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old news: july - december 2002 letters on a page with no meaning anymore

[12/23/02] - An Imperfect Circle | Repost missing reviews | Odds, ends

Some of you might have noticed that the site at aperfectcircle.org has sort of disappeared. Skwerl, the man behind the fun over there, has posted a message about all this to www.aperfectcircle.us. Hopefully they can get that all sorted out soon. §

Well, since nobody managed to dig up the two accidentally-deleted files containing concert reviews from November, I suppose we'll just have to hope you go post your thoughts again. So head for the Tour section and, if you still have any, share your thoughts and feelings on the Long Beach and Fresno shows ... §

As far the lack of news around here, I suppose it's the Tool off-season. Their official site has reported them working on material, but we all know better than to expect too much anytime soon. The price of perfection, maybe? Anyway, I'm flying out to Philly tomorrow, so happy holidays and end-of-year to all! §


[12/10/02] - Missing concert reviews | DVDetails | New Opinion forums

Thanks (or should I say "no thanks"?) to a server hiccup, all concert reviews for the Long Beach and Fresno shows have disappeared. So if you are able, check your caches - if you have a copy of those files (called 021122 and 021124.html), let me know. (Because this problem happened over Thanksgiving weekend, nobody noticed it until the backup had been overwritten.) §

There's a lot of info buzzing around about the live DVD coming out this spring. As usual, I've been sworn to secrecy, but in response to what others have posted, I will say that an entire show plus the two latest videos certainly sounds like a reasonable thing to expect. For all of you into the filmy details, we do know that the concerts were all shot on various grades of DV cameras. §

The Opinion section is doing quite well - a new set of forums entitled "Interact" has just opened. Check it out. Thanks to all of you for making it an interesting read. §


[11/21/02] - Strong Opinions | Live DVD!

(This news post somehow didn't upload correctly a few nights ago. Oops.)

The Opinion section got off to a decent start, with some 300 people signing up (so they can post) and a slew of others dropping by just for a read. No doubt it will continue growing, so get yourself over there for a read / for a post. §

The final six shows of this tour are being videotaped for a live DVD release, which probably won't happen for a few months. This will be quite a coup - three official Tool releases in as many consecutive years. Thanks to Brock in Albuquerque among a slew of others for this info. §


[11/19/02] - Opinions!

The Opinion section is back up.

(I wanted to only say that, but what fun would that be?) Only twenty-plus months after it went offline, the Opinion section has been re-opened! One of the most popular features of this site back in the day, the Opinion section is the place to post your thoughts on and interpretations of Tool songs, videos, etc. And it is finally forum-based, so there will be moderators around to cut down on garbage posts. So go check it out. It may still be a bit buggy (what isn't around here?) but it should smooth out soon. By the way, this momentous occasion is thanks almost entirely to the dogged persistence of Dan Green, without whom this would likely have taken another two years. It's quite empty in there at the moment, so go - pour forth your opinions. §


[10/28/02] - Here and there | Tooliday in Cambodia

Well, it has been a little while since there was a post here -- apart from touring, though, nothing is really happening out in Tool land. Here's some more info on why there aren't daily posts anyway. §

Alternative Tentacles (record label owned by Jello Biafra, formerly of the Dead Kennedys) is being sued by Jello's former bandmates. In an act of support for AT, Tool has donated five pairs of tickets for every show this tour to the label, which are , available from ebay username virus235. Thanks to fan Justin for this info. §


[10/02/02] - Tour update

Tour reviews are active again, and the tour itinerary is finally back up to speed! So go post, go read, or go outside and get some fresh air. §


[09/25/02] - Absentia

Wow - three and a half whole weeks since a news post. Thanks to those of you who have written in asking if I was still in one piece; most of the slowness around here is because I've been slammed with work, moving, and work. Did I mention work? However, there is still not much going on in the world of Tool, largely because of the break in touring. The tour itinerary has finally gotten updated, and Ticket posting will be updated for the fall tour shortly. Thanks to everyone for being so patient. §

A new Opinion section is about to go live, so that will hopefully make up for the downtime here. §


[09/01/02] - Odds and ends

Happy September! Time flies, don't it? Apologies to all for the slackness of updates around here; as I said before, moving can easily become all-consuming. I mean, if one wasn't careful, one might forget to add the Detroit show to the list of postable concert reviews. (This has been fixed, so please, go post your feelings on the show.)

