Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: August 02

Review written by: Valeria Salinas ( Review posted on: 08/21/97 13:02:38 So, my sometimes bestfriend and I(who seem to agree on nothing other than worshiping TOOL) attended both Texas shows. Anyone that worships TOOL knows beforehand that their shows are going to kick ass, right? Therefore, at the risk of boreing anyone who might be reading this, and in an effort to cease from making TOOL seem so mundane... I choose to refrain from writing about what they sang, or whom wore what. I mean, how many times do we want to read about MAYNARD dressing in drag or ADAM wearing war paint? We all worship the ground they piss on and we're lucky the band exists to entertain us, but...I move to write about something other than set lists and mosh pitts. What about the aftermath of a TOOL show? We were lucky enough to participate. After the show, we went hung around back and watched Snoop and DANNY play basketball for about an hour. JUSTIN and MAYNARD just kinda hung out, I suppose they were waiting for their sandwiches from Subway... it was funny watching them lock their sandwiches in the bus...I guess some fans would go that far, huh? We witnessed ADAM totally shun these unsuspecting kids who wanted nothing more than a hand shake. He blew one kid off as if the poor guy had jerked off minutes before and still had the remains of spew dripping from his fingers. The guy walked away looking pretty stupid and ADAM looked like a jerk. But, as they so often publicly admit... they "don't owe their fans anything". We were pretty tired and decided we'd split the scene and head down south to get ready for tomorrow's show in Corpus Christi. We staggered over to the car feeling tired as shit and hoping we wouldn't have to fight to get out of the hole they played in. We bid Dallas a farewell and a fuck you for booking the show in the worst venue... and off we went in search of food, drink and a shitter. We headed south down Interstate 35... Melissa's complaining that she needs to find a pot to drop a load, so we pull over at this nasty ass truck stop in a peice of shit town called Waco. We do the deed, get back on the HWY and end up cruising at 75/80 mph next to TOOL's tour bus. There is a GOD and TOOL is his favorite band! So, we're cruising right, Melissa's driving, I'm navigating. I say to Melissa, "what I need right now is a big, fat, black magic marker." she says, "what", I say "a felt pin, a fuckin magic marker!" (See Pulp Fiction, adrenalins shot scene, writer: Q. Tarentino). Anyway, I write TOOL on a peice of paper, placed on the window and waited for the confirmation from the bus drivers. They nod, and we trip! The all too familiar request to show tits comes forth, so I pull myself out from the passenger's seat and pull up my shirt to reveal bare 38's. They signal in approval and seek assistance as the inner lights go on and JUSTIN's lifting his shirt and pointing at me in an ever so sweet requests to see my breasts. Happy to oblige, I lift my shirt as we're side by side and Melissa's hauling ass in an effort to have the bus driver speed up to see more. They do, and what's more, the lights go on again, and JUSTIN returns the favor as he turns around, pulls his pants down and bares all! At that point, I'm screaming up and down South I35 like a maniac at 2:00am! The driver maneuvers his way next to me and JUSTIN and I are trying to talk to eachother (he must have been smoking the same thing I was) at 80mph, how cool is that? We're screaming at one another... he's asking me "Where are you going, what are you doing", etc. and I'm going "WHAT!" I couldn't hear a thing, we gave up and just drove off into the moonlight with TOOL. By the way, Melissa was pissed because she was driving and she had to remain in total composure, that must have sucked. And then there was Corpus, do I really want to get in to that trip? [Note from Kabir -- you read the neatest shit on this site.]

Review written by: Paul Sibley ( Review posted on: 08/10/97 03:33:42 When Tool came on stage, Keenan was dressed in full garb: dainty-looking outfit (to say the least), face paint, wig. They opened with Hooker, an appropriate selection considering the venue, and the audience. As is perfectly usual, the beer-swilling crowd joyously extended their middle digits during the chorus, never quite realizing the irony of their actions. They were just excited because "Maynard said a dirty word." Next, Tool played Stinkfist, another suitable choice. If you are in search of a set list then look elsewhere, because I son't remeber the details, just one of the most brilliant artistic performances I have ever seen. As if the music alone wasn't enough to keep enraptured, Keenan's visual mannerisms completed my mental seduction. From the beginning, he performed a very artificial set of movements, in hooker garb of course. He would stomp marionette-like across the stage, dodging random audience debris. The whole thing was really just an extension of Stinkfist. A man being paid to perform highly exagerated pelvic thrusts in front of thousands, while in that outfit, wasn't nearly enough to shock the desensetized youth before him. Since the patronizing attitude was lost on the crowd, twice Keenan told us just how "special" we were. The sarcasm was completely over their heads, and they cheered. It never ceases to amaze me how something so powerfully artistic can attract such a philistine audience. Regardless, it was an incredible show.

