Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: August 12

Review written by: DF (email removed) Review posted on: 08/20/97 05:14:52 The only reason I went to this certain concert was to be able to see Korn and of course Tool. I was quite dissapointed that Korn was not going to be able to play, but knowing that Tool was going to be there, I knew it was going to be worth the trip. It took me and my friends more that 4 hours to drive to George, and we arrived when Tricky was on stage. Tricky was Ok, Snoop got me going, but when Tool came onto stage, I knew that the trip was well worth it. They started off with Hooker with a Penis and MJK came out with a red-hedded womans wig on with a bra on. I knew from right then that this was going to be the best concert I've ever seen. The whole concert kicked ass, and from my perception, many of the people that went, really only went to see Tool. After the concert, two of my friends were not able to talk because they said MJK looked right in their eyes. It was an amazing concert and I believe that you've never experianced a concert experiance utill you see Tool in concert.

Review written by: Jeff ( Review posted on: 08/16/97 02:48:34 Well, I think the whole thing has finally hit me. After over a twelve hour drive that took us through two provinces and three states, we finally hit a little town called George, ready to see what we had come so far for -- Tool. The Gorge has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the stage is in the absolute best possible spot. It is setup overlooking a valley that the Columbia river runs through, and the sunset was nothing short of spectacular. The weather was perfect, right around the 100 degrees range, and NOBODY was wearing a shirt. As one guy that I talked to said, "There's a bunch of warm up bands, then Tool, then a chill-down band". That pretty much sums up Lollapalooza in my mind at least. We missed Failure, but unfortunately saw Bob Marley's kids, Damen and whoever. The guy is playing the I got the famous dad card far too much. He looks exactly like him, and played Marley covers. Give me a break. Anyways, after the Marley kids comes Tricky. This is a band that I had honestly never heard of until I found out they were playing Lollapalooza. I have got to tell you that considering they were held up in traffic (the I-90 was bumper to bumper from Seattle) and probably had no time to get their shit together, it was a really good set. I think that they represent the future of `alternative' rock. Next came Snoop. Snoop has been given a lot of flack in these reviews for, well, being Snoop. The one thing I have to say, though, is that Snoop is the only rapper alive (that I know of) that can get almost 20,000 white skids jumping. He did bring the crowd alive, that's for sure. His dope smoking stunt was quite comical, and I liked the touch at the end where he took off in a private jet. So Snoop ended, and the stage was cleared for Tool. You could almost feel the ground move as everyone it seemed surged forward towards the stage. The funny thing is that Tool did not come out until they were good and ready. They taunted the crowd with a Bill Hicks soundbite, and the techs this chick that was doing a sound check set the crowd alive. Every time there was a bass rift or a cord heard, cheers erupted. They sure played the anticipation thing out to its maximum, that's for sure. Anyways, Tool comes out, and you can feel the energy in the air. The sun has just set, and it is quite bright. For a variety of reasons, probably cause it was still bright and probably cause they were already behind schedule, the screens that have become a part of Tool's Lollapalooza show were not brought out. Oh well. The view is excellent. Maynard is dressed in drag, and makes the most amazing feminine movements. His movements are so sensual that you would swear he was a woman. As for the music, I would have to say that it was nothing short of magical. The band was so together and so tight that it was incredible. They led the crowd upon an immense journey that seemed unending. I think the highlight of the show was when they played Opiate. One thing that surprised me a great deal was the amount of people who were actually there FOR TOOL. Coming from Calgary, I had no appreciation of their fan base. Everyone that I could see was singing along at the top of their lungs. It was definately an experience. One particularily obsessed fan actually climbed up the side of the stage up to the top.. atleast 100+ feet above the ground and made an insane jump down the ladder.. bounced after landing, bowed to Maynard and then made a slick exit stage diving into the crowd. Maynard didn't even blink. All in all, it was an amazing show, and I feel fortunate for being there. The one thing that kinda let me down was Maynard's somewhat pathetic plea for everyone to stick around and catch The Orb cause `we're out here in the middle of nowhere anyways, and what's an extra hour?'.. I think that was kinda egotistical. Anyways, the orb was a great was to mellow out, and was a perfect ending to the show. After the show we proceeded to the campground, and partied until 7am when we left for Canada.. insane Anyways, anyone who wants to talk about Tool can send me a line, the e-mail address is accurate.

