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individual photos one and one and one and one

Danny Carey

from "undertow" liner notes
playing, from "sober '93" bootleg *
sitting with a lot of drums
FL Drum Expo ad, signed
FL Drum Expo promo, signed
posing with drumset
overhead of him playing fast
overhead of him w/many drums

Justin Chancellor

picture from Guitar World Aug 1996
playing, lit up all red
glaring, from AP March 1997, B+W
playing, lit up green
playing at Lollapalooza 97, Dallas
dark, playing ++
white with spots, playing ++

Adam Jones

from "undertow" liner notes
photo from "sober '93" bootleg
playing, from "sober '93" bootleg *
photo from Guitar World Aug 1996
playing at Lollapalooza 97, Dallas
glam-lit, from Guitar World, 1994
playing in the corner ^
onstage with Enochian magic board ^
onstage, midsong ^
onstage, midsong, tighter shot ^
onstage, wailing away ^
at Lollapalooza, sporting logo gear
playing, as always ^^

Maynard James Keenan

from "undertow" liner notes
cover of "sober '93" bootleg
singing, from "tales from the darkside" bootleg
singing, from "tool's power" bootleg
singing, from some article (b/w)
from alternative nation, australia (Apr 1995)
the tattoo on his back (also from australia)
sidestage view from hawaii
his throat's wide open
singing, Nov 18 1996
singing, Nov 18 1996
singing, fall 1996 (b/w)
blue and white, Nov 22 1996
glowing red, December 4 1996
excellent live pic, shiny blue
lit green, singing into two mics
singing at 1997 Equinox Festival
from the cover of AP March 1997 (b/w)
backstage interview, July 4, 1997
singing at Lollapalooza 97, Dallas
B/W grainy, with long hair
spotted, singing, and red, in Hamburg
spotted, singing, yellow, in Hamburg
from Hit Parader, with long hair
lit up blue, singing
great shot of the facepaint + breasts
on the cover of Terrorizer Magazine
as a woman, grabs herself #
as a woman, beckoning #
as a woman, wide open #
the tattoo, obstructed by hair ++
during "Stinkfist" ^
bright, red, blue, shimmering ^
creepy, with two mics ^
with two mics during "Stinkfist" ^
stepping forward, mics in hand ^
looking perfectly innocent ^
singing "Stinkfist" like mad ^
cryptic as ever, midsong ^
singing, looking dainty ^
strutting with high heel shoes ^
swaying to the music, darker ^
retaining his balance somehow ^
his first eye is scary enough ^
full body shot, with both mics ^
singing, with white face ++
in Lollapalooza's AOL booth
onstage, long ago
military yearbook, waaaay back
creepy live, long hair ^^
during "The Grudge", Atlanta 05/15/01 **
"sleep forever" bootleg front cover | back cover
"tool's power" bootleg front cover | back cover
"sober '93" bootleg front cover

Paul D'Amour

from "undertow" liner notes
playing, from "tales from the darkside"
playing, from "sober '93" bootleg *

* these photos are also in several other bootlegs
^^ from Marty
# from Lollapalooza in Denver, August 10 1997

Courtesy Karl Wurm ( & Nicole (
++ from Lollapalooza 97 in Detroit; MJK is red and blue
^ from Lollapalooza 97 in Grand Rapids, MI

** Robb D. Cohen/

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