Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: August 10

Review written by: jeff shope ( Review posted on: 08/20/97 13:35:10 this was the first time I had seen tool live and I was'nt disappointed. tool was the shit. they put on a fucking masterpiece of a show. I highly recomend seeing tool in action!!!!!!

Review written by: swamp ( Review posted on: 08/18/97 17:47:47 I thought I would wait until i read some of these other Denver reviews before i put mine up. Like predicted, "Maynard this, Maynard that." Anyway - yes, the show was wonderful. : I got there before the whole thing started, my bud and I were there like 6 hours early, first people there. When we got in, I was very pleased with our seats, row HH. Not the best but WAY better than general admission. So, we sat down, waited, then Failure came out, they- well, I don't think people really noticed that there was a band playing up there.=) And I noticed TONS of people with Tool shirts on there, which were about %70 posers, (when I saw them "sitting" during the show). Time passed, I got to see "Tricky", I don't know what happend there, but that was intense, I was shocked through that whole preformance, very good. So later Snoop Doggy Dog played, I knew Tool was afterwards, my bud and I were getting restless. So I saw Danny's kit being moved out. I was so ready to see them put on a show. So ready. After a great setup. They came: Danny Carey - Failure shirt (black, sleeves rolled up), Athlete shorts. Maynard Keenan - Stage shoes, Red wig, painted face (white, red lipstick), black spandex with an ass shaper (to look like a womans behind), Red bra w/ nipples. Adam Jones - Green button up shirt w/ an extended colar, jeans. Justin Chancelor - All green paint, dockers. I looked at "Toastydudes" setlist. That's right on. They came out and played a crowed note (cresendo on guitars and drums). The sound was incredible, bright, the lights, was awsome. I don't want to offend anybody, but I watch some of these videos people send me from shows there; but I think tool here was just so full of energy. Well, I am probably restating everything else - a note to the people who wanted to hook up there - sorry, I didnt check mky email fast enough. I think maybe all of us should write a letter to the productions office of Lollapalooza, maybe to obtain some of the video clippits of Tool. Thank you swamp

Review written by: Will ( Review posted on: 08/16/97 03:01:42 If this seems unstructured and like it rambles, forgive me, I'm venting... This was my second Tool show. I had great expectations after their last show in Denver left me with deep awe and admiration. However, Tool has become less popular for their music, and more popular for their image (I hope this is because of capitalism and not the band's own doing). Tool has become a logo, a status symbol and a form of rebellion because of their "dark" music. The deep concentration and meaning that goes into Tool's music is totally ignored by many Tool "fans" because the focus is not on the band but its image. I realize that Tool objects to this sort of behavior, so it was shocking when I walked up to the T-shirt stand before the doors opened. I hoped to find no new shits of Tool, and I was briefly comforted when I saw the same black shirt I had seen at the last show. But to my amazement, I noticed a small white baby-tee with the two baby angels and "TOOL" scrawled over the front. I laughed it off, but I was truly confused. The rest of Lollapalooza was spent dodging drunk, small-minded men, angry kids and circles of shit-talking. I couldn't wait for Tool. It was everything I wanted and the biggest heart break all rolled into one. The opening tidbits of (-) ions and drug commentaries had me biting my nails. I tried to deeply concentreate on the opening, trying to ignore shouts from a beer-spilling man shouting "Tool! TOoOoL!!." When Tool finally entered I could do nothing but stare. When Maynard entered the crowd ate him up (we just love seeing men in drag, don't we? It's that whole stupid rebellion thing going on, and we sheep just LOVE it).I couldn't understand why Maynard was dressed the way he was, so I watched with curiosity. However, when they opened with Hooker I understood. That was the one song they didn't play at the Mammoth Events Center last year. Their "fuck-you" song had no place there, because they were hopeful people were truly listening (at least that's what I think). Every body loved it when Maynard shouted "fuck you", and they loved it when he acted like he was fucking someone (it's our dirty little minds at work again). They loved it when the music got hard and loud, and pit got more violent to prove it. And they really yelled when Maynard said during the bridge, "T-shirts, hats, and baby-tees on sale at the consession stand"...(buy,buy,buy,send more money). But hardly anyone listened to what was truly being said. He said "Fuck you." Not only did he say it, but he meant it. Fuck you, fuck me, fuck all of us. That's when I was truly crushed. Yeah, I was laughing at all of the retarded people, blindly shouting out how stupid they are,growing louder when Maynard cussed and moved. But I realized that, like it or not, I, a person who has always loved Tool from the moment I heard them, am no better than anyone else. When a Tool "fan" sits back and bitches about all of the "trendies" with his shirt, he is just one in the crowd. When someone buys a Tool patch to sew on to his backpack so he can be cooler than the next guy, he really sends out a signal of his own weakness. And yes, when I sit and bitch about all of the people who buy into it, and when I act like I am the biggest Tool fan (god I hate that word), I am really no better than anyone else. I was who he was saying "fuck you" to. And so are you. I truly love what Tool puts into their music. The rest of the show was wonderful, but I felt so far away and meaningless (oh boo hoo). When Tool left the stage, I couldn't talk for the rest of the night. Seeing Tool again really showed me a little humiliation. I suppose that's what they wanted.

