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This site is now an archive; it is no longer being
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credits hope this is what you had in mind cuz this is what you're getting

site creator
: kabir akhtar
managing editor : chris brightwell
opinion / toolnavy admiral : daniel green
discography master
chief canadian
: shane m brouse
countless good deeds : tyrone q thompson
site host :
former site host
1998 - 2001
: brian wilcott
former site host
1996 - 1998
: rourke mcnamara
former site host
1994 - 1996
: university of pennsylvania
alpha tester / janitor
1997 - 1999
: greg wason
cgi consultants : meng weng wong
arsenio santos
man in motion : bugs henderson (r.i.p.)
biography page : joel mahaffey
extra special thanks for
all the help since 1996
: maynard j keenan
other contributors : listed here and there around t.d.n

... and thank you for coming by and keeping this place going!

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