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November 1999, Kerrang (Coachella review)

October 1999, Kerrang (on Tool and A Perfect Circle)
October 1999, O.C. Weekly (lame APC review)
October 1999, LA Times (Coachella review)

September 1999, Alternative Press (NIN talks about Maynard in "Tapeworm")
September 1999, San Jose Mercury News (APC review)

July 1999, Kerrang (no description available yet. )

April 1999, Omaha World Herald (very entertaining short story)
April 1999, MTV interview (Limp Bizkit on Tool)
April 1999, Playboy (their own take on the lawsuit)
April 1999, Rocktropolis (announces Maynard's appearance in a comic-style-book)

March 1999, Guitar World (amusingly erroneous blurb

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