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The Tool Page: An Article

Publication: LA Daily News -- LA Life Section

Date: May, 2001

Transcribed by
Stefan G. (

  page: 24
author: Fred Shuster

  There are some things worse than a new Tool album -- colonoscapy 
[sic], electroshock treatment or the last 20 minutes of "Requiem for 
a Dream," to name a few.
  "Lateralus," the pretentious local heavy-rock quartet's third disc, 
somehow combines all three highly unpleasant experiences in 79 
unrelenting minutes of tuneless wretched excess.
  The effort to shock the suburban 14-year-olds who will undoubtedly 
give this dreadful record a first week of big sales extends beyond 
abrasive tantrums like the instantly forgettable tracks "Ticks and 
Leeches" and "Parabola."
  Just as gross -- and meaningless -- is the CD booklet consisting of 
overlaid transparencies resembling one of those "Visible Man" 
models.  Deep, man.  Pass the "Quake III."  (1 star)

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