Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: July 27

Review written by: The village idiot and the village slut ( Review posted on: 08/03/97 01:49:54 We drove 30 hours to see Tool. Nice bra Maynard. It was well worth the trip just to see those pants. My girlfriend (the village slut), was jealous. Maynard gave a little speech before the first band Failure played. It went something like this: "Okay, here is your assignment for today. Sit back and listen to the music and don't let your friends or anyone else influence what you think is cool. Make up your own minds. There are a lot of bands here that you wouldn't normally go out and see, and that is what makes this a truly alternative festival. So, here is Failure", and then he sat off to the side of the stage in his cool boxers and sang along and tapped his tootsies for the whole Failure set. But then he left before the Bob Marley wanna-be mother-fuckers came on. We didn't blame him. Most of the bands sucked. James, nice outfits ladies. Tricky who? Snoop the mother fucking bitch is in da heeoouse, he sucked. No Korn, boo hoo, sniffle sniffle, pout pout. Then maynardo and the gals came on and rocked. Maynard had on these cool striped (tight) pants, and pumps, with a bra (nice boobs). He had this cool hairdo going, right down to his ass. His face was painted white. Justin was in some weird blue costume. He looked like a cross between spiderman, and the gimp from pulp fiction. Adam was in some sweater or something, and Danny we couldn't really see behind all his drums. Maynard made some crack about buying tool t-shirts during Hooker with a Penis. He told some story about how Justin was picking up radio stations on his braces, and that was what the song Aenema was about, whatever. So then he dedicated it to Justin and Devo. Unfortunately, no one saw devo. Was he there? We think the setlist went something like this, but don't quote us on this. Hell, we were drunk! Hooker with a Penis Stinkfist 46 + 2 Sober Prison Sex Eulogy H No Quarter Opiate Aenema p.s. we think that we may have driven farther than any other tool fans to see them. If you drove longer then e-mail us. But altogether we spent 30 hours in a sweaty stinky car to see maynard. p.p.s. to the security bitch that took my underage girlfriend's beer, i'll see you in hell.

Review written by: Jeff Cauwels ( Review posted on: 08/02/97 02:01:24 I forgot to mention the videos of the elephants having sex, and how profoundly they affected me. I'm never going to the zoo again. P.S. If the guy with the shirt that said "Jesus is coming; Look busy" please e-mail me? I want to know where to get one.

Review written by: Sean Johnson ( Review posted on: 07/30/97 22:26:01 This was my first time to Lollapalooza and my very first Live Tool experience. Everyone went nuts for Tool. If you want to know any more go look at the others experiences. The others experiences are very acurate and I agree totally with them. My expeirience is about my encounter with Danny. I have read before that he usually walks around before their shows and so I kept my eyes open for him. I went the whole day looking for him and didn't see him until he saved me from Snoop. (thank you danny) I was standing on the grass completely bored with Snoop until my friend noticed Danny walk by with two other guys. My friend and I walked after him. He was wearing a t-shirt with Planets and stars on it and shorts. Danny is very tall and well built. We tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around slowly. We asked him if he was the great Danny Carey. He said "yeah". We then proceeded to kiss his ass more than you would like to know about. We talked a bit. Then shook hands and said our goodbyes. Then we were stopped by some chick who talked about sex on some Zendik farm. I don't remember what the hell she said because I had just talked to Danny Carey. After the chick we went and watched the rest of Failure's set and I noticed Danny sitting on the hill. I wanted to talk to him more but he seemed a little pissed off. We knew it was time to go back to our seats when I noticed he left. He came on stage in the same clothing. That was my experience.

Review written by: Dan Kirk ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 17:35:52 On the way to Lollapalooza my friends car broke down. So it took us awhile to get there. We arrived when Tricky was playing after being sent back to our car for having a chain on. Tricky was pretty cool the music was cool but I got sick of the singer. Then Snoop Dog came on. I hate rap but he got the fans going when he smoked a joint on stage. It got old hearing beeeeeotch. Then TOOL came out. This is a summary about each person. Adam Jones: Came out in normal clothes. He is just cool to watch. He is a great guitarist and really mello. Justin Chancellor: Came out painted all blue. It looked awesome when the lights were on him. A great performer. Danny Carey: Awesome! The man is one hell of a drummer! He would just get pissed off during everysong. Just a BADASS! Maynard: Brilliant! He came out in polyester pants, platform shoes and a bra with a long wig. He is the best performer I have ever seen. He gets into every song. Especially during Aenema! Tool: Just Breath taking! They kicked ass! And then Devo(boring!) TOOL! If you like Tool go see them live whenever you get a chance It is worth it!