Review written by: Chris S Review posted on: 08/15/97 23:57:23 Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said by the other reviewers? The show kicked ass so fucking hard it took me until today, three days later to come off the high of the whole experience!!! The whole thing started on Sunday when my friend Jay said something about going to Lolla, I asked who was playing, it's been a long year and I haven't kept up with much so pardon me for not knowing that Tool was there. Well, needless to say when he said Tool and Korn, I was hooked, first thing I did was hit ticketmaster on line and get my ticket. Next thing was to get the beer. Man was there a lot of beer, three huge coolers full and only three of us in the party, that was until we got to the Gorge, good God there were people everywhere! I have never seen that many people at one time and not have some something fuck it up. I was surprised that there were no fight s of note or anything else that was stupid enoug to screw up the event. So, by about 3am on Tuesday after getting there at about 11 on monday night the beer was gone and so were we!! We hit the hay for much needed rest, and got up sometime around 8am, We decided to chil and let the alcohol run its course and well with that much beer it took a while. Two oclock rolls around and some more friends show up with more beer!!! YES!!! well we did the drinking thing again and finally got into the arena at around 6, we only came to see TOOL so we didn't really miss anything, Well at that time Tricky came out and did a fairly good job considering they showed up late and had their set cut short. Then out comes Snoop, now I kinda like him and so I decided to give him a chance. He was pretty good, but his damn back up rappers need to back the fuck up off the stage, they ruined his whole set. I still love it when he asked the crowd to throw up some U Dub shit, meaning weed. THen asks that if the cops come up on stage and arrest him if he smokes it who's gonna come up and fuck them up? That was classic!! Ok, on to the main reason I am writing this TOOL!! I had to give the whole story, because as much as Tool moved me, the entire event was just so...well, I don't know you had to be there, It was just cosmic or something like that. Ok....Tool was awsome, there haven't been words written that can describe how utterly amazing tool is, they have this way of both scaring the hell out of you and making you think all at the same time, I had no idea what the point of a lot of there songs, I was under the impression that 3rd eye had to do with abortion, what with the video and all the stuff about flush it all away, well after hearing it live and talking with some real Tool fans I got the gist of the song and find it quite funny that I could think what I did. Oh well, thats the point of tools music at least to me, to make you thing, to take your own meaning from something and not let what other people think or say change that, and this show really sank into me. Thanks for the best show of the year and possibly the decade, at least for me!!!

Review written by: badass ( Review posted on: 08/15/97 18:33:12 okay, so this review is a few days too late... i am still recovering. my first tool show, and after wading through the other bullshit of the day (save marleys, snoop, and lost boyz) the real was ready to go down just as the sun was. i agree with the other reviewers on the status of mosh pits these days; i had THE prime spot against the rail up front, but after the first two songs i couldnt take the 12 year olds anymore, so i was forced to retreat to the back. what is cool about the gorge setup, is that maybe 40 feet from the first rail, separating stage from fans (with security between) is the second railed area where you can chill up against and get as good as an experience as you might up front, without so much ass kicking in between. anyway, everything that has been said about tool was true. they were so incredibly in tune (not musically, well okay, musicially, but just as well mentally) with each other that my mind was truly blown. third eye kicked my ass. maynard said "how many people are tripping?" a large majority cheered. maynard replies, "thats not enough. share." badass. i knew about the drag outfit in advance, but you dont know what youre getting into until you see the fake tits. damn those really do look real. and the wig. wow. i had heard rumours of a blonde ponytail, but as one reviewer put it, the "peg bundy" hair really did it. i am still in awe. the next day i put in my aenima cd and it had new meaning. you know what i mean if you were there. was really hoping for H. but you know shit happens and they only had 1:15 to play. prison sex was my other one i wanted badly. but oh well, i am not complaining!!! sorry this is so incredibly long, but it really was that intense to go on for as long as i did. as i said - you know what i mean if you were there. lastly, if anyone booted the show, email me. i am interested at all costs. j dogg

Review written by: Scout Clark ( Review posted on: 08/15/97 15:13:14 Although we didn't get the pat-down search (see at the bottom of the screen), after all is said and done, it was worth the 400 mile round-trip to go see Tool. Most of the day I spent sitting out on the grass, soaking up the tatoos, guys in dresses, etc. Nothing to write home about, with the exception of Snoop's "...what's your favorite drink?" (fishin' for 'Gin & juice') some guy said, "Tang". Classic. Well, the others covered the concert pretty well (it was my first Tool concert, but I still don't agree with the guy who said that "they weren't into it" Can someone say: energy?). And the area of the floor I was located did have some cool people (no elbows in the jaw, thank you). I loved Maynard's expressive dance, Hips and Tits indeed. I watched Danny's drumming and I've never seen anything like it. Most drummers are flailing around and getting very little sound-wise. But there he was: centered, almost inwardly calm, solid. Amazing. Okay, time for an opinion, I've read many of the reviews over the course of Lolla and disagree with people saying Tool should play more songs off their previous albums. Figure this out--1992 to 1996--that is maybe two or three years of touring with one EP and one album of material. If I was Tool, laugh here now, I would play mostly new songs too. I don't see the playing of old songs as a "reward" (as someone said). The new songs should be the thing we go to see. (Hell, I wanted to hear "Crawl Away" myself) But the new album must be very exciting to them, something that hasn't been re-hashed over and over with years of tours. Well, as I *stumble* off of my soap-box, I had a great time and can't wait for them to come to Seattle and see a complete show. I saw Lolla as my 'starter-kit' into the world of Tool shows. So...should I start standing in line now?....

