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December 2000, ("Salival" review)

November 2000, CDNow Allstar (news of the Larrikin - Tool lawsuit)

October 2000, Metal Edge (P.O.D. bashes Maynard, hehehe...)

September 2000, NY Rock (Maynard talks about APC, Charles Manson, Napster)
September 2000, Tape Op (tech talk w/David Bottrill + a just-for-t.d.n-transcript of talk w/Danny!)

August 2000, OOR (Dutch magazine) (on A Perfect Circle, big business, selling out)

July 2000, Revolver ( no description yet )

May 2000, Guitar One (props to Adam)

April 2000, Wall of Sound (Maynard talks about kicking off APC's tour with NIN)

March 2000, Billboard (on Maynard joining A Perfect Circle)
March 2000, MTV News Online (about APC's first album release
March 2000, Seventeen (one-liner by lame magazine)

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