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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: sep / oct 2000 -

[10/31/00] - Happy Halloween! A BMG rep and another source have finally confirmed more info about the DVD boxset; all info is posted to the DVD Info page linked above. A VHS version has been confirmed, so all you analog kids don't have to worry. The three studio tracks have been confirmed as the "Ænima" outtakes, including the long-awaited studio version of "No Quarter." Apparently, this is a slightly different mix of the song than was originally finished in 1996, but this one is also by producer David Bottrill. CDNOW lists the boxset as coming out on December 12, but other sites make it available December 5 -- so there is still no official word on a release date, but the 12th now looks more likely.

[10/21/00] - Bugs Henderson (?@?.com) has dug up some info on the new B-sides being released with the DVD boxset. Back when "Ænima" was recorded, two segues were finished but not released. This info is hardly official, but one of them has been known by the name "Los Angeles Municipal Court". Also, the "Hush" video no longer appears on the DVD tracklist.  - This site does constantly receive awards for being as (insert superlative here) as it is, and most of these kudos are never listed here. Rick ( has found a good one for the month: a staff member of a college magazine called Steamtunnels listed his two favorite websites as and this one. Check out this totally random discovery on page 3 of this backissue of theirs.

[10/20/00] - The Official Site now lists much of the info we had already on the DVD release, but they do offer up some new facts; notably a clearer breakdown of the tracks, a hinted-at release date in December, and an apparent VHS version. They do state there will be four videos on it, not all five as another 100% reliable source suggested. All information on this new boxset is now collated on the DVD info page, which is linked from the above calendar.

[10/19/00] - Rage Against the Machine, a band with whom Tool is strongly intertwined (check the FAQ for the full list of their dealings with one another), has lost their singer. In a statement released yesterday, Zack de la Rocha cites internal band problems as his reason for leaving the group. Of course, Rage has had internal tensions in the past, so whether or not this is the final blow remains to be seen.  - More word is in from various anonymous sources about the DVD release. The package will include the DVD of all five videos, as well as a CD of eight songs, and what is now being called a "48-page booklet of artwork and photos." The tracklist is still not confirmed, though info is trickling in. Stay tuned for an update on songs as they are confirmed.  - Tool is also scheduled to hit the recording studio in another week or two, to begin work on their next album with "Ænima" producer David Bottrill.

[10/16/00] - Some more info about this DVD package has squeaked through, coming from sources working on it. The DVD is currently only slated to contain the five Tool videos (though that means it will hold only 25 minutes of content), and will be bundled with some sort of photo/artwork booklet. Whether the live tracks will be on the same disc as the DVD or on their own CD remains to be answered, as does the now-popular "will it be on VHS too?"  - After playing only one show in 1999, fans will be saddened to know that word is that Tool will not play any shows at all in 2000. So much for watching Maynard writhe around before Christmas, something I know you were all looking forward to.

[10/12/00] - Word came through a few days ago, and now is posted to the Official site as well, that the next album has a scheduled release date of April 17, 2001 -- Maynard's 37th birthday. David Bottrill, who produced "Ænima", is apparently currently slated to return to the mixing board. We've all seen release dates get pushed for records in the past, but you also usually don't see one posted this far in advance, so hopefully this one will hit right on. So mark your calendars (hell, buy one for next year and then mark it).  - Some further information on the live DVD release, out in another few weeks has made its way here. It should contain all five Tool videos, as well as some additional packaging inserts. Given the holiday timing of the release, it may well be a mini-boxset, appropriate for your Christmas wish lists. Hopefully we'll know more details soon.

[10/7/00] - Spread the word and start saving up! Word comes from Alex ( that he knows someone designing the interface for (drum roll) the DVD Tool is releasing this winter. Word comes from another source that in addition to video content, there will be some new audio, either live tracks or unreleased B-sides. At last check, the only unreleased tracks anyone knew about were two "Ænima-style" segues (more Harry Manback, anyone?) and of course, No Quarter -- no word on whether any of those are going to be included. As for the official release date, the live package is still scheduled for release in "late November / early December", which essentially means November 21, 28, or December 5.  - Also, the redesign of this site is finally in progress! It will not all be deployed at once, expect t.d.n to transition over the next few weeks. Comments are of course welcome.

[10/2/00] - Four years and one day after the release of "Ænima", there may finally be some concrete news about the next album. The official site is promising a release date to be announced this week, though whether that applies to the live album or the studio record remains to be seen. There is, however, a new issue of the Tool Newsletter, with backissues available as always from the Community section of this site.  - And yes, Justin's old band Peach has rereleased their album on Vile Beat records. Check it out!

[9/16/00] - Many online music sites are reporting a November 21st release date for the so-called "live release", but there is still no official release date, or content selected (we all remember the "Tool Video" incident from 1994 - see the FAQ, Question D3).

[9/14/00] - The re-release of Peach's album, "Giving Birth to a Stone", has been pushed two weeks to the 26th of this month. Justin's old band's album has been redesigned with artwork by Adam (and others?), and promises to be a good time.  - There is a lot of speculation about the next album title; many feel that if goes live in conjunction with the release, that will also be the name of the record. There is also a lot of speculation about the upcoming holiday release; whether it's a live album, video, DVD, etc. At present, there are no definitive answers to any of these questions. But there will be, and the news will of course be posted here. And maybe on your refrigerator, too. But check here first.

[9/11/00] - Completely off-topic, but probably more important than any album release dates, is a sad story about a kindred webmaster which I unfortunately did not read about until today (work, behind on email, etc.). Lance Buchi, who runs a leading Rage Against the Machine site ( suffered life-threating injuries when he fell into a thermal pool at Yellowstone National Park recently. Lance is currently in the hospital, having suffered third-degree burns to most of his body. A site has been set up at with more information, which I urge you to read. If nothing else, a quick email of support might do wonders for Lance's spirit.

[9/6/00] - Apparently, Tool's other website (at will be going live in conjunction with the release of the new album this spring. Regarding recording, APC's Billy Howerdel was heard this morning on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles saying that he expected Tool to hit the studio when the APC tour ends in a few weeks.


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