Review written by: A. J. Kulic ( Review posted on: 08/14/97 09:43:42 My 10 day road trip through the west coast of the old U.S. of AK 47 culminated in me arriving at the Gorge in George about 26 hrs ago. The fact that I had been away from home for 10 days made me somewhat less psyched for the show than had I not been; or say, had it been my 1st time seeing TOOL, or had I a vested interest in any of the other bands on the bill. I'm sure you get the picture. Nonetheless, it was TOOL after all, and I was certain that after the show I'd be appalled that I had entertained the notion of skipping it. I was right. The Gorge is a spectacle in itself, and it seems to rub off on the artists that play there. The natural surroundings add an air of peace and melancholy, which one may not entirely equate to a TOOL show. I read in a previous review of the show (these post in reverse order btw) that the band didn't seem "into it". I disagree. To me they seemed very much "into it"; more so than the last couple of times I have seen them. The set list was correct in the previous review, so check it out there if you'd like (nothing out of the ordinary). Maynard was doing the drag-thing; Justin was blue; Adam wasn't; and Danny was, well, Danny. It was quite possibly the tightest I've seen them (for those of you who haven't seen them before, TOOL are about as tight as they come). I also had what was, for me, the typical live TOOL experience. This entails going from thinking I have the best place to stand on the entire floor, to getting pissed off at moshers and crowd surfers, then finally, to actually forgetting there are other people there besides me and the band. Noteables of the show were Maynard's introduction of someone that he called, "...the guy from the 'Stinkfist' video that was jumping around. It's his birthday in 2 days. This song is dedicated to him. It's about making wise real estate investments.", and they proceeded with AEnima. There were no real low points, and "Third Eye" was phenomenal. Nothing short of religious I'd say.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/14/97 01:31:47 I won't waste time with boring shit. This was my second show. I'd seen tool once before, on the '93 Lollapalooza show, even at that time, I was astounded by the amount of drunk, sweaty, half-nude, muscle-bound, obnoxious boys that decided the best way to celebrate the moody and intense music was to beat the shit out of myself and others. As far as the stage show, I really liked the progression Maynard has made from 93 til now. It shows a lot of maturity to me, and I appreciate that more than anything else the band could have done. Maynard's stage presence has increased, the posing while singing added a lot to what the lyrics were saying. Those are the specifics, I do want to comment on a couple of things I noticed in the crowd. Mainly, that moron who jumped from the scaffolding to bow to Maynard. Stupidity is just something that I've never been able to deal with too well, and I don't like needless displays of it. I do want to apologize if I'm coming off sounding like a pretentious fuck, but stupidity is stupidity. One last comment about the crowd: There's something so entertaining about really sweaty frat boys singing the lines "I am just an imbecile." and seeing musclebound men striding around beating on people while singing "belligerent fucker." I don't know, the irony is just too much to take.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 08/14/97 01:19:27 o.k. as it says further down the screen this was my first tool show. i was impressed with some aspects and disappointed with others. first of all, i really liked lollapalooza this year. I've only been to two others--the first one and i ran a booth at last years. tricky and the orb are the shit--tricky is more intense than all those stonetempleofthepearlgarden rip-off bands that MTV seems to love so much. i was quite pissed when their set was cut short. the orb was also incredible as well. one of the most disappoi nting of the whole evening were the people who left after tool. electronic music is not heresy. it was a great ending for the night. snoop however was a little disappointing. i've seen quite a few hip-hop acts and alot of them can't really cut it live. snoop is a great rapper and his DJ really can mix but those other two rappers were horrible. i don't know, it's kind of hard to support someone who's on probation for gun and rape charges. ON TO TOOL- my first tool show and from the beginning i loved it. i was alot more intense than i thought it would be. maynard was great with the costume and cross-dressing outfit. i thought it was great watching all these hairy-backed tattooed men sing along with th e tattoo line in hooker. tool was great, but ya know, i don't know if i'll ever go to another show of theirs. the reason you ask? i hated the crowd with a passion. i couldn't stand the assholes in the pit who jump in there just to take someone out with their fists, elbows, body odor, etc...i stayed away from the pit because it seems as though something has been lost in concerts within the last few years.....i don't know if someone is going to pick me up if i fall down anymore. but tool still was incre dible....except i couldn't hear it alot of the time because every person was singing the lyrics at the top of their lungs. no, actually is was coming from the three guys standing next to me, all with tool shirts tied to their belts. maybe it was cause it was a lollapalloza show that i found the crowd obnoxious, but i don't know...are their solo shows different or are the assholes to be expected? third eye was amazing-sober was great and aenima was scary (should have been dedicated to snoop) BEST PART OF THE NIGHT AWARD: that crazy fool who climbed up the scalfolding and jumped at least 50 feat from the ground, grabbed a hanging laddder, swung down, ran to maynard, bowed down to him and stage dove in the crowd. rooster

