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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Mobile Press Register

Date: February, 2002

Transcribed by
Jon (not John) Thiroux (

 title: Satanic grammey winners
author: Bess Goodwincher

Tool to most people is known to be very spiritual and loud. 
Their music is somewhat symbolic and ironically true, but last 
night at the Hollywood Grammey's they won the in the 
catagory of "Best Metal Preformance" for Schism (a rather 
strange and complementary compelationWhen they went to 
recieve the award they thanked Satan for the award. Most 
people were shocked and dumbstruck, but most Tool fans 
know their background and know that this was just a joke 
ment to once again (as Tool is known to do ) turn the mirror 
around and wake up society. But in this time the joke was in 
the wrong time and place, and the phrase "God Bless 
America" is being overused.

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