Review written by: E2d (Sfrias) Review posted on: 08/09/97 15:56:27 Tool was the best thing about Lollapalooza! they are the best live!!! just wanted to thatnk ya' guys. KEEP ROCKIN'!!!!!!!

Review written by: chris call ( Review posted on: 08/06/97 10:52:53 Well to begin with I was there for TOOL so I'm not going to talk about any others. It was great as the smoke started coming out for the third time it was coming out heaver this time and I saw adam walk out on the stage I looked to the right and saw justin he was painted blue oh adam was wereing A red & white collord shirt then I saw maynard wereing an orange wemons jump suit with brown curly wig his face was painted white with a black line around the outer edge of the white paint with red lipstic . I was at the very front and i waved at adam during hooker and he gave me a nod to aknowleg me . before they played opiate maynard said "we werent going to play this song but you are just so special."he said it before no quarter also. and before cold & ugly he said this is a song by rush. I saw them at the bronco bowl november 7 , 1996 . They were great then but this show was better beceause I was closer.

Review written by: Phil Gainer ( Review posted on: 08/05/97 04:30:30 Lots of reviews for this one, so Ill try not to repeat whats already been said--- First off, TOOL came on about 7:20 (which from what Ive read was about an hour earlier than any other performance on this tour-which kinda sucked since it was light out the entire performance)--- As soon as Tool came on, large smoke bombs were being thrown around, and as soon as one made the stage, Maynard stopped his 'dancing' (but the performance kept on) All I thought about was Tool getting pissed at the trendies that were there and stopping after they finished the song(but nothing was ever said about it)--- Also during their little 'intermission' while Maynard was sitting down, someone threw a frisbee to the stage and landed in his lap, which he didnt even acknowledge that it was there.--- ***EVERTHING ELSE*** In my opinoin this wasnt a good Lollapalooza, it was a TOOL concert, but instead of 1 or 2 opening bands there were about 5-6--- I dint catch Failure on either stage, which I was looking forward to-- Everthing else was pretty bad, I took a nap pretty much as soon as we arrived--- **Tricky-who knows how he got on the bill, but cool music for the "mind-expandingers" **Snoop-BIOOOOTCH! The crowd actually said NO! when they asked if we wanted to hear more, but "performed" a few more anyways **Prodigy-pretty cool, although there isnt much to them other than music and lights. (I can go up there and repeat one line over and over-but thats techno, but I did enjoy their performance) **I you plan on going fuct-up, check out the garden tent or whatever its called (it was by the second stage in Dallas) during the day, you'll enjoy it. (Please email me if you know of any videos of TOOLs performance in Dallas or any other shows, Dallas security sucked, so there might be a video floating around out there.)

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/05/97 00:10:27 Tool took the show in Dallas Aug. 2 It would have probably been the best tool show that I have seen exept for two things they only played for like and hour and the sound quality at the coca-cola starplex in Dallas stinks. Manard came out in an Orange womans jump suit with "big tracks of land" and with a brown wig and his face was painted solid white for the rest of the band the bass player was painted solid blue and the other two were in plain cloths. I really enjoyed thier rendition of No Quarter by Led Zepplin it seemed like it lasted for 15 min. They also seemed to do lots of improvising while they were playing which add a lot to the show. I believe that if a band is headlining a show like Lollapaloza then they should be allowed to play a full set and not just for and hour or less I thought that really sucked. Oh yea we they also light a candle for one of the members of Korn which did not perform that day because he was sick which I thought was really nice of them. By the way Manard keeps a damn clean stage.

Review written by: john (unertl@airmail) Review posted on: 08/04/97 16:47:21 Lolla '97 review. The Marley's were great. James was not. I didn't watch the Tricky show. Even though I despise most rap due to their lack of creativity, I was impressed immensely by the Snoop Doggy Dogg show. Tool. In a word, unbelievable. I went to the show expecting to see the best show ever, and it far exceeded those expectations. Tool is by far the best band to grace the world of music. The set Tool played was a great one. The extended outro on "Eulogy" was great. As was the "Aenima" video. The music behind Maynard's little story was great. The posers in the crowd, and there were alot of them, sang along to "Sober" and had no clue during "Cold and Ugly", "Opiate", or "No Quarter". I feel those who do not truly appreciate the music of Tool and go to their shows because they think it is "trendy" should be slapped and sterilized. To these: Crepa, pezzo di merda, e vai a sucare cazzi su un aereo! Anyway, the show was inspiring. The gong with the ritual circle on it was interesting. Maynard's outfit was genius. People need to like a band for their sound, not their appearance. Anyone who can honestly say they understand the music of Tool is one who has begun to understand themselves.

