best live rock band of our time (it is important to realize WHY they are on) The equipment is brought on, and I'm thinking, "too much light, need darkness for this" But that's how it started, we were all treated to tool at sundown, which was a fitting metaphor: "the end is coming, but there is a new beginning" Justin and Adam come out in blue paint, Danny is really weird looking with his T-shirt and shorts on like that, and Maynard, well, it's the drag gear with a white, theater type face painted on, black tights, long Fu Manchu ponytail, and very real looking tits in a black bra. It was almost as if he wanted to see if he could get to you with the songs even though dressed in a distracting way. They started with "Hooker with a penis", with Maynard commenting after that they had "T-shirts and other things for sale...all for you" Next came a kind of mixed up extended version of Stinkfist, to which the crowd responded favorably. Most in the crowd that day appeared to be mostly Korn fans, and for the most part appeared a bit confused, if not in awe of Tool's performance. I have to say, I caught myself saying the usually "Man! shit" during the entire show. I am always not so much impressed with one aspect of their show, but how the sum of the parts never fails to put me into a very introspective mood. Many a tool show has caused me to think either about something I would not normally think about, or think about something in a new way. I feel that is the greatest benefit of this band, so my advice is, use it! Next up was 46&2, which Maynard introduced as "a song about self changing". Swamp Song was a great surprise and brought back alot of memories of first getting into them. After MJK said "Columbus" dryly a couple of times they were off into Eulogy, which they extended a bit; Red de-evolution background playing. Sober was next with what appeared to be Jews being herded into a concentration camp (a guess). Pushit with jumping tribe guys and fucking elephants and camels in the background. I noticed alot of girls screaming at the elephant scene. I hope they knew how painful that would be for them. Next was a drum instrumental followed by bass, guitar, then Choices with smoke and fractals and slow-mo liquid drops in the background. Next MJK said, "Tonight is a very special night.....I am about to show you a documentary now that we made about the time Danny was having apocalyptic visions of the future and stuff" AEnima followed with what I'm guessing is the new video footage (MTV-less and pretty OK about it) There was also some spinning video image that moved out and was projected on the ceiling of the ampitheater....pretty neat. MJK threw water bottles to the crowd, flashed a Star Trek sign, and until next time little buddies, see you, auntie! Ampitheater sound sucks, but the show was great. Tool is 3 for 3 with me, and continues to aid in the expansion of my thought processes and has me ever closer to the full realization that all in just doesn't really today....weed fertilizer tomorrow, so have fun, be understanding, and live!! peace out all you beotches!!!

Review written by: lindsay ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 15:42:38 Just so all of you know, this is the third time that I have had to miss Tool. AHHHHH!!!!! At 11:30 on Saturday night I was almost allowed to go, but no!! Grrr.. I was almost to the point of breaking a few things. None of you probably really care, but who else can I complain to except my fellow Tool fans? Your psychologically screwed, because she hasn't seen Tool yet, friend, Lindsay

Review written by: Matt Briscoe ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 14:44:00 I won't talk much about the earlier bands other than summercamp on the second stage, they were pretty good. Now onto TOOL. Here is the set list but not in order. Stinkfist,eulogy, fortysix and 2, hooker with a penis, pushit,sober,swamp song,opiate, and Aenima. This was my second time seeing them and I'm just as happy now as I was the last time. There is no better lead singer around than MJK. He is unbelievable. Considering that the acoustics at Polaris amphitheatre suck , the band still sounded great. I was kinda dissapointed though because MJK didn't talk to the crowd a whole lot, I always like hearing MJK's smart little comments. Justin and Adam where kick ass also along with Danny. I think alot of people last night who weren't really TOOL fans are now. Instead of touring with Lalapalooza though I wish that the band would have toured alone so they could have played more stuff from undertow and Opiate. It was still great to see the best live band ever, play, and I really hope they come back around my way, because seeing them in concert is the greatest. But untill then I guess my CD's will have to do. To all you TOOL fans: stick together and I'll see Ya later.

Review written by: greg ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 14:43:41 Yesterday was spectacular! The Eels were awesome. Korn and James were great. Tricky didn't play and Snoop was pretty annoying. Prodigy was also pretty cool, very energetic. I can't really describe in words what Tool was like but I will try. Adam and Justin looked like they were dipped in smurf juice or something. Danny looke like himself. Maynard had tight pants, white face, long brown hair and a nice chest. There sound was crystal clear. I have never seen Tool outside before only in crusty, hillbilly infested Ohio venues. I was blown away! I think it was the best out of the four shows I've seen. Pushit was amazing. To play a song that involves so much precision, timing and cooperation on all four parts is one thing. To do it live and make sound perfect is out of this world. I loved the kind of mixed up version of Stinkfist. The Aenema video was pretty tripped out and of course the backdrop was very entertaining. Set list: Hooker, Stinkfist, 46&2, Sober, Swamp Song, Opiate, Aenema, Eulogy, Pushit (not in that order). The show was awesome. Even if you think you don't wan't to see the other bands go to a Lollapalooza any ways you don't have to watch them all. Explore the sites all day and then finish it off with a Tool show.

Review written by: kevin. ( Review posted on: 07/21/97 11:27:28 okay, my turn. seems like everyone agrees that everyone was pumped to see Korn. I was assuming that because they sell out shows, that they are great live. Their two guitars got in the way of what may have been (i have no idea) a good vocalist. Fuckerz sure were happy to see Korn. also my first Tool show; they don't come by often enough. I wanted to check them out on their first Lolla stint, but no; working for the man. Lots of kids wearing t-shirts, but no one seemed to care that possibly the best live band, ever, was putting on an incredible set. Few bands live up to the challenge of putting out _all_ great cuts, and unfortunately not enough in metal these days. Those bands/ singers that do are usually the best live bands; although anyone with a halfway sober producer can sound good on a record. Tool is the best live band I have seen producing some of the best shit on a record. Maynard was incredible and guitar and bass crunch has that perfect amount of distortion. Drums were crystal clear and fantastic. Tool has a wonderfully mixed sound, nothing interfering with anything else; blending and adding perfectly. Tool is a humbling experience, and I cannot believe that the audience wasn't whimpering for more like I was. set list remarks: Pushit, Opiate, and 46&2: egadkewl. hopefully Tool will come to Rhode Island where I will be in the future, but in general, I hope they tour more away from the West coast where they make their home. thanks.