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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: CD Now

Date: January, 2001

Transcribed by
Dave Mangels (

 title: Gossip On Tool
author: unknown

Gossip On Tool 

Jan 18, 2001, 12:55 pm PT 

Tool may very well have wrapped up the Prick Band of the Year Award, 
and its not even the end of January yet. 

After information about its upcoming new album, supposedly titled 
Systema Encephale, was posted on its official Web site on Monday 
(allstar, Jan. 15), the band turned around and posted entirely 
different information on Tuesday (Jan. 16). 

Now, according to the site, the new album is called Evasion and will 
include the following, obviously bogus 
tracks: "Prescipissed," "Bindlecup," "Alcawhorlick," "Alcaharlot," "Bu
shwhacker," "Munge," "Poopy the Clown," "Gullabored," "Smell Me," 
and "Buzz's Revenge." No explanation was given, and the band's 
management company knows nada. 

Now we suppose the site could be getting hacked, but we have a 
sneaking suspicion that Tool has just decided to toy with its fans, 
the press, and anyone else who may or may not care. Not cool, guys. 
Take a tip from Radiohead and keep those interested at bay by way of 
integrity, not stupidity.

Posted to t.d.n: 03/05/01 23:08:49