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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Plugged In

Date: July, 2001

Transcribed by
Jarred (

 title: Lateralus Review
author: Bob somethingorother
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Artist: Tool

Album: Lateralus

[cd image]

Genre: Alternative metal

Chart Action: Album debuted at number 1, selling more than 550,000
copies in its first week.

Reviewed By: Bob Waliszewski

Pro-Social Content: As if inspired by Matthew 18:21-22, "The Grudge"
urges listeners to forgive others. A love?s embrace brings joy on
Parabol." "Schism" seeks to bolster a relationship through improved
communication. Hunting for purpose in life, lead singer Maynard James
Keenan acknowledges a bigger picture ("Lateralus") and wants to
crucify his ego ("Reflection"). Patience, perseverance and hope for a
better day buoy "The Patient." Three tracks are entirely instrumental.

Objectionable Content: Curious theology finds the band longing to
"swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be human"
("Lateralus"). A mild profanity disrupts the paranoid ramblings of
"Faaip de Oiad." Angry at human parasites, a man berates them on
"Ticks and Leeches" (once using the f-word) and hopes they suffer for
the pain they?ve caused.

Summary/Advisory: The music remains foreboding, but Tool?s lyrics have
brightened considerably since 1996?s Ænima . Of course, "Ticks and
Leeches" leaves a nasty scar (so much for not holding a grudge) and
while it?s not reflected in the band?s lyrics, their oft-reported
fascination with the occult may color otherwise innocuous searches for
meaning in life. Nevertheless, Lateralus]marks a dramatic improvement
for the act that has Ticketmaster using a stopwatch to see how long it
takes them to sell out concerts (three minutes in Atlanta; sixty
seconds in New York). Pray that, in the musicians? search for truth,
God sharpens Tool.

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