Review written by: seth ( Review posted on: 08/04/97 15:28:17 maynard is the man. his outfit,his moves, the wat he hypnotizes the crowd with his voice, his tits... Anyway,the music blew me away even after the second time seeing them. my first was right here in New Orleans. they started with hooker. never heard it in concert before and i am now a changed man because of it; its one of my favorites. then they played stinkfist. then 46&2. unbelievable song,especially after realizing the intro riff was done by justin and not adam. everyone was surprised by cold and ugly cept me. i heard in N.O. very cool song. Eulogy was their most moving song. Sober got the crowd in a huge uproar (I wonder why).WHEN THEY PLAYED NO QUARTER , IHAD TO GET ON MY KNEES AND WORSHIP THEM. MY FAVORITE ZEPPELIN SONG DONE BY MY FAVORITE BAND. THERE IS A GOD. opiate got the crowd moving again and the closing song,preceeded by MJK's hilarious bullshit story about danny's out of body/ sphinx nostril/apocalypse story was the best sounding and pumped the most adrenaline into everybody. incredible. in closing,if you miss the chance to see tool, you dont deserve to listen to them. bye,Seth

Review written by: David Gardner a.k.a Tricky the Clown ( Review posted on: 08/04/97 12:44:57 "That dude's on something"--- This is a quote I overheard; someone trying to describe Maynard. No... he's ON TO something, and you are in my seat! Get out and go buy your t-shirt. It was fitting that the boys opened with "Hooker". And even more summed up with Maynard's own words during their opening song, "T-shirts and (other paraphenalia) are now available for sale in the courtyard." The guy's considerately insulting the crowd... and they aren't even aware of it. Tool 1, Dallas 0. This was my second time to see the boys up on the main stage at Lolla Land in Dallas, and despite the hoards of moronic MTV and radio fans screaming for Stinkfist, it still was one of the best shows I've seen them put on. Funny, I don't remember all these people rushing the stage at the third Lolla..."No Quarter"... what can I say? "Blessed" maybe? Thanks guys!!! I needed that. The crowd around me didn't seem too interested, but that's expected. After the song, Maynard asked of the crowd if anyone under the age of 25 could tell him who wrote that one. I didn't hear any responses. Tool 3, Dallas 0 (they scored their second point by playing "Cold and Ugly"... again, over the heads of the audience... not many knew that song either) A big healthy "YES" for Munky, to the tune of "-ions"... And also a white noise improv later on in the set... I hope they guys stick with this little trick on stage. I've found these sections to be very vision inducing. A friend of mine expounded on the idea, the band isn't up there to whip the crowd into a screaming cheering mess, but performing is more of their way of telling a message... I tend to agree. Anyone else have their third eye opened? In closing the set with Aenema, Maynard took time to tell a story of Danny's colonic cleansing session in which he conjured up the story of Arizona Bay... Hey wait a sec!!! You guys are in Texas, and Brother Bill was born, raised, and buried here. You can't pull that off on me! I happen to know better. But it was funny anyway. And at that time I stopped watching the band and focused on the video screens. What a vision indeed... Those of you wishing to see Lolla Land 97, check out Failure (both stages.... they play different sets). James... I'm not much of a James fan, but they can play a hell of a set. Demolition Doll Rod... Two girls wearing bikini bottoms and nothing else, one guy wearing bikini bottoms and a bunch of makeup... entertaining for a good fifteen minutes. Prodigy... flashing lights and screaming... YEAH!!!! And alas there is that skinny little black guy from England... Tricky WHOA! And I'm not just saying it because we share the same name. Just watch the guy. Good luck to you all. ---TRICKY