Review written by: Luke Duke ( Review posted on: 08/13/97 20:42:20 Ok, You've read the songlist and what everybody was wearing(except for the fishbone shirt that Danny was sportin) but the fact is i've been a tool fan for the longest time and last night was the first time i've ever seen them live. I knew what to expect, i knew they were gonna rip shit up but it was so beyond that and i wasn't even on anything.... No gimmicks, no upsetting shit, no viral meningishit, just a sweet fucking Tool performance.... i couldn't ask for anything more. Maynard didn't even make a big deal about the sweet rack he had or anything else on the stage.... just wanted to please the fans.... they played that killer version of hooker with a penis before the band came on which ripped shit up and there wasn't one word i never sang the whole set.... 3rdeye was the best live song ever. i was hoping for them to play "No Quarter" but it seems that they didn't. Besides making my dream come true last night by seeing Tool live i would like to say those security guys were fuckin assholes for not giving us water and mocking the crowd and on 2nd Stage Demolition dollrods or something like that i would like to thank the chick for giving me her titty cups.

Review written by: D-fi ( Review posted on: 08/13/97 18:00:35 I've been waiting a long time to post my review of the lolla show, after tracking the whole tour, so I'm gonna start at the beginning. My group of 12 people left seattle the day before the show. It's about a 2 hour drive to the gorge. That night there was the most amazing meteor shower going on all night. The campground was fucking raging till about 5:00am a good 10,000 people I estimate. So after a harty 2 hours sleep the sun came up and the gorge got up to about 95 degrees. For those of you who have never been, the gorge is on the Columbia river and is by far the most beautiful venue I have ever seen. We went into the amphitheater at about 2:00pm. Orbit was on the 2nd stage and Failure was on the main. Orbit is your typical commercial la la bullshit, and Failure, though they are really cool guys, I've seen them 6 times now and there's just not much to them. Next up were the Marleys. It's about time reggae got on the lolla bill. They were perfect for a beautiful summer day, much respect! Then came James. I wasn't into them so I took the time to trip around the circus. VERY DISSAPOINTING!!! The boothes and food were lacking big time, it just keeps getting smaller every year. Then back for Tricky. When they finally did get on stage(traffic my ass!) Tricky Kid went nuts! Incredible performance cut short! Almost as crazy as Tool! Then Snoop. All I can say is that if he would have just shut the fuck up and play I would have been down. He just expected to much energy from us without giving any back. Na Na Na NAA hey hey hey EGO!!! Finally Tool. The lounge Hooker was bad ass Bill hicks yada yada yada. Setlist in order: ~hooker ~stinkfist(extended extended bridge) ~46 & 2 ~Swamp Song ~Eulogy ~Pushit ~Third Eye ~Sober ~Opiate ~AEnima Mynard came out in black tights red bra and red Peg Bundy hair with the white mime face paint. Justin was blue, Danny and Adam were normal. They did the usual t shirts for sale break during Hooker and the highlight was the extension to the already extended bridge of Stinkfist. I have to be honest and say that overall I was slightly dissapointed. This was my 8th Tool show, they just didn't seem to be into it last night. They were much more theatrical then previous shows, and that played well for the festival, but maynard was pretty quiet and I REALLY wanted to hear No Quarter!!! Then came The Orb. Fucking perfect! the sounds they put out blew my mind. The Orb's music is the closest explanation of a nitros hit I could describe. About 90 percent of the crowd left after Tool so I was able to lay back in the grass, watch the stars and trip away. Very relaxing, exactly what I needed at that point. In all Lolla 97 was a blast and we all must thank Perry for bringing it back to its eclectic roots! And to all who just went to see Tool, You also got to hear some reggae, trip-hop, ambient, hip-hop, and all sorts of things you never would have heard otherwise, hopefully you learned somthing. Thats what Lollapalooza is all about !