Review written by: Tony Kelly ( Review posted on: 08/13/97 15:52:56 The day was nice. It rained a little. Snoop reminds me of one of those See and Say toys. Put the arrow on the sheep and pull. Bahhhh. The crowed loved it. " I think the party is over here." No Snoop " I think the party is over here." Over and over again. After Ten minutes just somke the joint Snoop. Please. Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye. The clouds part. I hope they play the lounge versions I have read about.Tim Leary sample Turn on Tune in Drop out. Tool set up. They wheel out Danny's star symbol. This is what I drove 10 hours for. I didn't rec it at first but the version of Third Eye was very good. 6:50pm Tool is set to hit the stage at 7:15. Bill Hicks said something about kids sticking herion in their arm and not likeing society. Rummbling. (-) ions. Fog. They walked calmly on stage and started Hooker. Maynard was holding two fingers up saying Fuckyou Buddy. Stinkfist sounded like crawl away at first and the original begining was in the middle. Subtle Changes. 46 & 2. Red wig. Black stretch pants that flair at the bottom. Four inch hells. White mime face. Nice breasts. Maybe giving back what men have withheld from women over the decades. Cold & Ugly. Eulogy. It is raining again. There is no place I would rather be. Sober. Men with bowed heads walking. Third Eye. Maynard does an indian howl during that first yelling part. A moment we will never see again. He said something about being stronger through crying and showing emotion. You will spend a lot less energy just crying in front of someone rather than holding it in. Enema. Over. Thank You Tool. Prodigy are a bunch of clowns. What happens if the Dj's equipment doesn't Work?

Review written by: Brenna ( Review posted on: 08/12/97 14:10:54 WOW!!! Got to TOOLapalooza, my friend and I went down to the pit to get our yellow wrist bands and our tickets marked. Then we walked around a while, feeling a little cooler since we had access to THE PIT!!! I won't go into too much, the first half of the show w as kinda lame, music wise. But, Brooke(wearing my bright orange A.I.C. shirt, which proved to be luck) and me in my TOOL shirt, came to find that we enjoyed Snoop Dogg, evn though we hate rap. There we 3 rappers on stage, on of them passed Brooke down a j oint, we passed it around, she got the roach back. WE were front row in the pit, squeezing the rail, 4 feet from the stage. Finally that was over, TOOL took like 20 minutes to set up. FRONT ROW!!!! I have never been more excited to see anything in my life !! As you know, the usual clothes, gotta love the tatoo Maynard has up his spine. They was so awsome, they were an experiance I'll never forget! Maynard looked over at me, I feel into his eyes, held my arms out for him and screamed, "I LOVE YOU!!!" I don' t know that I had a favorite song that night, but Third Eye was even better live than on their albums. I don't know what else to say about it, except that I will never forget this year's Lolla. Prodigy was awsome, they kicked! The white dude, with the bla ck eyes and clown-like hair, walked along the guard rail during the 4th song and grabed Brooke's hand,then ripped his away, hit it against his chest and stuck it in his mouth, drewling all over it, then showed it to the croud. The black guy was constantly looking at Brooke, my guess is that it must have been that shirt! irt!

