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Info here is covered in / superseded by the FAQ, and may no longer be valid. It is provided only for historical interest.

- old news: august 1997 -

[8/29/97] - Last January, t.d.n held a little contest (the details of which are available under More) to win a t.d.n shirt. At long long last, those who ordered shirts have begun getting them; you can read their comments on the shirt and see what fun (and waiting) you missed.

[8/28/97] - Technical note: the RealAudio files are still settling into their home here at t.d.n, so errors you may be experiencing should hopefully go away soon. "Ænima" is now #4 on the Rolling Stone Readers Top Ten chart as of the latest issue. Yes, I'm extremely busy. Thanks for bearing with me.

[8/24/97] - Maynard's car has finally sold! Whew. Also, at long last, the Audio section has started beefing up, and now sports a couple of RealAudio files. This is just the beginning. (Like I don't have enough to do.)

[8/22/97] - Big news... someone at Volcano Entertainment is probably out of a job; seems that Tool's contract was up after this tour ended, and nobody got around to extending their deal. So, for now, Tool is probably battling offers from various labels; I have no clue what's going to happen to distribution of their catalog, but I wouldn't worry about it. The MuchMusic Spotlight which aired yesterday was the same as the old one, apparently without even a nod to the "Ænema" video. Tour Reviews are no longer being accepted; those thoughts aren't fresh in your head anyhow. Also, "Ænima" has gone platinum in New Zealand (don't know when it was certified there). And lastly, sorry about the slow response time of late; I'm warming up to shoot my thesis film this fall, so t.d.n is going to be a little (just a little) less updated this fall.

[8/18/97] - All "Cold & Ugly" Opinions bought the farm, so if you have one that you had posted there, feel free to repost it.

[8/17/97] - The Links section just got a nice new look, the biggest part of t.d.n's recent "Anti-Blue-Boxy-Green-Style" campaign (you may have noticed the slight changes to the Marketplace section). Not only does it look newer, but it should download faster / be more efficient. Also, Lollapalooza Tour reviews will only be accepted for a few more days, so if you have something to say, now is the time to say it.

[8/16/97] - And Lollapalooza comes to a close tonight. As far as what's next for the band, rumors bubble up about (no lie) more touring. But nothing is confirmed just yet. Carl Ternstedt ( brings us this info: the European show Superrock will be showing "Ænema" this Monday 00:00 - 02:00 (CET, Central European Time). Also, "Ænima" is #10 on the Rolling Stone Readers Top Ten chart as of the last issue!

[8/10/97] - A few days ago, many of you mailed me with info about a tabloidish story appearing in the New York Post and on Howard Stern's show, wondering if it was true. The story claimed that Maynard, Keith Flint of Prodigy, and some other Lollapalooza artists were hanging out at a bar called The Merc after an Arizona show; Maynard apparently left, and his girlfriend wound up all over Keith Flint. This "news story" has since made it to all sorts of music news pages (including MuchMusic); I bring it up here in hopes that the issue can die; honestly, who knows or cares if it's true. (Though from what I hear, Maynard didn't get dogged.) Here's some real Tool news, courtesy of Shane: "Ænima" has been climbing the Billboard charts, going from 105 to 91 to 89 in the last 3 weeks.

[8/9/97] - You weren't hallucinating, Tool was not a part of last night's Lollapalooza online broadcast. But did someone say "drum tabs"? Only a few are up now, hopefully this will encourage more of you to post them. Go, be loud.

[8/8/97] - Well, it seems that while that online broadcast certainly is a Lollapalooza broadcast, not all artists are part of it (can you see where this is leading?). So you'll have to be content with seeing them in person. Rumors about a "No Quarter" live EP are flying around; stay tuned for more info on that.

[8/7/97] - Things are finally slowing down in Tool-land. Check July 26th News (below) for info on that live broadcast of Lollapalooza, to be held online Friday!

[8/2/97] - So those MIDIs are now linked correctly, thanks to everyone for pointing that out. Video Opinions should now be working, thanks to a bunch of beta-testers for pointing out what was wrong. On August 21, MuchMusic will air another Tool Spotlight, I'm told.

[8/1/97] - Happy August! MIDI fans, take note of the new three files up in the Audio section. Also, just a quick apology to anyone if I've been grouchy via personal mail at all. I'm just having one of those weeks. And yes, I'm working on those drum tabs.


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