Review written by: Rex ( Review posted on: 08/13/97 15:38:33 Yesterday I saw Tool at the gorge in George, Wa and I have to say that it was the best show I've ever seen. Just fucking incredible! I've seen a lot of good shows, most of them lasting twice as long as Tool's 55 min. set. But none of them could compare to the intensity of Tool's show last night. I've never really been into the song 3rd eye until they played it last night and now I'm convinced it's the best song ever written. NO, wait, it's 46&2, no, it's Eulegy, no, it's - well you get the picture. Bye

Review written by: Mark Taylor ( Review posted on: 08/13/97 14:32:15 Well, it was my 7th Lollapalooza & 4th Tool show. Lollapalooza is great to walk around, enjoy some culture (something Spokane DOESN'T have), meet people, great food & some new information about the world we live in. O.K., so there wasn't anything on the main stage worth really getting into before Tool took stage (especially Doggy Dog), but the weather was great & the Gorge has to be the best place on the planet to see a concert. Before the band came on, they played a snippit of Bill Hicks on artists who do commercials. "You do a commercial, you're off the artistic roll call..." there's another bit where he mentions that, "Except for Willie Nelson..." Anyway, I like how they still remember Bill. By the time Tool took the stage, I weaseled myself up to the first two rows & was ready to go. I love the fact that they don't do a lot of useless banter (unlike Snoop), they just let the wave of music envelop you & take you away. The set list went something like this: Hooker With A Penis (appropriately, Maynard dressed as a chick, nice hogans, by the way) Stinkfist Forty Six & 2 Swamp Song Eulogy Pushit Sober Third Eye Opiate Aenema I'm not too good at remembering the order of the songs, but they played all the above songs. I was half hoping for "No Quarter", but I haven't seen them perform "Third Eye" before, so I'm glad. I knew it would be either song according to previous reviews. By the time they started "Forty Six & 2), I was in the front & on my way for one hell of a ride. I liked Maynard's comment on how this year's Lollapalooza is as close as "Alternative" as the tour has been since the beginning. The amount of energy these guys put out is amazing. They don't do the "Put your hands together" crap. They're up there to share their music with the people & let them decide what they want to do with it. Me, I caught the wave they sent out. It's like cleansing your mind. When the show's over, I felt drained, yet replenished at the same time. I could go on, but all who saw them, probably know what I'm talking about & you can come to your own conclusions on how you felt about the show. All I can say is that they are the most incredible "Tool" on the planet. My Third Eye is squeegeed quite cleanly...

Review written by: Bryan Leighty ( Review posted on: 08/13/97 13:05:27 after the last note of anema (too lazy to do the a-e thingy) you knew who was the soul of this years lollapalooza...the crowd cleared and it basically was all over...snoop tried his dogg gone best to get things a pumping but failed miserably and tricky was late and ultimately cut short!....but the moment before maynard(ette) and co. stepped up was the pinacle of the day....the set was huge surprise except for the lack of visual (no videos at all ...) but the inclusion of third eye was beautiful...set was something like (in not the exact order im sure...) hooker..stink...46&2...swampsong...euolgy...pushit...sober...third eye...anema... or at least something like that.... i was enthralled with pushit...a beautiful version i might add...i was there in salem oregon for the world premiere of the stinkfist video and right before anema maynard dedicated it to the gentelman that plays the "guy thats walking around in the stinkfist video" some sort of cosmic coincidence occured or at least i felt it....

Review written by: Scout Clark ( Review posted on: 08/11/97 14:16:55 "Ten Reasons to go to Lollapalooza and see Tool at the Gorge in George, Washington" 10. DID build up that tolerance to viral meningitis. 9. Add to your collection of over-priced (& too small) T-shirts (where's Zack when ya need him?). 8. Find out if any of them can tan (especially Brit-Boy). 7. Might have a Kabir sighting. [In Washington? Ya never know, I guess... -- Kabir] 6. Gettin' tickled at the pat-down search. 5. "Pre-op" Maynard-isms. 4. They might play "disgustipated" (hey, one can dream, right?). 3. Male bonding on a mass scale. 2. One word: boobs. 1. Convinced that Maynard is the Missing Link. (Btw, this e-mail address is not my own--I'm not a gal of the '90s yet--so if ya feel the need to drop me a line, mention Tool and Scout in the subject heading. Hope you guys enjoyed!)