Tool at Lollapalooza 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: August 15

Review written by: munjie ( Review posted on: 08/21/97 20:40:47 Okay, I've read over some of the reviews and well, they just gloss it over. So, I'll try to be more descriptive about the whole thing. Frist, since Korn canceled, we waited the whole day to see Tool, Wnet around, saw the sights, all that stuff. Then Snoop Dog came on, and the pit got rugh, worse than I expected. By the time it was over, I was in front, up against the wall, right in front of where Maynard decided he was going to stand. So we waited, and after a few false starts, they come on. Before I tell about the band, I should describe the set. They had this big, gong-looking thing with a star and different symbols on it. It took me a while, but I remembered they were into some type of magic. The drums had this really cool geomtric design on it, one that I've commited to memory, but can't describe worth shit. But by now, everyone's seen it, so it doesn't matter. Well, Justin comes out, all blue powdered looking, then Maynard dressed in lycra/spandex pants that are snug (maybe a little to snug, by what it was showing me) at the top, and loose at the bottom, current style, these two inch platforms that look extremely uncomfortable, and a sheer bra with those "enhancement pads" that you can find at Victoria's Secret,(he threw them at the audience at the end.) They started out with Hooker with a penis, as you already know, but everyone was screaming along. They didn't seem to realize what the words of the song meant. I myself was slightly insulted. Especially when, in the middle of the song, during a slight break, maynard goes "t-shirts and hats are on sale for your convenience" Maynard put on a good show. You could tell he felt the music. Being in front, I made eye contact and was able to observe everything. What I saw kind of scared me. Maynard's eyes had this glassy-eyed look to them, and with his face painted and the wig, along with the jerky way he moved, he looked like a doll. Justin was cool, but stayed on the far side of the stage, kind of out of my view. Adam just looked at his guitar the whole time, only raising his head during Third Eye. In my opinion, they left all of the stage theatrics to Maynard. And, well, he does a good job, but I wish he'd acted like he wanted to be there a little bit more. All in all, though they put on a good show, and sounded exactly like their album, just really loud.

Review written by: werdna ( Review posted on: 08/21/97 03:56:26 my first tool show ive seen, and it was great better than anything i had expected, e and two of my friends snuck down into the crowed (cause our tickets were for seats only) and then tool started, they played, stinkfist, opiate, eulogy, Anima, hooker w/ a penis, sober with an extended intro, and my favorite song they played was undertow, they also played 3rd eye which was awsome. not in that order though. during most of the songs maynard would stare into the crowed and sometimes hed look you right in the eyes, it was amazing maynard was dressed in black tights, and a black bra stuffed with realistic tits (you could even see the nipples) and a big red wig like peggy bundy and his face was painted like a mime, it seemed that maynard was acting very feminin during hooker, and after three songs he took the wig off andsaid something like, well thats that. justin was painted in half white and half blue i think i couldnt really tell, oh well tool put on a great show it was the highlight of my summer, i will nev er forget my tool experiance, for all you that havent seen tool i urge you to get off of your ass and see them next time they are in your area. P.S. TOOL IS THE BEST FUCKING BAND ON EARTH!!!

Review written by: JDaly ( Review posted on: 08/19/97 19:55:14 I have only been to a few dozen concerts in my short life but the Tool set at Concord was so strong so energetic and so incredible that I can not begin to compare it with any concert I have ever attended. It makes me love music more and respect live music more. However I find it difficult to sit and listen to other music now without feeling that it could be better so much better. In addition after being fed up withe slop of modern rock (especially 90s mainstream drummers) I have begun to see the incredible musical yet solidly agressive world of Tool. Hearing the albums on our crummy little home stereos cannot possably compare to the real thing. Thanx Tool and may your style wake this little radio ridden world up!

Review written by: Matt H. ( Review posted on: 08/16/97 23:20:26 Last time I saw Tool was on New Year's Eve '95-'96. This one was 10 times better. They had all the new songs from Aenima. They sound better live than on the albums. The best song was "Third Eye." Maynard asked how many of us hippies were trippin'. I was, as usual. The visuals on the screen were tight. The pit rocked. One guy tried to stab someone with a pencil in the back of his neck. They made Snoop look like dog shit -- biatch!