Review written by: Christine Woods ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 14:10:42 This was my first Lollapalooza and live Tool experience also. I have to say that I have never experienced anything like it in my life. The feelings that flowed through me are unexplainable. I sat 11 rows from the stage in the dead center of the row. Awesome. Maynard sounded excellent. I t was almost like listening to the CD with an exception of the cheering from the crowd. Tool is the greatest band and I wouldn't miss the chance to see them again.

Review written by: Steve O'Meara ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 11:34:37 Set List: Hooker With A Penis Stinkfist (extended version) Forty-six & 2 Prison Sex (extended version) Eulogy H. Sober No Quarter Opiate Aenema To start off, this was my first Lollapalooza and first time seeing Tool. Second stage has some pretty good stuff. We were a bit disappointed about Korn not being there, but what can you do. We took our seats just before the hip gangster wanna-be came on. Very comical. All the fellas if ya wit me say BEE-OTCH. There was nothing posted about what acts went on when for the main stage, unlike second stage where all the bands and times were posted. Every staff person we asked gave us a different time for Tool. They came on at 8:05 - Adam and Danny wearing plain clothes. Justin with dark blue body paint with light blue spots and Maynard with stacks, bell-bottoms, face painted white like a Chinese mask, long hair coming from the back of his head, and a red bra with great set of hooters. Needless to say, this was the best, most intense show I have ever seen. The 12 hour round trip drive was well worth it. Id do it again tomorrow. PS-was anyone else annoyed throughout the day by the moron with gold hair and red mouth-piece who was beating on his girlfriend?

Review written by: The Kal ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 11:25:46 As someone who frequently attends concerts, I feel that I have experience in judging them. The show that Tool put on at Lollapalooza wasprobably the best concert experience that I have ever had. Maynard, with his mime-like face and fake breasts, was an entrancing presence on stage throughout the 75 minute set, which was perfect. Opening with "hooker with a penis" and rocking straight through to "aenima", the set never had a dull moment. I was pleasantly surprised at the intensity of "H", a song that I had previously felt was not so cool. Most importantly however, was the quality and clarity of the music. THe rifs, beats, and most obviously the screams were absolute clones of the studio versions. Tool positively ROCKS in concert.

Review written by: Tim Anderson ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 11:22:26 Did anyone happen to catch the first band Failure? If you did, then you got to see Maynard introduce them. He came out and said, "Ok, Now it's time to see if anyone is paying any attention." The small crowd gave a pretty good cheer, but I don't think many people knew what was going on. He then told us to check out all the bands because that is what Lallapalooza is all about. Seeing different types of music you don't usually see. He stayed on stage for Failure's entire set(which was quite good). Tool kicked my ass. I haven't been lucky enough to see them since they came to Riverside theatre in '94. It was nice to see that they have kept their intensity through their increase in popularity. Maynard didn't have too much to say to the crowd, but he didn't have to. The music did all of the talking. I got a kick out of the little highschool girls who were bobbing around with big smiles on there face during snoop. They acted kind of clueless during Tool. I wonder why?

Review written by: clint mitchell ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 02:28:39 w00t, I finally got to see Tool live. Sure, I wish they coulda played longer (maybe taken Korn's unused time instead of Failure) but then again, a whole day of Tool wouldn't be enuff, eh? Anyways, as par for the tour, Tool once again proved that Lolla is THEIR show, and even a buncha hip gangster wannabes can't get the crowd going like they can. They know how to put on a show. Maynard in drag + Justin painted blue + Huge Pentagram-ish Gong thingy + Lighting + Big ol' Screen with wacky images = one amazing experience. Even though I've never heard the real version of No Quarter (i'm under 25, that's my excuse =P) i enjoyed it a lot, and could only stand in awe as tool worked their magik. Seeing tool live gives you a new appreciation for the pure energy that they put into their music; i'll never listen to their cd's in the same way again. I'll always see maynard, crouching, twisting, bending with the power in their music (and probably his outfit, too =P). You can't help but let their energy inside you, to move with the music as well. And, if you know the words, to scream along (almost the entire crowd sang along to Sober and Eulogy). Even if you aren't a Tool fan, you'd have to agree that they are a band unlike any other. Never pass up the chance to see them live, even if you have to endure less talented acts... On a side note, my sister, who had never heard more than 3 tool songs before the concert, now thinks that "Tool is awesome" and intends to promptly buy their CD's. It's so good to see her grow up right =P.

