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"parabola" the video and then some

special note Video features noise, then "Parabol" before "Parabola"

availablity May be released someday.
Broadcast infrequently on MTV2.
Broadcast at some point on MTV.

ending cg
other credits
Adam Jones
Alex Grey
Currently unavailable

premiered April 10, 2002, Concert in Tokyo
April 12, 2002, Australian / New Zealand TV

watch entire video RealVideo format: not available yet

Also available as a higher quality MPG (101 MB!), from various offsite places below as of 7/27/02. I can't serve the MPG off this machine - the number of downloads would make it explode. (MPG) (streaming RealVideo)

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Reid Lindsay (
Eamon, Chris Brightwell, and of course Rage.

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