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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: Surfing magazine

Date: May, 19xx

Transcribed by
BJ Smith (

  page: 90
 title: tool
author: Tim Cadiente/Sunny Garcia

Question: So where are you guys from?
Maynard: Well the band got together in LA but we're all from different 
    places in the mid-west

Q: How did you guys get together?
M: It just kind of happened. I was just hanging out with those guys 
and Adam, my guitar player, he was like "sing" and I was like "I don't 
want to" nothing real special, usually we tell people we met at "The 
Guitarist Institute"-I never even seen the place actually.

Q:Who writes the lyrics?
M: I do. I write all the lyrics.

Q: What's the motivation behind the lyrics?
M: Its usually motivated by the music, you know? 'Cause music itself 
has a kind of mood to it. The lyrics are usually coming out of the 
mood of the song. We always write the music then the lyrics come 

Q: Do you ever write the lyrics then play music to it?
M: Some people do it that way, but I don't know, it ends up sounding 
too much like a pop song.

Q:So you guys didn't move out here to start a band?
M: No. The band was an afterthought for me. The idea of playing in an 
LA band wasn't appealing. I actually moved out here to work at pet 
stores. I moved out here 'cause I got transferred to a bigger chain of 
pet stores. I would go in take all the product in the store, rearrange 
it, make everything organized so it would be easier to find stuff. 
Thats all I did, then I got fired.

Q: Do you have any pets?
M: Yeah I have two dogs, an African grey parrot, a red lord Amazon 
parrot. I've got some Koi in a pond that I built out back, three water 
dragons, and three Jackson chameleons. I had a turkey but I gave it to 
a friend to put on his ranch and his goose pecked a hole in it and 
killed it.
Q: Really?
M: Yeah, bummed me out.

Q: How do you like taking Ju-Jitsu?
M: Its pretty hard, but its a good way to get in shape and its a good 
way to learn about yourself and what you can take. Plus, I'm small so 
for me its more of a matter of learning to protect myself, you know? 
I'm never going to be a tournament fighter, I'm just not big 
enough...agressive enough.
Q: Yeah but Royce (Gracie) isn't big and he fights 300-pound guys.
M: Well, he's 155. I'm 125, 130 on a good day when I'm wet. Plus he's 
been taking it since he was five and its in his blood. So do you have 
a specific workout when you're competing?

Q: Yeah I just started out training this year. I do a little jump 
rope, a little running, a little swimming, weights, and then I go 
home, eat lots of food, and I go to sleep. What else do you do?
M: Gardening-a lot of it. Its like a balance, go roll around and get 
aggressive then come home and plant some plants and garden. I don't 
live near the ocean so I don't go to the beach much. I don't consider 
myself a beach person, as far as the typical lay your towel on the 
beach and have a wine cooler-thats not me, thats the guy in the 

Q: Yeah I don't like the beach anyway, I surf, but thats the only 
reason I go to the beach. Ihate getting sand on my feet.
M: I hate sand. I think in the beginning God made the devil, who when 
perfected evil, made sand.
Q: Yeah water's a good thing, but I don't know about the beach.  

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