Review written by: C. Eggermont ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 01:21:04 This was my first Lolapalooza and I was mainly going to see Korn, I'm a big Korn fan so naturally I was disappointed when they announced that Jonathan was sick and they were not coming. The bands were entertaining, but I'm really into a good performance by the bands and I wasn't seeing that with many of the first bands. Even Snoop didn't do anything to special. THEN it was time for TOOL everyone was so pumped, their were so many die hard fans it was great. After viewing one of the most all around entertaining performances though my eyes, ears, my whole body! After the show I said fuck Korn I'm going to buy a TOOL CD- and that's exactly what I did!

Review written by: Jeff Cauwels ( Review posted on: 07/29/97 00:20:58 I was also a Tool rookie at this show, so it totally blew me away. My only complaint is that it was too short, which is understandable considering their were a lot of lesser bands there too. All I can say is that next time they come to SE Wisconsin, I'm there. p.s. My favorite part was when all of the people yelling and cheering and flashing gang signs through Snoop Dogg's half-rapping and half-cheerleading (Rah, Rah, Sisboombah! Gimme a beeyatch!) cheered during Aenima when Maynard said "Fuck all you gun-toting hip gangster wannabes. "Yeeeaaah! um, wait, that's me.

Review written by: DOCTOR of THOUGHTS ( Review posted on: 07/28/97 15:29:54 The day started out bad with bands that could only try to keep a beat, and then TOOL came upon the set. Took a while to set up and then the white faced LORD himself came trampling out in his drag outfit. When you looked around the pavilion all you saw was kids who felt like maybe they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, with half the band looking as demanding as possible. Maynard James Keenon had awaken a seemless crowd of kids who thought they where pumped"as Dog Boy had put it" from listening to the previos band.I know after "HOOKER WITH A PENIS" they completely forgot who had just played...I know I did........ p.s. I will continue to watch and observe this group, they realy intrigue ME.

Review written by: Paul Brink ( Review posted on: 07/28/97 14:14:19 This was my first time seeing Tool live, and it would be pointless to try to convey how incredible it was in words. However, I'll share a few notes of interest no one has mentioned so far: -After Tool played "No Quarter", which was _much_ harder than the original, Maynard said: "For those of you under 25...we wrote that song." -Unlike a lot of the other Lollapalooza shows I have read reviews of here, virtually no one was sitting (at least in front of where I was sitting) during Tool's set. The only exception were two moms who had come with their kids. They sat down holding their ears and looking miserable until they left, after Stinkfist. Ha ha. -Before Aenema, Maynard told a very long story, the gist of which was: "Justin, our new bass player, grew up in Milwaukee, and he had some dental work done that allowed him to receive radio signals from outer space fortelling the appocalypse. That's what this song is all about." -Maynard was very complimentary of Devo (the closing band), and twice implored the audience to stick around for their set, "at the very least so you can tell your friends you saw Devo." I stayed, and for a band that used to be all about ending rock and roll, Devo really rocked. They expended an unbelieveable amount of energy just for the sake of showmanship, and the few people that stayed for them really appreciated it. *Finally, a note to future Lollapalooza goers: GET GOOD SEATS IF YOU CAN! Any money you could save by getting seats on the lawn would be well spent buying actual seats. At Alpine Valley, security was pretty good, and it looked dificult to sneak from the lawn into the pavilion. I had seats dead center about 100 feet from the stage (thank you ticketmaster), and the experience was incredible. I sat on the lawn for about 30 minutes during James' set (because they were terrible) and I could hardly see a thing.

Review written by: Silverbrain ( Review posted on: 07/28/97 13:46:20 TOOL was better than the first time i saw them, some 4 years ago. They came on, and the place went nuts, including myself. They played a mix from all three of there albums including an unknown to most song, "No Quarter" which i loved the best. My only wish from there show was that they would have cancelled DEVO, and let TOOL play another hour, i mean who the hell wants to see DEVO? They had a lot of really cool intros to their songs which added to the awesome sonunds they were putting out. Maynard is got a hell of a voice that can just belt out the lyrics, even in a crouched position. They even added a bit of humor to the show, that only an avid fan would have understood, saying that aenima the song was all about Justins mouth!! My neck is still sore as i write this. It kicked ass and thats all you need to know. My concert highlight of the show.

Review written by: Kevin Roemke ( Review posted on: 07/28/97 02:09:02 Tool was absolutely amazing tonight!!! Maynard was dressed in his usual drag. Justin had on blue body paint. Danny and Adam were dressed normal. The definite high point of the show was "No Quarter" Here's the setlist in correct order. Hooker with a penis Stinkfist forty six & 2 prison sex eulogy h. sober no quarter opiate aenema Tricky also put in an excellent set!!!