Review written by: Flood ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 22:40:02 I arrived at a slightly rainy Lollapalooza, and just sat on the hill for a while, and watched Failure's set (pretty hip). Ziggy Marley's set was ok, I suppose. It sounded a bit too similer after a while, so I departed to browse the booths. That was fun in itself.. especially the AOL booth. heh. A conversation I had with the lady in charge of it: lady: "Do YOU have American Online?" me: "You mean.. the Internet?" (Implying heavy sarcasm) lady: "Yes!" ..some people will never learn. Anyways, check the Lollapalooza web page, in Denver, in the picture section with the caption "EOTD.. free porn!" (quite the lure) to see me, heh. Oh yeah.. I was talking to the man in charge of the photos, and he informed me that Maynard had taken a picture of himself and the lady previously mentioned. So, we clicked on the Hartford, Connecticut show and looked under the caption "surprise", located roughly 3/4 of the way down the page. Lo and behold, there was Maynard in all his glory, sticking his tounge out. heh. After a while of walking around, I went back to see James. A nice little band. I walked around again, to come back to see the very last part of Trickey's set. He seemed sort of energetic, yet he didn't move around. At all. Then, Snoop came on, and, surprisingly, the place went wild, heh. Oh well. He's a funny lad. Now trembling violently in anticipation, I, for once, took my seat. Section 6, maybe 50 or so rows back.. but still enough, I noticed, to clearly see Maynard's face, especially where his eyes were located, via the face paint. They opened with "Hooker With A Penis", as I'm sure this loyal Tool page crowd knows by now. Maynard did sound, yes, true to the album, and he has one hell of a voice. He looked sinister as he sang toward the crowd, but for a naturally hostile song like "Hooker", it fit perfectly. He did move like a marionette with the music as his strings, too. Quite entertaining to watch. Justin was green, and looking quite hip. Paul had regular attire on, and Danny was normal as well. Danny has got to be the best drummer in modern music today. Anyways, the set list has already been mentioned. I liked the extended bridge in Stinkfist, and Pushit was incredible. I was estatic to hear that song, as it's my favorite Tool song, but, reviewing the recent concerts, they hadn't played it very much (recently, mind you). I felt so emotionally fulfilled after seeing them in concert. I went back and collapsed on the green, incredibly happy that I had been a part of seeing Tool live. Not just a concert, but an experience. After Tool, Prodigy came on. They weren't bad at all, and the light show was great. However, heh, my guess is that roughly half the people there were for Tool. heh. And rightfully so. Hail the Reverend, if he's indeed a god then I'll subscribe to his religion. flood

Review written by: James ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 18:55:08 I wasn't too thrilled about having to pay 36 bucks to see Tool this time, I'd much rather pay the 12 bucks at king soopers to see them at the Mammoth Events Center than at Fiddlers. Still, a good time was had. I'm sure you've all seen the setlist, what who was wearing and what not. I agree with all the emotions listed previously Maynard can mesmerize an entire crowd by just his movements and expressions. Adding in intense singing and instruments and you have a mixture that could get anyone in the entire show moving. There were many people around me that I don't think understood Maynard's comments like "T-Shirts and Hats just for you" during Hooker. Although I was there to see Tool and only Tool, I enjoy Prodigy's music but would much rather be at a rave with a big open warehouse to dance in, instead of a bunch of seats and drunk people. Snoop's antics on stage were rather entertaining, smoking a joint on stage will catch anyone's attention. Overall, Tool was superb. There is no band I've ever seen that can make me think so much, appreciate so much, and love music more than Tool. I hope they come back soon, hopefully at the Mammoth again. BTW: 311 the night before was great too =)

Review written by: ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 16:31:38 [Sorry i missed Sober it should be before pushit.....] I loved it. That's all that any one can say about it. With an excellent show and Maynard in drag and the crowed stuned the show opened with Hooker with a penis. And it went crazy. I Love Tool and was glad to hear & see them live. Here is what songs they plaed. 1. Hooker with a Penis 2. Stinkfist 3. 46 & 2 4. Cold and Ugly 5. Eulogy 6. Third Eye 7. Pushit 8. Aenima Now the order might be wrong but I'm sure I got them all.

