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May 19xx, Surfing magazine (Maynard talks about various 'other' things.)
Mid-1992, Three Reviews of Opiate (all poorly written, but worth a look)
Winter 1994-1995, BMG Music Canada (a bit about the new album)

April 1995, TimeOff ( No description available yet. )
December 1995, Los Angeles Times (A story of Tool vs. the Ventura Theater)
June 1995, Hot Metal (Adam talks about the new songs, noting that they will be LONG)
November 1995, AOL Interview (with Maynard and Justin, full of entertaining + sarcastic answers)
November 1995, RIP (interview with Maynard, Danny, and Paul before he left)
October 1995, Hit Parader (at times erroneous; discussion of the third album)
Sometime 1995, FACES (?) (the band talks about their limits and goals for album #3)
Sometime 1995, Daily Bruin Magazine (on the Replicants)

August 1994, Hit Parader (no description available yet.)
April 1994, RayGun (interesting full-band interview)
August 1994, Metal Hammer (long article about creativity)
April 1994, Rolling Stone (concert review from Boston, February 15th)
April 1994, The Music Paper ( no description yet )
December 1994, Hypno (on Tool's enigmatic artwork)
February 1994, Guitar (good words about playing style)
February 1994, The Charlatan (on the band's development)
June 1994, Guitar World (No description available yet.)
March 1994, Guitar School (long interview with Adam)
March 1994, Melody Maker (no description available yet.)
May 1994, Circus Magazine (another somewhat typical bio on the band, worth a read)
May 1994, M.E.A.T. (brief bio and talk about "Disgustipated")
May 1994, Modern Drummer (Danny talks about -- surprise -- drumming on Undertow.)
May 1994, Winnipeg Sun (Danny talks about the band's art.)
November 1994, San Francisco Chronicle (good interview, Maynard talks about popularity and "Prison Sex")
November 1994, St. Mary's Collegian (a decent concert review)
October 1994, Faces (a chat with Maynard about why album #3 is taking so long)
October 1994, Hot Metal (no description available yet.)
October 1994, RIP (interview w/Henry Rollins + Maynard)
Sometime 1994, Axcess ( no description yet )

April 1993, Los Angeles Times (early article right as Undertow was released)
December 1993, Musician (a blurb about lachrymology)
August 1993, RIP Magazine (full band interview)
August 1993, Guitar World (Adam on guitars)
June 1993, OOR ("Undertow" era Dutch article)
June 1993, The Independent (brief post-concert chat about bathrooms)
January 1993, Underground (Metal News) (brief personal observations on the dark side of Tool)
July 1993, Hot Metal (a short review of Undertow, comparison to Opiate)
May 1993, Musiqueplus (interview with the band)
November 1993, BAM (long article with a bit of everything)
October 1993, Metal CD Magazine (Maynard talks about his favorite albums)
October 1993, New York Daily News (post-Lollapalooza, pre-"Prison Sex")
September 1993, Guitar Player (Adam on his techniques)
September 1993, M.E.A.T. (on the beginnings of the band)
Summer 1993, MTV 120 Minutes (10 second interview with Maynard at Lollapalooza)
Sometime 1993, Spin Lollapalooza Preview (just what it says)
Sometime 1993, WARP (another Maynard interview, about the process)

August 1992, Rock Power (an Opiate review from SLC)
September 1992, RIP Magazine (a bit on the band, following Opiate's release)

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