Review written by: Ario Jafarzadeh ( Review posted on: 08/04/97 11:52:23 Oh my gawd. That concert was so mind blowing. We got there during Failure's set which wasn't anything except loud. The Marley's were pretty cool but how many times must we hear Bob Marley's kids play "I shot the sheriff"? James reminded me of U2 with their Las Vegas schtick (sequence shirts, etc). They were pretty forgetable. Tricky , who is one of my favorites was actually a little disappointing. I knew he wasn't going to go nuts or anything, but the whole back turned to the crowd thing was kind of shitty. The female singer did the same and even when she sang she looked down at the ground. Lots of their set was just jamming some non-album song for 20 minutes straight. I think for what Snoop does, he did it well and I had fun. It was fun jumping around and it was cool when he lit that j up on stage. Now for TOOL. I had seen Tool once before during Lolla '93 but that was nothing compared to what we were about to see. Maynard and crew appeared on the stage, greeted by thousands of raging fans who had turned the place suddenly into a general admission show. Maynard sported this tight orange outfit with tits and everything. Those things looked pretty real. It was so cool seeing this muscular, intense guy wearing something that would make most men blush. Starting off with "Hooker" i thought was very fitting and also sent the message loud and clear about selling out. Stinkfist sounded great and their accuracy and performance of the songs just blew me away. "46&2" just killed me, and then Maynard said we were "Special" since we got to hear "Cold & Ugly." Eulogy, being my favorite song, was exceprtional powerful, and you know about sober. Not really being into Led Zep too much, No Quarter confused me at first, but then I realized what it was and got into it. "Opiate" was cool, but I would rather heard some more stuff off of Undertoe. Maynard crouched down for a lot of the song and didn't bat an eyelash when hit by a frisbee. That smoke bomb thrown towards Danny was kind of scary since I thought it might set their curtain on fire. Aenima was preceeded by that cool Danny, out of body experience story which was so bullshit it was funny. The video for Aenima was excellent since it wasn't a literal interpretation of the song. I would have been pissed to see some California earthquake video footage or something. Another cool video they had was this AMP looking construction assembly line that was making sparks and such. After that song, they left the crowd wanting more, but I guess they did they best they could with the time constraints. Maynard told the crowd to yell "Yes" for Korn's guitarist, Munky, who has viral meningitis. After TOOL we "experienced" the Prodigy who were also excellent. Keith and Maxim were going nuts as usual and Liam even left mid concert for a piss break! "Their Law" was especially kick ass. Overall a fantastic show.

Review written by: Cale Welborn ( Review posted on: 08/03/97 20:09:43 After seeing the Lollapalooza tour only one thing could be spoken of, Tool's clear dominance of rock music. As for the rest of the show Snoop was a badass(smoking the kind onstage), Tricky was cool, so was Prodigy but I was too worn out to stay for their entire set. Anyway here is my take on the Tool event. Setlist: 1.Hooker with a penis 2.Stinkfist 3.46&2 4.Cold and Ugly 5.Eulogy 6.Sober 7.NO QUARTER 8.Opiate 9.Aenema While Tool was having their stage set up my friends and I went to go get some water, which took forever and on the way back I heard Maynard talking so I made a mad dash for the grass. I was totally enthralled by the power of Tool from then on. They opened with Hooker (which was no surprise) one of my favorites from the new disc the concert version seemed to last way longer much to my delight. Next up was Stinkfist which included the extra bridge with the noises that start the song off. Maynard(who was sporting his Lollapalooza outfit with the fake tits and dress) was dancing around like alunatic and I couldn't keep my eyes off of him the entire night, he is such a fuckin badass. 46&2 was next and Maynard introduced it as a song about subtle changes, Tool sounded especially heavy during this song. The next song was introduced as a song they hadn't played in a long time, and then they said it was a Rush song. I turned to my friends very surprised until they started playing and I realized it was Cold and Ugly, one of Tool's most intense songs. After hearing them play the old shit I was very happy, but I thought they probably would stick to the regular concert songs from the new disc after that. Little did I know what was in store for me later. Eulogy was next with Maynard using some sort of device to change and distort his voice, the mosh pit seemed intense and it was beckoning my friend T-bone and I. Sober was next which was cool, but I would have preferred Prison Sex. Anyway the crowd really got into Sober, and my friends and I decided to heed Maynard's advice and not be sober. Then came the song that gave me tingles for the rest of the night Tool's magnificent cover of the Led Zeppelin classic NO QUARTER. MJK said they played it because we were special, but it was sad how many people could not appreciate the song because all they listen to is ALTERNA-SHIT. My friends and I being Zeppelin fans loved all 12 minutes of it, Tool's take on the song is much different than Zeppelin's but is equally brilliant. Opiate was next and T-bone and I went to the mosh pit area. We were on the outside of the circle waiting for the shit to go down, when Tool exploded on the 2nd chorus and we found ourselves in the middle of the pit. It was totally awesome I was hitting everybody near me even chicks. Tool finished the show with Aenema another great song, but it was sucky because I knew that the show was over then. But all in all to experience Tool live is something that words cannot describe it must be viewed by one and all. Peace to my homboy Cito we kicked some ass for you.

