Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: August 03

Review written by: msgmc ( Review posted on: 08/20/97 17:06:04 I knew that Tool was trance-inducing, but labor-inducing? It was about 95 degrees and the pit started churning as Tool opened with "Hooker"; suddenly, we're about twice as far back as we were before. I heard a female scream like nothing I've ever heard before, and kept on edge, as I knew some serious bidness was about to go down. Out of nowhere, these two monstrous guys come crashing through the crowd, with a non-descript and very pregnant woman between them. "Get out of the way, she's going into labor!", was all I heard before I saw them dispappear into a gap in the crowd that looked like Moses had parted the Red Sea. Damn, there are some incredibly stupid people on this planet...

Review written by: bill the landlord ( Review posted on: 08/07/97 19:53:55 Attention potential lolla goers-do not miss tool great show also believe i got to see rebecca(Bdurlin) and her boyfriend get arrested-If they were smokin a joint under an 18 wheeler, sittin on a blanket-they missed tool-dont let this happen order is good see you auntie

Review written by: Aaron ( Review posted on: 08/07/97 11:51:40 ok all i would like to say about this show is taht it was awesome! I have never seen tool except for this time. I went with my brother and a few friends, and when Maynard and the rest of the band came on stage my brother and i looked at each other and we were both boggled with the sugject that Maynard had womens breast, but other than that little experence the show really kicked ass. Just the way Maynard moves when he sings just makes you want to give him some pills becouse he dosent really look normal, but its the best show you could ever see in my opinion

Review written by: Rebecca (BDurlin) Review posted on: 08/07/97 10:24:40 August 3 my boyfriend and I packed up and drove the four hours hours it takes to travel from Austin to Corpus Christi. Entirely pumped up we tried to get a good nights sleep-since we knew what we were in for the next day. After arriving at the site of Lollapalooza and waiting in line an hour we sat through another six hours of second rate bands-Failure rocked and Snoop was hilarious-but none had even a ounce of the magic Tool possesses. When Snoop left the stage we knew it would be only a half hour until our soul reason for taking this expensive road trip arrived before our eyes. We found a nice sitting spot and sparked up a joint, awaiting the excitement. We were having a beautiful time, gabbing about what we were about to experience, when a fucking pig ran up and said, Y'all come with me." The pig hand-cuffed us together, and right when we realized exactly how fucked we were going to be I told my boyfriend, "Baby, we're going to miss Tool." That was FAR worse punishment than getting locked up or having to pay a fine. Nevertheless, he got arrested for public intoxication and I got sent to a juvenile center until my dad arrived from Austin to release me. The point of this story is : DON'T FUCK AROUND IN CORPUS!!!!! The cops there are PIGS and if you love and admire Tool as much as we do you dont want to miss them due to being careless.

Review written by: matt ( Review posted on: 08/07/97 01:05:58 Second time that I have seen Tool and once again proved to me that they are one of the best live bands I have ever seen. It was hot and sticky, and I loved every minute of it. After Korn dropped out I was very upset. However I remembered the first time I saw Tool and realized that Lollapalooza would still be cool and was it ever. I didn't care for the other bands too much so lets talk about Tool. (order, I think) 1. Hooker with a Penis 2. Stinkfist 3. 46&2 4. Eulogy 5. Prison Sex 6. H. 7. Third Eye 8. Sober 9. Opiate 10. Aenima Maynard is so charismatic on stage that I often found myself hypnotized in his eyes. He looked over the crowd as if it were one and it seemed as if he had everyones undivided attention. Adam, Justin, and Danny make such powerful music that along with Maynard make them the awesome band that they are. Videos were great, and crowd was energetic. You could tell Tool was the reason why everyone was there. I will see them perform every chance I get till they stop performing. Who needs drugs when you've got Tool.

Review written by: juan ( Review posted on: 08/06/97 10:31:11 We were standing around at 3:00PM in the HOT Corpus sun waiting for the first band, an unassuming dude in sunglasses walks up to the mic and says calmly: "Hello Corpus". As the crowd barely acknowledged the hello, the dude asserted himself a little more and responded: "You're supposed to say, Hello Maynard". Needless to say that got the crowd's attention. Maynard introduced Failure and walked off. Failure was real good. Marley Bros. were great. James was half way entertaining. Snoop was DUMB. Tool absolutely dominated in the performance, musicianship, stage presence, music that means something and energy categories (basically TOOL RULED). Oh yeah, Prodigy got on stage after Tool and played records in flashing lights with two bozos jumping around acting "wild", "hip" and "alternative". Prodigy reaffirmed that some people will buy anything they are sold.

