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[09/30/01] - Updates? What are those?

Heh - thanks to a few hundred people for sending in updates on the tour itinerary / opening band information. Seems that when you get slammed at work for a week or so, you don't get to update this site for a week or so. Go figure. At any rate, the new info is collated over on the Tour page. Oh, and a big "you obviously have no life" shout-out to the guy who posted lyrics - 200K of them - to the concert review pages. §


[09/22/01] - Tolerance | Presale confusion

So the nice folks over at Clear Channel Communications (see below News post) have gone and cleared up the information about their list of "banned" songs: it's all a hoax, just like the Nostradamus prediction of the "twins falling" that you likely got forwarded recently. So now, your local station can once again play "Intolerance" ... probably just as often as they used to. §

There was some confusion with this week's presale codes, but it probably isn't relevant anymore. This is just posted here so you know you weren't losing your mind if you couldn't make it work. I have no password info for you. §


[09/20/01] - Intoleradio

The news is late getting posted here, but hey, that happens. No doubt many of you have heard about Clear Channel Communications (a company which operates over 1,000 radio stations in the country) issuing a list of songs which they recommend not be played on their stations because they may be "lyrically questionable" given the recent events. Though the individual stations are apparently allowed to decide for themselves if they are playing the songs, Tool's own "Intolerance" was on the list. I've no idea how, but then again, I can't explain the inclusion of Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." The full story is available in various places, including ABCNews.com. §


[09/15/01] - Tour update

Unfortunately, a lot of folks seem to have missed this weekend's onsale date for the San Diego show. Ticketmaster has had it listed for days, as has toolshed (go on, check the Tour page, it's there). When shows are announced officially, or when fans hear about them locally, they get posted to the Tour page - but they don't get mentioned here. So you should always check the list of shows on the Tour page, in addition to Ticketmaster's list and the list on the Official Site. Chances are that just because one of us doesn't have it listed, it doesn't mean that the others won't. §


[09/14/01] - Third Eye Open not delayed

Well, it appears the release of the string tribute album "Third Eye Open" was not delayed after all. It did come out yesterday. If your local store doesn't carry it, you can get it directly from the people behind it at www.thetributeto.com/tool. §


[09/13/01] - Third Eye Open delayed? | Tour news | Ramble

Some people report they bought the string tribute to Tool earlier this week, but many places insist that the release date of the album has been delayed to October 2nd or 9th. More on this soon. §

Word on the street is that the Dayton show has merely been postponed, and will get made up someday. (Some of you may recall a show in late 1996 in Massachusetts which was rescheduled months later.) So that is good news. §

As far as the events of the week ... what can you say? It's just so awful. I have no idea what happens now. It's so strange, going to work, trying to be OK, waiting for some kind of resolution that isn't coming anytime soon. Reports keep airing about Arab- and Muslim-Americans being targeted – that's just ridiculous. All Americans, all people who believe in freedom, we are all one huge community in this together. I'm not Arab or Muslim, but I'd be lying if I said the thought of being targeted hadn't crossed my mind. I mean, if nothing else, we're all Tool fans. So don't go out and do anything dumb / racially motivated. It's hardly a Toolish (or decent) thing to do.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in asking about my family - only my sister lives in New York, and she is fine. I sincerely hope nothing terrible happened to any of your lives this week; if you were in fact among the unfortunate, I'm sure we are all united in offering condolences. §



It's a sad day.

Note: tonight's show has been rescheduled for Thursday the 13th. The Dayton show has been cancelled. §


[09/09/01] - Tabs? What are those?

So it took a while, and it's still not done, but the Tabs section took a little step forward today. Now that the mad rush of posting "Lateralus" tabs has subsided, "Undertow" guitar tabs are back online. There are still a few bad ones in there which need voting, though most of them are no longer up for discussion. But if you have a tab for "Flood", send it in; all old ones were voted out by the folks who helped pick the better ones. §


[09/05/01] - String theory | Even trickier

The nice people at CMH Records sent out the press release for the "Third Eye Open" string tribute to Tool. It mostly summarizes the ongoing information saga which unfolded below, but here it is. §

More tour dates are being added to the Tour section's calendar as they become available. Following the recent announcement that Tricky will be opening a bunch of later shows, an exact start date has become available, and is now posted to the tour list as well. The fall tour seems to start tomorrow, so with any luck, there will be a bunch of reviews posted after the show to keep y'all sated. §

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