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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Guitar World

Date: June, 1994

Transcribed by
Matt Myers (

  page: 92

Submitted by: Gavin Rattmann (

Morello: one day outside our drama club we formed a band.
GW: Was that where you met Adam?
Morello: Well, Adam wasn't in the original lineup. There was this one 
guy who was sort of the principal player in the band-he was the only 
one in the group with any working knowledge of music-but he quit 
because he thought that he was far above us. Adam was his replacement. 
He was playing bass at the time. I was playing guitar.
GW: Adam, did you mind playing bass?
Jones: Well, I played stand-up bass in the orchestra and I'd play bass
with my brother, too. He'd play the guitar parts, and I'd play all the
bass parts to Police songs or Fleetwood Mac or Chicago or whatever he 
was into at the time. I was just so excited to officially be in a 
band. Of course, I had to borrow a bass because I didn't have one of 
my own.
GW: What was the band called?
Jones: The Electric Sheep! We had a pretty heavy rep in Libertyville
Morello: Yeah, we were the bad boys of Midwestern punk.
Jones: You know: terrible band, but great to see.

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