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band photos all together now

The Band, with Justin

around a table, with a dog
standing, backstage, excellent photo
looking a little suspect
excellent colorful promo pic
onstage at Lollapalooza 97, Cincinnati
band photo from Rolling Stone
B/W pic, from TimeOff Magazine
Maynard and Adam, live
at Coachella 99, Justin + Maynard
at Coachella 99, Adam + Maynard + Justin
at Coachella 99, onstage

Promo Shots for 10,000 Days:
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The Band, with Paul

from a presskit, the "sombrero" pic
on a fence
around a tree
near the same tree
very nice shot of the four of them
from a SF, Calif. mag called "Seconds"
b/w, they look disinterested
b/w relaxed image
distorted closeup in color
from MEAT Magazine, 1994
promo pic in Charlatan, 1994
blue, in front of a wall

Photos from Bootlegs

"dragging me down" front cover | back cover
"opium den" front cover | from liner notes
"sober '93" back cover
"sober '94" front cover | (other pix are from "sober '93")
"tales from the darkside" front cover | liner notes | back is from "sober '93"
"tool's power" the cd | liner notes

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