Review written by: Sam ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 16:06:04 Before I begin any review, I would simply like to say something to the girl that I took with me to lollapalooza: ìbaaaî As for the TOOL review, Iím not going to say what many reviewers will and probably have already said. Iím just going to write my observations and emotions and hope that maybe you guys will appreciate that change and read on. Front row in pit, couldnít get any better than that. Maynard was so close that if I really wanted to, I could jump up and touch him. In any case, the roadie came out and played a few notes of ìHî on Justinís base and the crowd went wild. Fortunately, I was too excited and pumped up for TOOLís performance that I didnít get too frustrated with the imbeciles that were shouting ìtool, tool, tool, toolî in repetition. I waited patiently in front of Maynardís microphone, although I was getting restless as well. They all came out, Adam first, showing his face only to then hide behind his hair again, then Maynard, followed by Danny and Justin. I had read previous reviews so I knew Maynard was in drag, and I think it prepared me for what my eyes saw. But I had no idea that Maynardís eyes were that amazing and powerful. A man next to me asked if his breasts were real, I smiled and said ìnoî. As usual, some fuckwads behind me yelled ìfagî... again, I was too engaged in waiting for TOOL to notice or get upset. They opened up with ìhooker...î, and I screamed every word (attempting not to drown in my own temporary hypocrisy) and I thrashed around a bit (always staying in the front row of the pit though, avoiding the moshers behind me). Then ìStinkfistî was played, again, I sang that, still moving around quite a bit. ìThis song is about subtle changeî Maynard said before 46 & 2, and by that time, my voice was getting softer until I was just mouthing the words, and my motions ceased all together as my eyes couldnít believe what was in front of me. Maynard, if some of you didnít notice, does not blink. He stares, and his eyes convey more emotion than the music (if thatís possible). I was hopelessly waiting for him to establish eye contact with me, just for him to look into my thoughts and emotions. I heard the boy next to me say ìJesus I canít look him in the eyesî. I know that this kid wasnít at lolla for TOOL because I spoke with him earlier and so I think that if you donít connect with the bandís music and lyrics, itís frightening to know that Maynard has power over you, that you donít understand. With his eyes, his motions, his lyrics (as I interpret them), Maynard made me empathize with him. My heart (and I know that sounds rather, how should I put this, corny) just reached out to him, and I just wanted to say ìIím sorryî, to apologize for everything that heíd experienced and for all the people out there that he couldnít stand. His movements were taunting and unbelievable. I donít really even remember the order of songs or whatever, however, i remember that between two songs, Maynard crouched down for probably 3 minutes straight and stared into the crowd. I established eye contact with him for about 5 seconds and thatís something I will never forget; with the red smoke in front and behind him, his eyes, knowing everyoneís existence and every thought and every purpose and ìhidden agendaî. In PuShit, he sang to something on the floor, as if someone or something was there. In nema, he grinned and sang ìlearn to swimî to some unlucky bastard out in the crowd =) Some of the things he said were breathtaking as well. First of all, he said something about how a lot of people think they know what strong is, and that being strong is to suppress your emotions. Maynard said that instead of suppressing your emotions, you can be strong by expressing them. Amen to that. Thatís all I have to say about that. Then he said something about lollapalooza and that he hoped we all came with an open mind to the music, to experience the different types, not caring what our friends thought was ìcoolî or ìtrendyî. I hoped that I had done exactly that but I just smiled. The sarcasm in his statement was subtle, yet overwhelming once detected. I saw a trace of a smile after the crowd all yelled ìyeah!î or ìhell yeah!î. As a different reviewer of a previous lolla said: Maynard 1 Denver 0. Maynard scored quite a bit of points that night against the crowd. I hope we at least provided him with some entertainment =) Iím sure he fooled me quite a bit as well. Well, this is getting lengthy and I think Iíve said everything (or at least a decent summary) of what came to mind. I'm still absolutely mesmerized. Just as a side note, I saw Maynard thrashing around to Prodigy quite a bit. Just something I noticed... And, I think I got really great pics of Maynard and a few of Justin and Adam. Write me if you're interested... Thanks for gathering enough patience to read this. ~free yourself from yourself~ --4ƒ

