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The following is a message from the webmaster of this site -- NOT a message from Tool.


Sunday, November 5, 2000

I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but this presidential election is expected to be the closest in 40 years, since Kennedy beat out Nixon.

In the past, maybe your vote didn't really make a difference.
This time, it REALLY does.

Many of you probably think Gore and Bush are both awful choices in this election, and couldn't care less about it. One way or another, though, one of them is about to run the country until 2004

Think about that. That's a reeeeal long time.

Another Star Wars will be out.

All three Lord of the Rings movies will be out.

At least one more Tool record will be out ... well maybe.

And you'll be 4 years older.

The next president will change the way the Supreme Court votes.
You give up the right to bitch then if you don't vote now.

The fact is, Al Gore, while catastrophically boring, is a substantially better choice than the W is.

If you watched any of the 3 debates last month, you saw how Bush does not have the first clue about foreign policy. It doesn't so much matter if you know what's up in Bosnia, Kosovo, etc ... but it matters if the President does.

If Bush gets elected, he brings with him a whole bunch of awful people. The Vice President would be Dick Cheney. In the VP debates, he said he believes the military should be used for fighting wars than for keeping peace.

Jesse Helms, Orrin Hatch, Rev. Billy Graham, Strom Thurmond, and other conservative old men would suddenly have a lot more power in Washington. 

These are the people that tried to convince America that MTV and Beavis and Butthead were actually destroying our culture.

(As far as Tipper Gore, ultimately all the harm she caused was Parental Advisory stickers on CDs.  Big deal.)

Don't believe the hype - a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush (in swing states, that is). In this close race, every vote literally counts.

(I wrote more on Nader on the Reactions Page...)

It's not enough to hope for your candidate to win.
Make up your mind, then...

if you are registered, make sure you vote Tuesday.
if you aren't registered, make your friends go vote.

Again, this message is NOT from Tool. These opinions are not necessarily theirs. Only mine.

** The Tool Page will be down until Tuesday morning so you can spend less time at your computer and more time voting.

I'm not fucking kidding.  This is really important.

(Apologies to those under 18 or out of the USA -- the site will be back up within 27 hours... and if any Tool news breaks, it'll be here ASAP.)

-- Kabir Akhtar ( ... but before you email me, trust me, I've gotten hundreds of letters saying

... so please, in the interest of making the site come back, you don't have to email me to say any of these things. Anything I didn't know about the issues (which honestly is not that much, though apparently my wording here doesn't convey that), I know now. What a lesson this has been.

Well, this posting caused QUITE a stir. Check out some of the reactions here, and on the Monday page.

Someone made a good point. You wanna learn more about the candidates? Do it: Gore - Bush - Nader