Review written by: gabriel ( Review posted on: 08/03/97 15:31:21 WOW!!!!......that is all i have to say about my 4th lolla. Not to be partial to the awesome shows that tool has played on this lolla but as far as setlist's go...the dallas show may have been the best yet on lolla so far 1.Hooker with a penis 2.Stinkfist 3.46&2 4.Cold and ugly(yea, i could not believe it either, maynard said we were lucky cause they NEVER play that song)it was so awesome 5.Euology 6.Sober 7.NO Quarter 8.Opiate 9.AEnema Maynard came out with the same wig i saw in st.louis and he had a peach colored dress on with the china doll/mime looking face paint. and another thing...i was not very pleased with the crowd in dallas throwing things.....such as smoke bombs.....which almost nailed carrey in the head...soo whoever you are fuck off and just let tool play in peace please!!!! anyways....tricky also turned in a good performance and i would highly recommend once again....checking them out.well that is it for more tool till probably 2001..i doubt they will tour anymore after lolla.....enjoy everyone later gabe

Review written by: Daniel Trippett ( Review posted on: 08/03/97 15:10:06 This was my third time to see Tool. Once in Tulsa, once at the Kansis City Lolla, and Dallas. The cool part about this one was during James I went over to the second stage, and Adam was hanging out in the Dr. Martin booth wearing a cool black Devo shirt and shades. He was very cool and shook my hand and even stopped for a couple of pictures(hiding his face with a water bottle). Tool was great but not nearly as good as the Kansis City show. This was due in part to the sound at the Starplex and the fact that the crowd in the lawn area set fire to the grass about 5 times. Security kept having to run back with fire extinguishers. People were throwing stuff as usual(not as bad as the 20,000 Aquafina bottles in Kansis). During the instrumental part, where Maynard sets down, I saw him get hit in the head with a frisbee and not even move. This kind of shit really takes me out of the music, but still it was Tool and as always the were great.

Review written by: j.e ( Review posted on: 08/03/97 04:50:46 Maynard WAS the "Hooker With a Penis" as far as i could tell. Dressed in full drag, he had passed the blue look on to Justin (the bassist). The previous 2 reviewers were right on with the sound, but as usual, Tool made me forget all my troubles with their mind bending sounds. After a MONSTROUS rush to the pit (over 5 huge groups), I was good to go about 10 feet from the stage. Well that lasted about 3 songs worth, as I was near death just as I stumbled from the most hellacious pit I have ever seen (outside of Pantera in Dallas). Maynard also told a cool story (right before aenima) about an out of body experience that Danny had in which he supposedly flew all the way to egypt, into the left nostril of the sphinx, through the sphinx's intestines, into an underground tunnel, over to the Great Pyramid, into a secret chamber where he saw visions of the end of the world which are the entire meaning behind the song Aenima (the visions). Damn...what a run on. ----Nice tits Maynard.----

Review written by: jason (cheeze) ( Review posted on: 08/03/97 01:37:03 wow...that is all i have to say. i got more to say: - tool rocks - ummm...maynard cross dressing - i got lots of pics of tool, failure, and prodigy - sucks that it is about 12pm and i am home already, no korn means more time with no music. - i agree with the first reviewer, StarPlex sound sucks, the 2nd stage sounded better i should have the pics ready some time this week. e-mail me and i could maybe send some over. jason

Review written by: Victor Seiler ( Review posted on: 08/02/97 23:22:13 This is the third time I have seen tool on this tour. As always, every Dendrite in my head feels as if it is still firing. The fist thing I noticed on stage was a functional tool, similiar to the one on page 98 of Book Four by Aleister Crowley. I was trying to read the inscription and hieroglyhic text on it, but was seeted to far away, and it was hastily removed after the show. But I definetly felt it's effect during the show. Nice work Maynard. I can die peacefully now that I heard "No Quarter" vibrated by a true master. Also, I have never heard "Cold And Ugly" live, and it is one of my favorites. As far as I can remember, this is the playlist: 1. Hooker With A Penis 2. Stinkfist 3. Cold and Ugly 4. 46&2 5. Sober 6. No Quarter 7. Opiate 8. Aenema (I know, but screw the spelling) (This list is prolbably out of order, and needs correcting.) I hate the sound at Starplex, but Tool was still flowing through me like the pure and finely tuned art it is. No one should ever miss a chance to see them, and connect in a way that is so much more than music. All members were once again in perfect sync. I have a personal fondness for the way Maynard can shift and move energy and matter with his voice, and will never miss a chance to hear him. On one last note, once again the storm troopers were having fun in the parking lot with some naked and bleeding guy. If anyone needs any witnesses to what happened, or has any more info, please E-Mail me, because I'm really sick of this fucking shit!