Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: July 22

Review written by: Charley Terhune ( Review posted on: 07/26/97 00:26:36 Since everything has been explained about the mud, and the songs they played there isn't much to say. This was my third time seeing tool and everytime it has been one hell of a show, even if the set wasn't that long, it still rocked. I also liked the sm all video screen they brought, even if they didn't have that long to play, at least for someone who saw them for the first time can put into perspective what a real show is like. One thing that did upset me though was that there wasn't anywhere you could meet the bands, it was all blocked off. At the other two shows I went to you could go to the bus, and they would come out, well, all except for Adam Jones. I think that tool should have got the time that korn had, that would make up for the loss, and then some. All in all it wasn't any different than seeing them for the first time, except having to wait through the other stupid bands (snoop dog,james)

Review written by: Jason ( Review posted on: 07/23/97 23:10:13 Well I think one word best describes this performance: MUDDY. Maynard came out wearing nothing but a thong and body paint, orange on the left, dark blue on the right. They started with Hooker with a Penis, afterwards MJK said 'T-shirts, boxers for sale.' and he made a comment about the last time being in Cincinnati they played some bar and how this was much different. Then everyone decided the lawn was too pretty and started tearing huge chunks and throwing it at each other. This went on for the next 2 songs: Stinkfist, 46 & 2, Crawl Away. At this point Maynard said 'Children... Daddy said you can't play in the mud any more.... Seriously, if the mud gets in the equipment, no more show.... So throw it the other way or something.' Then they went into Eulogy and the mud slinging stopped. After that they made a comment about the next song being a tribute to someone named Rojero who wrote all thier songs or something along those lines and they proceeded to play No Quarter which was amazing. Afterwards he said 'For those of you under 25, we ripped that one.' Then they went on to play Sober and a long intro into Opiate. The last song was Aenema to which he said 'We have something very special for you tonight. We've made a film for the next song. You may have seen it on Mtv, but probably not.' So they showed the video while they played the song. Excellent video by the way. All in all it was a great show. Not as good as the March 3rd show in Hara though but I think that was due to time restrictions. I was kind of disappointed he wasn't wearing his girdle I've read so much about, but No Quarter made up for it all. Well that's all, if you haven't seen them yet go do it. If you have, go do it again. Cya.

Review written by: Gabriel ( Review posted on: 07/23/97 13:06:07 We arrived at riverbend right on time from leaving my house in st.louis @ 7am, not nearly as bad at the ride to the dc show earlier in the month. The day was slow and dragged on due to the fact of the cancellation of korn who i am not very happy with but what can you???....even maynard asked us to give off some positive energy for munky so he would get better. well maynard ditched the drag style stage gear that i saw in dc for a thong and a half orange half black painted body. the setlist was the same as the dc show with the exception of them playing no quarter and crawl away. i am too tired to go into much more detail right now....i am sure everyone else did anyways. if anyone is going to be at the st.louis or dallas me later all gabe

Review written by: Ryan Eversole ( Review posted on: 07/23/97 12:14:24 Marleys, listenable. James:, Faggots. Tricky, needs to go home. Korn didn't play due to James "Munky" Shaffer having viral meningitis. I being a Korn fan was upset. But Tool played a good (sorry compared to Hara, March 3) show. Maynard came out with the usual body paint, right-side blue, his left-side whitish-peachish. Adam came out with t-shirt, same with Danny. Justin had "maynard blue" and had some dark green pants on. The set consisted of Hooker with a Penis, Stinkfist (varied before the "I'll keep digging" , 46 and 2, Crawl Away, Eulogy, Some Led Zeppelin Song, Sober, Introed-Opiate, Aenima. After the Zeppelin Song Maynard said that us under 25 wouldn't know that. We sat in section 500, dead center, eye level with the stage. During Stinkfist, the "lawn-babies" started throwing handfulls of mud. I figured they could never throw it to me. Well, the many nicknamed buddy of mine now has a new nickname "mudface". Tool then played 46 & 2 at the end of that song Maynard replied with "Children, if you keep playing with the mud you can harm our equipment, we can pack up and go if this continues." or something close to that. It immediately stopped. The Zeppelin song was dedicated to someone by the name of Ramiro, I think he did the Undertow artwork. The set was good but they should have played H. and Intolerance. Well that's all, Until next time.

Review written by: Andrew Haines ( Review posted on: 07/23/97 01:39:10 Hooker with a Penis Stinkfist 46 and 2 Crawl Away Eulogy No Quarter Sober Opiate Aenima Maynard James Keenan was back to the full-body paint. I was sitting pretty far back, but it looked like he was wearing nothing but a thong; painted over by the halving blue and ORANGISH-RED coloring. (best visual effect yet.) Justin Chancellor was painted all blue, and wearing military green pants Adam Jones started with both pants and T-shirt, but took shirt off shortly after they started. Danny Carey wore shorts and a sleevless black shirt. A FEW POINTS OF INTEREST: -The very loose and very muddy sod in the lawn section was completly ripped up in chunks and thrown all over the crowd and jumbo screens and speakers until Maynard made the announcement, "'re going to have to stop playing with the mud, 'cause it's getting all over the equipment. And if that continues we won't keep playing, because we can't." (or something like that) -Introduced "No Quarter" as being a special treat, and that they were playing it for someone in the area that does some work for them. -Maynard said that they played at Earl's Little Corner Bar(?)(surely fictional) last night, and that it was "certainly different". -In my opinion, their performance wasn't nearly as good as the only other show I saw. (Hara Arena /in March) Of course it was still excellent, and they really embarrassed everyone else at the venue. Especcially Snoop Doggy Dogg. He (Snoop) asked us for ten minutes whether or not he should smoke weed on stage. HEY SNOOP!: nobody gave a shit; haul your ass back into the studio B-otch! -The Prodigy was amazing. (still not even close to TOOL, but an excellent closing act.) -That's it. A wonderful performance by a highly skilled band. I hope everyone that wants to is able to. P.S. I feel really sorry for the Riverbend janitors; mud everywhere.