Review written by: Martin Guajardo III ( Review posted on: 08/05/97 22:13:39 tool was excellent once again. all the wait in the heat just to see tool was worth it.

Review written by: kch ( Review posted on: 08/05/97 16:47:32 Nine hour drive from new orleans and $38.50 later made it inside gate. Greeted by signs reading no moshing or crowd surfing, subject to ejection-most hated-I liked it. Remember kids "order is good." No Korn, No Tricky,disapointing but tool was worth it. Marley brothers-first cover band at lolla-guess whose songs they played-but did sound good. For entertainment check out Demolition dollrods and The Pugs. Prodigy-high energy. Oh yeah tool-sounded good-a little heavy on the bass at times, but I was standing 15 feet from speakers on Justin's side. figured out they are playing No quarter pretty much every fourth show-a play on quarter? Mr. MJK dressed just like mentioned above, makeup, boobs, no wig, cute shorts. Set:not necesarily in order) hooker stink 46(said this is about SUBTLE changes) Eulogy sober prison(awesome) H opiate 3rd eye aenima(said we have a safety video to go with this, kinda like the ones you see in drivers ed.) thrown to crowd obligatoty water bottles and drum stix see you auntie

Review written by: Ellen Ripley ( Review posted on: 08/05/97 16:35:46 I missed TOOL in Phoenix back in October and I was very dissappointed because I thought it was going to be another year or two before I could get another opportunity to see them in concert. But lucky me!!!...for Lollapalooza. Once I heard TOOL was going to be headlining, I purchased my ticket and traveled to Corpus. Here's a little advice before TOOL rocks on stage: drink plenty of fluids, satisfy your hunger, piss, and work up plenty of energy because TOOL will rock the MOTHER FUCKIN PLACE!!! If you ever get an opportunity to see them... do it!! It's one thing you can't miss if your're a HUGE TOOL FAN. TOOL ARE MUSICAL GENIUSES!!!

Review written by: Adrian ( Review posted on: 08/05/97 12:20:34 At the begining of the show some guy came up to the mic at the main stage and said, "Good afternoon, Corpus." I realy didn't care to even look at him, much less respond. He then said, "You're supposed to say 'Good afternoon, MANARD." I got up off the ground to see and it WAS Manard. He introduced Failure as one of his favorite bands. Then Failure played. It was a short set barely an hour long, if that. They were great though, they're one of MY favorite bands too. Then the Marly guys, then James ( I didn't like them AT ALL ), then Snoop. I'd have to say that I liked a couple of his songs. He must have said 'motherf**ker' about 50 times at least. Then Tool came on. Manard was wearing a white sleavless shirt and grey underwear(not boxers, the other kind). He wore white facepaint in the shape of a mask. I think Justan was wearing silver or gold paint all over his body. Adam was wearing regular clothes, and so was Danny from what I could tell. They began with lots of feedback and started playing "Hooker". In the middle of it he said " t-shirts, bumperstickers and baseball caps just for you." I thought that was kind of cool. Then they played "Stinkfist", then Manard said "this song is about choices" and began to play "h.", then "46&2". Then they played "Prison Sex"with the new verse. Then "Eulogy", then the different intro to "Sober", then "Opiate" and finaly "Énema" acompanyed by the video. Manard said that the video was like those videos that they show you in those Drivers Ed. classes with the car wrecks and stuff. He called the video something like..."Énemaology and You". Having him say that kinda makes me understand the Vid. a little better. It was the first time I've ever seen Tool, and it was AWESOME!!! They played perfectly! It was an experience I'll never forget. If you want to E-mail me to correct me or tell me how cool I am ; ) right ahead!

Review written by: Charles ( Review posted on: 08/05/97 00:49:22 Hooker with a Penis Stinkfist 46&2 Eulogy Prison Sex H Third Eye Sober Opiate Aenima Maynard did not have much to say. He had on the white face paint that reminded me of the "tragedy & comedy" masks. He had boobs and green hot pants. The knee high white socks were what did it for me though. "this is a song about sudden changes" and "this song is about choices", before 46&2 and H, was the only interaction with the crowd. Oh yeah, after "Hooker", he said that there was "plenty of mechandise in the back. Baby bibs for you babies", or some thing to that effect. The crowd was very young. I have never been to any kind of "event" where I could walk up to the beer booth and there was no line. It was kinda weird. They pretty much knocked out the 10 sings and said goodnight. My wife and I were there celebrating our 11th Anniversary, and we had a gr eat time and love to see quality shows like TOOL. This was our third time; Houston and San Antonio were the two previous. Read the review by kbbsa for the S.A. show. I've seen them one other time in Austin in April 94. Will see them again until they tour no more. I give the Chorpus show 3 and one half stars... The MAGIC was there!!!!