So here's the latest, even though by now you've probably all figured this out.

The show in Normal, IL was cancelled, apparently due to a throat illness (go ahead and guess which one of them this was affecting). Ticketmaster is offering refunds. But if that doesn't satisfy, you may take comfort in the growing list of shows this fall, including many more stops in the middle of the country. §


[08/17/02] - Seven years

Today is the seven-year anniversary of this site becoming more than just the home of the FAQ (which really will be updated soon), changing from "The Tool Information Page" to just "The Tool Page." Thanks to all of you who have kept this place going by visiting, contributing, correcting, complaining, complimenting, falling for April Fools' gags, putting up with delays, and spreading the word. Here's to the future ... §


[08/16/02] - To a theater near you...

Dates have begun trickling in for Tool's October/November tour, which will follow a three-week hiatus after the summer tour ends. Check out these dates, and over 2000 reviews from the current tour, in the Tour section. And yes, reviews from the last few nights are finally available to read. Sorry about the lack of updatedness. (I'm moving to a new place this weekend, so hopefully nothing else will get skipped over around here during the move.)

Anyhow, now you can read about Tool's cover of the Ramones' "Commando", played at Radio City Music Hall. Here's a snip of Chris's (spankthebastrd@hotmail.com) review to get you started:

"After 'Sober' Maynard announces "this song goes out to Joey and Dee Dee", and in "Tool - expect the unexpected" fashion, they covered a Ramones song, for those of you who weren't there, yes we saw Tool cover a punk song. After 'Sober' I seen a roadie bring Danny a mic, and surer than shit he counted off '1-2-3-4' before going into the cover." §


[08/05/02] - Reviews retooled | Danny Puppy

There have been a lot of fake-setlist concert reviews and other tripe posted to the Tour section, but a few steps have been taken which will hopefully help curb some of this stupidity. I'm sure it's not perfect, but every little bit counts. §

Word around the Skinny Puppy end of the web is that Danny will be providing some drum loops for the industrial band's next album (their first in seven years). Danny, of course, is a big industrial music fan; you might have noticed Skinny Puppy and Download being played at shows before Tool takes the stage. §


[07/21/02] - Concert reviews fixed

The bug that prevented folks from posting concert reviews for the last two shows has been fixed; feel free to post your review now (better late than never, eh?). §


[07/16/02] - All you can be

No sooner said than done - after over a year of delays, Tool Army is up! Rather than getting into what I or everyone thinks about it, you should just go check it out. §


[07/16/02] - Truth, out there | Future shows | Recent shows

The trouble with posting news here is that far too often, I know about things but am asked by the band not to post them. So apologies to all you folks who think there is less news here; there actually isn't too much happening apart from the tour, and I can't tell you all the things I know about Tool Army other than you have to wait and $ee ... §

The current / summer tour is scheduled to end in early September, but take heart: there is a very good chance the band will pick up touring again after a few weeks' hiatus. §

It was a good time at the shows I saw in California the past few days -- all of you yet to see the show are in for some fun twists to the band's stage setup. §


[07/12/02] - Review posting is back | Be all you can be | Osseus in Black

The Tour section once again allows you to post concert reviews! With any luck, concertgoers will return to their usual verbosity as soon as the show finishes up, and share their thoughts with you there. §

Word is, the Tool Army site will be up any day now. Sounds like it is going to be a site "for the fans / by the fans", featuring some exclusive content - all will apparenly be seen very very soon. §

And yes, apparently the "Schism" contortionist walkers / tightrope-danglers from last fall's tour, Osseus Labyrint, made an appearance in Men In Black II. §


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