Review written by: Eric Klein ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 02:06:50 After your first TOOL concert you develope a addiction, an urge. Theurge is basically to see more concert. The show I just returned from perfectly satisfied it for now. All the set lists posted so far seem correct to me. Before I plunge into the "TOOL only" part I would like to say that what I saw of failure was superb. James kinda sounds like U2 and their singer practically gave me a lap dance for a few minutes, yet they were excellent. Snoop's funny. In the beginning there was the band members described as in the other reviews. Still Maynards Face was painted in such a way that with just a hint of movement he could create any femmenine emotion. During the concert he would stare at me (or at least within a three person range) for minutes at a time. Then one time I widened my eyes and he would suddenly contort backward. During hooker with a penis, he said (i think) something like "t-shirts half off just for you". Right then, while wearing my shirt I felt like ...well a tool, like it was a lable saying I was a mechendice follower and the shirt was just to weed me out. Maynard seemed much more into the music than I had seen him, much more physically controlled by it. Still the eyes seemed so familiar. Danny always amazing me, it was very educational to watch him, seems I can play their songs easier now. Justin drinks Samual Adams, seeing as how he had a row of them on a amplifier. Adam was in his usual character, but I finnally have a clear picture of his face in my mind. Through out the set they would add in new bridges and sounds. Ofcourse the lighting was perfect. maynard started a monolauge with band acompanyment about how we should take advantage of this chance to experience s many different kinds of music and not to let your friends fourm your opinion of the music. I now belive that a TOOL concert is not something to hear then yern for untill it happens again, but instead to feed on and grow from untill it happenes again. When you see this band if you don't have an open mind you will miss a rare and inspirational experience

Review written by: ToasTy ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 01:16:29 For those of you who just want to see my Tool review, I'd recommend Scrolling Down. I got to Lallapalooza at about 12:00 and we went through thr normal procedure of being tapped down and searched. Our Seats were not very close...but we still had an awesome time. The only band I was disapointed with was failure. They sounded really bad. The rest of Lallapalooza was cool. I got into Skeleton Key (playing on the 2nd stage) and I also Liked Tricky. James was sort of cheesey and bugged the hell outta me. I didn't see much of the Marleys do to my internest in Skeleton Key. Then my eyes were opened. I friend of mine had to drag me to it, but I went and saw The Lost Boys. They were exellent. Even for Rap. Very motivational ( even if they used their own methods) and except for the occasional "I got the Ganja, The Liquors, the Condoms, now put it in the ass", they were pretty good. Then came Snoop Dog. This was an alright show, except for the fact that probably half of these kids problems are due to role models like him. I don't see the point of getting a crowd to chant "I'm gonna get fucked up". After Snoop came the show of the night. Tool. They took about 20 minutes to setup, and even still, throughout the show, they had problems with the Guitar and Bass. Then out they came. Maynard in the now typical Black tight pants, heels, and the fake tits in the top. He was wearing an AWEFUL red wig and had a completely white face. Justin was painted all green and had a clean, sparkling, newly shaved head. Adam was normal and seemed very agitated tonight. No guesses why. And finally Danny, who had a giant, 6 ft diameter, gong-like magic thing. He was phenominal. He did a drum solo leading into Third Eye that was stupendious. Oh is the set list (Exactly right) Hooker With a Penis Stinkfist w/Bridge 46 and 2 Cold and Ugly Eulogy Pushit Sober /Drum Solo \Third Eye Maynard's Monolouge about Lallapalooza nema Short notes about songs. Hooker was great. Especially since we heard a swing version teaser. In the middle he stopped and said something like "Baby Teeth! 50% off!" Stinkfist had a new bridge...nothing great. 46 and 2. Maynard announced that it was about "Subtle Changes". Cold and Ugly. Maynard said they haven't played it in a while. It started with the opening riff from a Rush song called "A Passage to Bankok" Eulogy. There was a fight on the green (General Admission area)right before the song started. It stopped the minute Tool Started playing. Pushit. YES! They played it. Complete with scenes from the mating rituals of Elephants and Camels. Sober. Good except for the fact that Adam had to change Guitars Twice due to technical problems. Drum Solo/Third Eye. Awesome Solo. Third Eye was by far the best song they played. It sounded AWESOME! Maynard's Monolouge. This is where the band messed with sound effects and Maynard told the crowd about how we were supposed to try new and differnet things today despite popular beliefs. Then He threw off that stupid wig. nema. Only song played "wig-less". This was the only Tool song in which the side monitors works (the sun was finally down). Very cool video and cool lighting designs. After Tool, I was about to leave. Then, Prodigy came on. They were outstanding. Almost as good as Tool. They had the entire ampitheater dancing. The lighting was amazing. Maynard was right about trying to do new and differnt things. I listened to two bands I hated and now I ended up liking them.

