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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: The Independent

Date: June 7, 1993

Transcribed by swamp

 title: Under Tool's Curtain
author: Justine Ingure

I never met people like Tool in my life. On one hand they're very nice 
people; on the other they are one of the most knowledgable musicians I have 
ever met. They know how to really market an album and make one. I talked 
to Paul D'Amour and Maynard James in Keenan in Denver. Let's see what 
they have to say:

Underground: Good show tonight.

Paul: Thanks.

Underground: In the process of writing the songs; when is the new album 
coming out? 

Maynard: It's really far away to say at this point. We're still on tour. 
Anyway; working with new songs is different for us. I mean 'It's not like 
it's listener-freindly music. I - [cut]

Paul: We kind of really focus in on what content we write.

Underground: You guys have done a excellent job of not selling out.

Maynard: Hm.

Paul: We planed it out. We took it at the pace we wanted to. I mean when 
sombody signes on a label; they probably are looking to be Axl Rose. We 
flat out explained out of total label war; That we wanted to have full 
control over what we want to do with our records. - 

Maynard: Like I said before "different".

Underground: Anything you guy's are learning on tour?

Paul:You need to go to the bathroom before you get on the bus. [laughs]

Maynard: [laughs] Long story- dont ask.

Paul: Gotta go!!

Maynard: To the bathroom [laughs]

Well that's the chat. Not that long. It's a pain in the ass when you got 
a trillion fans waiting to rip their cocks off.

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