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"muhammad my friend" the video and then some

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The Story

When this show happened, Tori's 1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour was already over. This show was a benefit for her charity organization, RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network). Tori, already acquainted with Maynard, invited him onstage to perform a duet; the song he chose was "Muhammad My Friend", from her third album ("Boys for Pele"). Tori introduces him as one of her dearest friends, saying she calls him when she's feeling terrible and he sings her lullabies.

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"Maynard is... well, first of all he makes the greatest cookies I've ever had. And Maynard's so wonderful. He just really is. And he's a good buddy, so I called him up. Maynard's got a lot of interesting ideas about many things."

-- Tori, in an interview from the online magazine Addicted to Noise.

availablity Released on "Tori Amos Live in New York" VHS.
Likely will not be broadcast again.
Original Tori-only version from her album "Boys for Pele."

performance January 23, 1997
Madison Square Garden, New York

broadcast January 24, 1997
Lifetime TV

watch video The entire song is not available.
If you have the full video digitized, say so.

QuickTime Clip #1 (0:28, 2.4 MB)
Tori introduces Maynard, the song starts.

QuickTime Clip #2 (0:38, 3.7 MB)
The first verse, from "Muhammad my friend"
to "used to be so sweet to me."

QuickTime Clip #3 (0:28, 2.3 MB)
Maynard lead-singing the second verse,
from "Muhammad my friend" to
"sweet sweet sweet" (right after
"do drop in at the Dew Drop Inn")

QuickTime Clip #4 (0:33, 2.9 MB)
The last verse: from Tori singing
"place in the Pope's rubber robe"
to the end of the song; she hugs him.

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