Review written by: j.r. poston ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 01:12:15 WOAH! let me say WOAH! again. we got there about 10 minutes before Failure's first set ended so i didn't get to see much of them. i had to walk around for too long to get my wrist band for the pit. i didn't want to watch the Marley brothers so i went to the 2nd stage and watched Skeleton Key. I got to check out James and that was cool. Tricky sucked and Snoop smoked pot. and then the important part came. tool. i was at the VERY front hugging the grate. the band came out like this: Adam: Jeans and a green button-up shirt. Danny: Failure shirt. Justin: Jeans and painted green. Maynard: Red wig(looked like peg bundy), white face paint, a bra with breasts that looked kinda real, stretch pants and platform shoes. here's the setlist: Hooker W/A Penis Stinkfist 46 & 2 Cold & Ugly Eulogy Pushit Sober Third Eye nema it kicked ass. hooker was intense as an opener. stinkfist was good. then they went into 46 & 2. maynard said it was about subtle changes. before he played it i swear we made direct eye contact. that was probably the best song they did all night. before they played cold & ugly maynard said it was a song they hadn't played in a while. we made eye contact again before eulogy. the whole show in all KICKED ASS. i got a set list from the stage after the show and it included Opiate, but they didn't play it. i wish they would've, but you can't always get what you want. it wasn't the best tool show i've seen, but it sure did kick the ass of ALL the concerts i've seen so far this year. one more thing: PRODIGY SUCKS ALOT!

Review written by: Terry Faulkner ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 00:55:19 What a great show. This is the first time in Denver that I've seen where Tool could play longer than 45 minutes. Maynard started it off right with "Hooker with a penis". Not to mention his dress with very realistic looking breast attachments. Justin was colored in a green lantern type motif and Danny Carey was awesome as usual. Before Third Eye Danny took a monstrous solo piece and it segued perfectly. Overall, the show was great except for the fact that they were not headlining and could not play any longer than their allotted time. Oh well, better luck nextime. I suggest to anyone that this is a must see band. Have fun. Terry form Denver

Review written by: Manitou ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 00:48:52 Wow Absalutly fucking badass

Review written by: Chris Leaton ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 00:42:22 I just got back from TOOL at Fiddler's Green in Denver. Here is what happened: TOOL came on around 7:15. Jamie ,Matt, Ryan and I managed to walk up to the 12th row, dead center. They opened with "Hooker". Maynard was decked out in his normal Lollapalooza getup....except he had on a huge red, curly wig . Justin was painted green and Danny and Adam were "normal".Then came "Stinkfist" with the extended bridge.....very cool.After that 46&2. Then came a surprise....Adam started playing Rush's "Passage to Banko k" and then into "Cold and Ugly"!!! It was very sweet. Also in the setlist were....Third Eye, Eulogy, Pushit, Sober, and finally AEnema. It was an incredible show. See you auntie......

Review written by: nobody in particular ( Review posted on: 08/10/97 16:24:38 We are at the show now and nothing much has happened yet. I will keep you posted.