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A TOOL-Related Article

Publication: Guitar World

Date: November 1996

Transcribed by Neil James (

You probably already got this, but here's the review of Aenima from
November's issue of Guitar World:

**** TOOL  Aenima  ZOO

Tool makes thinking-person's rock, suitable for headphone absorption or
a mosh pit.  Dense, exhilarating, dark and challenging, Aenima is worth
the three-year wait since the Platinum-selling Undertow first raised the
scepter of the band's provocative, industrial-tinged strangeness. 
Production by the band and David Botrill (King Crimson, Robert Fripp) is
clean yet complex with progressive and adventurous overtones that
include Middle-Eastern flavorings.  Aenima clocks in at 77 minutes, with
Tool squeezing in all the music possible, and the result is nothing
short of an epic aural landscape.  Featuring a "song" in German, an
instrumental, spoken word oddness, a scathing and amusing indictment of
pop culture (Aenima) and tunes topping 13 minutes, Aenima is an
enigma--but one worth investigating.

--Katherine Turman

[note: the misspelling of Aenema was present in the article, obviously
the two different spellings have been confusing even the best of us.]

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