Review written by: Robert W. Summers ( Review posted on: 08/16/97 21:55:05 First off, I have to lift my hat to previous reviewer for the most excellent and accurate set list for TOOL last night in Concord. Thanks for jolting my memory on the un-rehearsed song. I actually thought the DogFather was pretty good. I've always loved the Blues and Reggae, and Hip-Hop is today's version of those. Like it or not, it's here to stay. Anyway, I'm 33, have seen Pink Floyd 3 times, and witnessed the Metallica blowout last New Year's Eve. Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Van Halen (with Roth) just to name a few. And this is going to kill some of my friends, but I want the record to state that the ALL TIME BADDEST MOST AWESOME KICKASS HARDCORE MO FO ROCK AND ROLL SHOW I've ever seen was last night with TOOL! Hear me now and listen to me later...Danny Carey is the 90's version of John Bonham and those lucky enough to have seen him play last night (and during the tour) have seen one of the best drummers of ALL TIME. Certainly the best drummer on the scene today. Neal Peart, eat your heart out. I've been reading these reviews for weeks and had a good idea of what to expect. They surpassed anything I could have ever conjured myself. Great entrance, smooth flow, fantastic lighting, and did you dig that stare? Intense! I'd have to say that my favorite song played was THIRD EYE. So cool. THAT IS ALL... B. Weed, The City

Review written by: V. (alias) ( Review posted on: 08/16/97 17:36:00 (note:) posted from lolla at shoreline...maybe i'll post a review directly tool tonight using their AOL computers again... My first tool show...drove 300+ miles for it...all the other bands essentially sucked...enuff on the intro... Hooker with a penis Stinkfist 46 & 2 H. Eulogy (-) ions/Sober Third Eye Opiate Enema (i am 95% positive this is the correct order, 100% sure this is all the songs they played...) Maynard was dressed as usual, like a hooker with a penis...justine was green...bla bla bla, same old lolla review so far... Hooker was great, but I mut say, I think the band fits in better in smaller venues...Seconds into the song, the entire floor ection of the pavilion (about 50 ft extending out from the stage) turned into a huge Mosh pit...For dat reasons, i had to back awa y into the seats where I stayed for the rest of the show... Stinkfist was cool...can't remember anythign worth saying cuz, hey, it's cool, how many more times can you praise their live stuff till it's all rehash? Throughout the show, there were little tidbits and solos...distractions from the albums, of course, but I can't recall them all right now...let others do the dirty work for now... 46 & 2 was introduced as a "Song about subtle changes" as Maynards done before Undertow was dedicated "This unrehearsed song is dedicated to someone and someone else" Forgot the names I think he said somethign about H. but I forgot...i also think this is where he took the wig off (but not the bra..all show long...) eulogy was great--i seem to recall, forgive the poor memory, the outro was extended...but i'm just an imbecile, and I will only complicate you, so bite me... (-) ions was a nice surprise, i didn't expect that, definately not as an intro into Sober... Now, reading other reviews, I was prepared for them to perhaps play Third Eye, but not prepared for how great it was live... I missed the bill hicks overdubbs though... when third eye was done, it was 68 min, I figured, ok, that's it...i'de heard the shows ran about 70 min... So, they piddled about for about 1.5 min, then launched into Opiate...which just went **off** Again, I though, that's was about 78 min by this point...but I figured they would probably play Enema anyway--this is lolla, and they pretty much were forced to play their biggest hit off the albums... The video they showed for it was quite cool...A short fat man and a clay mation man with intestines used as a rope to tie another clay guy up...very though provoking... At this point, good bye...go make something of your life.

Review written by: Sean Campbell ( Review posted on: 08/16/97 15:01:42 The best performance by a band I've ever seen. I was awestruck by the images on the back screen. Maynard came out dressed in makeup, fake tits and a big red wig. Awesome show.

Review written by: CDR ( Review posted on: 08/16/97 02:52:55 I am writing this only a couple of hours after the show ended, so hopefully I can remember it well. Anyway, this was my first Tool show, and I must say I was VERY impressed. You'll find that Tool gets rid of the nasty aftertaste of Snoop! The other acts were generally okay. None were outstanding. I had pretty good seating to begin with, but I moved up for Tool. As they brought the cool shit for the stage (decorations, Big projection screen, etc.), I began to suspect that the show was going to kick ass. They played the techno version of Third Eye and the Lounge version of Hooker as they set up. So then we waited...and grew impatient. Then the smoke boxes appeared on the screens and Tool took the stage all at once. Maynard had on that big red wig for the first 3 songs or so. What they played (in this order): -Hooker With A Penis -Stinkfist -46+2 ("about subtle changes") -Undertow ("this unrehearsed song is for Tim and Todd") -Eulogy -H. -Sober -[A Lot of guitar/bass/drum noise while Maynard chilled center-stage] -Third Eye -Opiate -nema ("about smart real estate investments and feeling fresh") The quotes are approximately what Maynard said before those songs. I was very pleased that they played Undertow (my favorite song from that album) and Third Eye was cool too. Maynard asked how many of us were going tomorrow, then he said "those that aren't should; it'll be a whole different set, and all new people. Maybe Justin will even change his pants." Also he asked at one point "how many of you hippies are tripping?...Come on and share with those who aren't. Buckle up!" They played a lot of video footage, including the famous Elephant and Camel sex footage. All in all it kicked ass, and I look forward to seeing Tool again in the future. Later.